Pattern: KID Shorts—ages 12 months to 10 years

The pattern I’ve been working on for months is finally here!

And I’ve sewn it so many times that my kids are totally outfitted for the summer.
Now your kids can be too!

KID Shorts PDF Pattern – $8 

This is the ultimate shorts pattern for kids of all ages.
In one pattern you get 11 sizes, multiple looks, endless options, and room for your own twists and turns.  We’ll start with the basics.  Then we’ll mix it up!

And here’s a list of STYLES also:

BASIC Shorts
RACER Shorts
Shorts from KNIT Fabric
Pink LEMONADE Shorts

It really is a choose-your-adventure kind of thing.
And you can cater the pattern to fit your needs.
Pick your style, pick the length, use the included sizing chart to find your waist-size, then sew them on up as outlined in our detailed tutorials.

If you’ve followed our KID pants series, you’re gonna love our Shorts.

Pull up a chair and check out the details….

I’ve set up this pattern a little differently than my others.
By purchasing the pattern, you receive printable pattern pieces in 11 different sizes—ages 12 months to 10 years old—along with instructions for printing, piecing together, fabric types and amounts, and other applicable pattern set-up.

THEN when you’re ready to sew….hop onto MADE for a slew of free tutorials, outlining the details and tips for each Shorts style. I’ll be adding a new tutorial every day this week and more throughout the month!  This way I can bring you endless options with easy access.

Click a tutorial button below to get started:

and more….

 • This is a 52-page PDF document, which means you download it after payment to your computer. The pattern is not physically mailed to you.  After purchase you are sent a link for downloading the pattern to your computer (this is sent to the email address attached with your paypal account).  Please note that the link will expire after a few days!  So when you open the download pattern link, make sure you save the pdf file to your computer so you always have it for future use.
• The file size is 1.6 MB
• You do not need to print every page.  A chart is included, showing which pages to print for each size.
• Pages print to standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (for printing outside of the US see below)
• Pages are pieced together by trimming along the border, matching them at the markings, and taping together.  I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible with detailed instructions in the pattern itself.

• The pattern comes in 11 sizes: ages 12 months to 10 years old
• There are separate pattern pieces for the Front and Back of the shorts to ensure a more perfect fit. The back piece is roomy to fit over a kid’s bum and the front sits comfortably below the belly button for a flattering look.
• The smallest sizes (12m, 18m, 2Y) have additional room in the back bum to fit over a disposable diaper.  Sizes 3Y-10Y are meant for potty-trained children.
• Sizes are based on the average size of a child for each age category.  But don’t feel tethered to the age.  The best way to find the proper size is to go with your child’s waist measurement (or the area where you would like the shorts to hang on their body). This chart is included in the pattern to help determine sizing.  Finished waistband measurement should match your child’s waistband measurement (roughly)

• Each pattern size is color-coded (but pages can also print in Black and White).
• Each pattern piece prints with 2 sizes together (except for the smallest baby sizes).   This makes it easier to read the pattern lines.
Sizes that print together:
12 months, 18 months, 2 years old
3Y, 4Y
5Y, 6Y
7Y, 8Y
9Y, 10Y

• Each size includes 2 suggested lengths, for boys and girls, PLUS curved markings for Racer shorts.

The pattern is great for all sewers!  A beginner will learn how to sew Basic Shorts and then mix it up with different looks.  Intermediate and advanced sewers will love the options and freedom to add their own style.

• 1/2 to 1 1/4 yards of fabric, depending on size (fabric chart included in the pattern)
• 1/2 yard or less of 1-inch wide elastic
• 2-3 yards of Bias Tape (for Racer shorts)
* You do NOT need a serger for this project *

Printing in another Country (outside of the US)
The pattern was created for standard US printers but should work for other countries as well. There are measuring rulers on the side of each page (in inches) so you can see if you’ve printed to the proper print size. The pattern images do NOT print to edge of the paper…so I recommend printing to your standard size paper, checking the ruler, and matching the pattern pieces up as outlined in the instructions.

And….that’s it!
Ready to sew shorts??
Bring on the Summer!

KID Shorts Pattern – $8

Happy Sewing!

  1. Yay!!! Ive been checking for 2 hours! I cant wait to print it! Not taking the baby to swim today so i can review and get to sewing. Thanks Dana!

  2. AHHH so cute! You are the master of presentation. Love all the fun, bright, colorful pictures!

  3. Wow, the photos look great!!! Congratulations.

  4. I’m with the Jazz-Hand-Boy…>jazz hands!< Excited! Buying NOW! Thanks.

  5. also…these will not just be shorts for my 3 younguns, but I sew for Welcome Home Ministries in Uganda {our 3 hooligans’ first family}. They boys there will LOVE them. Racer stripe shorts will be a HIT.

  6. 7) Lisa

    I am so excited! This is the perfect solution to my children’s short(age)! 😉

  7. 8) British American

    Yey! It’s my birthday tomorrow – hopefully I will get some birthday money and then buy myself the present of this pattern. 😀 I was going to try to modify a pattern than I already have, but this will be quicker and easier – which is good!

  8. 9) Selena

    I have made several pairs of pants for my little man, who is 3, from your pant tutorials. I even made some shorts for him by adjusting the pant pattern. I just purchased this pattern, I am so looking forward to having all the different sizes! I already have some ideas for my daughter, who is 6! Thank you so much! Because of you, I have enjoyed making clothes for my children!

  9. 10) Kristin

    Love the pattern!! Your hard work has paid off with a wonderful pattern that will suit the needs of all moms with young kids – boys, girls, and multiple ages all in one! Have you tried it with knit fabric? My daughter has finally started to step away from all the skirts and dresses she used to wear and is wearing shorts this summer, but she prefers knit shorts. If this pattern will work with knit I’m set!

  10. 11) Sandi

    I need a new pattern like a hole in the head, but I just bought this one! I really like what you’ve done with a simple pair of shorts and I’ve heard only good things about your patterns. 🙂

  11. Yay! This is so exciting! I love the vast flexibility this pattern offers, it is perfect for… everything!

  12. 13) ira lee

    this is so exciting!!! as soon as i get a new sewing machine i’d love to make some!!!

  13. 14) Chelsea

    Clear my table and lets get to making some shorts!

  14. 15) Ginger

    Thank you!! I can’t wait to start sewing!

  15. 16) Melinda

    Thanks! I needed a Zoe project! Shorts!

    PS your kids are perfect models! Baby girl is growing waaay too fast!

  16. love it love it!!! I think the way you put the pattern together is a fabulous thing. 🙂

  17. 18) Sarah K

    Thank you! I’ve made your pants and shorts, but sizing is always such an ordeal… I’m excited to have sizes that’ll fit my three year old and my six year old without the work of drafting my own pattern. Both kids saw the pictures and agreed that they want SHORTS! Good thing summer is just about to start here in Seattle. 😉

  18. 19) Rhonda S.

    Love the versatility of this pattern but…how do the “Years” pattern relate to retail sizing, like the 10 year old, is it like a size 10/12?

    • 20) Dana

      Size 10 is for a 10-11 year old. The older sizes (like 7, 8, 9, 10) are a little different than retail sizes because retailers usually lump many of those ages together.
      The best way to figure out your size (and this is explained in the pattern) is to go by waistsize and then find the proper size on the sizing chart included in the pattern.

  19. Love the shorts! This post just screams “summer!” Love the format too with the downloadable patter + blog tutorials–endless possibilities! -A

  20. 22) amanda

    It looks like this pattern is made to actually fit a little kid bum, rather than being the same in the front as the back, yes? That’s my beef with the few patterns I’ve used-because they’re the same in the back as the front, the back didn’t really cover my boy’s tush if he bends over or crouches. He’s 3 so he’s always moving like that.

    • 23) Dana

      yes yes yes!
      I agree. I HATE patterns that use the same pattern for the front and back for those very reasons you mentioned.
      This pattern has plenty of room in the back for kid bum. And extra room for baby bum/disposable diaper on sizes 12m, 18m, and 2Y.
      And the Front pattern piece is designed to hang below their belly so the shorts are comfy to wear 🙂

      • 24) Bobbie

        Hi! I love your tutorials ..I can’t seem to print the patterns

  21. 25) Marilyne

    Bonjour Dana,
    I have been dying to have your new paterns, I even left my job earlier to be able to go home and print!!
    Thnak you so much for sharing you passion with us and make it possible even for the begginers.
    I send them straight to my french friends so they can come and buy them!!!
    The only issue I have left is the mesuring …do you know where I can find translation of every thing in cm (meter?)
    Thanks again and I will send the pics from Paris.

  22. 28) Jennifer O.

    I’m so excited about this pattern, and especially that it goes up to a size 10. Less excited about the pro-Terry McAuliffe political ads on your sidebar. It’s bad enough I have to see the TV ads already for a VA election in DC! I suppose you can’t control those though.

    • I’m pretty sure that the ads are tailored to the page viewer based upon location or other sites you’ve visited 😉 So unfortunately for you it seems that those political ads are following you based upon your location! stinkers!!

  23. 30) Juanita in OH

    Congratulations! I know this must have taken a great deal of work. Your children are gorgeous, TFS.

  24. Lucy’s legs go on forever!
    We just need some of your weather downloading to London…
    Well done you are an inspiration!

  25. 32) Loren

    Looks great! Are they only for wovens, or for knits too?

  26. Hey there! Love this pattern and fun options! Your kiddos are quite trim….will this pattern be spacious enough for slightly fuller kids or a 3 y.o. in cloth diapers? Is there a way to see the measurements table prior to purchase or check out some of your testers’ samples? Thanks so much!

    • 34) Dana

      Sorry about that! I’ve just added the size chart to the pattern listing.
      My kids are on the skinnier side (mostly my older daughter) so I typically sew down a size for her.
      However, the sizes in the pattern are based on the average size of a child for each age and are similar to sizing you find in retails stores like Target, Old Navy, GAP, etc (as far as age/fit). The 12m, 18m, and 2 year old sizes are meant to fit over a disposable diaper. For additional fit over cloth diapers, you could try using 3/4 inch wide or even 1/2 inch wide elastic in the waistband (rather than 1 inch wide elastic) to leave extra room in the bum. The size 3 is meant for a potty trained child. But you could probably go up to a size 4 and use the size 3 elastic (if that makes sense).
      Hope this answers your question!

  27. these are super cute!!! can’t wait till my little one grows up a bit so i can make some!!! especially love the blue dotty ones 😉


  28. 36) Megan

    I am so excited about this pattern!!! Thank you so much for creating a new pattern, perfect for summer 🙂

  29. Goodness, your Lucy’s legs make me think of my Simon, all baby deer legs! And little Clara isn’t quite so little anymore….in her own element. Looking forward to sewing your patterns…and thank you for making the boy shorts longer (it’s the only way my two like their shorts!) Happy summer.

  30. 38) Lenia

    I just bought this pattern and I can’t wait to get a couple of shorts on my sewing machine!! When I first started sewing, two years ago, I kept coming back to your blog for instructions and tips. You helped me quite a lot! Then I stopped sewing for a few months (lost my mojo, I guess) and the will to sew didn’t return until I saw this pattern! So now I’m back in biz… And thank you for the inspiration, Mrs. Willard!

  31. 39) Dee

    Do you think this pattern would fit a skinny 11 yr old? Her waist is right about 24″, but she’s about 4’10”. Thanks.

  32. I’ve been making shorts nearly everyday this week for my 14 month old. I may have to snag your pattern since we’re in the bottom size now and we could use it for YEARS! Thanks for the tutorials, I’m excited to try the flat front ones soon.

  33. 41) Annie Rhodes

    I only recently discovered your website and I love it! I just finished a couple of the super easy skirts! These shorts look great but I have a bigger kid who I sew for because she’s a tough fit for on-the-rack clothes. Do you ever do sizes up to misses or misses petites or, even better, misses petites plus? My girl is an 11 year old but she is slightly bigger than kids 18 so we’re in misses 8 or 10, but she needs petite because she’s not as tall as those sizes call for and she needs a bit more room in the waist cause she’s chubby in the belly… Anyway, would love to see other sizes if you make them. Meanwhile my little two get the advantage of all the sewing I am doing. Thanks!

    • 42) Dana

      Thanks for stopping by Annie!
      Sorry I only offer these current kids sizes. Hopefully you can use them for your other kids!

  34. 43) Heidi

    I noticed in the tutorial that you don’t finish the seams inside of the shorts. Do they not need to be finished? I am a fairly novice sewer so I really don’t know if this is something I need to worry myself with or if it’s a step that can typically be skipped. I just see other people doing it in their tutorials but never an explanation of why or when it would be necessary.
    Anyone have some insite that they’d be willing to share with me? Thanks!! 🙂

    • 44) Dana

      You don’t need to finish off the seams unless you’d like to. Yes, depending on the type of fabric you’re using, the seam edges will fray over time and with washing. Woven fabrics will always fray (knit fabrics will not), but depending on how tight the weave is, some fabrics will fray more than others.

      Options you have for finishing the seams are:
      • Serge them with a serger machine (overlock machine). You can use a serger to sew them instead of using a standard sewing machine. OR, you can sew with your sewing machine first (to make sure there are no mistakes, or spots you need to fix with a seam ripper) and then serge off the seam edges (this is what I prefer actually. It leaves more room for error)
      • Zigzag over the seam edge or use any type of overlock stitch your machine might come with
      • Trim the edges of your seams with pinking shears (those zigzag scissors).

      Typically I finish off my seams with a serger. But while creating this pattern, I purposely did not use a serger, nor did I finish off my seams on about 15 pairs of shorts that I sewed for my kids. I did this so I could create them just as the average beginner sewer would be making them. And honestly, as the kids have worn them and as I’ve washed them, the seams are totally great….very little fraying. I may stop using my serger! 🙂 The waistband and the hems on each leg are finished off nicely (with the way that we’ve ironed under twice) which I think really helps hold everything together well.

      Hopefully that answers your question!

      • 45) Heidi

        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, Dana!! Your information is fabulous, as always! I’m looking forward to making lots of shorts and skirts for my little almost fully potty trained 2 year old. She has such a small waist (closer to a 12 month old size), but is still tall and needs the length of a typical 2 year old. It’s so nice to be able to, even with mediocre skill, create clothing customized to her needs.
        I can’t thank you enough for all of the wonderful information you share here. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to actually make things for my kiddo!!

        • 46) Dana

          awesome! That’s so great to hear 🙂
          Have fun sewing!

  35. Hi Dana 🙂 I’m looking for the instructions for the racer shorts. I was planning to sew them today and the only thing I’m not sure of is how to handle the side seams. I’m assuming that I would sew the front and inseams and then trim the hem/side edges with bias, then over lap the side seams and top stitch. Is that about right? Thanks!

  36. 49) Sharon

    Dana, you kill me! I love this pattern! it reminds me of the pants pattern which i’ve made so many times already! have you thought of making a book of patterns? i would totally buy it! anyway, can’t wait for the racers!! i want to make myself a pair!

  37. 50) Sharon

    btw, where do you get your fabric for your kids clothes? i recognize some of them…

    • 51) Lia Bediako

      I would love to know too!!!

  38. 52) joyce vazquez-knox

    I LOVE your daughters red and pink headband. Is there a pattern for that headband?

  39. Just started 4 pairs of these last night – really intuitive pattern, so far coming together really well and I greatly appreciate that there are sizes for bigger kids!

  40. 54) Cristi

    A homerun Dana!!! Even thought I own shorts patterns already, I am still going to get yours!! I love the fit and options.

  41. 55) Beth Mitchell

    What a great pattern – fantastic that you have included all those sizes, I could sew them for my 1 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old, and still have sizes for when they are bigger!

  42. 56) Maya Marie

    Hi Dana! I’m so excited to try this pattern out. I already purchased it, but my problem is that I have no idea which fabrics to buy/ use! I’m not that experienced, (I’m only 13) so it would he SO helpful if you could suggest some fabric types.

  43. 57) Marsha Gibbons

    Hi, I made the 18 month pattern and is seems small. We’ll see once the baby is on board! I would like to put in the pockets and the pattern does not seem to have directions printed. I may be missing something!!

  44. 58) Jean

    Quick question, I have a 10 year old that is very tall and I generally buy a size larger shorts with the elastic adjustable waist option. Do you have any suggestions for how I could use your pattern since it stops at size ten? I am a beginner FYI so please be gentle hahaha! ( I do have a MIL and mom who sew though so help is available)
    Thank you so much!!

    • 59) Dana

      Hi Jean,
      You could try to extend the pattern lines a bit….by drawing them out about a 1/2 inch on the side seams and extending the length on the hemlines. I would use a pair of shorts your son currently has as your sizing gauge. Turn them inside out and lay them over the pattern piece so you can see how far (and where) you should extend things. It wouldn’t be hard to do! And would be a fun way to push your skills.

  45. 60) Cati Lopez

    I am over the moon with your patterns!!!! I’ve always wanted to sew something but never thought I was able to sew anything.
    I am not a beginner- I am useless and these shorts have been my first piece I have sewn. I am soooo glad I’ve tried. My four year old one has worn them all the time, she really loves them and I love the fact that I can sew something!
    Really easy follow instructions even for me who didn’t kow what a hemline is etc. I have a very basic sewing machine with no serger or anything the like (not that I would know how to use them anyway 🙁 ( but I used my zig-zag scissors and they pretty good! – If I have been able to do it- anybody can!
    My mother can’t believe the result…..I can’t either- but the basic is a “good pattern” and “good explanations”….and that’s what you have provided.
    Thanks ever so much.
    Cati – Spain

    • 61) Dana

      wonderful! Thanks for sharing Cati!
      Isn’t that the best feeling when you realize that you made something?? and that it looks great and fits??
      So exciting!

  46. 63) Lisa Polinsky

    🙁 paid for this and did not receive my download! Can u please email? Hope to hear a response

  47. 64) Melissa

    Hey Dana!! Im stoked to make my boys some shorts. You are amazing!! I’ve been following your blog since I started sewing, and its one of the only ones I still make time to read now. 😉 I purchased the pattern last week, and in the notes asked that it be emailed to, but i think it still went to my hubby’s old email since it is connected with the paypal account. Any chance you could pretty please resend it to the other email for me? I was hoping to get some shorts whipped out this week! Thanks so much, and sorry for the inconvenience! Keep being awesome! 🙂 Mel

  48. Sooo dang cute! I love making shorts for my four kiddos!

  49. 66) Lori

    Just bought this pattern and sewed up my first pair tonight. LOVE! Thank you for such a fun versatile pattern. I have been reading your blog for a few years and just wanted to say thank you. You inspire me to create!

  50. 67) NiCaam

    I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!! Super ez for a newbie like me. I’ve already made 3 pairs, two for my daughter, and one for my son with a drawstring/elastic waistband number. I love that he looks like he’s wearing J Crew shorts with his pinstriped seersuckers. Thank you! I just have one question, my son has a thick waist (*cough* a little chubby) He’s a size 10 now, but I wonder if I have to add a little later do I add on the crotch and hip edge, or only on the hip edge? I just bought a new pattern from another site hoping to get a larger size, but in that pattern both sides are the same, and the construction is different, seemingly more complicated than yours. I should have saved my money on that purchase and just asked you from the get-go…

  51. 68) Katie Mortlock

    I’ve made two pairs of shorts from this pattern and it was really simple to follow. The shorts look fabulous and fit really nicely.

    I’ve just started blogging and I want to do a little story on making your shorts. Is it OK to publish a link to your pattern with one picture on my blog?

  52. 69) Karen

    Hi Dana,
    Your patterns are amazing! I’ve made a few pairs if pants for my 3year old from your pants pattern. Can you tell me if this pattern would work for knit fabric? I’m keen to make some pj shorts in knit fabric for my kids. Thanks heaps.

    • 70) Dana

      I actually haven’t tried it with knits yet…but I’m assuming that it will!
      At least, that’s what I plan to do with it 🙂
      So go for it!

  53. Hi Dana! Love this pattern and have already made the basic and the racer for my 9 month old son!

    The racer shorts turned out better for me because the side seams take up less seam allowance, I guess? The basic short is small, and what really confused me is that on the basic, the elastic is basically the same size as the fabric on the waist so there is very little gathering. I am so not complaining or anything – I am just trying to figure out if I have sewn it wrong, or if I should just size him up? Any inklings about whats going on or what I may have done wrong? Thanks so much! I am going to have to control myself from making a new pair every day!

    • 72) Dana

      Hmmm. that is a bit odd. When I’ve sewn the basic shorts, there’s always less elastic than fabric. The gathering around the waistband is not severe, which I prefer because it almost makes the shorts look more flat front, without even having a flat front. Are you using a 3/8 inch seam allowance?

      • The seam allowance is correct. I think the pattern just doesn’t quite accommodate my son’s womanish hips :). The waist and leg openings are fine, they just kind of get stuck at the top of his thighs. I will just size up for him next time! Thanks!

        • 74) Celeste

          I’ve found the pattern on the slim fit size too. My kids are pretty average sizes but in this pattern I’ve had to go up a size because there isn’t much give around the hips or thighs.

          Love the pattern though and all the variations and tutorials.

        • 75) SHeridan

          I do love this pattern! Over a period of years, I have used it to make many pairs of shorts for both boy and girl grandchildren. The shorts fit the children with slim athletic builds as printed. For those with thicker waists, I size up in width but not in length. I still haven’t gotten a perfect fit for the 6-year-old with a tummy. The sized up shorts cover her hips and behind, but slip down under her protruding tummy whether I have the elastic tighter or looser. I plan to try cutting the next pair a tiny bit lower in front, even though the pattern is already designed to fit comfortably below the bellybutton.

          Any advice, anyone?

  54. 76) Lisa P.

    I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with a pattern IN MY LIFE! Wow. You really put a lot of work into this, and the cost is a steal! I have to look and see if I have a Paypal account set up because I think I need these shorts!

  55. OK, it’s been 1 month I have been waiting so I couldn’t wait anymore, I just bought it, even if I known I won’t be able to sew it before at least 2 weeks… Just like Lisa, I think I’ve never been so impressed, I was so excited since you publish it !
    Now I’m even more, I’ll pass the next week reading instructions and thinking on fabrics I’ll use to make shorts for my little boy 🙂
    Thank you so much !

  56. 79) Jackie

    I have just cut out the patterns and can’t wait to get started on some shorts for my two grandsons . Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

  57. If I missed this I’m sorry, but are we allowed to sell items made from your lovely pattern in our Etsy shops? Love the pattern by the way!

  58. I just bought your pattern, I’ve been trying to find an excuse to buy for a while, since I don’t have any kids, and today, after reading Delia’s review I finally got one! I’ll send this shorts to my husband’s nephew in Canada, who’s turning 1 year old this month. I can’t wait to start!

  59. I have made a few of the variations and absolutely love this pattern! Thanks.

    I especially like the flat front with front pockets… I made the 3y size for my 2y7m old niece (she is very tall) and they look great on her (even with a pull-up on, despite the 3y plus patterns not being designed for potty-trained).

    I also had a go at making a few variations, including back patch pockets and side panels, which I have included on my blog (of course, giving your fabulous tutorials and website lots of mentions and links!).

    Thank you for such a great, versatile pattern, at such a reasonable price!


  60. Just bought this pattern – I can’t wait for the back pockets and any other variations!

  61. 84) Courtney

    I would love this!

  62. 85) Loren K

    I just got this and let me tell you, this pattern is GREAT. Im a newbie and this pattern is really really clear and easy to follow. My kids are gonna love it!

    Thank You so much!!

  63. 86) Ashley

    I’m just going to tell you that your great.

    I’ve been teaching myself to sew and I bought this pattern and have sewn 3 pairs of shorts already for my twin nephews and my friends little boy as well. I had never made anything with a pattern before but this was really easy.

    • 87) Dana

      awesome! That makes me so happy to hear 🙂
      Have fun sewing Ashley!

  64. 89) Rike

    This pattern is great! My three boys love their new racer shorts. I found a great dark blue fabric with sharks and surfers printed on. 🙂 They want more racer shorts – I think next spring I will sew them a whole collection.
    Greatings from Germany

  65. Hi, Dana!
    Any plans to add a tutorial on lengthening the shorts to pants? I’m starting on Fall and Winter items and thinking I should be able to adapt this pattern for long pants. These look so much more comfortable than a lot of the other pants patterns I’ve looked at!

  66. 91) Ruth

    Anyone outside the US bought the pattern? I love the look of it but I bought a downloadable US pattern a few months ago (not from you Dana) and when I printed it on our standard A4 paper I ran into trouble. Would like to hear some positive experiences before buying. These shorts look like the perfect item for my girls, I am tired of the ridiculously short ones in the stores these days.

    • 93) Sophie

      Ruth I have. I’m in Australia and printed it out on A4. It’s fine.

      • 94) Ruth

        I printed it out on A4 but when I measure the grid it isn’t an inch by an inch. It is 11/12ths of an inch square. What do you suggest? Would making the size bigger work or would I need to go 2 sizes bigger. I guess I could try enlarging the pattern on the copier or adding all those extra 1/12ths. On the size 5 for example I would need to make the pattern 8/12th of an inch wider. Argh! I am not a great sewer and inches do my head in 🙁

        • Is it a PDF? (I’m reading through deciding to buy) There’s an option under printing PDFs which is something like Size Options: Actual Size. (Or under old Acrobat, uncheck “fit to page”).

  67. I know I’m a little late in the season, but I just *LOVE* this pattern and have been recommending it right and left! I used this pattern four times, twice adapting it to make pants (one of which I added those button straps to roll up the legs), and only used upcycled fabrics. Twice I used sheet scraps, once a button-down shirt and once a thrifted t-shirt. In this last case I reused the hems of the shirt so I didn’t have to hem the shorts. I wrote three blog posts about how I used the pattern (do you believe me now that I really do love it?!), which are here, here and here. Thanks again, Dana! 🙂 Lisa

  68. 97) Sophie

    Has anyone else had trouble matching up the lines on the back pattern piece for 12-18 months? I’ve made size 5 no probs but cannot get the pieces to match on the smaller size.

    I’ve emailed Dana but its the weekend and I’m dying to make some for my wee boy.

    As an aside the pattern is brilliant!

    • 98) Sophie

      My fault. Printed at the wrong size.

  69. 99) Marika

    Hi, I am just wondering if there are any instructions on the back pockets coming anytime soon?
    Love the pattern, and would really love to add back pockets….

  70. 100) Reine

    Hi Dana
    November may seem like a weird time to be posting a comment on a shorts tutorial page, but after making several shorts over the summer, I’m now experimenting with making a winter version for my daughters.
    I’ve added a lining to make them thicker and warmer and am trying out the front pockets too. Hope to be able to send the pics when – successfully – finished…
    Also, I wanted to know if maybe I’ve overlooked the back pockets tutorial? Or did other projects get in the way 😉 I would like to try them out as well.
    A big thanks already for your fun pdf and online help!

    • 101) Reine

      Winter shorts done! Yay!

  71. Hi Dana, Just downloaded the shorts pattern. This is the first pattern I’ve ever bought so pretty excited about giving it a go!

  72. Wow just finished! Thanks for the great instructions! First pair of shorts I’ve ever made – can’t wait to do more! I’m going to put them on my blog later today.

  73. ThaNks for putting out this fantastic pattern, Dana! I’ve now made 11 pairs of shorts for 5 of my nieces and nephews and they all love them and they each look so different! I’ve blogged about my shorts here:
    The shorts and a really quick but satisfying make that look great. Thanks again!

  74. 106) lil

    I love these shorts! I like to know if you can use these short patterns to make trousers as well for the various sizes you have.

    • 107) Dana

      You can definitely turn these into pants….just lengthen the legs. Use a pair of pants your child already has to gauge the length. The shorts come in sizes 12 months to 10 years.

  75. 108) Kimber in AZ

    These are so cute. And thank God, my picky skirt-wearer agrees too. I can’t wait to whip out a few pair for my girls. Thanks!

  76. Hello!
    I just bought the pattern and I am thrilled to try it out. I have a pair in the works for my daughter, but having a hard time finding a fabric I love for my son’s pair. What type of fabric did you use for the orange pair? It looks really thick! And the plain orange and white? It looks perfect. Where did you find them? I just scoured Joanne’s and a bunch of Etsy sites with nothing calling my name!

  77. 111) Liz

    Dear Dana

    I really really want to buy this pattern but can’t access my paypal account. Please is there another way I could buy this pattern?

    Many thanks

  78. 112) Mary Catharine White

    Just wondering if these run small as my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter only has a 22 inch waist but would need a size 7 in these shorts! That just doesn’t seem right to me unless they run small! My granddaughter is just a little peanut!


  79. 113) Kim

    I am wanting to buy this pattern (I will when I am done commenting) but I am curious if you have instructions on matching the pattern of the fabric at the seams? Like when you have the gingham shorts and the boxes match up at the front? I want to know how to do that part. 🙂

    • 114) Dana

      You just need to cut the pattern pieces on the same line of the fabric to make the pieces match…..meaning, line up the bottom edge of FRONT and the BACK pieces on the same gingham line of the fabric, or striped line of the fabric, etc.
      Sorry, I’ve meant to do a tutorial for that forever and just have never gotten to it.

  80. 115) doray

    Hi Dana! I was wondering if these can be made in knit? I am sure someone has already asked, but there are so many comments…Thanks!

  81. 116) Sarah Keith

    Hi Dana, Do you have any suggestions for making these shorts lined or reversible? I’m thinking I’ll just make two pairs and connect them at the waist and hem. I love this pattern!

  82. 117) Rachel

    I’m very excited to try out these patterns.

    I am from Brighton, in Britain. And I’ve been searching the pattern world for simple kids shorts.

    Thanks for this. I’m looking forward to making these for my boys.

  83. 118) Karen

    Just a note to say those kids of yours are cute as buttons!!!!!!!

  84. I’ve just made a couple of pairs of these and I LOVE your pattern – it’s so easy, even for a learner sewer like me! I found the pattern ran a little smaller than average, but your measurement chart was spot on so I just made the larger sizes (age 7-8 for my 4 year old, and age 6 for my 2 year old!) and had great success! I’d love to learn how to do side pockets rather than patch ones, if there’s a chance of a tutorial on that? Here are some pics of the strawberry shorts I made our littlest girl:
    Thank you so much for a great fun pattern!

  85. 120) Hayley

    Well Dana, you made my day again. It’s our kids first day of Summer Break. I woke this morning hoping to find a good basic shorts pattern that had the ability to be “jazzed up” on occasion. As I was making my coffee, in the back of my mind I thought, “I’m pretty sure I remember seeing one on MADE awhile back.” I brought my coffee out to the sunroom, and began my search with danamadeit. I didn’t have to look any further. This pattern is exactly what I was looking for! Yippee! It’s a bonus that it’ll fit both my 2 year old AND 10 year old! Since our 10 year old is only a size 8, we’ve still got a few good summer’s worth of sewing to do from this one. Thanks for the time and effort you take to make such perfectly simple and beautiful items (and their patterns) 🙂 available to your readers.

  86. 121) Jen D

    Hi Dana,

    Do you think I could add a contrasting ruffle on the hem of these shorts? Any pointers as to how to do that?


    • 122) Dana

      Sure! That would be really fun! I would just sew the ruffle to the hem with right sides together and then top stitch the ruffle so it lays flat.

  87. Hi!

    I love this pattern and the online tutorials. I can’t wait for the First Day Dress!

    I have made 4 pairs of shorts in sizes 2 and 3y in both flat front and regular (girls regular hem length). The crotch seam regularly does NOT line up correctly. Meaning there is more fabric on the each end near the leg holes. Looking at the crotch part of the 2y front and back patterns, they aren’t the same length, but they are for the 3y. What am I doing wrong? No one else seems to be having this problem. I can send you a picture if it helps.

    Thanks for your help.

    • 124) Dana

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with that. The rise, or crotch area, of the front and back are different sizes so that you have more room in the back for a bum. But that difference shows up with the back seam and shouldn’t be an issue lining up the crotch and side seams.
      If you’re still having an issue I would trim off the excess. Sorry, I’ve never heard of that issue before…but I’m sorry you’re frustrated!

  88. 125) Sarah

    OMGosh! I just found this blog site/tutorial! I have been searching for a cute pair of shorts for my son but this has options for my daughters, too! (I especially love Jen D.’s idea above of adding a ruffle.) I purchased and downloaded the pattern and can’t wait to to make a pair of seersucker shorts for my son today. Thanks!

  89. 126) Betsy H

    Is a Kid-Pants all-sizes pattern going to be available? 😛 I am a lazy sewer, and don’t want to try and make my own pattern (I’ve tried and failed a few times… and now there is a second child)

    I’d love to find a pattern that worked, and just stick with it, lol!! Tempted to just measure her inseam and then just extend the shorts out that far… I might anyway… but that still is more effort than buying a pants pattern set 😛

    I’ll also take advice on where a good pants pattern for 5T could be found! ;-P

  90. 127) Anna Darby

    I paid for this pattern and downloaded it but its not opening properly, is there something else I need to do?

  91. 128) Emma Williscroft

    Hi Dana, I purchased your shorts pattern a fair while ago and my computer recently crashed- my patterns subsequently lost forever. Any chance you could please resend it please? I don’t want to have to purchase it again 🙁

  92. 129) Heather P

    So glad I decided to take a peek at the kid shorts pattern page! I want to make my daughter some new school uniform pants and I made them pj pants for Christmas which they all loved. However, I figured they should be a little more tailored for school pants. The flat front is what I wanted but the Kid Pants were only size 2-3 so I’ve been racking my brain on how to do this. Enter the Kid Shorts pattern!!! Now I can get this kiddo some pants that aren’t too tight/short for school. Especially important since the alternative is skirts and it is way too crazy cold out for that! Thanks so much, can’t wait to make these!!

    Now to scour the site for a shirt pattern so I can make their matching PJ shirts! 🙂

  93. 130) Jenny

    Hi Dana, I am just wondering where I went wrong with the shorts pattern of yours? I sewed up a pair of size 8’s with the 23.5″ waist. (My daughters waist size!) The elastic is great but the shorts are skin tight on my daughter. Do you have more information on hip sizing and ease on the pattern so that the shorts look more like the ones that you have made for your kids? I look forward to your reply. Thank you. Regards, Jenny.

  94. 131) Jenny

    Hi Dana, I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the shorts fit. I want to make another pair for my daughter. Her measurements are Chest 26″ Waist 22.5″ Hip 27.5″ Height 51″ ….. I used 3/8″ seam allowance or 9mm! I really had to search for the correct seam allowance I was meant to use and eventually found that mentioned on one of your tutorials. Please help me work out the size shorts I should be cutting out! I want to make her some PJ shorts and some Flat front shorts and she really love the scallop hem shorts! I love your site, it has some amazing inspiration! I also want her to learn to sew so if things she makes do not fit her then she will lose heart! Thank you in advance for your time!

  95. 132) Christy

    I should add that I live in south Florida so we are in 84 degrees out today. I saw someone say it was a weird time to post about shorts and I just wanted to say that we are always hot but we can’t always buy shorts. Now that Spring is on its way we will soon have them to buy. Right now I am out of options for my son.
    I was hoping you might be able to tell me how to size them up further. My son wears a size 8 in the waist and hips but a size 6 or 7 in the length. According to your waist chart he is WAY over. Today he is wearing Old Navy knit waistband cargo shorts in size 6-7. His waist is 27″! See how I am confused? You say a 10year old is at 24″. My other twin can wear size 4 and 5. His waist is 22″. I think I would love your shorts but they will not work for my twin 5 year olds. My 22″ waist has been put on Ensure because he is too skinny!! Could you tell me how to resize or maybe help with sizing? I bought the pattern today without my children to measure. Thanks

  96. 133) rachel

    First I love this pattern so much!!! But my 11 year old son has outgrown it and my 12 year old is begging for a pair. Will you please please please with a cherry on top extend it to a 14 or 16?????

  97. 134) Bev M.

    Your methodology for sewing shorts is much different than mine, lol. (I sew each leg together and then put them inside one another and sew the inseam.) To each her own, I guess. I just wanted to tell you how absolutely AWESOME this pattern is. I have two kids, and I love being able to print out a pattern for each kid’s size, rather than cut out the bigger size on craft paper first and then cut the smaller size out. That takes so much time! Anyway, I was looking for a simple shorts pattern to use in making skorts, and I can use this for years to come. YAY!

  98. 135) Stacey

    Hi! I love your pattern and I sewed the 4 year-old flat front for my son and it came out great, but the 2 year old flat front for girls would not fit over my daughter’s thighs. She wears size 18 months usually and cloth diapers. Should I have used the basic shorts? Perhaps the flat front is not for chubby thighs? Thanks for any advice.

  99. Yes! I have the perfect peach polka dotted fabric for the scalloped shorts!

  100. 137) Kimberly

    My first time making shorts and so far both pairs came out great! I made a pair in cotton and one in knit fabric, both fit my 2 1/2 year old well (3T) with a little room to grow, and they don’t look homemade! Thank you! Oh, he is thin and wears underwear, if he was still a chunky guy (as he was at one) I would have measured him before making them, also knits are great if people need a little extra stretch because their child has chunky little legs. Great site! Thank you again!

  101. 138) Amanda

    I just bought the pattern and was excited to sew my son some new shorts since he is between sizes in RTW clothing. I sewed up a test pair in size 9 and they barely fit over his thighs. The size 10 difference won’t be enough to make them fit so now the pattern is of no use to me. I wish I would’ve read the comments fully before I bought this. I’m disappointed because my son loved the look of them.

  102. 139) Sue Taylor

    These are the bomb and you have AWESOME taste! Glad I found this website!

  103. 140) alix

    What fabric did you use for your boy shorts in the video? 100% cotton? A cotton/Poly blend? I have such a hard time buying boy fabric for my older boys 6-8 that does not make the clothing i make them look super homemade and homely looking. I also don’t want to do 100% cotton because what mom of 4 boys has time to Iron- I don’t 🙂 I was thinking a gingham would be cute, but all the gingham at joanne is really thin and a tad see through. HELP PLEASE!!!
    thank you.

  104. 141) Jen D

    Hi Dana!

    Made my third pair of shorts yesterday and they came out great! I used a very large scale print (Cubs fabric) and didn’t want the side seam to disrupt it (okay, okay, I was waaaaay too lazy to try to match the pattern up) so I just taped the back and front pieces together and they came out great! Love this pattern! Going to cut up some of my husband’s old polo shirts next for some knit shorts for my boy! 🙂


  105. 142) maria

    Hello, Dana. Yourr pattern have a centimeters?t i’m portuguese. Thanks

  106. 143) Janice Weber

    I bought the pattern a year ago, and cannot find the download. I used the size 10 and need the 7. I cannot seem to find the download. How do I re-download the pattern. Thanks for your help.

  107. They look awesome. So cute, congratulations!!

  108. 145) vicky

    You are a gem. The shorts tutorial are absolutely great. You made sewing so easy and alive. I can wait to make these shorts and pants for my grandson.

  109. 146) Kelli

    Thanks for the great pattern and detailed tutorial, I managed to whip up a pair of shorts during nap time. It is definitely the best pattern I bought to date.

  110. 147) Allyn Grenier

    Is this PDF for all of the short styles listed??

  111. 149) Chrissy

    Great patterns can not wait to start sewing them

  112. 150) wende gennardo

    lovethis pattern

  113. 151) Genelle Johnson

    LOVE the shorts patterns. I need larger sizes. Do you have plans to add more sizes? I’d happily purchase them.

    Thank you!!!

  114. 152) Tulani

    I just wanted to say that at first i did not see the value of buying your pattern and I know I am not the only sewer who may think this. Especially since many of us can make our own patterns as well as purchase from local stores where we dont have to use ink and paper for a similar price. However, your patterns are extremely easy to use, once they are stored on the computer I dont have to print what I dont need nor do I have to waste sizes like I do when using a commercial bought pattern. Plus I’m supporting a mother, like me. Thank you so much. We are sewing up kids clothes quick and fast here in Houston, neighbor. Thanks Again!

    • 153) Dana

      That’s awesome to hear. Thanks!

  115. 154) Genelle Johnson

    Do you have a pattern for built in underwear *the mesh type)? I’d like to use this pattern to make board shorts.

  116. 156) Carol Harris

    I’m the Grammie of 5 young cuties, and am thrilled that I found this site recently. My 8-yr-old granddaughter told me not long ago that she wanted to sew something, so she and I decided to sew flat-front racer shorts for her. I dipped into my stash of fabric and found a blue cotton for the shorts and yellow & blue print that I cut on the bias.

    I did the “tricky” parts, and she did the rest. We are both overjoyed with how they look. Cute as can be. Looking forward to using many more of your patterns.

  117. 157) Katrina

    Hey Dana thank you for your blog I love it! I have been making quite a few of these in flat fronts and people keep sending them back to me because they are too small, is the seam allowance included? That’s the only thing I can think as to why they wouldn’t fit?
    Thank you 🙂

    • 158) Dana

      Yes, the seam allowance is included, of course you can always add more in if you would like.
      If you find that the pattern runs small (I have heard mixed reviews on that from customers. Some say it fits perfects, some say it runs small. Hard to fit all body types!)….then maybe you should size your finished shorts up a size.

  118. 159) Keri

    I’m so excited to try your pattern. I am a beginner and recently printed out a free pattern from pinterest and it was a FAIL, hahaha! I’m determined to make shorts and with your pattern and tutorials, I know i can be successful! Wish me luck!

  119. 160) kimberly

    what if you don’t have a pay pal account…is there any other way I can pay for it?

    • 161) Dana

      The shop accepts credit cards also.

  120. 162) Brooke

    Can I purchase pattern and come back later to print other sizes or pages or does it all need to be done the time in which purchased?

    • 163) Dana

      When you purchase, you are sent a link to download the pattern.
      Once you download it, save the pattern to your computer, then you can print the various sizes whenever you need them!

  121. 164) Christine Anderson

    Desperately wanting to purchase your kids shorts pattern but do not have a paypal account or Ipay. Do you have alternative payment method I can use. I am from the UK and would be very grateful for your help.

  122. 166) SN

    Hi Dana,
    I just started sewing as a hobby and loved your videos on youtube. They are very inspiring.

    I recently bought the basic kid shorts pattern from your store and made a pair of shorts for my 20months old. He is on a skinnier size so I went with the 18months pattern. I also added pockets on the front based on the pattern.

    After the short was ready, I had him try it and it came out pretty small.

    Now I need your advise on a couple of questions I have –
    1. When cutting the pattern it says in the instruction to cut on the pattern colored line. Should I be leaving a seam allowance while cutting or is it taken into account already?
    2. How do I increase the size now on the shorts that I already stitched? Do I need to seam rip the entire band and the side seam?They are shorter on the side seam. They fit perfectly well length -wise
    3. Should I try 2yr old pattern next time?

    Thank you in advance.


    • 167) Dana

      Yes, just cut on the colored lines, you do not need to add more for seam allowance, unless you want a more roomy fit, you can always do that!
      And if you want to go up a size, do it! You can always keep the elastic at their waist-size.

  123. 168) Shannon


  124. 169) Lisa

    I purchased the simple shorts pattern and made the size 2 year. I am a bit confused as it seems to be tiny. What do the “year” sizes come close to in actual toddler/childrens sizes? For instance, I was thinking a 2 year might be equivalent to a 2T and it’s not because theres no room for diaper bulge.
    Thank you, for any clarification

    • 170) Dana

      Hi Lisa,
      Sorry for the confusion. The sizes are based of similar age/sizes you would find in retail shops, like Target and Old Navy.
      If you find that they run too small, you can always go up a size! or go up two sizes if you want! And just keep the elastic smaller for their waistsize.

  125. 171) Denise

    Dana I just discovered you I’m so excited I just started sewing for my granddaughter but she’s just at the size 10 is there any chance that you’ll be expanding this pattern to larger sizes?

    • 172) Dana

      Hi Denise. Yay for sewing! Unfortunately I don’t plan to expand the sizing at this time. But who knows what the future holds. You can always use a pair of shorts that she currently owns to help gauge your sizing. Or go buy something at a retail shop, and use that to help extend your pattern pieces so they fit her size.

  126. 173) Claudia

    Hi !

    What fabric do you use for the boys shorts?

    • 174) Dana

      Any kind! Cotton, corduroy, knits, linen. Most anything works!

  127. 175) Diana

    Hi Dana,

    I really love this pattern and your tutorial. So easy to follow! I bought the pattern last week because I wanted to make shorts for my averige-sized 9 year old daughter. I used the 10 yo size, just to be sure. But unfortunately they don’t fit 😢 They are really too small. I made 3 pair, all 3 too small. She is averige size and even a little bit short for her age. I used 1,5 cm seem allowance, which I learned to do so in sewing classes. When trying them on the shorts get stuck at her upper legs. Just wanted to let you know this feedback. Have a nice day! Diana

    • 176) Dana

      Hi Diana,
      Sorry you’re having difficulty with the pattern.
      If the pattern is too tight, you can always extend the pattern all the way around. Tape together some pieces of paper, trace the current pattern on it…and then extend in different areas. Draw the top UP another inch or so, draw the side seams OUT about a 1/2 inch. Extend the crotch another 1/2 inch (on both pieces). It’s a bit of trial and error, but it’s also a great way to learn more about pattern pieces and fitting.
      Hope that helps!

  128. 177) Patricia Kos

    Do you have a pattern for a girls skirt with attached shorts? Or know where I can find one. I am a novice sewer but I think with the right pattern I could make these for my two granddaughters.

    • 178) Dana

      Sorry I don’t have one! I always meant to do one. Maybe it’s time that I did 🙂

      • 179) Patricia Kos

        Thank you so much for your reply. I will keep checking your website, Facebook,etc for a pattern. Hopefully you will be able to add that to your busy schedule and the thousands of request you get. Truly appreciate your response.
        Pat K.

  129. 180) Eva WaGner

    Just start sewing , with no experience whatsoever. I am not good at it yet but I am willing to learn to sew until I get better. I watch your channel on YouTube just to get ideas so far I am doing ok. I want to be great like you. Thank you for sharing your videos on YouTube.

    • 181) Dana

      Awesome! Yay! Welcome to sewing 🙂

  130. 182) Abeba kebede

    I love your pattern. I need it badly. But I live in Ethiopia. How can I purchase your pdf pattern? I have sisters where live in USA and London. Can I pay through one of them? Please reply.

    Thank you

  131. 183) ShaniKa

    I just purchased your kid shorts pattern. My three kids are 4,7 and 10. My youngest has Downsyndrome and is not potty trained yet. How can the patterns for 3 and up be adjusted to allow for pull up pants.

  132. 184) LM


    Just wondering if you’ve ever considered increasing the size range for this pattern. I started making these is a size 2 & now I’m out of sizes. It’s the best shorts pattern around & has been my go to short pattern for many years!

  133. 185) Jill

    I remember when you first posted this pattern! Glad I came across it again. Can’t wait to make some for my daughter.

    – Jill

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  283. 335) zzwqrttajo


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  286. 338) yvewbdzmsk


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  288. 340) orxokpwicc


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  291. 343) cvzghddojf


  292. 344) zvkuusuvmp


  293. 345) wqeqemjrlw


  294. 346) jcxgqzuxxu


  295. 347) hbunfysirx


  296. 348) krjqoxybwc


  297. 349) hnctqaqejl


  298. 350) jcswgczdnb


  299. 351) abvjhxxuuk


  300. 352) mtsszxmomb


  301. 353) kmgzcivmxe


  302. 354) sljpycrzwx


  303. 355) svsihtiirc


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