MADE Everyday VIDEO: Placemat Bibs!

Remember those quick little placemat bibs I made for Clara?
Back when she a wee little one?

Well she’s still wee.
And she’s still messy.
So I still have bibs lying around.

And so, I turned the project into a MADE Everyday episode!
Hooray for VIDEO!….which means you get to see this little girl in action.  It’s Clara come to life.
Seriously friends.  This project is one of my all-time favorites!
For about $1, I’ll show you how to turn a placemat:

Into this:

(baby and banana not included)
(and will take more time to make)

In the video I’ll even show you the PROPER way for sewing-on Bias Tape, which you’ve seen in my detailed tutorial here.  But seeing in video makes it all come together.  And you’ll get to brush up on your ribbing neckline skills which we worked on in the T-shirt video.

Just hit the PLAY button below and enjoy!

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  1. 1) Kristy

    Hi Dana! This is such a fabulous tutorial. I need to watch it in full when I get home from work. Quick question… where do you buy your ribbing from? Anywhere online? I live in the boonies and have been looking for some. I cannot seem to find a place with a good selection of colors. Thanks!

  2. 2) Debbie

    Awesome tutorial

  3. 3) tukimu

    great! thanxxx

  4. very very cute!! I will have to keep my eye out for placemats like that ;o)

  5. Fantastic. I got a couple hand-me-down bibs similar to this style, but it looks like more of a dish towel fabric (and were store bought, not made). I love using them with my big toddler occasionally, and I love the ribbing on the neck. Baby #2 is on her way, so I may need to whip up a few of these for when she gets too smart to pull off the easy velcro bibs! 🙂

  6. I love fearless sewing — very little measuring, eyeball it and go for it — and you MADE this fearless baby bib extremely easy and so much fun. I’m going to be zipping through the dollar store looking for placemats. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. 7) Lizzy

    Great tutorial! I don’t have small kids but I have nieces

  8. You have such an eye for creating something fun out of something ordinary!
    Those are so cute!
    LOVE your videos!

  9. 9) Lisa

    Clara looks beautiful. You should definitely have at least five more kids. Beautify the world. Think of all the sewing you could do for them!

    • 10) Dana

      hahaha. you are so sweet. Thanks Lisa!

  10. 11) Kat Chavez

    I love these videos they really put the tutorials together for me! ANd lookie there, there is a t-shirt video. I can’t believe I missed it the first time around 🙁 can I blame it on my own messy wee one.

  11. 12) Terri Miller

    LOVE your videos…I love the way you teach, so simple and easy to follow. Thank you!

  12. 13) Heidi L

    Keep the tutorials coming! I had forgotten about these bibs. I’ll be on the lookout for cute placemats next time I’m out thrift shopping. They would make really great baby gifts!

  13. Great tutorial, very clear instructions in making the baby bibs. You are wonderful to watch, love your energy.

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