Need a Carseat Cover?

Why settle for the boring stuff, when life can be colorful and exciting?
Probably the #4 question I’m often asked is, “do you still make your carseat covers? And can I buy one?”
You know, I first started making infant carseat covers when Lucy was a baby because the factory cover was a rough itchy fabric that was causing eczema flair-ups on the back of her head. Poor girl. There had to be a softer (and more stylin) option for her.

I researched patterns and even bought a couple but was disappointed because the covers turned out to be big and bulky and too ruffly (with tons of elastic all the way around). I wanted a tailored look, something that fit my carseat perfectly and looked like it actually came with the seat. And so, I just took my current carseat cover apart and made my first custom cover:
And then the fun caught on with family, friends, and of course for baby Owen. And I was busy making covers left and right:
Lately, however, time constraints have kept me from taking custom orders like I used to. And I hate to tell you guys NO when you email! I just knew there had to be someone out there who was doing something similar, where I could refer you….
And finally one day, I found her. And…….
she does it better than me.
So… you need an Infant Carseat Cover?!
Please meet my new best friend:
Little Birdie Studio does amazing Custom Carseat Covers and for a wonderful price. She is an artist by nature and also specializes in Graphic Design. Go check out her SHOP for all the details.

And one day, when I get my FAQs tab in order, Little Birdie Studio will be in there!!

  1. 1) gina

    Could you do a michael Jordan car seat cover?

  2. 2) samantha

    Can you make michael Jordan carseat cover ?

  3. 3) Miguel

    I was wondering if u can make me a Jordan one also

  4. 4) Crissel

    Wondering the same.. do you do Jordan car seat covers?

  5. 5) Annette Patten

    My sister is about to have a lil baby girl. I wanted to get a batgirl car seat cover because my brother in law is all about batman. Please help

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