my 2nd baby is home! and I’m ready to sew.

Guess what arrived on my doorstep this week???
My camera!
Well, a new version of the previous camera. Yep.  Had to buy that sucker again since the water damage repairs were $1100.  No gracias.

So, welcome home new baby.  It feels so, so, so very good to hold you and hear that snappy shutter.  A month without you was way too long!

And just like that I felt like a new photographer again, taking pictures of anything and everything….
• Amazing yellow flowers that have popped up all over our town.  I swear it’s Autumn?
• Clara hanging in her new favorite spot.
• Paint for our bathroom redo project (with a budget of $600.  I think we can do it)
• Yellow on yellow crib/sheet combo.

Lucy looked at the beautiful can of paint and said mmmm, it looks like melted ice cream.  I want to eat it!

Having the camera back also makes me want to sew, sew, sew and share.  And just in time for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge on Elsie Marley!  Are you doing it?   There’s no pressure, it’s just a week to push yourself to sew for kids, even if it’s just cutting out your fabric.  Head over for the details!

Meg always does an awesome job sharing inspiration ideas, interviews from sewers, and really cool creations from the Elsie Marley machine.  This week she asked 5 bloggers to take my Basic KID Pants pattern and put their own spin on it. Check out these two versions from a little grey and cirque du beb.

And to really get your wheels spinning, look what’s going on in the KCWC flickr group!  So many cool things…..

• red/gray shirtyellow bow shirtturquoise shortsrainbow chevron shirtcall me blazernautical tankpink/white shortsgray hoodiebrown linen dressgray dressstriped shirt dressyellow pants
Have a good weekend!
Hope you get some sewing in.

  1. 1) Natalie

    Love it! Just in time to get me in the mood for the mending on my to-do lost tomorrow! :/

  2. I love that cloud hoodie. So very cool.

  3. 3) Jackie

    You having your camera back makes me happy. So will be checking out the kcwc.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my son’s tank! KCWC is one of my favorite sewing events, I can’t wait to see what you make!

  5. lovely photos, I can see why you’re so happy to have your camera back! and thanks for featuring the dress I made… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. 6) Farrah

    The blogging world is so vast yet so small. Also on my feed im following KWCW. Same with the Photog blogs I follow, somehow everyone is linked in one way or the other. Congrats on the new camera!

  7. Yeah for your new camera! 🙂 I seriously need to send mine in for a deep cleaning but I’m not sure what month I want to be without it.

  8. I love KCWC!
    And I love seeing my shirt (the red Otto tee) on your blog 🙂 – thank you

  9. 9) Allison

    I went over and took a look at elsie marley and was wondering…were they all supposed to use your kid pants or was that just by chance because your pattern is just so awesome? lol I just thought it was funny to see your pants all over the place.

    • 10) Dana

      haha. no she asked them to do a spin on the pattern.

      • 11) Allison

        Omg! You have no idea how much you replying to my comment made my day lol. I’m such a nerd 🙂

  10. Cool, looking forward to some great pictures)

  11. 13) Carolyn Thornley

    Love the yellow crib. I’ve added that color to my home now because I see it so often on this site.

  12. I’d love to know how you decided to buy that particular Canon. I need to “upgrade” and I’m a little confused by what’s out there!

  13. Thanks for including my cloud pocket hoodie in your collection of KCWC pics. I’m so psyched to do it again. Your photos are lovely – so bright and colourful!

  14. Nice shots. I feel wrong too when I don’t have my camera with me… I forgot it on a recent little trip away. There were lots of great things to photograph and I just had to make do with the phone camera 🙁 Not great. That’ll teach me to pack a bit better next time! Hoping to join in KCWC and sew for my big girl.

  15. 18) Ruth

    So I read this post over the weekend, and I guess the picture of your camera made an impression. Last night I had a dream that Groupon had your camera for $395. I love the photos on your blog and often dream of being able to take such gorgeous pictures, but the budget won’t allow it at this time. So when I saw it for such a steal of a deal in my dream I HAD to have it. But as is usually the case with dreams, I couldn’t type the right password for the life of me. It was so frustrating! And by the time I finally got into the system the camera had been bought just moments before. NOOOOOO! Maybe it’s a premonition (though I don’t really have those) that the camera really will be a Groupon deal. (fingers crossed) 🙂

  16. 19) erica

    I would LOVE an updated pattern for your boy pants, say for size 5 or 6!!!!! I’ve been wanting to make a pair for my son for ages, but am intimidated by having to resize the pattern – I’m a very beginner sewer!!!!! Love all the inspiration on your blog, and one day soon I will actually pull out my machine once again and start sewing!!!!!!!

  17. 20) Theresa

    I’m on the hunt for a new cammra…. what is the model number of your’s?

  18. 21) Christine

    What a lovely shade of yellow. What is the name of that paint color? I’m trying to find the perfect chartreuse to paint my daughter’s bed, and I love the color of the crib!

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