New Beach Robes…plus a Stripey Summer PATTERN SALE

With one month of summer left, I figured it was time to finish-up my summer projects.
New Beach Robes!
The robes from last year still fit but they were so faded from tons of use and tons of washing. So this year I went with stripes (thank you IKEA and TJ Maxx)
The kids approved and were happy to try them out (especially since Owen thought he was a Jedi Master).
and just when you thought the robes weren’t stripey enough….
We’ve got stripes underneath too!
Changes I made from last years Beach Robes:
• Added a bit of length to the Large size for both kids (I traced the top 2/3 of the pattern, then shifted the pattern down a couple inches and continued tracing the rounded corners etc)
• Went with short sleeves rather than long. We live in hot TX.
• Used T-shirt jersey knit in Owen’s hood and seersucker in Lucy’s.
If you’ve been on the fence about making a Beach Robe, you’ve still got time!
I’m putting all MADE patterns on sale!
And don’t be sad about missing out on anything. You’ve got till Saturday night at Midnight to purchase.

  1. Oh this is such a great pattern – I LOVE it. I bought it last year and made robes for the kids, and they have been the most perfect things ever. If anyone is considering this pattern, GO FOR IT – seriously, it’s great.

    I need to make new ones for my kids too – love that there are Ikea stripes happening now; perhaps I will get on that….



  2. 2) Jen

    We love this pattern, I need to make some new ones too. My kids were pretending they were Michaels Phelps in their robes this weekend. It was pretty cute.

  3. Love the knit jersey inside the hoodie & Love the shorter sleeve. Great improvements! I made one for myself from a jumbo beach towel a few years ago using a simple coat pattern….I’ll have to take some photos & post about it before summer’s end hopefully cuz it is cute.

  4. Oh they are so cute and the short sleeves are great!

  5. 5) Nicole

    I love this robe pattern! I am quite a beginner at sewing, but this pattern has so many pictures it was super easy to follow. I just made 12 for my daughter’s spa themed birthday party. They came out adorable–thank you!!

  6. I’ve been meaning to get this pattern. I’ve bought several towels just to make the kids robes. We are going to the beach in September and these woud be perfect for them. Awesome!

  7. 8) Dave

    Great robes, I showed these to my wife and now I’m going to have to make one for our son!

    In some of your photos Owen bears a striking resemblance to Hoyt from the TV show true blood.

  8. 9) Cara Shroyer

    I made my 2 kids these for the summer as well as 1 for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. They are such a hit. My kids refuse to go swimming without them and snuggle right into them to dry off when done. Awesome pattern, easy to sew, and well-loved by all!!! Thanks, Dana!!

  9. 10) Mel

    Such perfect timing Dana! I bought the fabrics for a pool robe yesterday but couldn’t quite get my head around the pattern in Sewing for Boys and had forgotten about your pattern. Your post today gave me the prompt I needed so I’m going with your pattern instead. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  10. 11) May

    I am a novice sewer too and I cannot wait to make these for my own kids. Thanks for the detailed instructions – I sure hope I don’t mess it up!

  11. I wish the robe came in bigger sizes, I would buy it if it did!

  12. 13) Margaret

    I made four of these last summer and they were a big hit. I found the pattern really easy to enlarge for a big 5-year-old by cutting the body pieces vertically straight up and down through the shoulder and just widening them, keeping the cut edges parallel. The sleeve is generous enough that you don’t really need to mess with the curved armscye, and since the shoulder seam is a straight line it’s easy to just make bigger. Obviously length needs to be added to the robe, too. I added about 1.5 inches to the shoulder seam (so three inches to the total width of the robe) and eight inches to the length, and it was perfect. Also added a couple inches to the hood as well.

    • 14) Rebecca A Richter

      Thanks! I just did this to make the robe bigger for my growing granddaughter!

  13. 16) Gail

    Darn! I missed the sale.
    They are so adorable!

  14. 17) Lisa

    awesome! ignore my other post about how to make my pattern bigger lol

  15. 18) Heather

    I bought this pattern a few weeks ago and actually did it in fleece for a warm ‘bath robe’ for my 2 year old….absolutely adorable!! I added extra to the edges that were supposed to get binding so that I could turn it under and just zig zag it and it worked perfectly!

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