Monster Faces with GUEST: Ruffles And Stuff

Today’s guest is your old friend from across the street.
She’s normally known for all things pink, lacey, ruffly, and girly. And for the past 6 months she’s been “out to lunch” (popping in here and there to share her amazing ideas). But today she’s helping us celebrate! I’m so happy to welcome Disney from the blog Ruffles and Stuff.
If you’ve never been to Ruffles and Stuff before, you really MUST stop by and just glance through her tutorial archives. It’ll have you running away from boy month with a new list of girly refashions! But don’t run too far because today she put the pink aside and made a totally cool BOY project for us.

And if you know anything about Disney, whatever she touches turns to gold. You ask her to help out and she gives you a 150% effort. I love Disney! And today she has a totally cool Monster pillow craft that any boy would love to play with, mix up, switch around, and scare his little sister with.
So let’s hear from Disney herself!
Plato said that of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable (Plato probably never had ferrets.) But yes, that’s a boy alright! Unmanageable, incorrigible, chaotic, unbridled, and, well…kinda messy. And what a sweet breath of fresh air they are! Growing up, I was the girliest-girl you ever met–all tea-parties and proper manners. I begged my mom to wear dresses every day, and I daydreamed of being old enough to wear high heels.

Now that I’m older?…I have a daughter, so I can relive my girlhood through her. When people walk into her room they inevitably say: “Wow. It’s really pink!” Indeed, her room is pink, my kitchen is pink, my craft room is pink, and…my…laundry room is pink. I’m one of those bloggers that contributes heavily to the problem of “not enough boy crafts!!” So I’m thrilled to death to set aside my bows and pink prints, and even my ruffles, to be part of the celebration and solution today!
I hoped to create something that would be pretty simple for you to make, but allow your boys to use as much creativity as you while playing with it. I hope you have fun together!
Long live monsters, messes, and mud pies….and sweet little boys, growing a little more like daddy every day.
And Dana-thanks a million times for having me over for the festivities!!

You’ll find the complete Monster Faces Tutorial HERE on Ruffles and Stuff.
Thank you Disney! We’re always happy to see you back on the block!
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