Merry 2016 Christmas Cards and a Happy New Year!


Happy New Year friends!
It’s always fun getting used to a new date, and new numbers, and re-writing a few checks because I put 2016 on there (if any of you even write checks anymore??)

But yay!  It’s 2017.  I hope you had a great December.
I spent most of the month NOT blogging—as you may have noticed—and just enjoyed spending time with the family.  We went on a road trip to Branson, MO, driving through Oklahoma and Arkansas.   And stopping at this stunning church was probably the highlight for me.  Wow.  What a gem.
I hope your family had some fun adventures as well.  And if you stayed inside with cookies and puzzles, that sounds perfect too.

As usual, I’m sharing our Christmas card in January.  But hey, at least it says Happy New Year on there right?
Or rather…a JUICY new year.
christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1-2 christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1-12The theme this year was Merry Picnic—because summer is my favorite season.
And because, everyone dressed up in gingham???
Is a YES. christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1-5I made the Everyday Neckties for the boys, an Anywhere skirt for me, this dress (which is similar to this dress) for Clara, and the rest we had in our closets.  I’ll have to do a follow-up post on the skirt because you know…..checkers! And clothes!

I really wanted to use this pic for the card…


Or this.
Real life
But you know it’s a tricky design balance, picking the right pic for the front, that coordinates with the back, and one of the pics should probably be a real “normal” pic.

So we went with this:
christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1-8 christmas-cards-on-made-everyday-1-9
Here’s how we’ve done our cards the past few years:
• My brother took our family pictures (free!)
• I designed the cards in Illustrator (sort of free)
• We printed using this template at Costco (great price).

And there you go!  It can get pricey sending cards out each year, which is why I love doing it this way.  And really,  I just love doing the Holiday Cards thing, and designing it, and addressing them (some years Lucy helps me, but this year she was busy with school projects).
You can see our cards from other years here:
2013 (tangerines), 2014 (merry red), 2015 (mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again…or rather, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas)
Of course I love receiving pictures and updates from our friends and family!  The wall of cards in the house is always a highlight for the holidays.

This year I tried some fancy lettering on some of the envelopes.  I didn’t do it on every card….but I wish I had time to because it’s GREAT handlettering practice!  I highly recommend it.

And just like that, it’s back to work and 2017.
This year I’ve got some patterns in the works, more fabric collections, and my new Fiesta Fun Fabrics are IN STORES now!  Check out the full line up here.
(Guess I need to do an updated post on that too).
I know my blogging life has morphed over the years and I’m not on here as much as I used to be.  But I still read and enjoy all your comments and try to respond back.  If there’s something you’d really like to see this year, let me know!
Happy New Year from our family to

  1. 1) Michelly Seidel

    HAPPY NEW YEAR WILLARDS! I love your Christmas card!

  2. 2) Michelle

    Such a fun Christmas card, Dana! You always have such fun and creative ideas! I have been a long-time reader (since Owen was a baby!), minimal-commenter, but I just love your blog…no matter how much or little you post, it’s always so joy-filled and FUN! I miss your house updates! Would love to see any un-shared rooms or updates to your awesome “new” house. Of course I love you sewing tutorials and videos, so keep those up. And I always LOVE your recipes. I know blogging is changing, but I’ve always loved yours and hope you stick around for a loooong time! =) Happy, juicy New Years!

    • 3) Steph

      Hey, how did you write the exact comment in my head? Haha. Really though, I’m a longtime reader too, and I love all the stuff you post. Just made the baby doll basket for my little girl for Christmas. Love your stuff Dana!

      • 4) Dana

        Thank you Michelle! And yes, I haven’t shared much home stuff lately. That’s a good idea! We actually did some fun stuff in the girl’s room that I need to share. Thanks for chiming in and for stopping by all these years 🙂

        • 5) Dana

          Haha, you’re so funny 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and chiming in Steph!

  3. 6) JUstine

    Happy new year! And congrats on your new fabric line. So darn cute.

  4. 7) Nancy Jo

    I love the old fashion names of Lucy and Clara! adorable. Your son is awesome too.

  5. 8) Lauren

    Oh gosh you guys are all SO dang adorable! How big is Lucy looking.. man. She is really growing up! SNIFF!

    • 9) Dana

      haha. I know right?! It makes me sniff a little too 🙂
      thanks for stopping by Lauren!

  6. 10) Mimi

    I LOVE the skirt in that pattern! So good! Awesome cards, as usual! 🙂

  7. 11) Jackie

    When did Owen get so tall? Gosh they are growing up! I guess kids do that. I know that is what I think when I look at my children. Love the card and the gingham. Adorable.

    • 12) Dana

      haha. Casey always tells the kids that they have a pact….that they’re not allowed to grow older than 8 years old. And somehow they keep breaking the pact. 🙂

  8. 13) Nancy c

    Gorgeous and colourful!! Always so clever Dana. Happy New Year ????

  9. 14) Cheryl

    Really great photos, each one made me happy! Have a wonderful 2017.

  10. 15) Caitlin

    What fabric did you use for your skirt?! I always incorporate gingham into my son’s Easter outfit, and would love to use a huge gingham print like that!

    • 16) Dana

      It’s an upholstery weight gingham I bought from…..I think it might be from Premiere Prints, but I can’t remember now!

  11. 17) Carly

    Did you make Lucy’s dress too? I love Clara’s dress as well! I love the card and gingham!

  12. 18) Donna

    Love your great humor and ideas. Beautiful fabrics. THank you for all you do.

  13. 19) Nikhat

    Hey DANA, A very happy new year to u , what a wonderful way to ring in the new year with all the beautiful people around. I was looking forward for ur new year card always a delight . Keep up the good work.

  14. 20) Julie

    I would love to make the gingham skirt for myself. I LOVE it! Can you share where the fabric came from?

  15. 21) Julie

    Just saw your previous comment about the gingham. Thanks for sharing!

  16. 22) Nisa

    Happy New Year Willards! Dana, you have such beautiful family and I adore the clothes you made for the photo shoot- particularly the dress on Lucy! Is there a pattern for that dress?

  17. 23) Kimberly

    Hi Dana!
    Cute outfits! Your sewing tutorials have been a lifesaver as I get my feet wet as a new sewist. I would love a tutorial on cutting large pieces of fabric.
    Again, thank you for such a fun blog!

  18. 24) Amanda

    I found your blog, and wanted to say THANK YOU! I got a sewing machine for Christmas – a lifelong dream- but was crippled with fear when it came time to use it. There are so many projects that I wanted to try, but where to start?! I have never sewed anything with a machine before! Naturally, I hit the internet and stumbled upon your blog and videos. Thank you for making such easy to understand videos and thoughtful posts. I have been binge watching (hey, you’re Netflix now!) your YouTube channel and am feeling more motivated, and less scared. I have even tackled some of your projects. Cheers to a happy 2017! Thank you!!

  19. 25) Kaleigh

    Dana – I’m just getting into brush pen calligraphy and I would love to know your favorite pen? Which one did you use for your letters? (I can’t make out the brand from the photo.)


    • 26) Dana

      Oh man, I need advice on that too!
      These are just REALLY cheap generic brand markers from our grocery store 🙂
      I think they cost $2!
      So I don’t have any good recommends there. Sorry!

  20. 27) Karen

    I have been sewing for my grandkids for some time now and making lots of skirts. The oldest 2 are in kindergarden this year and won’t wear a skirt if pants aren’t attached! Yikes, why not just put a pair of shorts on under the skirt….”No, Grandma!” Okay. It seems adding shorts with a gathered waist is too much around the waist. How can I incorporate a pair of shorts to the skirt without all that bulk. Thanks,

  21. 28) ashok

    Hi Dana !
    I found your blog. I wanted to thank you. Outfits are very cute. Recently i got a sewing machine; i love to sew but icrippled with fear when i was start. Many projects is there for trying myself but the problem is where to start.very recently i saw your blog and your tutorials are very simple and easy to done . I would love your tutorials of bag making and cutting fabrics, etc.,once again thank u for your vedios

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