Messenger Bag with GUEST: Ambrosia Girl

Today we welcome one of my favorite graphic designers:
Doesn’t that name just suck you in? Well her work will too because Jenn clearly has an eye (and love) for designing. She’s designs cards, signs, buntings,
Happy Tickets:
and she can throw a great Super Hero Party with capes and all (which is how I first heard of her):
Ambrosia Girl is a Graphic Designer by trade and her blog is full of design ideas, FREE downloads, and bits of her day-to-day California life.

A funny Dana/Ambrosia Girl story…..
Some of you have commented to me before, “though you don’t really know me I feel like I really know you from your blog!” Yep, I feel the same about the blogs I read. So one day I was thrift shopping in Ventura, Calif. and I noticed an adorable mom wrangling her two little boys down the street. I did a double-take on the two dark-headed boys. Then I looked at the mom again. Then, with hesitation (and fear of looking like a total weirdo), I stopped and asked, “are you Jenn from Ambrosia Girl?”
Yep! She was! And well, we chatted for 10 minutes. Bloggers unite. I love moments like those when you meet the real person behind the typing. Jenn is just as cool, hip, and cute in person as she appears in her blog. No facade. And thankfully, she didn’t think I was a weirdo.

Which was great since 5 months later, after moving to Texas, the same thing happened to me! But on the other end. We’d just left Target, I was loading kids in the car, and I felt someone watching us. The woman approached and (also with hesitation) asked, “do you have a sewing blog? called MADE?”
Yep! I do!
We also had a great chat and it made me more thankful for the amazing people we’re able to connect with through blogging. We may live close, we may live far. But we can share our talents and ideas with each other, all around the world. Totally cool.

Okay, sorry for the detour. Let’s get on with the BOY part of it, shall we? Ambrosia Girl is sharing something she calls “Semi hand-made” and I think it’s absolutely brilliant (and inexpensive!) We’ll let her share the details:
I have two little boys of my own, so I was pretty excited to hear about BOY Month, and doubly excited when Dana asked me to contribute.
I am a most-of-the-time, stay-at-home mother, and I say ‘most of the time’ because I recently started a new design job that requires me to go in once a week. On top of my already existing freelance work I do from home, I found myself working many hours — too many hours — on the computer. As a result, I developed a need to create with my hands. I found therapy in pen, paper, fabric, and glue, and even dusted off my sewing machine to do some projects for my boys.
So Dana’s challenge to put together a boy-related project came at the perfect time for me. I want to stress that my specialty is graphics and composition — sewing is not my strong suit by any means. So for those that are a little self-conscious about their sewing skills may appreciate this project that requires very little sewing as the basis of the project is a bag you purchase very inexpensively.
You’ll find Jenn’s complete Boy’s Messenger Bag Tutorial HERE on Ambrosia Girl. I need to buy me some of those Ammo Bags…

And if Freezer Paper Stenciling is up your alley, stayed tuned! We have some cool T-shirt designs coming very soon.

Or if you just can’t wait, go check out the retro car design happening here:

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