my Go-To gift wrapping

I pretty much wrap all gifts the same way. I never buy wrapping paper (guess I’m too cheap?) but I’m not a “gift bag” person either. So….enter the brown paper bag. It’s a little stiff to bend and wrap but I love the simplicity and it falls in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle category, right?

I’ve posted about the ribbon once before but that’s a simple one too. It’s a great way to use up your scraps. Cut strips of fabric, sew them together at the end to make the ribbon as long as you need. Serge the edges or leave them raw:
Tie it up with a Quilted Notecard:
And you’re off to the baby shower!
For other gift wrapping ideas, click here.

  1. 1) mumsbuzzar

    Gift wrapping is an artful and thoughtful practice that adds a touch of excitement and anticipation to the act of giving and receiving presents. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, beautifully wrapped gifts enhance the overall experience and convey a sense of care and consideration.

  2. 2) mums buzzar

    Beyond the visual appeal, the act of unwrapping a gift becomes a delightful experience in itself. The anticipation builds as the recipient carefully untangles ribbons and peels away layers of paper, savoring the moment before discovering the surprise within.

  3. 3) mums buzzar

    But gift wrapping is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. The meticulousness of folding corners and tucking edges builds suspense, teasing the recipient with glimpses of what lies beneath the layers. It’s like wrapping up a little piece of magic, with the promise of something wonderful waiting to be unveiled.

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