Nerd Boyfriend, Handmade Olympics, and Pattern update

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Yesterday we did some shopping, sewing, shooting (photos) and birthday partying with friends. A day well-spent.
Later today I’ll be announcing the winners from our three giveaways. Woohoo!
In the mean time, just some random and fun things to share….
Rikrak Studio announced the winners of the annual Handmade Olympics.
And….MADE was voted “Favorite Handmaking Blog“! Thank you for your support my friends! I’m totally flattered and excited to cash in on my etsy shop prizes. Yes, yes, shopping is fun.
Head over to Rikrak to see all the winners. I’m in love with tiny giraffe’s paper doll blocks.

Next, some of you have mentioned problems with downloading free patterns from my site (such as the KID Pants, Diaper Cover, and the Warhol Dress). I’m sorry it’s been annoying. It’s been bugging me too! So today, I fixed it. YAY!

(KID Pants pattern and tutorial HERE)

Now when you click to download the pattern pieces (within the tutorial), the pdf pattern will pop up with a prompt from your computer. Couldn’t be easier!

(The Perfect Diaper Cover pattern and tutorial HERE)

If you have any problems with this new system, I’d love to hear about it. I want to make things as possible for you to access.

(The Warhol Dress Pattern HERE)


Have you been to Nerd Boyfriend?
It’s totally rad.
The creator posts classic pictures of pop culture icons with links and photos showing you how to dress just like the photo. It’s sort of a grown-up version of the Style guide to dressing your boy, shared last week by Xoelle. The Alan Alda one makes me laugh because it’s not “how to dress like Alan Alda”, but “how to dress like Bill Hader as Alan Alda” from SNL. If you haven’t seen those Back to the Future audition skits (part1 and part 2)….you must watch now.
I’m looking forward to some Oscar watching tonight (and just realized that I probably can’t do a “gorgeous gown” rundown during BOY month. Maybe I’ll be checking out those black tuxes instead).
Have a great Sunday!

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