Makeup Brush Holder with GUEST: Freshly Picked

Today’s guest is a lady with crazy cool style. In fact you may remember her from Celebrate the BOY with her Skinny Jeans tutorial.
Please welcome Susan, from Freshly Picked.
Since we were only talking about boys last time Susan was here, I was bummed I couldn’t show you her beautiful girl items. But now we can oooo and ahhhh. Ready?

Need a cool bag? Wristlet? A crocheted cuff?
Freshly Picked is good mix of:
* Free tutorials (such as the Elastic Waistband Skirt for Mama and little girl)
* all sorts of gorgeous things she sells in her SHOP and at local bazaars
* Furniture restoration. She’s currently re-upholstering her entire couch. Can’t wait for the big reveal! But in the mean time, how about this cool bench she redid…..


* And of course items from her knitting needles:
Freshly Picked is a site I look forward to visiting. I know you will too.
And today Susan has a unique gift idea that many of us are in need of. Let’s hear from the Freshly Picked lady….

Most of the moments of my day are chaotic at best. We are busy at my house as I am sure everyone is. I have a very noisy 3.5 year old, who likes to hear herself talk and sing, but LOVES to hear herself yell. I have a 1 year son who I can’t seem to tell no, what is it about boys? We play, laugh, fight, make-up and love even more. I love my life.
Motherhood for me has always been defined by the sweet quiet moments that when I remember them, they make me cry. Like the first moment I met my daughter in a darkened hospital room. Her trying to focus her crossed-eyed eyes on life, opening and closing her mouth to taste the air around her. Or snuggling my sick daughter to sleep in the middle of the night while my swollen belly was awake with movements of my unborn son. When my daughter doesn’t think I’m watching and she plays nicely with her brother, even giving him half of her gummy bear. Or when my son is taking his nap and I sneak in on him to watch him breath.

These, these are the moments that I have written on my heart. I want my children to remember a happy home filled with love and acceptance. But I want to remember my children as they were when they first came to me, innocent and pure with a glimmer of a halo still visible above their sweet smelling heads.

For Mother’s Day I have a tutorial that many of you probably need…
Raise your hand if your makeup bag is messy, both hands if you have to dig through it to find your brushes? I do and have needed/wanted a brush holder for some time.
So I made one for myself, then I made one for my neighbor, and then one for my mom.

The process is so easy that you’ll probably just want to make one for everyone you know.

Brilliant Susan, just brilliant.
You can find the complete Makeup Brush Holder Tutorial HERE on Freshly Picked.

Have you seen Disney’s Family Tree Broach? Check it out:

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