my new necklace (giveaway closed)

I’m not a big jewelry person.
I wear the same pair of small earrings (almost) every day.
I don’t really love bracelets or watches because they get in the way.
And my necklace collection is rather small.

The one necklace I love most gets tons and tons of use—along with my boyfriend Tees.
But with Clara joining the family, it needed a little update….

This package showed up in the mail last week from The Vintage Pearl.
I absolutely love it!….even more than the one before and not just because of the new name addition. The necklace is a good weight, good quality, and the chain is the perfect length (16 inches). Seriously I love this necklace.
If you’re not familiar with The Vintage Pearl it really is a lovely shop. The silver is gorgeous but mostly I just love the simple designs. And I love being able to customize and simplify even further for my own flavor. Fabulous. These photos below only skim the surface of what’s available. There are so many styles to choose from.
And….I just realized that we may need to update the necklace we got Lucy for her birthday last year too.
But it’s so stinking cute.
I guess we can squish a “Clara” on there somewhere.
Because this is more like it.
My three munchkins:But enough rambling.
Want to spend an hour browsing the Vintage Pearl shop….with free money?
Today we’re giving away TWO $50 Gift Certificates to the shop.
And we’re also offering a 10% discount to all MADE readers, from now till Thus 4/12 (one week from today).  Please enter MADE10 at checkout.
Please note that the cutoff for Mother’s Day orders is April 23.

Here you go….
Giveaway Rules:
• Leave a comment, that’s it!
• Only One entry per person.
• If you forget something and need to leave a second comment, go back and DELETE your first comment.
• Open to anyone in the world!
• TWO winners will be picked via
Giveaway ends Saturday 4/7/12 at 11pm (Central Time).
Winner will be announced on Sunday.

Good luck!

  1. Your necklace is very sweet, just like your family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. 2) Sara

    I LOVE these! I’d sure love to wear my kids’ names on a heart like Lucy’s! 🙂

  3. I love your necklace, and I sure would have mine !

  4. 4) Melissa

    I love the items the Vintage Pearl sells, I’d love to have something from them.

  5. 5) Sarah Risinger

    So sweet. I would love to have one with my 3 kiddo’s names 😉

  6. 6) Lissy

    ME, ME, ME! I’ve made so many charms and put them into my cart, but never actually bought one!

  7. 7) Carrie Funk

    That is a stunning necklace – I need to get one!

  8. 9) Angela

    I have recently come across your blog and I just love, love your projects! I made the Happy Day Garland with hearts for valentines day and it was a real addition to our decorations.

    I love the Vintage Pearl!! I think they have some real neat pieces! I hope you pick me!

  9. 11) Carey Patton

    I’ve been looking for simple jewelry I could wear everyday and these would be perfect!

  10. It’s all so sweet! It’s hard to decide which is my favorite.

  11. 13) Aly

    Your necklace is lovely. But I adore your t-shirt! Perfect color, not too deep a v-neck. Where did you get it? 🙂

  12. 14) Amanda

    I just love there site it so sweet

  13. The jewelry is beautiful! Simple, yet elegant. I love the Free Bird necklace in their shop.

  14. I am not a jewelery person either, but these are so simple and sweet. And I have an almost four month old addition to the family too:)

  15. 17) Jennifer Renfroe

    The Vintage Pearl has the cutest stuff!

  16. 18) Lowell

    I’ve been looking at the necklaces there for months!

  17. 19) Angel Rajewski

    Pick me, pick me! Adding our third precious addition any day now!

  18. 20) aSprinkling

    I would love to have a necklace like yours!

  19. 21) Ilene

    I love their stuff.

  20. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for ages now. Fingers crossed!

  21. 24) Sarah Davis

    Would love one of these beautiful necklaces in honor of our new addition (to arrive in one month)

  22. 25) Jess

    IF I don’t winner I will be requesting one for Mother’s Day

  23. 26) Kelly K

    love the new necklace!

  24. 27) Gwen

    I’d love to add one of these necklaces to my collection, especially since my family is now complete!

  25. 28) Jenn

    I love simple and sweet jewelry.

  26. 29) Jodi

    So beautiful and simple – Love it!

  27. 30) DarlingKelsey

    Would love to have something made for my mom. We are the dearest of friends and I just moved away from her (Indy to Florida)… This would be a great surprise for her!

  28. 31) Julie

    Love the simplicity. It’s a fresh alternative to colored beads and people charms. So cute!

  29. 32) Felicia

    Oooh! Love all the choices!

  30. 33) Amber

    Ooh…I’ve been wanting a necklace personalized with my daughter’s name. Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. I absolutely love my Choose Joy necklace from The Vintage Pearl, and I would love even MORE to have another one. We’re expecting a daughter in July, and it would be such a sweet keepsake to have a necklace engraved with the names of our son and daughter 🙂

  32. I’ve been wanting some of their stuff! What a great opportunity!

  33. 37) Simona

    Would like to win one … Reallly nice jewelry! ..and with the names of our three little ladies even nicer :)…

  34. 38) Correne

    Oh, I would love to win a necklace with my three kiddo’s names! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Oh my! I know where I’m getting birthday presents for my girlfriends next! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 40) autumn

    I would love to get my mom a personalized mother’s day gift! What a great idea!

  37. 41) alexa

    I love the stamped jewelry and I’ve been wanting to get something with my girls’ names. By the way, Clara is a wonderful name…I have a Clara too and every time you write about your Clara it makes me smile.

  38. 42) Sarah

    Pretty please could I win?! I’ve been covering these for AGES! Thanks for the chance!

  39. 43) Erin Cutshall

    very lovely. what a wonderful gift.

  40. 44) Angie V

    Oh I have wanted one of these for quite some time. What a wonderful giveaway!!

  41. 45) Käthe

    I’m like you- I hardly wear jewelry. But, when I find the perfect one, I wear it often. The Vintage Pearl’s simple, elegant style matches my own! Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  42. 46) Ashley

    I love these! I have just found my newest “must have.”

  43. 47) aprilshowers

    I don’t wear a lot of jewelry either but I like the nice simple lines of these. Beautiful!

  44. 49) rochelle

    Since I didn’t win Mega Millions, this is the next best thing!

  45. 50) Corrie

    Fingers crossed!

  46. Ooh, I’d love a little necklace with my daughters Arden and Hadley on them!

  47. I’d love to get myself a necklace just like that for Mother’s Day (since my hubs can’t take a clue). 🙂

  48. 53) Elizabeth Yost

    Love the necklace! They have some very neat stuff.

  49. Would love to win. Hand stamped jewelry is just my style- simple,pretty, and meaningful. Thanks!

  50. I love their jewelry and would LOVE an excuse to do some shopping! Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. This looks really cute. I am not sure what I would do because I am in the first trimester 🙂

  52. Love the jewelry. Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. So cute! My mama made me one similar…I love that style!

  54. I love your new necklace, and the I’d love a gift certificate–thanks!

  55. 60) Christina

    These are adorable! Did you get Clara’s name added to one you already had, or did you order another? I was trying to figure out how they would have added one… then I realized you probably just got a second necklace.

    Anyway, the jewelry on that site is all SO pretty! Can’t wait to see if I win! 🙂

  56. 61) Sarah O

    love your new necklace Dana!

  57. 62) Natalie

    Ooooh, i would love a necklace like that. Ive been wanting one for a looooong time!

  58. 64) Rachel

    Looks like they have some great options for everyday jewelry. Thanks for the chance to try them out!

  59. 65) Lindsey

    I’d love to gift myself a necklace for Mother’s Day!

  60. 66) louise jones

    I would love one of those beautiful necklaces! Thanks for doing this give away.

  61. Beautiful! I would love to own one with my sweet three!

  62. 69) Mary Ellen

    What a sweet necklace! Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. 70) Katrina

    I was just looking at their sight wishing for a necklace. I’ve been trying to hint to my husband that it would make a great gift:) I hope I win!!!

  64. 71) Lisa

    What beautiful jewelry! Their pieces are so pretty! And all three of your kids are so adorable!

  65. 72) Taryn

    Very lovely necklace! That would make a great mothers day gift….for me 🙂

  66. 73) Emilie Ahern

    Oooooh…I would love to win! I would adorn my necklace with the slightly strange nicknames for my three daughters: Chicken, Fifi & Bonkers.

  67. 74) lisha fine

    I LOVE your necklace. I want one with my kids’ names on it now, too.

  68. I would love to have a necklace just like that…we are done baby-making so I could have it forever and not worry about any additions!! Such cute kids you have there…just gorgeous.

  69. I want to win one with names of my munchkins on

  70. 78) Kellie Santoro

    I just had my second child and would love a necklace with both children’s names!

  71. 79) Amy S

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time! I’d love to win.

  72. 80) Heidi

    I am about to have my second little boy and it would be fun to have a necklace with both my boys’ names on it! These are very sweet.

  73. 81) Renee

    Pefect timing. I gave one of their necklaces to my step daughter when she had her first child. Now the second is due this summer and I need to update hers. Love Vintage Pearl!

  74. 82) Stacie T

    Such a darling necklace!

  75. I love ALL of the designs! I’m also a less is more kind of person. I think my mom might need a grandkids one…

  76. I love these necklaces!! I was planning on getting one after my daughter is born! I love how they aren’t stuffy or hokey like other mothers neclaces… So pretty!

  77. 85) Addie

    I love that jewelry. I would wear these even though I am not a big jewelry wearer. I would love to win the giveaway. Absolutely love the pearl earrings.

  78. 86) Jamie

    I hope I win!

  79. 87) Elizabeth

    The necklaces are awesome! Would love to own one:)

  80. 88) StephM

    I love the You Are My Sunshine necklace! We sing that song a lot around here.

  81. 89) Astrid

    Oh so sweet and simple, I’d love to win one and ad the three names of my sweet girls to it.

  82. 90) Rachel N

    I love your necklace!

  83. 91) tiffany

    What a beautiful necklace!

  84. I would LOVE one of these! I have a 2 year old son, and we are currently waiting for a call from our adoption agency to tell us our second child is on the way! I would love to be able to have a necklace with both of their names- once I know this second one’s! 🙂

  85. I’m crossing my fingers!! I love their jewelry 🙂

  86. 94) Mindy

    Love the Vintage Pearl and your new necklace!

  87. 95) shelley

    i would love to make a customized necklace with all my cat’s names on it 🙂 is that weird? lol

  88. 96) Karen J

    Love the vintage pearl and love your blog. How generous to have such a great give away. Thanks.

  89. 97) Lisa L

    So beautiful!

  90. Your necklace is lovely! I’m not a jewelry person either but would love to wear something like that. Thanks for the chance!

  91. 101) Kelly

    Love The Vintage Pearl! Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  92. 102) Tia

    Just love The Vintage Pearl!

  93. 103) Michelle Wagner

    I’ve been looking at these necklaces for a while, we just had twin girls and I would love to win this!!

  94. So sweet! I would love to have my girls’ names on a necklace. Beautiful work!

  95. 105) Kimberly

    Always wanted one of these they are so lovely, and I love your new one! This would be awesome to win.

  96. 106) Ana

    I love these necklaces! What a great way to have your family with you always!

  97. I love those necklaces! They are so cute! I’d love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. 108) colleen a.

    very lovely! I got a similar one for my mum from TVP for Christmas and I agree about the weight of the necklace…it’s very nice and well-made!

  99. 109) Steph Mabry

    An adorable necklace for an adorable family! Thanks for the chance!

  100. There’s some serious eye candy going on at The Vintage Pearl! I’ve already chosen what I want for Mother’s Day (the aqua stone w/ names). Now I need one of my kids to drop a hint to their dad!:)

  101. love these! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  102. 112) Tina

    I have a new little one too, I would love to pick something out from the shop! Thanks.

  103. 113) Tami

    Those are so pretty! I’d love to win to get my oldest daughter one for her birthday!

  104. 114) Amber King

    I love their necklaces. I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to jewelry too.

  105. 115) Jenn

    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I would love to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with one of their gorgeous pieces. My fingers and toes are crossed!!

  106. 116) Vista

    I love those, so sweet!

  107. 117) Mary Aldrich

    What a lovely shop! I love the simple designs.

  108. 118) kellylynn

    Oh my goodness, yes please. Those are so beautiful. I really need to get mine ordered.

  109. 119) Gail C

    I love the Vintage Pearl! I would love to have one of their necklaces,

  110. I’ve long admired The Vintage Pearl and would love to win!

  111. The jewelry is so gorgeous. I love the simple designs and the ability to customize.

  112. OMG! I want one of these sooo bad to celebrate my babe Chloe 🙂

  113. 123) Mauri

    I have recently been looking at necklaces like these since I’ve got a little one on the way!

  114. 124) Erika

    I love the necklace and I really really love the one for your gorgeous little girl. I my just have to get them for my beautiful girls.

  115. j’adooooooore!!!!!merci de nous donner une chance!! ;-)!! à bientôt!!

  116. 126) Mandy

    thanks for such a delighful giveaway. I’d love to win a necklace with my 2 sweet munchkins’ names!

  117. 127) Laura

    That is such a cute necklace!

  118. I hope they have something that can fit five names!

  119. I have seen these in the back of my magazines for years! When we found our I was pregnant I quickly remember this company as a place I wanted to make a purchase from! 🙂

  120. 130) Mary

    Love all of their stuff! Thanks!

  121. 131) Taradee Thornton

    Please, machine picker, pick me!

  122. 132) katie

    my friend just got one of these for her two boys. i would love to have one!!

  123. 133) Erin Johannes

    I love your necklace and would get one like it and no wI’d be able to add our newborn’s name to it! I’ll definitely be doing some shopping!

  124. Oh it would be so lovely to win as I’ve just had a baby 7 weeks ago and would love some personalized jewellery!

  125. clara could sit right in the middle of lucy’s necklace – like she’s being hugged by all the family at once 🙂
    would love one of these myself!

  126. 136) Marianne Z

    I just added a new addition too! Would love to get a pendant with his initial for my collection.

  127. 137) Mavis

    simple and sweet jewellry. would love to add a necklace or two to my very sparse collection.

  128. 138) angela

    I would love to win one of these! I’ve been coveting one for awhile.:)

  129. We’ve just added a fourth to our family and I would sure love to have some new jewelry to celebrate!

  130. 140) Amanda c

    I love that necklace!

  131. 141) Jenny C

    I have been spending time at the Vintage Pearl hoping for a necklace to celebrate Violet’s arrival making our quad into a family of five, in about 6 weeks. But what I hadn’t thought of was a necklace for my Lucy (my 2 1/2 year old) as a big sister gift. She would positively delight in that!
    I’ll hope for a win, but if not I’m super excited to use the discount next week!
    Double thanks, and again, congratulations on your nest of 5.

  132. Oh, I would love a pretty necklace like that with my kid’s names on it.

  133. 143) Audie

    I love their necklaces!

  134. 144) Judit

    I love The Vintage Pearl and I love how neat your new necklace is. Please please, pick me!!! 🙂

  135. Simple and cute. My mom would love something like this for Mother’s Day with all the grandkids on it. I wouldn’t mind one myself!

  136. 146) Allyson

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this! I’ve been wanting a necklace like your for quite a while

  137. 147) Andrea

    So cute! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  138. Your jewelry collection sounds a lot like mine! I would totally wear this necklace everyday! Simple and meaningful. Hoping to win…

  139. 149) Meredith

    These necklaces are so sweet! I love how simple they are too. My husband asked me what I want for Mother’s Day recently and now I know!!!

  140. 150) Michelle

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting one of these for so long!

  141. 151) amanda

    I’m expecting a new one and would love to update my own momma necklace!

  142. 152) Di

    A beautiful way to celebrate being a family! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  143. 153) Sarah

    I’m not a big jewelry girl either, but a necklace representing my family would be sweet.

  144. 154) Ashton

    How beautiful! =)

  145. 155) Jennifer M

    I love how simple but striking your new necklace is. It’s the silver, I think. A generous circle of shininess! And three precious babies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. 156) Michelle

    I love these necklaces!!! So would like to have one. 🙂

  147. Oooh Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I’m raising my hand really high! Can you see it? I really hope I win this one. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  148. 158) Colette

    I love the simple designs as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. 159) Jenny B.

    They have a ton of great stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. 160) Raelene

    Those are very beautiful necklaces. I hope to get one for my mom. 🙂

  151. 162) Gabi

    I love the vintage pearl I have been patiently waiting for my final child to be born and named so I can finally get one of their necklaces. Great giveaway!!

  152. I’d love to get some shopping done at the Vintage Pearl- I love it!

  153. I love simple jewelry like this. I’m not into bling either, but this stuff is perfect. Excited to see if I win:) Especially with baby #2 arriving in a couple months:)

  154. 165) claudia

    such lovely things! the necklace keeps your dears close to your heart!
    a great giveaway! thanks for thinking of us all!

  155. 166) Lesley

    I absolutely LOVE the Vintage Pearl! I wish I could have one of everything 😉

  156. 167) Meredith

    I would love a beautiful necklace with my 3 little ones names on it!

  157. 168) Lisa in IL

    Beautiful pieces, thanks for offering a giveaway.

  158. 169) Penny

    Love your necklaces!
    Love your blog!
    Love the Vintage Pearl!
    So many choices! What to pick!
    Thanks for the chance to win and if I’m not a winner (but I really hope I am!) the 10% off will be nice, too!
    Have a great day.

  159. 170) Jenny

    love their necklaces – so cute!

  160. 171) Lori

    Love the Vintage Pearl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. 172) Tarin

    Love this as a new mom gift idea and one for myself after baby #5 gets here in July!!

  162. i love their stuff!!! i ordered one for my mom and she loves it and we have a new addition too, it would be great to get her something new 🙂

  163. thanks! this would be such a good mother’s day gift for my mom.

  164. 175) Ariana

    So cute!! I’m not an accessory person either, but I’ll wear a small necklace sometimes to church on Sunday.

  165. 178) Kelli B

    I have always adored this shop. Beautiful jewelry!

  166. 179) Hayley

    They have a gorgeous site, and everything is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. 180) Tabitha

    These are so cute! I may have to bite the bullet and ask my husband to buy me one! I’ll have to come up with the occasion for one first!

  168. 181) Katie C

    The Vintage Pearl’s necklaces are so beautiful. I’m not really a jewelry person either but would really love on with my 3 littles names.

  169. 182) Amy G.

    What a sweet necklace! Looks like a great shop

  170. 183) carla

    I’ve ordered from them before, and will need to update my own necklace before long!

  171. 185) Robin

    Need to add an additional name to our family as well! I LOVE vintage pearl!

  172. Love the Vintage Pearl! Great giveaway!

  173. 187) Anne

    I would love to have one of these when my little one arrives later this year!

  174. 190) Mari Monroe

    LOVE them! I would get the same one you have for our family of 4!

  175. 191) meganleiann

    They’re beautiful! What a great idea to get Lucy one too!

  176. 192) Fiona A

    ohh, they are beautiful. I love the idea of always having my hubby and kids close to my heart (corny I know!)

  177. 193) Emily Wilson

    I love the personalized hand stamped jewelry.

  178. 194) Caitlin

    I love the Vintage Pearl. I have my eye on a pair of earrings from there…

  179. 195) Nandini

    Love the necklace.. would want something like that for my daughter’s b’day.. and mine. My kids and my birthday fall back to back and of course mother’s day follows..
    Would love to win 🙂

    BTW.. long time reader, first time commenter.. Love whatever you do Dana! Wish you good luck in the coming months with your new book 🙂

  180. 196) Holl

    Beautiful necklace! What a sweet way to keep loved ones close to your heart.

  181. 197) Christina Dickey

    Crossing my fingers that you pick me! The Vintage Pearl’s jewelry is a beautiful way to keep the names of those you love close(r) to your heart!

  182. 198) Sarah

    I have one and I think my little girl needs one too! Love it!!

  183. 199) Allison

    I love the name necklaces – I think my mother-in-law would love one for Mother’s Day, too!

  184. 200) Haley

    So sweet! LoVe the simplicity.

  185. Beautiful necklaces! I’ve been wanting one for a very long time!

  186. 202) laurak

    so cute. i think i’d make one for my sister as a mother’s day gift!

  187. 203) Jenn B. in AK

    I adore this shop and would love to pick out something bright and shiny!

  188. 204) Katie J..

    I have been wanting one of these necklaces for a very long time!!!! Your’s are beautiful. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  189. 206) Jennifer K.

    I LOVE those necklaces!!

  190. 207) Mindy

    Beautiful necklace!

  191. count me in! thanks for hosting such a fun give away!!

  192. 209) Katrina W.

    Lovely necklace. Such a nice way to celebrate your children. I’d love one of my own!

  193. That’s a perfect necklace! I’d love to have one with my new addition too!

  194. Congrats on your new addition!
    I love the Vintage Pearl website. I am expecting my second baby in July and would LOVE to have a family necklace!
    Crossing my fingers for this one!

  195. 212) Sarah F

    I love this store! Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. 213) Bianca

    Absolutely beautiful! Love them 🙂

  197. 214) Nicole B

    Ive been wanting one of these! Thanks!!

  198. 215) Melissa

    This would be awesome….we’re adding a new addition to our family too!

  199. 216) MelissaT

    Wow. I would love to have a necklace with my children’s names. I have a new baby girl to add!

  200. 217) Jackie


  201. 218) Tereza Peercy

    Pick me! I’ve been wanting a necklace from Vintage Pearl for a long time!!

  202. I love my necklace, I need to add an E for my baby girl!

  203. 220) Laura Thompson

    What a great idea! I would love to have one with my little guy’s name on it! 🙂

  204. 221) Eliza

    What perfectly lovely jewelry, Silver is such a wonderful medium, isn’t it. Thank you for the chance to win!! And happy Easter! 🙂

  205. 222) LeAnn

    I’d love to get a neckalce for my mother-in-law with all the names of her daughters-in-law (she had five boys). We all love her like our own mothers. <3

  206. 223) Karen

    I’ve long looked at the items at the Vintage Pearl, but never ordered.

  207. 225) Kimberly

    I love this store. Such beautiful things.

  208. 226) Alison

    I love the vintage pearl. There’s no way I’m going to win at all but I’m throwing my hat in ring all the same because I love their stuff.

  209. 227) Jessica

    I just love hand stamped jewelry! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  210. 228) Katie

    wow, that is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I just had my third baby and would love an updated necklace with all three of my children’s names on it! love it!

  211. 230) Sara

    I’d love one of the necklaces with the bitty charms!

  212. 231) ange

    Love them so much. My favorite is the simple circle!!

  213. 232) felicia

    I have always loved their jewelry and would love to have a piece!

  214. These necklace is just amazing! And… I love your blog!

  215. 235) Carolyn


  216. I love every piece from The Vintage Pearl, but your necklace is just FABULOUS!! What a great giveaway!

  217. 237) Angela

    How great it would be to win this! I’ve been wanting this necklace & the give away is on my sons 2 mth birthday. Thanks

  218. 238) Greta Bullock

    Love it! Your family is so sweet!

  219. 239) Maddie

    Oh, I would LOVE one of these! There are six people in my family though…i don’t know how they would squish all of the names in! OH i just had an inspiration!! I could get one for my mom on Mother’s Day! I might Have to do that….

  220. 240) tiffany

    i love your necklace. I’m not much of a jewelry person either but I love the one that you have.

  221. 241) Jen H

    Lovely! Simple and classy… Love the idea as a gift to my daughters…

  222. 242) Marci Girl

    Always such lovely photography. You kids are too cute!

  223. 243) Amy

    I love my Vintage Pearl necklace!

  224. 244) Melissa Moore

    Love it!! Their stuff is beautiful!

  225. 245) Jessica h

    This store has such beautiful items?

  226. 246) Jenna

    I’ve been crushing on the Vintage Pearl for a while now. Would love to win!
    Like you, I wear the same earrings and necklace nearly every day. Would love to add something personal and new to change things up a bit!

  227. 247) Jen

    Love these necklaces! It’s simple yet fun.

  228. 248) Patti

    Oh how I would love to win one of these! Yours is so pretty & simple Dana and its classy too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  229. 249) Heather S

    I would love to win!

  230. 250) Jenn G.

    I have always wanted one of these necklaces with my three boys’ names! 🙂

  231. 251) Amy

    Yah! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  232. 252) Emma

    I love the Vintage Pearl but have never bought anything yet. I would love love love this gift card! Thank you Dana!

  233. 253) Whitney Davis

    I keep meaning to get a necklace from vintage pearl, in fact I for a year I have had my eye on the one you just got! But I know I’m going to have one more baby. I guess I could just get it now then add the last name later!

  234. Beautiful necklace, I would love to win and get one for myself!

  235. 255) Jeanette

    I have some mother’s day shopping to do!

  236. Thanks for doing this give away!

  237. 258) Melinda in NC

    I have been wanting to get one of these. I would love to have something to show off my kids!

  238. 259) Tiffany Blase

    Thank you so much for sharing this site! They are perfect gifts for anyone!

  239. 260) Aimee

    I need to update my necklace too.

  240. 261) Jenny E.

    I would love to win this! I love your style.

  241. 262) Alexandra

    I live this website, I have sent my husband many emails with links to different necklaces that I wanted for our anniversary (it was last weekend and I didn’t get a single necklace because he didn’t know what I wanted).

  242. I love the simplicity of their designs. Like you, I have what I refer to as my “uniform” jewelry that I wear every day. This would be the perfect addition!

  243. 264) bekah

    I love Vintage Pearl! I think I would get it for my sister who’s due with baby #1 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    madame.kent at yahoo dot com

  244. 265) Mairin

    love Vintage Pearl and Made! Thanks for this opportunity!

  245. 266) Suzan

    Their jewelry is beautiful!

  246. 267) Julie R

    What beautiful jewelry! I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, but these are so simple and elegant that I would wear anything made by them!

  247. 268) Jenny

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    jmojmo24 [at] gmail [dot] com

  248. 269) Jen Morrison

    I really love your blog. I check back often just to see if there is anything new~

  249. 270) kimberly

    I have always wanted a vintage pearl necklace… so simple and so beautiful. Maybe this will be my lucky break!

  250. 271) AubreyB

    I would love one of the heart ones!

  251. 272) Heather

    So gorgeous!

  252. 273) Melinda

    I wear very understated jewelry as well…this would be perfect!

  253. 274) Alexandra

    I love yours necklace…so sweet!!!
    The Vintage Pearl have beautiful things!!!
    I would love to win something from them!!!

  254. 275) Carrie Kohlbrenner

    love. love. love. i would love to wear any one of these pieces. better yet my newly pregnant sister would adore one of these!!!

  255. 276) Holly

    so sweet … i love the vintage pearl!

  256. 277) Melody

    I LOVE these designs as well. Nice and simple and elegant as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win. : )

  257. 278) Cathy B.

    What a great Mother’s Day gift idea!

  258. 279) Sara

    Love the necklace idea!!

  259. 280) rheanna

    Simple, yet beautiful…love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. 281) Ashley

    I love The Vintage Pearl!

  261. 282) Holly

    I SOOOO have been wanting to try The Vintage Pearl out!

  262. 283) Leslie

    I love personalized jewelry. Winning would be so much fun!

  263. 284) robin

    I have given these as gifts but never had one for me. Now that my family is complete… I can order one for myself. I love the heart version for your daughter. So cute.

  264. Awww… Love your necklace! I would love something from this shop!

  265. 286) Cathy

    LOVE this jewelry!! I’m not a big jewelry wearer either but this is something simple that would go with anything! Plus to have all 4 of my babies names on a necklace would be great!

  266. 287) Kristen

    I love my vintage pearl necklace but it will need updated as well with a baby on the way!

  267. 288) Leah k

    I would love to win, I have wanted one of these necklaces for years now… since my oldest was born… I have been holding off since we have been trying to have a third little one and I didn’t want to leave that one out. It has been over a year now with trying and I am thinking that it may just be time to go on and get one, and then update when we finally get lucky. Thanks for the give away!

  268. 289) Anne M.

    Oo, la, la!

  269. 290) Tascha

    I would love to win. I ADORE the necklaces!!!

  270. 291) the.mrs

    oh señor randomdotcom… please pick me. these necklaces are just WAY TOO CUTE!

  271. 292) Kelly B.

    One of these would be a perfect gift to myself for my birthday!

  272. 293) Brittany

    Love the necklace! Hope to get one myself 🙂

  273. 294) Sarah B

    Love it! I’m planning to get a similar necklace but I’m waiting for baby #3 to arrive in June. Great idea to get one for your daughter too…I may do that! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  274. I’ve coveted one of these necklaces for so long! I might need to give my husband a not-so-subtle hint about it for mother’s day!

  275. 296) Brenna

    So cute!

  276. 297) Lucy

    What a special necklace yours is. I would love to do that with my sweet baby on it. Thanks for this giveaway!

  277. 298) Libby

    Ooooolalaaaaaaa I’ve wanted one of these necklaces for ages – beautiful!!!

  278. Oh, I love the Vintage Pearl! They have such beautiful things.

  279. 301) Kristin

    Thank you so much for another awesome giveaway. This is perfect for me since our little family is now complete after the recent arrival of our little girl!

  280. 302) Megan

    Those are so cute! I would LOVE to win.

  281. 303) laurie

    super cute! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  282. I’ve wanted (and hinted at countless birthdays) one of these necklaces for a long time. I’d LOVE to win this!!!

  283. 305) Pam

    Wow! how cute! Will definitely have to check this site out…:)

  284. I love the vintage pearl! I especially love her birthstone rings!

  285. 307) Jenni

    Love TVP! Thanks for the chance to win something.

  286. 308) Angela

    I don’t wear a lot of jewelry right now, tough with little kids. My friend gave me a similar necklace for my birthday a couple months back that has the names of my kids and my husband. It was the sweetest gift ever and I even teared up at how thoughtful she was. I wear it all the time and love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

    acnhansen at yahoo dot com

  287. 309) Brooke D

    I love your site! I’m a sewing newbie but I’m going to attempt the beach robe this weekend! I’ve already told my mom to be on stand by in case I need help!!!

  288. 310) Megan

    Would love to have something thing like this so I could wear my five kiddos names close to my heart (and squeeze my hubby in there too)! Fun.

  289. I got a Vintage Pearl necklace for my mother-in-law for Christmas, but I think it’s high time I got one for myself!!

  290. 312) Marijke

    so lovely and sweet, just right for me!

  291. 313) Shannon

    Beautiful jewelry!
    I love the heart that Lucy has. I think it would look splendid with my kiddo’s names on it: Finnley, Scout and Wilder. What do you think?

  292. 314) Sara

    Um… yes PLEEEEASE! Love her products! We just recently added an “Oliver” to our crew, and I would love a mommy necklace! Thanks Dana! – Sara 🙂

  293. 315) Tari

    Such a great gift idea!

  294. I love the Vintage Pearl. My birthday is next week. It’d be perfect timing to get myself a necklace with my kiddos names on it. Thanks!

  295. 317) Margaret

    I love the simplicity of the designs, so my style

  296. 318) Angie Fowle

    I have a necklace from Vintage Pearl and it gets worn almost everyday! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I would love to have the opportunity to have another item from them.

  297. 319) Sara

    First one: sorry for my bad english!
    I like your site!!!
    My compliments for your creations and mainly for your children!

  298. 320) Jessica

    I need this, as I have a new one arriving, too!

  299. 321) Jennifer Batchelor

    I’ve been looking at necklaces like these on Pottery Barn Kids, but these are way cuter!

  300. 322) MissRissa

    How fun! You can wear their names close to your heart!

  301. 323) Samantha

    Wow – all that jewelry looks amazing! I would LOVE to win a gift certificate to get my own collection of Vintage Pearl gear!

  302. 324) Tammy

    I love everything from Vintage Pearl! What a great giveaway!

  303. Sooooo pretty! I’ve been wanting a “mommy” necklace for a while now. : )

  304. 326) Elizabeth

    I heart everything in the shop! Gorgeous!

  305. 327) melissa

    yes please! i LOVE that shop and covet those trinkets!

  306. 328) Ruth

    what a fun giveaway! pick me, oh pick me! 🙂

  307. 329) Megs

    These are so cool!

  308. 330) Jaime

    I love these necklaces, would love one with my 5 kiddos names! 🙂

  309. 331) Ashley W.

    I’m expecting baby #2 and would love a little something with my kiddos’ names on it!

  310. 332) Taylor

    They have the cutest jewelry! By the way I love your blog I found it a month or so ago and I love the sewing tutorials 🙂

  311. 333) Angie

    LOVE those necklaces! I want one of my own now!

  312. I would love to win! I’ve always wanted a necklace with my family’s names on it. Thanks for the giveaway!!! If I don’t win I’ll have to give a little hint to my hubby for Mother’s day. 😉

  313. 335) Dolores McCune

    Please let it be me!!! I would love to have one of these necklaces. Like you, no jewelry but would love a classy piece.

  314. 336) Key

    Beautiful. My necklace will need an update this August too! Thanks for hosting the give away!

  315. 337) Rosalee

    I’d love to win a gift certificate! The vintage pearl has so many darling items!

  316. 339) Kristie

    I would love to win this so I can give it to my mom. My brother died last week in an accident, and this would be a perfect gift, a way to remember him. If only you could put 8 kids names on a necklace….

  317. 340) Amy

    I love VP, My most favorite necklace is from there, with each of my kids initials. It is such good quality….I have a whole list of items to buy…the GC would be GREAT!!

  318. 342) Erica

    Lovely necklace! I’ve been meaning to update mine since #2 was born – a year ago tomorrow!!

  319. 343) Katie

    They look beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  320. 344) Patty

    LOVE the sweet and simple necklace. What a lovely way to carry your children around with you.

  321. I have purchased from the vintage pearl before and I love them.

  322. 346) Emily

    Would love to win!

  323. 347) Deanna

    oh, my!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love their stuff…what a fun and generous giveaway! Thanks, Dana!


  324. 348) Pamela

    Love your new necklace. Lucy’s is adorable as well 🙂 yay for giveaways!!

  325. i like that the names are close to your heart 🙂

  326. 350) shantel

    I am so going to ask for one of these necklaces for mothers day!!!!

  327. 351) Tiffany

    Love the necklaces! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  328. 352) Amy F.

    I adore the Vintage Pearl and have always coveted their jewelry. Thanks for the opportunity!

  329. 353) Kelly K.

    Such a lovely shop. I am in need of a necklace like this now that our next baby is on the way.

  330. 354) Shelly

    Gorgeous! We have a new addition too, so I’d love a necklace with the kiddos’ names!

  331. 355) Kathleen

    Simple beauty–exactly captures the sweet mornings with spouse and children.

  332. I would love one..thank you so much!

  333. 357) Natalie

    I love Vintage Pearl jewelry! So sweet and simple.

  334. 358) Nancy

    Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

  335. 359) Katie Yuhnke

    Oooooh! I would love to get my husband those cuff links with our children’s initials for Father’s Day 🙂

  336. 360) Alicia Osborn

    YAY! One for me…or one for my mom??? Maybe both!

  337. 361) Kristyn

    VP is wonderful! I would love to add one of their necklaces to my collection.

  338. 362) christina

    These necklaces are beautiful! My mom and I got my grandma one for her birthday a few years back and she loves it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  339. I got one just before my twins were born and I just love it!! I always get compliments on it, and it is my go-to wedding gift! So unique.

  340. So cute. I love that you always have a reminder of your kids with you.

  341. That is one sweet necklace! I’ve given my two nieces similar necklaces. One will probably need an update in the future. But, they’re loving their necklaces.

  342. 366) Cara

    I love the simple circle with birthstones

  343. 367) Heather

    I love their jewelry and would find it all too easy to spend $50 there!

  344. Dana, your website is just too cute, but not as cute as those 3 adorable kids of yours!

  345. 369) Maura

    How lovely! Since I am not much for jewelry either, this is just what I need: a statement necklace that goes with everything and has meaning to me.

  346. 370) Audi

    yes…agree to all the above!! These are just so cute. Would love to get one…one day very soon!

  347. 371) Jessica

    Oh please! I’m not a jewelry person either, but love her stuff.

  348. 372) Jaime

    Love all of it so much. I would be difficult to choose :).

  349. 373) Shaina

    They do beautiful work! I’d love to get a neckalce..but could all five of my kids’ names fit??

  350. 374) Breanne

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that jewelry. I too don’t wear jewelry that often, you find with little kids they pull too much. But I would be in heaven if I could wear my childrens names around my neck! Congrats on the new baby 🙂

  351. ohhhh Vintage Pearl jewelry is so beautiful! I would get something for my Mom and something for me 🙂

  352. 376) Meghan Dodge

    I love these! I can’t wait for my new little one to join us so I can order one.

  353. 377) Laura

    What a lovely idea! Really great necklace, beautifully crafted. Thanks for sharing!

  354. 378) Joy

    So pretty… I have been looking at the circle of love for a long time!

  355. 379) Kellee Reilly

    I love V.P. i’d have a hard time narrowing down what I would get!

  356. 380) Jasmina

    So cute, I would like one with my daughters name on it :). tnx

  357. 381) Kimberly F

    I love Vintage Pearl! Thanks for the giveaway.

  358. 382) Amanda D

    LOVE THIS! I’m always on the lookout for beautiful jewelry that I can get with my kid’s names, and this is the nicest site I’ve seen! So tastefully done. Hoping I win!! 🙂

  359. Love it! Beautiful jewelry all around, I would love to have something for myself for mother’s day.

  360. 384) Joanna

    Lovely necklaces! I have three little names to put on one, but a necklace like Lucy’s for my Katie would be adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  361. 385) Cecily

    I’m obsessed with vintage pearl! Everything they make is gorgeous!

  362. 386) Christy Wyatt

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I’m expecting my first child in May and I just HAVE to get one of these. Hopefully if I don’t win, I’ve dropped enough hints for my husband 🙂

  363. 387) Gloria Cardenas

    Too cute!

  364. 388) Michelle Price

    I’ve wanted one of these for a while now-they are beautiful!

  365. I love this shop! It would be wonderful to win a gift certificate for here.

  366. 390) Janie

    These necklaces really are so simply beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.

  367. 391) Sarah W

    I love the Vintage Pearl! I’m waiting to have my 3rd baby and then I’m hoping to order a necklace myself!

  368. 392) Samantha Spaulding

    so sweet! Love it!

  369. 393) Hannah Moses

    i love the simplicity of them all….gorgeous!!

  370. Oh so cute! I love that it is simple but striking. Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us.

  371. Oh I’m fairly sure I’m never going to win, but I’d LOVE a GC to The Vintage Pearl . . . I’ve always loved her stuff! 🙂

  372. 396) Heather

    such a sweet necklace 🙂

  373. 397) Alyssa

    These necklaces are perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day. Great ideas.

  374. 398) Lisa Hathaway

    Ooh, I love these! I wasn’t sure about it because what if you have more kids? But I love that you can add to it!

  375. 399) Chantal

    that is lovely!

  376. So excited for this giveaway! I would LOVE to have one of these necklaces with my son’s name on it!

    Michelle Kroll Design

  377. 401) Jenny

    Great choice for a necklace. I am a simple girl too and I love that you gave Lucy a “family” necklace too!

  378. Always loved The Vintage Pearl! Beautiful new necklace you got 😉

  379. 403) amelia


  380. 404) Maddie

    Oh I would love to win. I am pregnant with my first (due in September) and want to get a necklace for my tiny nugget.

  381. 405) Kimiko

    I love these necklaces, but I never thought of giving one to one of my kids. I love that idea!!

  382. 406) Ellie

    Ohhh. I love that shop!

  383. 407) Carrie

    Please oh please! I’ve always wanted to own a piece of The Vintage Pearl jewelry. I’ve tried to drop hints to my husband and even flat out told him that I wanted a necklace from there…to no avail!

  384. 408) Emily

    love this. I would totally go for the clean and simple circle like you did!

  385. 409) Amber

    This is an awesome giveaway!! How great it would be to win this and have a necklace with my sweet girls name on it:)

  386. Love Love Love their stuff! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  387. 411) Amanda

    What lovely necklaces! How sweet that Lucy has one too! What a great idea!!

  388. 412) Allison

    I really like the Heart. I would wear it all the time with my daughters name on it!

  389. 413) Victoria Conley

    I so enjoy your blog and all the creative things you do! I have returned to sewing after a long hiatus and have made several of your projects using tutorials or patterns. Thanks for lighting a fire under me, because I truly do love to sew. Love the jewlery from Vintage Pearl!

  390. 414) Megan

    Ooh love your necklace!

  391. 415) Heather L

    Gorgeous stuff!

  392. 416) Beth A.

    I love the Vintage Pearl’s stuff!

  393. 417) Lori B

    I’ve always wanted one of these!!

  394. 419) Kat C

    I have been hinting to the hubs for one of these since you wrote about Miss Lucy’s but with another baby in belly, we may just have to wait another 178 days 🙂

  395. 420) Erika B

    Oh I want in on this. I love their stuff! So simple yet so sweet!

  396. 421) Alexandra Anderson

    That is such a great necklace. I have a feeling you will be “squishing Clara in” to lots of things in your life, in a very good way:)

  397. I have the exact same problem…and instead of fixing it, simply stopped wearing my favorite necklace a year ago 🙁 Kudos to you for being on the ball!

  398. I really like the simplicity of their jewelry. I am not a big jewelry wearer either
    but I think anything from The Vintage Pearl would suit my taste just fine!!
    Love your necklace………need to do something like this for my little man.
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  399. 424) kalise

    The necklace is so lovely and simple. I would love to wear my boys names close to my heart!

  400. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been eyeing those necklaces for a while now. They’re so simple and pretty.

    • 426) Pam Wagner

      Such a sweet necklace! Will have to spend some time at the site and find something for me. My daughter-in-law is expecting and one of these would make an excellent gift for the new momma.

  401. 427) Bethany

    Lucy’s necklace is adorable!

  402. 428) Jen

    Free awesome necklace? Yes, please! Thanks for the greatness that is your blog :o)

  403. I love your children’s names! My sister’s name is Lucy Clara. So beautiful!
    The necklace is beautiful too. 🙂

  404. 431) Tyree

    Would love to win it would be fun to make something honoring our about to be new addition 🙂

  405. I was just introduced to this shop, and I thought the necklaces were so adorable. Glad to hear they are quality too!!!

  406. I would love one!!! I’ve considered buying the equipment to make these myself, I think they make wonderful personalized gifts, and once you have the equip, they’re cheap to make, and oh so stylin’! 🙂

  407. 434) Sarah K.

    So sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  408. 435) Tonya

    I’d love to get my girls necklaces like the one you got Lucy!

  409. 436) Cathy

    I have a necklace with my kids names on it that I love, but it is worn out. I also have a bracelet, but it’s really pretty chunky and clunky since adding a third name to it. These look great–nice and simple and not to big! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  410. 437) Clothilde

    So beautiful ! And what a great giveaway!

  411. 438) Rachelle

    Oh my I love their stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mikechelley at hotmail dot com

  412. 439) Stephanie Torres

    I have two darling girls I’d love to keep around my neck:) …. Not that they’re not usually hanging there!!

  413. 440) Natalie Stringam

    I’m due in a month and would love to start my necklace! Please!

  414. 441) Pam Wagner

    So sweet! Would make a fantastic gift for my daughter-in-law when she becomes a new mom.

  415. I love simple silver jewelry! I had my third (and probably last) baby a year ago and I have been hoping to get something simple with their names on it.

  416. 443) kristel

    Love these! I don’t wear necklaces much either: I’m an earring girl, but having one with my babies’ names on it would definitely make me wear it!

  417. I have a necklace from the Vintage Pearl and I really love it. I would love to get something for my daughter. Their pieces are beautiful!

  418. 445) Lisa Ferguson

    I love the simple design of your necklace. Very classic and versatile.

  419. 446) Jamie

    Lovely giveaway! And with baby #4 coming next month, just in time!

  420. I just had my 2nd baby boy, so would love a mother’s necklace. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  421. 448) Amy

    I love this jewelry! I’m due with my second baby in two weeks, and would love to have a sweet little piece with both of their names on it.

  422. 449) Alyse

    I love the classic and simple look of Vintage Pearl. Love it!

  423. 450) Katie

    I would love to have a necklace like that and one for my mother-in-law. They are wonderful!

  424. 451) Candace Workman

    I love The Vintage Pearl!

  425. 452) Anne

    a very nice way to have your loved ones always with you!

  426. I love Lucy’s little heart necklace! What a lovely idea for Mother’s Day. Both my mom AND I may need one of these…

  427. 454) Jessie Date

    What beautiful pieces!

  428. 455) Hannah Smith

    I would love one! So precious!

  429. 456) Vicky

    I’m not much of a jewelry person either, but my husband likes to buy it for me. Simply jewelry like this is my kind of style.

  430. 457) April

    checked out the store website and I love how simple yet beautiful the jewelry is. I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity to do so. : )

  431. 458) Maria

    I’m not a jewelry person either, but would love this kind of necklace!

  432. 459) Kristina

    What a darling family you have!

    I had my first child last summer and have been trying to find a necklace to “have her with me” while I am at work(besides a picture on my desk); something like this would be PERFECT!

  433. 460) Urban Cowgirl

    Love the simplicity of the necklace! Perfect for everyday wear.

  434. 461) Yvonne

    Oh how I love The Vintage Pearl! I have daydreamed through their website for months and months…thank you for the opportunity to actually buy something! 🙂

  435. 462) Ariel

    I’d love to have a heart necklace like Lucy!

  436. 463) Brenna

    Gorgeous! I love innovative mom jewelry!

  437. 464) Katherine

    Their jewelry looks so beautiful!

  438. I sure would like to have a mom’s necklace!

  439. I don’t have any children of my own yet, but this would make a perfect gift for my sister-in-law!

  440. 469) Sara Hansen

    I would love one of these necklaces!

  441. 470) Amy

    I’ve been looking for a necklace like this. These are darling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  442. 471) Tayla Hansen

    We are just starting our little family, baby number one due next week! I would love to get a necklace with my little guy’s name on it!

  443. 472) Meredith Barr

    Hi! I’m Saunja’s friend from Elementary school. Love your blog! The necklace is beautiful too! Congratulations on your precious family!

    Meredith (Fogleman) Barr

  444. 473) Kelly

    I would absolutely love one of these!
    kwoods13 (at) gmail (dot) com

  445. 474) Collette

    They have such pretty stuff!

  446. ooh, i would love one of those necklaces. thaNks for the opportunity.

  447. I’m with you on the jewelry thing and I have been wanting one of these! I’m sure I won’t win so I’ll just have to go over and use the discount!

    P.S. I can’t figure out how your boyfriend Ts fit so well in your pictures. I love mine, but I always have to wear a cami because they’re too low!

  448. oh that sounds wonderful! id love to browse and actually be able to buy!

  449. I LOVE this! I will be putting stuff from this shop on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

  450. who doesn’t love giveaways? & this necklace would be perfect to celebrate our upcoming adoption. thanks for the opportunity dana!

  451. I’ve been wanting one of these since before my sweet Evelyn was even born 8 months ago!

  452. 481) Cathy

    I love the Vintage Pearl jewelry

  453. 482) amira

    Simplicity is my thing—this totally fits the bill!


  454. 483) laura

    So fun! Thanks for the chance!

  455. 484) Sierra J.

    I love the simplicity and beauty of their necklaces. Just my style. I hope to win!

  456. 485) Sommer Eberly

    “Each day we make deposits in the memory banks of our children!” A quote I read today — so TRUE! I LOVE how you incorporate your children in the crafts and projects that you do. Keep being a WONDERFUL mama!

  457. 486) Jane

    What pretty necklaces!

  458. 487) Felicia Mathis

    This is so exciting! I love the idea of having personalized jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway. Oh and your kiddos are adorable!

  459. 488) Brenda

    You have such fun giveaways, thanks for the chance!

  460. 489) Wendy P

    the necklaces are so cute!

  461. Love it!!! I have already a ring with 3 stones in it (3 kids), but this is totally me!

  462. 492) Emily

    Your babies are ADORABLE!! And my mom would LOVE one of those necklaces for Mother’s Day!!

  463. 493) Heidi V

    Beautiful necklaces!!

  464. 494) Hanne

    That’s the cutest thing ever!

  465. 495) brooke

    OOOOhhhhh – I would love one of these. I just had a baby in February too and would love to incorporate her and her brother on a necklace. How sweet is that? Thanks for contest.

  466. 496) Karen Bing

    I have beening eyeing vintage pearl for myself now that I have my little daughter> I’ve bought from them before for other friends… but it’s my turn now!! Can’t wait to get something some day with my daughters name!! Your new necklace is beautiful!!

  467. 497) lisa coetzee

    so beautiful!

  468. 498) Cheyenne

    I love the idea of the family necklace for Lucy! Good idea for my own daughter!

  469. 499) Pamela

    I just had my fourth…two boys and two girls now – and we have a Lucy too 🙂
    I’d love a necklace with their sweet names on it!

  470. I love your necklace, very beautiful!

  471. 501) Brooke

    Fun times. I love their stuff…so pretty and classic

  472. 502) ashton

    i would love to have one of these made with my little boy’s name 🙂

  473. 503) Abbie

    Love the Vintage Pearl…I always swoon over their necklaces – just need to get on it and finally order one!

  474. 504) Lisa

    Love this!!!! Yes please! Thanks for the giveaway!

  475. 506) Melinda

    I’m expecting my second and would love to get an “updated” necklace too!

  476. 507) Jenny Mom

    I bought my daughter a vp heart necklace with her name on it and her birthstone for her first birthday. It’s so cute. I want one now!!

  477. 508) Lisa

    I wouldn’t have thought of myself as a sentimental person, but now that I’m a new mom, the idea of carrying a token of my daughter next to my heart has real appeal….

  478. I always love your style Dana. Clean and Sophisticated. I have two little sweeties under two whose sweet names I love to wrap around my neck, since they have us wrapped around their fingers!

  479. 510) Casey Ortega

    I want a necklace with my 5 kids names on it:o)

  480. 511) Ashley

    Love this shop!

  481. 512) Carol

    …also a jewlery minimilist, which is why I LOVE her work!!! Beautiful!!……..c.

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    Love, Love, Love this shop – Hope I win!!!

  484. I have the same problem with jewelry. It does get in the way, especially when you play an instrument like the violin.
    I love reading your blog. Thanks for the colour, the fun and the positive energy.
    I enjoy it!

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  500. 531) Niki

    I got one with my first child and love it! Now I’m pregnant and ready for an update 🙂

  501. 532) Amie

    Oh Dana, wouldn’t I just love to shop for a necklace! I love your sweet family and seeing cute new baby pictures! Because, oh, they grow so fast!! I want to know HOW your figure looks like you’ve never had any babies, though! What gives? 🙂 Do tell . . .

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  503. 534) Natalya

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    Maybe i’ll be lucky 🙂

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    I looked on the site and couldn’t find yours. I must have missed it, I just love the simplicity of yours. 🙂

    I have a 10 week old and need to update mine. 🙂

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    I loved this site when I first saw your post, and love it even more now!

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  528. 560) marian

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  529. 561) Ana

    Love!! First discovered the Vintage Pearl from your blog. Loved it then and love it still. Was waiting on baby #2 to arrive. Perfect timing!! Fingers crossed. 🙂

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    All the Best…

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  553. Hey I don’t think I commented on your “other baby” post, but congratulations! I love Lucy’s necklace, maybe you could give that one to Clara and make one with Clara’s name for Lucy? Just a thought. Like it’s Clara’s heart to love those other family members, and Lucy’s to love her mom, dad, sis and bro. 🙂

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    richardfamily06 (at)

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    and thanks for the giveaway!

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    also very excited for your new book!! 🙂

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  610. Your family is so sweet! Thanks for sharing with us.

  611. 649) Dana

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  612. I’m like you….just my favorite earrings and wedding ring, and every once in awhile, a beautiful necklace:) One of these would be perfect!

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    and could your kids get any cuter? Too stinkin’ adorable!

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  629. 668) Tammy

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  630. 669) Emily

    I LOVE my vintage pearl necklace! I wear mine almost everyday. I have a charm for each child and with the birth of my newest just a few days before your precious Clara, I got to add my fourth charm. I am thinking my husband needs a key chain for Father’s Day.

  631. 671) Ann S.

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    Such a pretty necklace. It would be a nice surprise for my hubby when I wear it on our anniversary this month! I would put the names of the three importmant men in my life, God, my hubby and our son’s name. 🙂 I hope I get this freebie…

  637. 677) Heather

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  638. 678) Jessica

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  639. 679) Mandy

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  640. 680) Meredith M

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  641. 681) Anne

    Well Dana, I own the very same turquoise boyfriend tee as you… So how about the same necklace?! I would love this 🙂
    Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  642. 682) bleu

    Love it. wklouie@live(dot)com

  643. 683) Marie

    I am brand new to the MADE site and I am loving it! Thanks for all the inspiration to get my creative juices flowing!

  644. 684) Anne Leigh

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  645. Such a great idea to get one for Lucy! If I won, I’d get a similar one for my daughter. Love your new necklace!

  646. I absolutely love these. Thanks for sharing.

  647. 687) Lori

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  652. 693) Bernadette

    This is one of the best “mommy” necklaces I”ve seen 😀 I wonder if I can squeeze all four of my kid’s names on there?

  653. 694) Laura

    Stumbled upon your site through pinterest. I decided my new hobby would be sewing… my first project… your pattern for flat front pants. Thank you for making sewing seem seamless!! 🙂 I can’t wait to get started!!

  654. 695) Lisa

    Man my son is 19 months old and I still don’t have anything with his name on it. This must be remedied quickly!

  655. 696) Cathy V

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  656. 697) Samantha H.

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    So I’m in!

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  662. 703) Leigh-Ann

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  663. I think everybody needs a necklace like yours! I have a similar one, but my sister is about to have a baby boy any day and she’d surely need an updated one. 🙂

  664. Such a pretty necklace! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  665. The Vintage Pearl has the most darling offerings.
    Your necklace is beautiful in its simplicity.

  666. 707) katie vos

    For Christmas my sister got me one as we are all done with our family and it has all of our kids on them all six. i love it and i love to show it off . they are so nice and not heavy at all. i ofcourse love my sister more then the neckles but she always thinks of special things. love you cheryl.

  667. 708) Crystal Marx

    I recently lost a similar piece, I’d love to replace it!!!

  668. Oh, I love the Vintage Pearl and would love to get a necklace from them. I am with you about the whole minimum jewelry thing, though I do have my funky jewelry days here and there.

  669. 710) Kimberly

    Great giveaway! They have such great jewelry!

  670. 711) Chrystal

    This would be so great to win! I had a necklace like this made last summer by a vendor at a local craft fair, but the quality was pretty poor, I don’t even like to wear it : (

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  671. I would love one of these – could they fit my six kids’ names on them? Thanks for the giveaway!

  672. 713) Raechal

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  673. 714) Kristi

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  674. 715) Paige

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  675. I LOVE that your daughter has one with the whole family on it (minus clara for the moment) – too too sweet.

  676. 717) Sarah B.

    Such a wonderful shop with beautiful jewelry. I don’t wear much jewelry, either, but the simplicity of these pieces would suit me wonderfully!

  677. I love The Vintage Pearl! I’ve been coveting a couple of their pieces for quite a while. I would love to get my mom something special for Mother’s Day 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!
    PS – I simply adore your blog.

  678. 719) Whitney

    I will be having the same predicament as you very soon. I’m expecting baby #2 and my current favorite necklace sports the name of just baby #1. Your new Neclace is georgous and I would love the chance to get something new and special for my growin family.

  679. 720) Robin G

    Love the necklace!!! 🙂

  680. Oh, I’d love to win! I got my first necklace (i hope for more) for mother’s day last year and I would love to get my hubby the dogtags for father’s day this year. Fingers crossed!:)

  681. fun and simple. nice necklace 🙂

  682. 723) Karla Ziegler

    Love the designs, I’m currently expecting again and would love one with the new baby included 🙂

  683. 724) Nikki

    Love the jewelry, I have 8 kiddos and think a new necklace would be a perfect pick-me-up!

  684. 725) Becky

    I love the beautiful simplicity!

  685. 726) chris

    Love their jewelry. I think it makes great gifts for kids, too!

  686. 727) Barbarah

    Wow, that necklace is adorable. Just checked out the website, already ordered a fathersday present for my hubby! (btw, the discount code didn’t work 🙁 )
    I love these! As soon as we give the present to the hubs, I’m ordering a necklace for me too!
    just love love looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!!!
    thx for the giveaway!

  687. 728) carrie

    LOVE the name…. my daughter’s name is Pearl. Ahhhhh.

  688. 729) Eileen

    I’ve been drooling over these ever since my third (and final!) was born – thanks for the chance to win!

  689. 730) Zenobia

    We just added a member to our family, and I have been hinting that this sort of necklace would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. And with a gift certificate my husband will really have it easy this year! Thanks!

  690. Perfect! We just added a tiny princess to our family as well, and this is exactly what I told the hubby I want for Mother’s Day!

  691. 732) Jessica

    I have ALWAYS wanted to get one of these necklaces for my mother and mother in law! What a sweet way to wear your love for your children, 🙂 Love love love it.

  692. 733) Natalie

    I love the designs at Vintage Pearl….the “Names on My Heart” necklace is on my wish list !!! Congrats on new baby Clara…such a sweet picture of all 3 of your babies !!!

  693. 734) tara

    I love their jewelry.

  694. These are so cute! I’d love a necklace with my son’s name on it. It would also be such a great mother’s day gift for my own mom! Decisions, decisions!!!

  695. 736) Megan

    I have been drooling over these ever since I bought one for my sister in law for Christmas…I would love one of my own!

  696. 737) Kristen

    So cute. Their shop looks awesome!

  697. 738) Amanda

    Oh my!!! What a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much 🙂
    Do you think you could send Lucy’s necklace in to have Clara’s name added on?

  698. 739) Margaret

    I don’t wear much jewelry either, but that is beautiful!

  699. 740) Niki

    Love this jewelry!!!!

  700. 741) Megan T.

    Simple, everyday jewelry is my favorite.
    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  701. 742) Lauren

    Oh, I’ve had my eye on these for years. I hope I win!

  702. 743) Laura T.

    Please oh please! I love vintage pearl!

  703. 744) Heather

    Gorgeous necklace; gorgeous kids!

  704. 745) Lynette

    Your kids are so lovely! My daughter’s name is Lucy too and I would love to get her one of those pretty necklaces too.

  705. 746) courtney kleinman

    This is the perfect giveaway with mothers day just around the corner. I could get one for myself or one for my mother!

  706. 747) Eleanor

    What beautiful, meaningful jewelry!

  707. 748) Kristin C

    So sweet…I love it! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  708. Beautiful necklace! Thank you for the opportunity!

  709. I’ll definitely enjoy browsing… it’ll be so tough to make a choice!

  710. 751) Lacey F.

    I love the vintage pearl! Thank you for the give away.

  711. 752) Lisa

    I love The Vintage Pearl….and would love a new necklace!

  712. 753) Melissa S.

    These are so cute! Hope I win!

  713. these are so precious. i have a hand stamped bracelet that i love, but don’t wear it often enough!

  714. I love these necklaces! I want one so badly for myself!!! i love the simplicity of them!

  715. So lovely! I’m such a silver person though my mother always wears gold.

  716. 757) moesha in mn

    I’ve been wanting to get something for my mama from vintage pearl for a while. maybe something with all of her grandchildern’s names.

  717. 758) Jessica T

    Perfect for Mother’s Day!!

  718. 759) Stacey

    Love it!

  719. Your new necklace is ssso pretty. I’m definitely going to check out the site. Thank you!

  720. I absolutely looooove those necklaces. Hope I’ll be the lucky one this time 🙂 Thnx for the upportunity to win.

  721. 762) Susan Cluff

    I love your necklace and your baby–my little one is no longer a squishy newborn 🙁 and I definitely want some jewelry.

  722. 763) Kathie B

    Congratulations on baby Clara. The Vintage Pearl has amazing jewelry. What a treat!

  723. 764) Brooke Johnson

    I’ve given a few as gifts, but don’t have one for myself. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  724. 765) Jins

    Those are lovely, espeially the heart one on Lucy.
    Thanks for the give away

  725. 766) Kait

    I absolutely love this shop! Such a simple and sweet idea.

  726. 767) Tara S

    Love your new necklace! I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and just hinted to my husband that I would love a new necklace with the additional name for Mother’s day. You have good timing!!

  727. 768) Sara

    I, too, have a new addition in our family and would love to add all four kiddos to a necklace like that! Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  728. Love the vintage pearl! Fingers crossed…

  729. 770) emily

    Wow!! such beautiful designs!

  730. 771) hollie

    fantastic giveaway, love her stuff !!

  731. 772) mary jo

    I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. 🙂

  732. 773) Stephanie

    I want a necklace like that!!!

  733. 774) Sarah

    I love your necklace, the simple style is just perfect 🙂

  734. 775) Cali

    I love TVP and I’d love to win!

  735. 776) Becky Little

    Wow! You rock!

  736. 777) Celeste

    So elegant!

  737. 778) Sarah

    Love this for me. But REALLY love the idea of giving each of our daughters their own.

  738. 779) Katie

    Ohhh! I would love to win a gift card to that store! Their stuff is simply beautiful!

  739. 780) Tanya

    How fun! I was just browsing The Vintage Pearl and there is a lot to love. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  740. 781) Suzanne R

    What a darling necklace and such a tangible way to honor your children!

  741. 782) Jane

    Your babies are lovely; and the necklace is wonderful!

  742. 783) Christy Wallaker

    I love this as a gift idea for grandmas too!

  743. 784) Christy

    Ok….Sunday is Easter AND my big 40th birthday. I would love one of these sweet necklaces!

  744. 785) Hilary Pierce

    I just had my 3rd (and last) kiddo and would love to have all 3 names on a necklace…fingers crossed!!

  745. 786) susan

    Love! I know exactly what I’d like for my first Mother’s Day. 🙂

  746. 787) JO

    I visited the linked site & saw several nice pieces!! Thanks for the chance!

  747. 788) Brenda

    I love all of their products – so sentimental and timeless, too! Hoping I win 🙂

  748. 789) Samantha

    I’ve been meaning to get something like this for my two kids.

  749. 790) Rachel Adair

    I love looking at all their products, with 3 kiddos at our house it would make a beautiful mothers day present to me.

  750. 791) Alli

    Thank you for the giveaway! We are adding a new baby to our family later this summer, so I need to update mine & my daughter’s pieces as well.

  751. 792) Carol

    LUV IT!!

    Thank u for sharing so much of your talents!!

  752. 793) Robin

    I adore The Vintage Pearl. Thanks for the discount, even if I don’t win one of those awesome gift certificates!

  753. 794) ekm

    okay, i’ll just be plain greedy. want, want, want!

  754. Such cute stuff! I do love the simplicity. I am always browsing this shop :]

  755. 796) Shannon

    Thanks for the chance to win! All of their items are beautiful!

  756. Love love the necklace! P.s. I have a little Lucy too:)

  757. 798) Floor

    o my, these are beautiful! wouldn’t know which one to pick…

  758. 799) Jessica

    I love Vintage Pearl! Love your necklace too! 🙂

  759. 800) Ashlie

    My Birthday is coming up, I’ve been dropping hints to my husband that I would really like a necklace from VP!

  760. 801) shae

    great gift idea, thank you!

  761. 802) Alisha

    I have been in love with the “secret love message necklace” for quite some time now!

  762. I’d absolutely love a mother’s necklace like that!

  763. 804) Lauren Baugus

    I’m just like you! I got a necklace with TWO kids’ names in it for Mothers’ Day last year…then — surprise! — we now have a baby boy. I need an update, and so does Grandma!

  764. 805) Tiffanie

    Sweet necklace and adorable kids.

  765. one day i’ll win one of theses giveaways ; )
    good luck everyone.

  766. 807) Kristina

    Wow! Already 800 comments for this post – but I also like to be in 🙂 I love your necklaces! They’re beautiful!
    Happy Easter from Germany, Kristina

  767. 808) Lindsey

    Cute! I also love the simplicity of their jewelry.

  768. 809) Jill O.

    Oh how I would LOVE to have a piece of jewelry from The Vintage Pearl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  769. 810) Alys

    I would love a personalized little necklace like that with my kids’ names.

  770. 811) Allison Tuttle

    I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! Hope I win!

  771. 812) Diana

    I luv vintage pearl… would love to have one of their necklaces.

  772. ohhh I love vintage pearl! A necklace from there is my favorite Christmas present! I would love another one!

  773. 815) Katie

    I love your necklace! It is so sweet.

  774. 816) Karin

    happy family! & can’t wait for boyfriend T weather up here!

  775. 817) Stacey Cote

    I have had my eye on this shop for months. We had our second child last year and would love to have a mama necklace with my babies names on it! I’d be delighted to win!

  776. 818) Erin Grover

    I’ve admired this shop for a while. We have our third baby due soon, it would be fun to have something with all three names on it!

  777. 819) Briana

    i really want one of these! they are so cute!

  778. 820) Rebekah Jennings

    My mom has one of these necklaces with all of our names on it, it is gorgeous!

  779. 821) Melissa Whittle

    I have been wanting a necklace just like for sooo long, I would LOVE to have my own 🙂

  780. Oh I hope I win! I would love one of these.

  781. What a lovely idea!!!
    It would be so perfect for the grandmas 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!!

  782. 824) Jocelyn

    I have had my eye on these necklaces for quite some time! I sure hope today is my lucky day 🙂

  783. 825) Lise

    I have longed for one of these. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  784. 826) Annita P.

    I have been eyeing some things at The Vintage Pearl for a while. Thanks for the giveaway!

  785. 827) krystle

    I love the necklaces. They are all so cute!

  786. 828) joanne marcellus

    Oh my gosh! I love that necklace…. My daughter would love it too.

  787. I LOVE the Vintage Pearl! Pick me, pick me! 🙂


  788. 830) Noelle

    I love these necklaces, and with mothers day coming up, I would love to get one for myself!!!

  789. 831) Christina Poynter

    It looks great on you! What a lovely way to show your mama pride!

  790. 832) Kristin W

    Oh man! I would love to win this! Our second little one should be along in a matter of weeks now and this would be great to get after she comes!

  791. 833) Paige

    I love these and would love to wear one as well!

  792. 834) Dannika

    LOVE it!

  793. 835) Andrea

    Sweet, I’ve been wanting one!

  794. 836) Kristina Chesler

    Your kids are adorable. 🙂 I would love a necklace for Mother’s Day!

  795. 837) Kendra

    I recently got my “circle of love” mommy necklace with my 3 little ones names on it. I LOVE the idea of one for each of my daughters. Definitely a new way to keep their family close to their hearts 🙂

  796. 838) Josalyn

    That would be fabulous for my mom for Mother’s Day

  797. 839) Jessica

    So sweet! Thanks for the giveaway! I will be crossing my fingers!

  798. 840) Becky M.

    what a great giveaway! this would make a great mother’s day gift to myself or my mom.

  799. 841) Andrea

    Hello! I am learning to sew and a friend told me about your website! I am excited to have this as a resource!

  800. 842) Christy

    So cute, would make a perfect gift!

  801. 843) Laura

    Would love this with a little guy and a new baby girl on the way 🙂

  802. 844) Jess

    Such a precious keepsake, I think I may need to put in my mothers’ day order now!

  803. 845) Stephanie

    I have baby boy #3 due in June, this would be so great to have:)

  804. 846) Brandi

    My daughter has a very special and unique heart as she was born with several severe congenital heart defects. I have a heart charm for her older brother (from James Avery). I would love a new heart with both of their names.

  805. 847) sharon

    so cute! i would love a cute circle necklace with my 3 kids name on it too! love your taste dana!

  806. 848) darcy

    I just had my last baby, #4 and would love one of those necklaces!!!

  807. 849) Tabitha

    Love the necklaces!

  808. 850) lisa l

    OOH! These are so beautiful. What a neat shop!

  809. 851) Cori HIntze

    I’ve been hankering for something from Vintage Pearl. I love their new home state necklaces!

  810. 852) Sarah K

    I love this shop! Their stuff is so cute!

  811. What a lovely necklace. Very sweet and totally something I would wear… used to make jewellry but I actually hate wearing it except a simple necklace. Odd I know 🙂 Lovely giveaway

  812. 854) Sara Anne

    My favorites are the ‘Love Your State’ because I do love mine … and the chunky spinner ring is amazing!

  813. Oh I love it! I would love to get one with my sons name on it! 🙂

  814. 856) Leigh

    I love the initial on a chain necklace

  815. 857) Jamie

    I love, love, love it!

  816. 858) Shelly

    This is perfect mother’s day gift to myself! 😀

  817. 859) Rwheeler

    I love these necklaces. Would love to win one!

  818. 860) Amy

    Love! Simple and Beautiful

  819. 861) Sarah

    I’m asking for one of these necklaces for Mother’s Day…would love to win!

  820. 862) Jenn

    Looks great!

  821. 863) Mary

    Happy Easter!

  822. These are adorable! I’m bummed that I am not due until June and we don’t know the sex, because this would be a perfect present for my mom on Mother’s day. 🙂

  823. 865) Linda

    Love your new necklace. I’m a big fan of Vintage Pearl.

  824. 866) Carrie Overman

    oh pick me! i would love a “molly and thomas” necklace!

  825. 867) Stephanie

    I’ve always wanted a necklace like this with both kids’ names on it- Savannah and Miles. Fingers crossed!

  826. 868) Sara

    I would love to have one of these for myself.

  827. 869) Gwen Hawkes

    So pretty!

  828. 870) Christa

    I love to give my mom one of these necklaces for Mothers day. I would have her 3 grandchildren’s name on it. I would love to win.

  829. 871) Karis

    I love your necklace! 🙂

  830. 872) Angela

    Everytime you post about this necklace I always think to my self. ” I must get this!” Love it. Its so darling 🙂

  831. 873) katherine

    would love to win 🙂

  832. 874) Casey

    I love everything from Vintage Pearl! I would love to finally own one of their pieces. I’ve been drooling over them forever!

  833. 875) Christine

    I have wanted a necklace like this for a while but was waiting until my third was born! Well…she’s here now so I would LOVE to win a gift certificate!

  834. 876) Britney

    Yes Please! I LOVE this stuff! Please . . . ;o)

  835. 877) Ashlee z

    I love love love your website!!

  836. 878) sarah r

    poh i have drooled so much on my keyboard looking at this shop but maybe now ill get to shop there! p.s. love lucys necklace, cute!
    sarah in sydney, aus.

  837. 879) Sara

    Love it! I too wear the same simple earrings almost everyday and my cool ” moms necklace” similar to yours. I am not familiar with Vintage Pearl but I’m about to hop on over and check it out. Need to get grandma something for mothers day! Would love to win. Congrats on Both your baby’s! My book is on its way and I can’t wait

  838. 880) Whitney

    They really are simple yet very nice looking.

  839. 881) Kelly P

    Gorgeous! I’d love to win!

  840. 882) Ivonne

    I would love one, they’re beautiful!

  841. 883) Suzanna

    Sweet necklace….love it!

  842. I would love to have one with my girls’ initials or names, can’t decide which yet!

  843. 885) Tami B

    Holy Smoley!!! Lots of people want to win this – it’s all so great…Hope I get picked.
    Happy Easter to you and your fam!

  844. 886) Fred

    My daughter would love this!

  845. 887) kristim

    What a lovely giveaway!!! Will need to remember this for mother’s day!

  846. 888) Alex

    your necklace ist cute, but not as cute as your three beautiful children.
    greetings from germany from alex and paul (13 months)

  847. 889) Carrie

    What a great idea, with our second child expected soon I’d love something like this 🙂

  848. 890) Jessica D

    Yay for giveaways!!

  849. 891) Mrs. Rachel

    I love hand stamped silver jewelry! I have a necklace that I wear all the time. And my third baby is on the way, so I’d love a new one. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  850. 892) Abby

    I have been eyeballing some many things from this site for a long time! I would love, love, love to win this!!!

  851. 893) Becky

    we just added a third baby and i would a necklace with all their names!

  852. 894) April

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to get a necklace with my kids names in it.

  853. 895) Leslie

    Oh, I love that heart shape!

  854. 896) Annie

    cute necklace! love that shop!

  855. 897) ElizabethL

    Would love to win this. We, too, recently had our third little one.

  856. 898) kiersten

    my 2nd baby is due in 6 weeks–I have a necklace from vintage pearl for my first and would love to update as well. Thanks so much!

  857. 899) Lisa

    love your necklace! I’ve been dying for something from the vintage pearl!

  858. 901) Megan

    I would love a necklace like your with my little guy’s name on it! So cute!!!

  859. 902) Amanda

    What a cute jewelry site!

  860. 903) lucy

    so sweet, i would love one!

  861. 904) Kari Tandberg

    I have been wanting a necklace just like that. I love you blog!

  862. 905) Jennifer

    What a lovely necklace and a lovely site. Something on there would be a perfect gift for my daughter making her first communion next month. <3

    As always, love your blog

  863. 906) Angela

    Ah! I adore the vintage pearl, and they’re at the top of my list for the next time I can afford some jewellery. Hopefully makes that day come sooner for me than later! 😉

  864. 907) Bekah M.

    how lovely!!

  865. 908) Jo

    Stinking gorgeous! Love every piece! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  866. 909) Emalei

    I would love a necklace from vintage pearl with my little guy’s name on it!

  867. 910) Shari Newman

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now and absolutely love it! You have a beautiful family! The necklace is perfect and I would love to win one for myself! 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!!!

  868. 911) Madalyn

    Aw I’ve been wanting one of these!

  869. 912) Michelle

    Lots of pretty and sentimental jewelery!

  870. 913) stephanie

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  871. 914) Leigh Anne

    What a cool giveaway! I’d love sooo many things from their shop!

  872. Love this jewelry! Have the perfect inscription for a necklace. 🙂

  873. 916) Carrie Alexander

    We just added a sweet little girl to our family too! Congrats on your new little squish! PS-Vintage Pearl is the BEST!

  874. 917) Christy Lou

    What a sweet necklace and what a sweet family!

  875. 918) Rylee

    We have a new little bean due in about 4 weeks and I would love to have something from this shop with both of the names of my daughters on it!!!

  876. 919) Julie

    Love this! Mine needs an update too!

  877. 920) Machiko Fujiwara

    love the necklace! i cannot stop thinking of what
    kind of necklace i want to purchase. thank you so much for introducing this cute shop.

  878. 921) emmeline

    Love my vintage pearl necklace too. Thanks for the chance to get something else!

  879. 922) Melissa Kroeker

    B-E-A-utiful necklace! I have one that needs updating too as my #3 was born a few months ago. Hubby commented that I wear my kid’s names but not his…Hmmmm…time to go Vintage Pearl shopping!

  880. so sweet! it sounds like we have the exact same jewelry collection. I love the simplicity of these pieces!

  881. 925) Heather

    I Love it! I have been wanting a personalised necklace for a long time, but the money always needs to go to something else! With 3 boys I always need a little something girly in my life!

  882. 926) Karalee

    So sweet even though its hard seeing a darling baby girl knowing that when mine gets here we may only have a few moments with her before she passes on. Something from the Vintage Pearl might be a nice way to remember her by.

  883. 927) Manda Schuler

    How sweet 🙂 I would love to have something from Vintage Pearl!

  884. 928) Georgia

    I am like you I don’t wear much jewellry but after just having my second daughter 10days ago who we called Lucy! (great name) I would love a beautiful necklace to wear with both daughters names! My other daughter is called daisy! Thanks for the chance! X

  885. 929) Genelle G.

    I LOVE the Vintage Pearl and would be thrilled to have $50 to spend in their shop! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  886. 930) Alisa

    I would LOVE a necklace just like yours–except with the names Zoë, Ike and Max.

  887. 931) Lori

    Yep, I need one if these!! About to have my third baby and I need an updated Mommy necklace!

  888. 932) Christi S.

    Love the Vintage Pearl. I live far away from home, so I would definitely get the love my state necklace (Texas, of course)!

  889. 933) Celia Echt

    I love Vintage Pearl! Hope I win!

  890. 934) Cassidy

    Ooooooo! I would LOVE a chance to win! I browse this adorable shop often and drool over all of the fabulous creations! Thanks for hosting such a great Giveaway, and for giving your readers a chance to win such an awesome gift! 🙂
    Lots of Love!

  891. 935) Mitzi Wenglarski

    I got one of their beautiful necklaces for Christmas after seeing the ad on your blog (and lots of hints to my husband!). I would love to shop for another…

  892. Pick me! Your necklace is gorgeous!

  893. 937) JGB

    I would love to win! The necklaces are beautiful!

  894. 938) M.F.Peterson

    I love the Vintage Pearl – great stuff, great customer service.

  895. 940) katy roberson

    I love your necklace! I don’t wear many necklaces, but I would totally wear something like this. Very sweet!

  896. 941) Hayley

    Lucy’s little necklace is so sweet. Simple. And you’re right – yours looks just about perfect! Hmmm… think we could squish all 5 of our “Chickens” names on one??!!! Well, here’s my Shout Out for hoping to win an opportunity to try! Haa!

  897. 942) amye

    oh, i have always wanted one of these necklaces. i actually think they would make a great grandmother gift as well. vintage pearl rocks!

  898. 943) Elizabeth

    We just added a baby girl to our family too, and I need to update my family necklace too! Thanks for the give-away!

  899. 944) Kelly

    LOVE the vintage pearl!!!!!!!!!!!! We got my mother something from here and i have been wanting something ever since. 🙂

  900. 945) Rocio Estrada

    Would love to win, but if not it would make a great Mother’s Day gift for my sister!

  901. Oh, I just love the Vintage Pearl. My husband got me a necklace there one year for my birthday and it is my absolute favorite.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  902. 947) Kelly W.

    I LOVE Vintage Pearl! The quality is amazing and I would love to have the opportunity to add to my collection!

  903. 948) Amy

    I have a necklace that my seven siblings gave to me for my 40th birthday. I wear it almost every day. It comforts me, especially when I am having a rough day, to know my family is close to my heart!

  904. 949) Leigh Ann F

    This would be so perfect for me! We are adding a third little one next month, and I will have to update my necklace too. It would be WAY more fun to do it for free 🙂

  905. 950) Lauren Mitchell

    Love these necklaces! Simple understated yet hold a whole lot of meaning!

  906. 951) Kara

    such a sweet idea, I love this giveaway!! x

  907. 952) Crystal lopez

    I love this! Would love to have one with my 4 kids names on it:)

  908. 953) Kelly

    With a third baby on the way, I’d be so blessed to order something for myself from my babies, the Vintage Pearl, and Made!

  909. 954) Jodi

    So many cute things. I would love to win!

  910. 955) Nique

    Love the cufflinks

  911. Oh, I love LOVe these. What a great way to show off your babies. I have something similar, but it’s square. I really like it round. 🙂 thanks for the great giveaway.

  912. 957) Kristen

    I’m not really big on jewelry either, but I have been eyeing the simple and fabulous necklaces that The Vintage Pearl offers for quite a while! I will cross my fingers on this one…I could use some GOOD news this week!

  913. 958) Christy

    I would love one of these with my kids names!

  914. 959) Meredith

    I love the products at the Vintage Pearl! It would be great to win this giveaway, because I just had a new baby as well and want to get updated jewelry with his name on it.

  915. 960) Ashley M

    Such beautiful jewelry!! Lucy’s necklace is so cute and sweet!!

  916. I love these so much. My son recently snapped my chain on my current Vintage Pearl, scattering the pieces everywhere! (toddlers.sigh) So I’m due for a new one! Fingers crossed!!

  917. 962) Allison

    I’m expecting my first kiddo in July and would love to have something like your necklace to celebrate him or her!

  918. 963) heidi

    Cute jewelry!

  919. 964) Andrea

    Simple but stunning! Just my style…..

  920. 965) Holly

    Although I would LOVE to have a necklace with my 2 monkeys names on it from the Vintage Pearl, I think I would use my gift certificate to get my sister-in-law a beautiful necklace from her new (and 1st) little munchkin!

  921. 967) Jenna

    Love these necklaces and vintage pearl, gave them away as bridesmaid gifts with their initial on them!

  922. 968) Brittany

    Beautiful jewelry!

  923. 969) Michelle

    Aw, thanks for the chance. Such lovely jewelry!

  924. 970) Melodie

    love the simplicity of their items!! soo beautiful 🙂

  925. 971) Anahi

    Your necklace is beautiful! My hubby and I are renewing our vows and we each need new rings, if i don’t win I’ll have to buy them anyway!

  926. 972) Sarah D

    LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I can’t wait to update my necklace this fall 🙂

  927. 973) marin

    Vintage Pearl has such lovely things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  928. 974) Rhonda Miller

    I would love to win this! Thanks!

  929. 975) AmyLou

    Your necklace is beautiful, but I really love Lucy’s with the heart. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  930. 976) Patrice

    love the necklace!

  931. 977) Lindsay

    Those are so cool! I’d love to shop on that store!

  932. 978) Jo

    I Love the Vintage Pearl but have never ordered !! Now is my chance 🙂 Thank You …

  933. 979) Penny

    Wow…I can’t believe I don’t have one of these! Simple and meaningful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  934. 980) HeatherM

    So pretty!!! I love Ms Lucy’s necklace also!!!

  935. Ohhh how I would love a necklace like that! Yours is gorgeous!

  936. I received my ‘choose joy’ necklace (supporting Ashley at Lil Blue Boo’s cancer medical bills) a couple of weeks ago and love it, I’d also love to have one with all my kids names on it, thanks Dana

  937. 983) ruth

    I just love them and have been waiting for the arrival of my second to get somethink like this. Perfect timing since it’s only a few months away now!

  938. 984) Jill

    So precious and stinkin cute is the perfect way to describe your daughter’s necklace!

  939. 985) Claire

    What a wonderful giveaway! Very beautiful jewelry! Thanks!

  940. The Vintage Pearl makes me so stinkin’ giddy! Love ALL their pieces. 🙂

  941. Ooo, pretty please pick me! Mother’s day gift plans afoot…

  942. 989) Allyson

    Such a sweet necklace!

  943. 991) Nikki M

    I’d love one!!!

  944. 993) Erin S

    You can’t beat jewelry that’s both stylish and sentimental. I like Lucy’s best.

  945. Oh man, you got me completely hooked on this shop already. I have a necklace with my husband and baby’s initials and I LOVE it. I could definitely find something to spend another $50 on. 🙂

  946. 996) Abby

    Oh how cute. I have two little ones and would love a necklace. but the earring are too cute.

  947. 997) Morgan W.

    I too need an updated necklace and have directed my husband to the website for a third time! I’d love to tell him I won my own mothers day gift! 🙂

    Wugrider AT hotmail DOT com

  948. 998) Bethany

    Wow! 969 comments. Not much of a chance I’ll win, but I sure would love to!

  949. 999) Meredith W.

    So pretty. Would love one of her necklaces.

  950. 1000) Crystal

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  951. 1001) Alice S

    I would LOVE to have one of these beautiful pieces with my 3 children’s names on it. So sweet!

  952. 1002) Mary Davis

    I was planning on getting a necklace for my mom for mothers day-this would be perfect!

  953. The necklaces are lovely. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  954. 1004) Melissa

    I would love a necklace with all my girls names on it!

  955. 1005) AmyLynn

    would love a chance to win!

  956. 1006) Sarah

    I’m number 1,000!

    Big fan of the necklace–would love to win.

  957. 1007) Christina D

    I would love to win one!! I love these! Thank you so much for the chance to win. I love your blog!!

  958. 1008) Lindsey

    Beautiful! Would love one just like it (with 5 names though so I dont leave anyone out!)

  959. 1009) Kara

    Beautiful! These would make a perfect gift for my kids’ birthmom…

  960. 1010) Sabrina

    I would love, love, love one of these beautiful necklaces!

  961. 1012) Carol V.

    This jewelry is super cute! I would love to win!

  962. 1013) Heather C

    Oh, how lovely! Some custom mommy jewelry would be so great!

  963. 1014) Kristi

    I would love to get one of those necklaces. They are all so cute!!

  964. 1015) Mandy

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m due with my third in July and need to update my vintage pearl jewelry too.

  965. 1016) bdaiss

    Oh I do love Vintage Pearl. You necklace is perfect! (I’m also a simple jewelry person. Although I rotate a half dozen beloveds in each of the earring/necklace/bracelet categories.)

    What if you put Lucy’s name in the middle? And get a matching one for Clara with her name in the middle?

  966. 1017) Leslie Freeman

    I would LOVE to win this! I am pregnant with our first due in October and it would be awesome to get this with our little one’s name once we find out next month what we are having!


  967. 1018) Ellen

    So simple and pretty 🙂

  968. 1019) Marcia

    I would love to get a “mom” necklace too!

  969. 1020) molly

    would love to have one with my two little munchkins’ names on it! what a great mother’s day gift!

  970. 1021) AKing

    Lovely necklaces for a lovely family! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  971. 1022) Anna

    i love lucy’s necklace!! and i love her chipped fingernail polish, too. it just screams summertime to me.

  972. 1023) Sarah Holmes

    So sweet! I would love a necklace like that 🙂

  973. 1024) Stephanie W.

    I love the idea of having my kids names on a necklace. So cute! I’d love to win!

  974. 1025) Cassie

    I love, love, love Vintage Pearl and have wanted to order something from there for awhile. I’ve always loved the little vintage lovebirds with first initials. Thanks for the giveaway!

  975. 1027) Kimberly

    I have wanted one for so long!! I love their jewelry! I hope I win!

  976. I love those necklaces! They’re so precious! And so is your family, I love this blog.

  977. I love those necklaces, and I love your blog! So entertaining and precious!

  978. 1030) Sara

    I love it, need to get one!

  979. 1031) Susana

    Love it! Would love to get one of my own 🙂

  980. The vintage pearl is totally my style. I pinned some stuff a while back, and I was thinking that I might request a necklace for mothers day.

  981. 1033) Amanda

    Isnt Vintage Pearl’s stuff just divine. Like you I love simple. I have a necklace from her and wear it every day.

  982. 1034) Stephanie

    Thank you!! You have a beautiful family and an inspiring blog!!

  983. I have always wanted a mommy necklace from vintage pearl. This would be an awesome win!

  984. 1036) Mandy

    Love the necklace…Exactly what I have been looking for!

  985. 1037) Wendi B

    I have dropped hints and hints to the hubby to get me an engraved necklace like this… but yet still i have no necklace. If I win this would totally be a Mothers Day gift to myself!

  986. 1038) Michelle

    Their things are beautiful!

  987. 1039) Megan Warren

    Super cute necklace!! It’s just what I have been wanting.

  988. 1040) Rachel

    Love the Messy Nest with Aqua Eggs!

  989. 1041) Jen

    I hadn’t thought about getting something like this for my daughter, man would she love it!! Thanks Dana!

  990. 1042) carolee c.

    What gorgeous jewelry! Thank’s for such a great giveaway!

  991. 1043) Julie

    I love these pieces! I don’t wear a ton of jewelry either, but would love something with my kids names on it (I have a Lucy too!)

  992. I will be leaving some hints for one of these for mothers day.

  993. 1045) kay

    I love the simple and beautiful jewelry designs!

  994. 1046) Bonnie

    I would love a necklace like this. I don’t wear much jewelry either, but I love this type of necklace and could see myself wearing it daily. So lovely!

  995. 1047) Sarah

    Love your website! Thanks for your great giveaways!

  996. 1048) Julia Hale

    since I just had my last baby – this would be a perfect time for a necklace!

  997. 1049) Kacey

    Gorgeous! I would LOVE to add one like this to my collection… I ordered one for myself last year from *another jewelry maker*, and was crushed when it started to tarnish from the shower! Thanks Dana 🙂

  998. 1050) Marnae

    I’ve been eyeing these for a while now, and would love to win one !

  999. 1051) Bre

    So Simple and Sweet! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!!

  1000. Ooooooh I love the Vintage Pearl…

  1001. 1053) MBMeadows

    I’d love to win!!

  1002. 1054) Gayle Martin

    I LOVE that necklace. I usually wear several bracelets at once, so I couldn’t help but notice how cute their bracelets are. And I absolutely love your blog – btw, your children are cute as little buttons@!!!!!

  1003. 1055) Becke

    Would love for my little lady to have one for her upcoming 6th birthday!!!

  1004. 1056) julia

    love the precision stamping. handmade and tidy.

  1005. 1058) Alyssa

    beautiful necklace! Would be so excited to win!

  1006. 1059) Lindsay

    I was just at the Tulsa store today! Love it!

  1007. 1060) shanna

    Woould love one!!!

  1008. 1061) Adèle

    I would love to have one with my kids’ names!

  1009. 1062) Valerie

    How lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1010. 1063) Danielle

    Love your site! Enjoy those little babies! They grow too fast! :o)

  1011. I have a new name to add to a necklace too!

  1012. 1065) Alayna

    How awesome! Love, love, love this site!

  1013. 1066) Weiru

    I am not a big jewelry person myself. But, lately I really want one of these necklace to shout out to the world that I am mom to Julia. I hope I win!!

  1014. 1067) Amy

    Oooh, I need a pretty new necklace!

  1015. 1068) Ashley

    Love this! Especially that your kids also have one. Definitely will be doing that with my family!

  1016. 1069) lindsey s.

    love the vintage pearl… every year i drop hints to my hubby before mother’s day… i might just have to buy my own this year haha!

  1017. 1070) Alie

    Oh Dana what a fun opportunity! And congrats on that beautiful new little one… We are in the consideration phase for #3 ourselves. With 4 and 2.5 yr olds we are excited about the possibility!

  1018. 1071) Glorianne Olsen

    Have a new addition coming! would love to have both my boys name’s close.

  1019. I would love a vintage pearl necklace, they are so simple and sweet.

  1020. 1073) Tawnja

    Sweet necklaces. Would love to have one.

  1021. 1074) Stargirl

    I love your necklace. It’s so sweet. And lovely. And simple.

  1022. 1075) Ashley E

    Love the Vintage Pearl–especially since it’s based in my home town!

  1023. 1076) Toni-Maree

    What a gorgeous idea! My jewellery collection is also pitiful 😛

  1024. 1077) MaryMargaret

    Sweet necklace to represent your Sweeties! I’d so very much like to win one of my very own, thank you for the opportunity!

  1025. Those are adorable! Such a great idea 🙂

  1026. 1079) ShelleElle

    I wear almost the same jewelry all the time too. I work in an artisan jewelry store, but I still wear the same things. Rather silly, I’m aware….

  1027. 1081) Erika

    Love it! They are gorgeous and simple!

  1028. 1082) rachel

    so totally sweet!

  1029. 1083) Tiff

    Beautiful necklace and beautiful shop!

  1030. 1085) Ann

    Yes, please

  1031. 1086) SLS

    Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!

  1032. 1087) Lizzie

    What a beautiful shop!

  1033. 1088) Sarah Cooper

    I have been wanting and wishing and hoping for one of these necklaces for years! Really hope I win!! 🙂

  1034. 1090) Valerie Morgan

    I absolutely love the simplicity of the jewelry. What a wonderful give-a-way!

  1035. 1091) Annie

    Oh my. I love that necklace! I think I need one! Thanks.

  1036. 1092) sabrina

    ooh! what a lovely give-a-way. I’ve wanted one of these mother necklaces for AGES!

  1037. 1093) Theresa

    I have looked over this site so many times… what a great give away!

  1038. 1094) victoria

    Just in time for mother’s day shopping.

  1039. 1095) Kel

    How cool! I love that you can customize them.

  1040. 1096) Ashlee

    I need an updated necklace as well. We added the fourth member to our family 6 mos ago and I miss wearing my necklace with my kids names on it.

  1041. Very simple – love the style!

  1042. 1098) Kristi

    Lucy’s necklace is so sweet. Maybe if you got a new one, her name could go in the middle to make space for Clara’s on the outside. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1043. 1099) khursten

    This one is easy for me to comment on–My jewelry collection sounds identical to yours… nice to know there are other women out there who don’t obsess over the gaudy, dangly, sparkly stuff, like me… except for those occasional special pieces that absolutely must make an appearance several times a week if not daily. 🙂 I’m definitely going to go check out the Vintage Pearl’s shop. Also love any post where you mention your kids! My daughter’s name is Clara too! Love the name. 🙂

  1044. I’m not a big jewelry person, either, but I do love their sweet necklaces. I would love to win one, thank you for the chance!

  1045. How sweet! I love having sentimental jewelry. crmckee (at) hotmail (dot) com

  1046. 1102) Jenny

    All of their items are so cute!

  1047. 1103) Keilana

    So sweet, simple and stylish…I too love the idea of wearing the names of my most precious creations. So much better than any so called precious stone I think!

  1048. 1104) Perla D

    Such an beautiful assortment of jewelry…it would be hard to pick only one!

  1049. 1105) Steph Hohlen

    Love the necklaces! And your children’s names are so sweet!

  1050. 1106) Ladora

    What a lovely gift these necklaces would make for sweet family & friends.
    What a nice thing to give away.

  1051. 1107) Erin

    Love this shop!

  1052. 1108) RT

    I’ve seen these before and would love one with all my kids names on it! What a great Mother’s Day gift!

  1053. 1109) Laura G

    So simple and elegant. I love all the designs. I’d be tickled if I won!

  1054. 1110) Rayna

    So darling! Definitely going to take a look-see for a mother’s day present.

  1055. 1111) Cheryl


  1056. 1112) Chole

    There are so many adorable things in her shop! I’d love to win, but if not, I know what I’ll be asking for for Mother’s day!

  1057. 1113) Jennifer Trujillo

    I love it!!!! I’ll get one with my 2 daughters names. One is 2 years old and her name is Lucia and I’m due on May 4th and her name is Alissa. Good luck everyone!!!

  1058. 1114) Caitlin

    These are so great and a wonderful keepsake.

  1059. I have been wanting something like this!

  1060. 1117) Jenna

    Love all the jewelry at the Vintage Pearl. I would love to win!

  1061. These are lovely! I really like all of their stuff — and it’s so cute that Lucy has her own necklace. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  1062. 1119) Greta

    These are all so beautiful!! I would love to win!

  1063. 1120) Christie

    I have wanted something from vintage pearl for a good long while! So many things to choose from!

  1064. 1121) Amy

    I absolutely adore that necklace! I would love to have one with my 3 grandson’s names on it!

  1065. 1122) Tracy


  1066. 1123) Deb

    Oh my, what a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to make a lovely memory-keeper!

  1067. 1124) Kelli D

    This would be the perfect Mothers Day gift. What a great idea.

  1068. Love Love Love Vintage Pearl! I would love the opportunity to “gift” something to my mom or my sister! The necklace I got last year for Christmas remains one of my faves!

  1069. 1126) Jess

    Gorgeous little reminder of the ones you love the most right there everyday! Fantastic idea.

  1070. 1127) Bridget

    I love this website and have been browsing and putting items in my cart forever, but have yet to pull the trigger. I just can’t decide!

  1071. 1128) Karmela

    These are amazing! I just had my second baby and need a piece of jewelry to reflect my two jewels. There are so many gorgeous pieces in this shop!

  1072. 1129) Lis

    Eep! LOVE this!!!

    Thanks for such a great givewaway.

  1073. I LOVE the Vintage Pearl! I have been eying a few pieces on their for a while now! So lovely!

  1074. 1131) Bonnie

    Fingers crossed!

  1075. 1132) Lindsey

    Ooooo these are so sweet! I might have to have one with my new puppy’s name since we haven’t started our family yet!

  1076. 1133) Laurel

    The Vintage Pearl is one of my favorite sites to ‘window shop’! What a great giveaway!

  1077. So darling. I don’t wear necklaces much… but have been tempted to get one like this. AND I have a new addition coming. So it would be perfect timing.

  1078. 1135) Lori

    what beautiful (and meaningful) jewelery. thanks for the giveaway!

  1079. 1136) Mary Johnson

    I love all her jewelry. Thanks for the give-away.

  1080. 1137) Anna Patnode

    I would love something so pretty and simple! 🙂

  1081. 1138) Nicole

    I’m bummed that there are so many comments already because I really want to win. I’d love to spoil myself with something from the Vintage Pearl.

  1082. i love vintage pearl’s stuff. i think every mom should have a great necklace like yours. with their kid’s names, of course. 🙂

  1083. 1140) Laura

    Our family expanded 7 months ago with the birth of our daughter, and I’ve been looking for a necklace to commemorate it. I bet I could find one here!

  1084. 1142) Tiffani

    Cute necklaces! I love the simplicity.

  1085. 1143) Becky

    I’d love to have a necklace with my grandkids names,beautiful jewelry!

  1086. Wow! I’ve got the button to this site on my blog. Love anything that sparks creativity!! The Vintage pearl is amazing!!

  1087. 1145) Shelby Robinson

    I love this website! I am getting married in August and would love to get my bridesmaid a simple necklace like yours as a gift. What a fun idea!

  1088. oooo. so cute. Love this shop! 🙂

  1089. 1147) allison

    Ooooh…pick me, pick me!

  1090. 1148) Steffanie

    So cute! I would love one!!

  1091. 1149) Kristin George

    A beautiful necklace to match your beautiful family 🙂

  1092. 1150) Melissa

    I’d love to have a piece of jewelry with my children’s names. How special!

  1093. Love it! This would be a great gift too!

  1094. 1152) Jessica D.

    LOVE this shop! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  1095. 1153) M

    This is adorable!

  1096. 1154) amida

    I love those necklaces! Pick me, pick me!

  1097. So beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  1098. 1156) Yana

    Love the custome things with names, this is so… private:)

  1099. 1157) Kelly Larson

    I love the vintage pearl. Pick me!

  1100. 1158) Jessica Dvorscak

    I have a brand new baby boy whose name I would love to wear around my neck everyday!

  1101. 1159) JoAnn

    I love the necklaces with names on them. I would totally wear mine everyday!

  1102. 1160) Amber

    Oh this would be great for the new addition that will be joining our family this August.

  1103. 1161) Lisa

    What a beautiful necklace for a beautiful family! Now I definitely want one for my three kiddos! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1104. 1162) Alison Farrar

    LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I’ve dropped hints to the hubby before but he just doesn’t seem to catch on. I would love, love, love to win and be able to finally get one of their beautiful neckalces! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  1105. 1163) Rachel H.

    I have been dying to get something from The Vintage Pearl sice I first saw their ad on your blog! Hoping I win this one!

  1106. 1164) Jenny B

    Love The Vintage Pearl – all their jewelry is so pretty!

  1107. 1165) Katie

    Love the simplicity of the jewelery! timeless!

  1108. 1166) Esther

    I love the necklaces! But the ring with the engraving on the inside has got to be my favorite!

  1109. 1167) Erin

    Love your necklace. I love the vintage pearl, I’ve been looking to get some memory jewelry from them.

  1110. 1168) Andrea

    so gorgeous, simple and elegant

  1111. 1169) jen b.

    What a beautiful necklace; love how all the names are on one charm. Hope I win!!

  1112. 1170) Gina

    Beautiful necklace, beautiful family!

  1113. Ooh, yay!! I really love that leather cuff bracelet a lot!!

  1114. 1172) Page

    I love your necklace!!!! I need one of those with my babies’ names:) Must tell my hubby that would be a great Mother’s Day gift. Thanks for the chance to win!

  1115. 1173) Renee

    That is beautiful! My husband got me a birthstone kid charm (i dont know what to really call them) for xmas the yearour son was born im due with number 2 in june and im expecting something for this one too haha i would love a bracelet with the kids name with room for an additional…

  1116. 1174) Jamie Smith

    Super cute… I’m thinking this would be a great Mother’s Day gift 🙂 Love your blog!

  1117. Oh, I would LOVE a necklace with our new baby’s name on it! We are due with our first in less than a week, and I can’t wait to order one of these beautiful necklaces!

  1118. Oh would love one of these to get something for my sister!

  1119. 1177) Claire

    I would love to win!

  1120. 1178) Emily

    This jewelery is wonderful. So simple and clean.

  1121. 1179) Sarah P

    I would love to get an awesome necklace like that!

  1122. 1180) Connie Sanders

    I love these necklaces! I have one very similar, but I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and need mine updated. This would be so perfect! Love your blog, by the way.

  1123. so simple, so pretty… i love the secret message ring!!

  1124. 1182) Sami Bryant

    I absolutely love The Vintage Pearl’s stuff! I’ve been dying to get something made since my sweet boy’s birth last winter. Perhaps I can win and make all of my jewelry dreams come true. Thanks for sharing and happy giveaway! (=

  1125. 1183) Estelle

    I love the necklace! Would love to get one!

  1126. 1184) Robyn

    What a great necklace! I would love to get a similar one for myself and/or my sister-in-law!

  1127. ohhh I LOVE LOVE their products, they are gorgeous!!!

  1128. 1186) Rebekah

    I love the vintage pearl shop!

  1129. 1187) Lisa B.

    I rec’d a christmas present this past year from vintage pearl which is def one of my favs…but see lots more i’d love…

  1130. 1188) Jodi

    Beautiful! We’re expecting #2-so I need an update as well!

  1131. 1189) Christie

    love it! we just had our third addition to the family and I”m thinking i need to get one of these too!! 🙂

  1132. 1190) Claire

    Love love love the Vintage Pearl…would love to get something with my boys names!

  1133. 1191) Renata

    Very cute shop! I love the simplicity. 🙂

  1134. Hey, check it out! No, seriously, check it out!

  1135. 1193) KarenK

    Beautiful necklace! Beautiful family! Beautiful blog!

  1136. 1194) Kayla K

    I love Vintage Pearl! Your necklace is simply lovely. Lucy’s yellow shirt/dress is beautiful! 🙂

  1137. 1195) xandy

    Love their stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1138. 1196) LeAnne B

    Wow! Love their jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  1139. I would love to win! I love the vintage pearl!!

  1140. 1198) sdevisser

    What great keepsakes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1141. oh-so lovely designs. would love to wear such a beautiful piece!

  1142. These are super cute! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  1143. 1201) Angela

    thoughtful jewelry. love that.

  1144. 1202) Jill Kennedy

    It’s the mommy in me that just makes me choke up at the thought of carrying my babies (not babies much longer!) around with me next to my heart….love companies like this!

  1145. 1203) Jennifer

    I love these necklaces! I think I might have trouble fitting all my kids’ names on, though–#6 will be born in July…

  1146. 1204) Stacey

    Beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  1147. 1205) Naomi

    All the their jewelry looks super cute!

  1148. 1206) julia m

    Love the vintage pearl! Would love some new bling.

  1149. I always think I’ll have to wait until I know I’m done having kids before I get one of these, but–duh!– I could just get a new one made. I do have one with mine and my husband’s names on it and I love it. How cute that the little goose has one too.

  1150. 1208) Summer

    Dying for a something from the vintage pearl!

  1151. 1209) Heidi

    These are beautiful. I’d love one.

  1152. 1210) Kristen

    LOVE the Vintage Pearl…fingers crossed

  1153. 1211) Jes

    It’s beautiful. You do amazing work and I’m so glad you share it with us!

  1154. 1212) Meg

    So simple. I love Lucy’s heart. You have got me thinking!

  1155. 1213) Sheridan

    LOVE your necklace and all the others pictured. I would love to win one.

  1156. Oh, I’d love to have a necklace adorned with the names of my children – !

    And thank you so much for having a giveaway that doesn’t require Facebook or Twitter, as I will probably be the only one alive not on either. I know my children would starve if I started up on social media. 🙂

  1157. 1215) Sally

    I’ve only been following you for a few weeks & love your blog! Also love the necklace. Simple & elegant but casual! Perfect!

  1158. 1216) CLeigh

    Recieved your book in the mail yesterday… AGH!!! In Love! 🙂 Your second one can’t come soon enough! Am needing to update my own momma necklace, would love to win!

  1159. 1217) Jeni S

    So many pretty things!

  1160. 1218) Kirsten manning

    I love vintage pearl! I have one from her shop and love it!

  1161. I’ve been wanting a necklace like that. So cute!

  1162. 1220) Marsha

    So cute!

  1163. 1221) Ashley

    These pieces are beautiful!! Pick me! 🙂

  1164. 1222) heather e

    thanks for all the work you do on this site, dana. I love it.

  1165. 1223) Ashley

    Love these!

  1166. 1225) Kira B

    These are beautiful! Just had my 4th and would love this with my kids names!

  1167. 1226) Erica miller


  1168. 1227) Sarah

    i really like these!

  1169. 1228) Katie T.

    Oh! I love Vintage Pearl! I would love to win this…. been wanting something to represent my sweet family!

  1170. 1229) Ali Thompson

    That would be a ton of fun. Would love to win!

  1171. 1230) Jess

    beautiful stuff!

  1172. 1231) Katie

    Love!! 🙂

  1173. 1232) kara burns

    What a great giveaway.

  1174. 1233) Jane

    I love your necklace and want one just like it!

  1175. 1234) Holly

    What a lovely necklace. I would love to give one to my daughter with her children’s names on it. Hey, I would also like one for myself with those same names.
    Happy Grammy

  1176. 1235) Erin

    I have wished for one of these necklaces for SOOOOO long! PLEASE let me win! =D

  1177. 1236) GRETCHENP


  1178. I’m adding my third one in July, so this would be perfect!

  1179. 1238) Molly

    I LOVE these simple, beautiful designs. I am not one to buy myself things, I might need to change my way of thinking and wear my lovely daughters name close to my heart

  1180. 1239) Deanne


  1181. 1240) wendy

    what a wonderful way to carry your wee ones close to your heart…
    i love that your daughter has one too! i think my little P’s baba will need one too…
    thanks for the chance to win!

  1182. 1241) SherryChiang

    Those products are simple, but beautiful.

  1183. 1242) Karey

    I have wanted one of these necklaces for so long, but I can never seem to get anything for myself. Please pick me!

  1184. 1243) Cami

    So simple. Love it!

  1185. 1244) Sonia

    So, so cute!

  1186. I love the vintage pearl necklaces! This one is so cute and I would love one just like it with my four kiddos names on it

  1187. 1247) Becca

    I would love the birthstone ring!!!

  1188. 1248) Megan

    Oh too cute! We are expecting in August and would love to add baby! Congrats on the birth. The older two look like they are loving on her lots!

  1189. 1249) Anuja

    Hello Dana, Started visitng your website recently. Your family is awesome and love your enery and enthusiais levels. The vintage jewellery is awesome too.

  1190. 1250) loriag

    I absolutely love The Vintage Pearl, thank you for the opportunity to win. I love their vintage bloom, but they have so many lovely pieces.

  1191. 1251) Kari


  1192. 1252) ebba

    I would have a hard time choosing a necklace, there are so many beautiful designs!

  1193. 1253) Wyndee

    What a great idea for mothers day! Beautiful stuff.

  1194. 1254) iowaemily

    thanks for the giveaway chance! would love something tvp!

    • 1255) iowaemily

      is yours the “large charm–$20”?

  1195. 1256) Nikol

    absolutely gorgeous! Great new baby present idea

  1196. 1257) Amanda Moutos

    I would love to have a necklace with my daughter and son’s (due in June) name.

  1197. 1258) Carol Barringer

    Congratulations on BOTH of your new babies! I was looking at your book on Amazon just the other day, without realizing that it was YOURS! My credit card is maxed at the moment, but as soon as my payment clears, I am buying that book! Thank you for all the work you’ve put into it. I love your blog, too, and your patterns — great work, all of it. CarolB

  1198. 1259) Nancy

    I’ve been reminding myself all throughout this 2nd preganancy that I want to order a necklace from here after the baby is born which is in 8 weeks time (or so), this giveaway would be wonderful and perfect timing. Thanks for the chance! The necklaces you have chosen are great also!

  1199. 1260) Valerie

    Love it! Pick me, pick me!

  1200. 1261) robynn

    LOVE that shop! it’s the best place for new baby gifts!

  1201. 1262) Laura L

    Very cute!!!

  1202. 1263) Viki

    Nagyon tetszik!

  1203. 1264) Danielle

    i love how they’re so so simple, yet strikingly beautiful! 🙂

  1204. 1265) Terina

    Love these pieces- so gorgeous!

  1205. 1266) Anne

    What a lovely simple design, i really like how it looks on you.

  1206. 1267) Emily Kligmann

    That is so adorable, I have been wanting one for awhile but haven’t since we were expecting again but hadn’t chosen a name. We had our baby Judah February 29th and I would love to make one with his name and all my other kiddos! 🙂

  1207. 1268) Andrea Sowinski-Szili

    Simply the BEST! I’d love to have one with a name of my two son’s.

  1208. 1269) tee

    My little guy was born in Feb also, so I need to update my necklace as well. Thanks for the coupon code!

  1209. 1270) Kylie

    Yes please! I LOVE Vintage Pearl, but haven’t talked myself into buying one yet. I’d definitely love to win one…especially with #2 due in the next few weeks!

  1210. 1271) michelle lee

    lovely! love your blog!

  1211. 1272) Lucy

    these are so beautiful! such a lovely modern alternative to the older style lockets!

  1212. 1273) Stephanie Gray

    These necklaces are ADORABLE! I can’t wait to poke around the shop 🙂

  1213. 1274) Kristena

    Lovely, have always wanted one of those necklaces but with no kids never really saw the point. Will have to see if my lo on the way makes it while I can still use your discount code!

  1214. 1275) Susan M back in AK

    Love the Vintage Pearl! I have the Choose Joy necklace and it’s a great quality necklace. I would love to have one with my daughters’ names!

  1215. 1276) Becci

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    Do you know that I learnt to sew with your blog? You make it seem so untimidating, so thank you!!
    I have a similar necklace with my first 2 kids, but my third is already 3 and I dont have one with her yet!

  1221. 1283) kerryn

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    Thanks for inspirations and for sharing your nice world!

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    Happy Easter!!

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    Congrats on your new baby !

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    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

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    I´d love to have the names of my family on a necklace.

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  1314. Love the simpleness of the necklace so goes with any outfit. Also love the items you make for your cute kids and for others to learn from. Thanks Dana!
    And Happy Easter to you and your family.Hope the Easter Bunny fills the baskets with some fun goodies for those 3 little munchkins. .

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