Mother’s Day Poppies with GUEST: Grosgrain

Well, you all seem to agree: Poppies are quite lovely. So we’re keeping with that theme for another day (in fact, come back later today and we’ll be giving some sort of Poppies away!)

And who better to share about femininity and flowers, than this woman?
She really needs no introduction because I’m sure most of your read her beautiful blog.
But yes! It’s Kathleen from GROSGRAIN. And I’m more than happy to have her as a GUEST on Made.
Her site has been one of major inspiration for me the past couple years as I’ve started this blogging adventure. She was one of the first sites I followed and referenced for creative input. I was first motivated by her girl’s clothing and her fabulous photo shoot ideas to show off her creations. And more recently, her explosion of beautiful woman’s dresses helps me remember, “I need to sew for me” more often.

And right now, she’s hosting a Sew Along with anyone who wants to join her, called A Frock By Friday. Each day during the week, she’ll show you the steps, going from pattern (downloaded for free online) to dress, by Friday. You’re not too late to join-in. They’ve only cut out the pattern so far.
Kathleen is never short of ideas. Just when you think she’s created the coolest dresses you’ve ever seen,
She goes and shows you another one.
We’re all going to pee our pants one day when we find out she’s auditioned for Project Runway and made the cut! Because you know she could do just that. The lady has quite a talent!
And in honor of Mother’s Day, Kathleen is sharing one my favorite tutorials from her site, The Handmade Poppy:
So let’s hear from the Grosgrain genius, with some thoughts on motherhood.


When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Lily, I was the nesting mother cliche. I planned every detail of her room before she was born down to the origami butterfly mobile I had made by hand in patterns of red and white. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted her crib to look like- white washed wood with a tiny red rosebud print bedding. Not a stitch of pink.
Needless to say when you have something that specific it just doesn’t work out as planned. By 8 months I had found everything I had wanted except for the bedding. There aren’t any RED rosebud prints out there, just pink. I looked in Babies’R’Us, Salvation Army, even fabric stores, despite the fact that I hadn’t even looked at a sewing machine in years.

As luck would have it, I found EXACTLY what I was looking for on eBay. It wasn’t bedding….yet….just 3 yards of fabric. So I dug out my old Singer and started stitching and I haven’t stopped since.

After I had my second daughter, Molly, I began Grosgrain to document the various dresses I began sewing for them. I have them to thank for my love of crafting. Perhaps someday they will do the same for their daughters too.

For this Mother’s Day, instead of giving your mom a broach, try a bouquet of perry, handmade poppies!
Back by popular demand it’s the Handmade Poppy Tutorial.
You can find all the details HERE.

Thank you Kathleen. You are truly a source of inspiration on so many levels!

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