my Halloween Costume + 30 more ideas!

I think I’ve got this year figured out:

Witch Better Have my Candy shirt

(thanks to my cousin Kam for sharing THIS shirt with me)
Lucy asked what it meant.
And I came up with some literal explanation about hoping that a Witch would have some candy when I rang her doorbell.
And then I went and watched this clip for the 10th time and laughed all over again….and had Rihanna stuck in my head the rest of the day.

But hey, it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween.
We’ve been pulling out the decor and feeling the “Fall” air….
which in Texas means swimming + pizza parties + ice cream.

Halloween Costume ideas on MADE

So if you’re feeling the true crisp Autumn air in your parts….making Pumpkin Cookies and getting in costume mode, here are some ideas to keep your wheels spinning.

OMG.  Studio DIY.
Do you follow Kelly on her blog + Instagram?
She kills it every time.
If Witch Doesn’t Have my Candy….I’m going as a Cactus. Love it!  Check out her blog for so many cute ideas….like Fries Before Guys.  Haha.

This Van Gogh is amazing.  And who doesn’t need Leia buns?

Genius Mermaid Costume, that you can actually WALK in.  Thank you Make it + Love it!

Lots of colorful Candy from Oh Happy Day….and a cute NO-sew Pineapple by Delia Creates.

And just a throwback to the costumes we made last year at our house (since I’m always posting about them AFTER the holidays are over. Doh)

Owen the Goldfish:

Goldfish Costume
Two little LaLa Loopsies:
Lala Loopsy Costume
Lala Loopsy Costumes
AND….I finally got around to updating the Tutorials Page , so now you can easily find any Halloween Costumes I’ve shared here on the blog.  Just click a button below!
Peace out my friends.
Have a great weekend!
Witch Better Have my Candy

  1. 1) Katja

    Oh, no! The second link (this clip) doesn’t work! 🙁

    But I love the opening and closing shots of you. LOL! Thanks for keeping it real.

  2. Um, the Van Gogh guy!! He wore that for Mardi Gras in New Orleans! There’s this great walking parade on Mardi Gras day, and we dress up the whole family. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him on the side of the road. Took many pictures. How random to see him pop up here! Random and awesome.

  3. 6) jodie

    Hi lar ri ous!!!! funniest top ive seen…..hahahahahaha

  4. I LOVE that shirt. I got a sign for the kitchen that says “Drink Up Witches”. My 8 year old said, I don’t get it! I tried to explain that I’m sure witches get thirsty too 🙂

    • 8) Dana

      hahahha. SO awesome!

  5. 9) M

    You are the absolutely most delightful and funny and inspiring blogger on the internet. I’m a huge fan!! Thanks for the big smiles!!

  6. 10) Cindy

    We need a hair tutorial on how you do your hair! I love it and can’t make mine look like that.

  7. OKAY. I love me some Jimmy Fallon but I cannot stand that song. Like it doesn’t even have a catchy tune…. I don’t know maybe I just think it’s crude.

    That cactus costume == yass!!!

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