my addiction to IKEA, fabrics, and the Big Bag

I love IKEA.
I know you know that.
But in case it was unclear, just wanted to say it again.

Like Target, it’s one of those places we go to even when we don’t need anything, sort of as an outing. I throw both kids in the (annoying) shopping carts that have swivel wheels on the front AND the back. Can they please change that??? So hard to steer. But really, it’s the only downfall to Ikea so I can’t get too mad at them (oh wait, they don’t offer bags anymore either. That’s annoying too). Okay, but back to the goodness….

We rush around doing the quick “mom” stuff like looking at dishes, napkins, fabrics, and the As-is section. Then we get to do “kid” stuff which means playing with all the kid tables, the rocking moose, the tent and slide, and then sleeping in all the kid beds. It’s actually pretty nice. And one day, one of you spotted me and came over to say hi.
“I hate to bug you, but do you have a blog called MADE?” And there I was, sitting in a toddler sized chair, checking email on my phone will kids and other chaos ran circles around me. Um, yes! This is my life as mom and blogger. I’m so happy she stopped to say hi. I like people and I like chatting.

But back to the point here.
So, aside from the yummy $1 cinnamon rolls at the end of our outing, the BEST part about a trip to IKEA is the As-Is section. It’s like going Thrift Shopping, but everything is new! (or slightly damaged, or was the floor-model, or was over-stocked, etc). And for someone who likes to re-purpose items, it’s a candy shop.

Some days I don’t find anything but the other week, I saw a small pile of fabrics sitting there. Normally their fabrics are $7-9/yard which is pricier than I like to spend but worth it because they’re good quality and have cute prints. So when I saw these three I thought, ooooo! They’re probably 1/2 off.
But nope. They were $1 each! That’s like….80% (?) off! Um, SCORE! $1/yard for IKEA fabric? YES PLEASE.
So here’s what I have. Yellow and Gray sunburst/dandelions and vibrant hearts. Might have to do something for Valentines with that.
Although, these creations from No Big Dill are way too genius. First Katy made the Clover Dress and then an overalls version. Both are darling.
Hmmm. So many options…..
And while we’re on the topic of As-Is items….
I posted this 2 years ago but looking at the photos the other day, I decided they needed an update. So I took new ones and deleted the old post.
Here’s the Big Bag:
I started with a couch cushion, found in the As-Is Bin. The bin is full of curtains, slip covers, pillowcases, etc. The cover had a zipper at the top and it seemed a shame not to utilize the it, so I turned the cushion cover into a bag!
I used a yellow curtain also found in the As-Is section for the straps (the pink curtain became a Mothe’rs Day Dress and the cream cushion cover became a tote bag for my sister-in-law).
You can easily use the bag as a duffle, zipping it up on top. But, similar to the hobo sack tutorial, I added strings that go through both sides,
making it easy to cinch it up!
Of course, with big bags, the little items are bound to get lost. So I added a small pocket inside.
And plenty of room for everything else.
Thank you Ikea for selling your cast-offs. I wish more stores did that.
And thank you for feeding my addictions to turn old into new.
And thank you for playing a kids movie near the cafe.
Thanks for just being you.

  1. 1) Ashley

    Do you happen to remember what kind of fabric that is? (main bag) I know most cushion covers are cotton/polyester blend but yours looks sturdy without a lining. It is freakin adorable. I love love love it!

    • 2) Dana

      hmmm. it was like a heavy upholstery weight cotton

  2. OMG!! I love that bag!! I think I’m going to be stopping by Ikea more often now 🙂

  3. Hey, thanks to pinterest, I’m just seeing this now. You’ve just increased my love for the as-is section! Cushion into a tote = genius! Susanne.

  4. Oh my goodness! Such a great bag! I will be taking a closer look in that bargain section next time I’m in Ikea!

  5. 6) Tonya Stokley

    Oh my sweet word ! Lol I live your inspirations ! I love your videos everything ! You are a good teacher ! You should also post videos of sewing patterns I’ve never seen any of those I don’t think by you but you make stuff seem simple and I like your style ! But not only the bag! Everything you’ve taken and made ! Ty again for sharing more awesome ideas to insure us ! Hey I wished you could maybe make a video and make a FYI ironing mat /board !? I’ll bet you’d come up with something awesome ! Again ty 🙂

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