I’m on a podcast

Well this is fun. A podcast episode!
If you know me, you know I love to talk.
And if you don’t know me, you know I love to talk….or at least you’ve probably gathered that from my ramblings here on the blog.

So. Stephanie from Modern Sewciety and I chatted for 90 minutes.
And you can listen to it all here. (Or you can look up Modern Sewciety on your podcast app and listen to it that way too)

Stephanie was such a delightful host and really easy to talk to.
In the episode we chat about:
• growing up • how I learned to sew • technology • slime • tacos • how I got into fabric designing • and a whole lot more.  And if anyone can give me a hard figure on the number of times I said “like”—(I mean, holy moly)—you get a prize.
Lessons to learn: talk less like a Valley girl when doing professional podcasts.

Okay, come listen!
**Start 11 minutes into the podcast. That’s when we start chatting**
And thank you Stephanie for having me on! We need to have lunch together and pick up where we left off.
Maybe on a Tuesday. For tacos.

Check out my new collection of Day Trip fabrics HERE!

  1. 1) Jen

    Listened yesterday while I was in the long line to pick up my kiddos! LOVED it!!!

  2. 2) treen

    I might try tallying the “Like”s because my husband and I make a game of it when he’s on conference calls with the top boss of his office saying “Umm” … HA!

    Which pattern did you use for Clara’s taco top? I love the flow of it over the leggings! That’s perfect for how my girls like to dress.

    • 3) Dana

      Hahhaha. YESSSS. It’s good to hear ourselves recorded like that, to be aware of those things!
      The dress is a self-drafted thing I’ve been working on. So, sorry! I don’t have a pattern. But maybe one day!

  3. 4) Debbie S McPherson

    Love listening to you! I thought you sounded perfect 🙂

  4. 5) Maarya

    Thats awesome congrats!

  5. 6) Kim

    I LOVED the legging video! Thank you for sharing!
    Did you make the top you were wearing in the video? I really like that style. 🙂

  6. 7) Stephanie

    Loved getting to hear you talk about design. You said like 250 times, give or take a few ;). That’s exactly what happens to me when I try to talk to a crowd too, but I feel like it makes you sound more human and less like you’re talking off a script.

    • 8) Dana

      hahaha. Very good point. And anyone that knows me in real life, can attest to how often I use “like” in conversation as well 🙂

  7. 9) Amaranth Reed

    I really loved this podcast, and I have really enjoyed your YouTube videos! I really liked making things that you talk about!

  8. 10) Nolene Powell

    your absolutely amazing!
    I love listening to you, you make things look easy!
    your YouTube videos and podcast, keep them coming.
    by the way love love the new reversible bag.

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