"make it work!"

How did I almost miss the Season 8 premiere?!
I guess I’ve been watching too many Work of Art, Design Star, and Top Chef episodes. Do I need another Bravo-esque show in my line-up? Yes, yes I do. We are talking about Project Runway here. Yipee!!!
In case you were like me, thinking that the last season of Project Runway was so recent that we wouldn’t see a new season till the fall….well, it’s here! So don’t miss it! Tomorrow night 7/29 (Thursday night) on Lifetime at 9pm EST.

If you’re new to the show, PR is a definite watcher.
17 designers, given a weekly challenge (though I think they work on a day-to-day basis. exhausting), and after the runway show a designer is “out” (in a Heidi Klum accent). You get to watch all sorts of cool creations unfold….
I still wish I had this dress on the right (and the left):
So don’t miss it! I wish we all lived closer and could have a fun PR premier party. My husband is good viewing company (and has a non-gay man crush on Tim Gunn, I’m convinced) but watching the show with sewing friends would be totally good times.

Okay, see ya tomorrow.

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