How to make Bias Tape

Welcome back to MADE Everyday, with Dana!
Today’s episode features my all-time favorite sewing item.
You know where I’m going with this….
Wait for it.
Wait for it.

That’s right!  We’re talking about Bias Tape!…..because bias tape is something I sew with ALL the time.  You can use it on a Baby Doll Basket, Kid Shorts, Diaper cover, a Baby Tank, as a skirt trim.  Endless ideas.

And even though you can buy it in the store, it’s just as easy to make your own, with any fabric you like.

There are different ways to make bias tape.  And this is the method that makes the most sense in my brain.  I’ve shared a detailed tutorial about bias tape here and instructions for sewing with it here.

But let’s get personal about it.
I love a good one-on-one chat….and some good tunes (have I mentioned the fun music in these videos?)

So come bop your head around and learn why cutting on the bias is important and how to make your own tape.

Okay.  Are you biased?  I hope so.
In a good way.
I mean, just hit play.  (Or if it isn’t working, click here.) And enjoy!

(If you prefer a photo tutorial instead of a video, check out this post.)

  1. 1) Kere

    You are so cute!
    Thanks for that tutorial!
    I”ve read many on BT….but now with seeing you fold it, I’m ready!
    (Isn’t there some crazy way to fold it…that intimidates me 🙂 )

    I love that you can get so much BT from one fat quarter. HA, thanks for one more excuse to buy fat quarters!


  2. 2) Marilyn

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. Now I will have no fear in making the bias tape, you make it easy and fun.

  3. Awesome, Dana. Now I just need to find those kinds of bias tape makers. The only ones I have seen in stores go with some type of machine to make the tape, not what I want. Love your videos.

    • 4) Andrea

      Jackie! I just picked up the exact one she was using and the 1/2″ bias tape (single fold) maker from walmart.. both were in the same package for $10… I was so excited, because I had just been to Joanns that same day and they didn’t have 😀

  4. 5) Jennifer

    Thanks; it’s wonderful to have your video tutorial. I’ve put off making bias tape for far too long; seeing the visual was just what I needed!

  5. 6) Sarah J.

    Thank you, Dana! I’ve been a bit scared to try making bias tape so this was super helpful! Not scary at all 🙂

  6. 7) Jenny

    I am loving these videos! You make it look so easy.

  7. Thanks so much for another lovely video. I bought a bias tape folder last year, but haven’t used it yet. I’ve read loads of tutorials on how to make bias tape, but I’ve never actually made any yet. Next time I’m at the fabric store I’m going to stock up on some cute fabrics and make a stash of tape. I think I’d be so much more likely to use it, if I already had the tape made up.

  8. This is the first video of yours that I watched. I may be a bit biased, but… Dana, you rock the videos girl! I love the music and your quick no nonsense teaching style. I feel like I’m just sitting there with my friend Dana learning how to make some bias tape. Now that I’ve seen the video I will definitely be getting the little bias maker gadget and making my own. Thanks for sharing this in video format.

  9. 10) craftygramma

    Hey, Dana!
    Thanks for another great video. I watch your vids to make sure I got your tuts right, and so far, so good! It’s really super to have you as a resource for my 5 year old granddaughter’s clothes. The teachers call her the fashionista. Btw, did you make your dress? It is adorable… (hint, hint)
    ps – thanks to you I have a basket full of homemade bias tape, and a special bin for fabric to become bias tape!

  10. 11) Kari

    That was a GREAT video! No matter how many times I’ve read it either online or in a book, it always seemed confusing, but this video was very quick & easy to understand! Thanks a bunch!

  11. 12) Terri Miller

    Love the video…thank you! So helpful!!

  12. 13) Amy Draughon

    Thank you Dana! I have been making bias tape wrong for so long! I had no idea about the purpose of cutting on the bias/45 angle! No wonder i get frustrated when my necklines don’t lay flat 🙂 i need to get a bias tape maker – hand ironing it takes too long!

  13. 14) Nancy

    You are the cutest, how many takes does it take to make your videos? You are so peppy and organized, I love it! I used your tutorial back in the day when I made my first bias tape for a baby hooded towel that turned out so darn cute! It felt awesome to be able to do that, thanks for all the time you spend helping us readers out 🙂

  14. 15) Sarah Jo

    Great tutorial! Did you make your dress, too? (And these spam comments are a hoot!)

  15. 16) KKann

    I love Your blog.
    Love from Norway – KKann

  16. 17) Katy Roberson

    Love these videos Dana! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Loved the video! My 4 year old always plays with my bias tape maker. He watched the whole video with me and now wants to go make some bias tape!

  18. 19) Nicole J.

    I am inspired! I’ve got a crazy amount of wild fabric left over from projects that I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Killer bias tape it is 🙂

  19. 20) Hannah

    Lovely, thanks! Have you actually repainted your wall for each new video?

  20. 21) Sydney

    Making bias tape always seemed so daunting to me….you make it look so easy and fun that I’m going to try it! I love that you used a fat quarter. Those come in such cute and fun patterns and are a great deal when they go on sale. Thanks so much for this amazing tutorial!! I love your video series!

  21. Egads! I love the videos Dana! Fantastic addition to the blog. This tutorial was so easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much.

  22. 23) Karen

    Love it, thanks! Love also your backgrounds, what did you do to have different color backgrounds for all your videos?!

  23. Awesome video as always. Keep ’em coming!

    May I suggest the next video be how to sew a zipper?


  24. 25) Ashley

    I love all these videos so so much! Can’t wait for the next one.

  25. 26) Bridget

    I love your videos and I too would like to know what pattern your adorable blue dress is! Please share!

  26. I have to be honest. I don’t love to make bias tape but you make it look so fun! I need to get on board, because the plain colors in the stores don’t always cut it for me.

  27. 28) Erin

    Your creativity is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so willingly. You break things down in a way that is easy to follow- a natural teacher. Thank you!

  28. I’m so not trying to be annoying, but I’m so excited for your First Day Dress!! I check everyday to see if you’ve released it! It looks like the perfect dress for my baby girl and I absolutely love your patterns! Can you tell me when it might be available??? Sorry if I’m being pesty!

  29. This is a great video! Thanks! Now I am inspired to go get one of those bias tape makers at the store. Looks so easy and fun!

  30. 31) Ng Lay Yen

    Hi, may I know which are the most commonly used bias tape maker sizes ? I am thinking of getting a few for a start. Thanks !

    • 32) Dana

      I like to make 1/2 inch wide, double-fold bias tape, so you need to buy a 1-inch wide bias tape maker to do that (there’s more info about that in the video….)

      • 33) Ng Lay Yen

        Thank you !

  31. 34) Naomi

    Although I’ve been an avid follower for a long time that was the first video I have watched and I loved it! Bright and cheery (as always) and clear & easy to understand. Thank you, I’ll definitely be back to watch more 😀

  32. 35) Sara

    I recognize that bias tape! Fun tutorial. I had no idea that bias meant anything, I always assumed you just cut normal fabric into straight strips. Glad I haven’t attempted it before!

  33. 36) Angela S

    Thank you! I now feel ready to try out the bias tape maker that has been languishing in my sewing corner. I was never quite sure what to do with it before:) Excellent tutorial!

  34. Loving all your videos, Dana! So fun and easy. And makes sewing all alone in the middle of the night less lonely 🙂 I also love, love, LOVE this dress your wearing in this video! Is it vintage? Did you make it??
    Quick question…do you press your seams open before putting your strip through the bias tape maker? I always have but if you don’t maybe i can save a step…:)

    • 38) Dana

      No, don’t worry about pressing your seams. Everything will get pressed once you run it through the bias tape maker. Saves a step!

  35. Great video Dana!! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll have to buy a bias tape maker. I feel like bias taping everything now ;o)

  36. 40) Suzanne

    Hi Dana. This video is the best! I’ve been struggling watching all the Pinterest tut’s and now I get it, I was working with way too much fabric.
    I do have a question though. Because I am making some for friends also, does it need to prewashed / pre-shrunk?

    • 41) Dana

      yes! Always prewash/dry your fabric!

  37. 42) Chris

    Bias tape hand held makers are in the quilting section of Joanns.
    Now- why the put it there no idea other than they are pretty cheap $15.99 for 3 sizes, plus they were on 50% off…winner winner for me.
    Love love love them, easy custom and buckets of fun.

  38. 43) kid

    I am a kid and I don’t know how to sew,But Dana teached me little bit.

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