my hair is yellow

For the past two months, Lucy’s hair has had two looks: one bun or two.
I grew tired of combing the tangles (and fighting her over it), the summer chlorine had done a number on the fine strands, and no matter how many times I explained that her hair was blond, she thought I was saying “long”. She’d smile and continue to tell me that her hair was yellow just like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Emily Elizabeth.

But we won’t be having the blond/long conversation anymore because today she had an impromptu haircut! The days of combing tangles are in the past! (for a few months at least).

(she chose all these poses)
And, THE BOY version, using clippers instead of scissors to clean up the sides:
I’m gonna miss her ponytails and buns but I always love her with a little bob. She really looks like a different kid.

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