Market: the sample spree

Thank you all for the fabulous Minnesota tips! Had no idea so many of you either lived here, had lived here, or just loved the mid-west. I’ve already tried out a few of your suggestions which means that…….yes! I made it! (and immediately fell in love with the huge airport and cool tram system). The moment I jumped on, however, we hit the end of the line and I jumped off. Quick ride. Just enough to take a pic.
After shuttle rides and checking in to the hotel, I finally met-up with this girl:
Hooray! We met in person! Of course I felt like a stalker when I spotted a cute brown haired girl in the hotel lobby and immediately ran over to her. Vanessa would have done the same? Makes me feel better.

So we chatted, laughed about how we were tangible people (instead of virtual personas), and then stood in this long line for an hour waiting for the Market Sample Spree to start.
But we had no problem killing time together, chatting about…..whatever.
and acting really dumb.

And eventually they opened the conference room doors.

Many of you are familiar with the International Quilt Market. But if you’re a newbie like me, here’s the 2 second lowdown….

It’s a huge convention/trade show where fabric designers/producers/companies, pattern makers, thread suppliers, etc. all share their latest lines and trends. And the first night of the Market is the sample spree where you can buy sample packs of the new stuff (before it’s released to the public.)

Fun right? Hundreds of other women thought so too:
Each designer had a table, with stacks of these:
Fat quarters, 1/2 yard bundles, etc.
This line from Art Gallery Fabrics was quite beautiful.
I thumbed through it a few times, wondering if I needed it, but eventually landed on a different bundle (down below)
I’m not a quilter and I’m really more of a simplistic sewer when it comes to fabrics (solids, stripes, basics) so it’s kind of funny that I’m here. But I enjoy getting a sneak peek on cool stuff and I also love people watching. And there was plenty of that. Women were overjoyed with their sample packs (visions of new quilt projects running through their minds).
and I bet you didn’t imagine, but yes! Men come to Market too! Brave souls.
Most of the big names were there. And those were the aisles that were hardest to walk through.
But I pushed my way to the front to snap photos of this lovely roll. Oh, the colors! I wouldn’t even want to open that. It should be an art piece sitting on your sewing studio shelf.
So what did I purchase? Well, I walked back to this line a few times, thumbing through it all and finally decided you can’t come here and NOT buy anything. So I went for it. I got this beautiful stack from Echino Fabrics, an imported line from Japan.
They are a linen/cotton blend (I adore linen) and well, they’re just fun to look at.
Each print comes in 4 color variations and all would make cool wall hangings or throw pillows for a couch.
Of course, I have no idea what I’ll do with them yet. But that’s what it’s all about when you’re a sewer. Grab the great stuff when you see it; then it’s in your stash for when you need it.
That’s a Day 1 wrap.
More Market posts to come…..

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