Sew a Pillow, 2 ways

Hello friends!
We’re back!

And today we’ve got a brand new episode of MADE EVERYDAY with Dana—a fresh new sewing show, where we create cool things using everyday items.

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And thank you for your fabulous response to the first episode.  I’m so happy you love it and that you’re ready for more!
Today we’re talking about…..
That’s right.   A throw pillow is one of the easiest things to sew and it’s one of the easiest ways to redecorate a room.  So if you’re a beginner sewer, this episode is for YOU.  And if you’re an advanced sewer it’s for you too!  Come along and pick up a new trick.  I’ll show you how to sew a pillow TWO different ways.
Just hit the play button below.

  1. oh my word that was SO fun and cute to watch!! You are doing such an awesome job with these videos..and now I want to sew a zillion pillows. 🙂

  2. 2) Katy Roberson

    Love it! I already know how to sew pillows, but I watched it anyway because I just love your blog! And by the way, if you put on the subtitles it’s pretty hilarious. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing talents!

  3. 3) Kimberly

    This is great! I love it!

  4. 4) Caryn

    Love the new video tutorials. I just moved and wanted to recover the pillows on my couch to add a little pop of color. Definitely going to try your second method!

  5. Perfectly timed Dana – I have planned to make a pillow case this weekend! Love what you are doing and love love the changing colour of the back wall! You’re super creative!

  6. 6) Bridget

    LOVE it. The format of your videos is great and engaging and even though I knew how to do the envelope back, you made it seem so easy that I want to go make one or 5 right now.

  7. 7) Jen

    I know how to make slip covers, but I had to watch it any way. You are so cute! And you make it look so easy. I wish I could sew with the same speed you sew.

  8. I loved this video. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for taking the time to make it! P.S. LOVE your studio space

  9. 9) Alison

    Totally adorable! Well done and so professional.

  10. 10) Catherine V.

    Oh wow! Now you just created a new need 😉

  11. Wow, your video was amazing! I’ve made these before, but my cut edges never look straight like yours. Fantastic!

  12. This helped me soo much! Im still making the kids Godmom Christmas gift (oops) which is a throw pillow cover. I struggled with the size to cut. So smart. Thank you! Plus I printed out a phrase on my sillouette and forgot to flip it. So i was upset for a minute, then realized that she would love a backward phrase… Anyway, great video! Looking forward to more. You’re so comfortable in front of the camera.

  13. 13) Lisa Clark

    I love your videos!! MORE!! 🙂

    • 14) Dana

      there should be another one up in 2 weeks!

  14. 15) Marilyn

    Love it! So easy. Thanks Dana. I really love that you are doing these videos.

  15. OK Could you be cuter??!!
    BTW I love your twisty hair.
    What a great video!

  16. I just made a pillow sham last weekend for a 16×16 pillow but cut the fabric 17X17 for the front. It seemed a little loose, so next time I will try the 16×16 to get a tighter fit like you recommend.
    It was such a cute video to watch and the subtitles are pretty hilarious. You have a camera-ready personality, and I love the varying camera angles.

    Do you think you’ll do a video on how to make a pillow sham with a zipper???

  17. 18) Ellen Magers

    Love this…and it’s perfect timing…I’m making pillows this weekend! I have made them before, using both methods but I learned a few things that will help my pillows fit the form better. Thanks!

  18. 19) Bree

    Dana, I just love the fabric you used making the second pillow! I’d love to know where you bought it. Also, what’s the seam allowance when sewing around both of the pillows? Many thanks!

    • 20) Dana

      Thanks Breanna!
      The striped fabric is from IKEA (they no longer carry the tangerine orange color but they do have it in a dark red-orange right now). The floral print is a home dec fabric from Joanns.

      • 21) Dana

        oh and the seam allowance is 3/8 inch or a 1/2 inch. Both will work 🙂

      • 22) Bree

        Thank you so much! I’m hoping to find that groovy fabric at Joanns tomorrow! It’s so fun to actually hear your voice after reading your blog for so many years. Thanks again!

  19. 23) RaeLyn

    OK, I think it’s official that you are probably one of the most talented people ever! Your video was awesome, super fun to watch, very informative, and a great fresh format! Not the typical “crafty” you-tube (done in someone’s basement). It looks totally professional…but then again, everything you do looks professional. Thanks for sharing so much of “you” with “us” and leaving a wave of inspiration wherever you go!

  20. DANA!! What the heck?! First of all, that is not your voice. Haha. And second, you were born to be on TV!!! I can’t believe you! This was too perfect.

  21. Just had to say how much I loved the videos!!! You really did a fantastic job with every aspect! Can’t wait to see more! =)

  22. I love everything about this. The sewing room, your look, the choice of fabrics, your personality on camera – great job. I love that orange and white stripes!

  23. 27) Grace Quijano

    OMG!!! You are like the coolest eveeer!!! I’ve read your blog for quite some time and loved it!!! And now your videos are the cherry on top of the ice cream lol
    Please do more videos they are great!!!
    Thank you for the tips =)

  24. 28) Jenny Egbert

    LOVED IT!! Who knew a pillow sham was so easy? That will be my method from now on. Thank you. 🙂

  25. 29) Danita Courtney

    Another AWESOME Video! Keep them coming we love them! (Great fabric colors too!)

  26. 30) Rebekah

    I have always wanted to learn how to make a pillow sham. I like to switch out pillows for the seasons too.
    (Love your videos!!, but sometimes the music drowns out your voice.)
    Thanks again!

  27. 31) Julie C

    GREAT videos !!! I know that you gave the size to cut the material, but how much would I need to purchase at the fabric store ?

    Thanks !!!

  28. 32) h

    really great video. taught me what i need to know. one tiny hint – when you’re saying good-bye at the end, you should be looking into the camera. that would be warmer and more connecting with the viewers. keep up the great work!

  29. 33) Felicity @ Our Little Beehive

    I’m already well-versed in pillow making, but I watched the entire video anyway. I loved it! Favorite part was definitely the end with the kiddos having a slow-mo pillow fight 🙂

  30. 34) Susan

    I’ve been enjoying your blog but I have just a few pieces of constructive criticism. I’ve watched both videos now and I must say that I don’t care for the shots of the 3/4 profile view of you talking off in space. It’s like you are speaking to someone else other than me, your viewer. I think this would be better if you simply spoke at “us” your audience. I mean after all we are learning something here. Think of it like in school where the teacher addresses the class head on, not off to the side. As an artist I totally get that this is a photographic style and it’s meant to be interesting etc…but I think it does the opposite here because you are explaining something and trying to teach something to someone. You want to hold your audience’s attention and by looking off it’s distracting. I wonder, who is she talking to if not me? Also, without knowing you, your gestures or how you speak as this is only the second time I have seen these videos I suggest slowing down your words and speech when you speak. You are speaking a little fast which makes me think you are probably nervous. This is totally normal if this only your second time doing this, you’ll get more relaxed and comfortable in speaking in front of a camera as time goes on. An example of this is at the end when you direct people to your website you just blow through it and it sounds run on. You want to end your episode strong by holding onto your viewers attention to the very end. It just dropped off at the end. Keep it up and Good Luck to you. 🙂

  31. 35) Sarah

    Great video! It makes me want to make more pillows…which I don’t need according to my husband. One thought for a next video would be to mention back stitching when you start and stop. A newbie sewer might not catch you doing that. Can’t wait to see what you make next!

  32. 36) Elise

    Um. This is FABULOUS!!

  33. 37) Laura

    Love this. Great, clear directions, good pace. Now I want to go make a pillow!

  34. 38) Lilach

    So nice to hear you, your personality shines!

  35. 39) Sílvia

    Love the new wall color! And everything else too 🙂

  36. 40) Petra

    Amazing video. You have a loyal fan in Belgium from now on! I hope you continue with more videos in the future…
    There’s an even faster way to sew a pillow if you use 1 rectangle and fold both sides inwards and have them overlap a couple of inches. This way you don’t have a seem all the way around, but it works perfectly with pattern fabrics because the pattern just keeps going.
    Anyways, I have enjoyed your blog for a couple of months now and look forward to the inspiring video entries!

    Greets, Petra from Antwerp

  37. 41) Clover

    So cute! Your voice is different than I thought it would be:-)

  38. 42) Judy

    Love, love your new video series…Can’t wait for more! You might be snatched up by HGTV before you know it…

  39. 43) Alana Hameluck

    Hi Dana! I think your new videos are so great! I’m a big fan of your blog and love to see all your great creations. I was just wondering if you’ll be doing more videos for intermediate/advanced serging techniques. You sew with such ease and simplicity, and I’m sure you will have a huge following.

    • 44) Dusanka

      Incredibly easy and useful! Thank you!

    • 45) Dusanka

      Incredibly easy and useful! Thank Incredibly easy and useful! Thank you! You’re wonderful! I am very happy that you exist!you!

    • 46) Dusanka

      Incredibly easy and useful! Thank you! You’re wonderful! I am very happy that you exist!

  40. 47) sheila

    Oh my gosh- you are AWESOME!!!! This is the easiest tutorial I’ve seen for sewing- so clear and simple and fun. Thank you! I’m gonna go make 100 pillows right now! (I know I could do it!) So looking forward to more of your videos!

  41. 48) Dusanka

    Incredibly easy and useful! Thank you!

  42. 49) Dusanka

    Incredibly easy and useful! Thank you! You’re wonderful! I am very happy that you exist!

  43. Although I already know how to sew an infinity of pillow styles I had to watch your video. Your so fun!!! Keep them coming!!!
    Btw- did you use decals to change the gray blocks color on your back wall to turquoise? Or did you paint them?

  44. 51) Mary Kay

    Loved It!! And the pillow fight at the end was just the best!!

  45. Dana, you are so great! I just had time to watch your first video–totally awesome. You are so cute and the video is so well done! Congrats on this new venture and I wish you all the best!

  46. 53) Melanie P

    I love it Dana! This is really great! You make cutting a perfect square look so easy, why does it always take me forever to get it perfect? I am going to try your technique! I hate to sound critical, but I thought I would bring it up– there is a small typo in your title, I think you meant to say “Everyday” not “Everday” 🙂 Keep the videos coming, they are great!

  47. 54) Jill

    Thank you! You rock!

  48. Dana,
    Your video tutorial was fabulous. I have always thought that your written ones were always well done. I am really excited you are doing video tutorials. Thanks for all the effort you put into them.

  49. 56) Courtney L

    Thanks, Dana! I loved the last video, but I think I like this one even more!

  50. 57) Terri Miller

    I LOVE your videos! And, you inspired me to recover my outdoor pillows…they were so easy thanks to your tutorial! I had so much fun making them. Thank you so much for your blog…and the video tutorial!!

  51. 58) Penny

    I finally had time to watch your second video – loved everything about it – modern – upbeat – superb – and fun to watch…and learn!! I, too, love the color block on the back wall – very cool. YOU ARE SO COOL!!! thanks for another great video and your great blog. have a great day.

  52. Cute! Looking forward to your dress pattern, hopefully soon

  53. 60) ira lee

    love it!!! i love watching these videos, i was instanly hooked! you always look beautiful and very comfortable in front of the camera!

  54. Thanks for the Pillow instructions. I love the designs of pillow you shared here!

  55. 62) Deb Quilts

    Please don’t sew over pins! Hitting a pin with a needle can cause the pin and needle to break, might send them into your face and can cause expensive damage to your machine and can damage the hook around the bobbin. You will have to take the machine in for service and hope they can replace the part and on an expensive machine it may cost more than $100 just for the hook. The machine won’t sew correctly with a damaged hook. Don’t let the viewers think it it OK to sew over pins. Slow down and take them out!

    • I didn’t know you had to take them out? Thanks for the tip!

  56. This video is amazing! So well done! I could take my eyes off of it and I can already see a pillow, but your fun personality just sucked me in! Congratulations on this cool new project Dana!

  57. Hi!
    Let me say your tutorial are terrific! I simply felt in love with them! *__*
    I also have a sewing-blog both in Italian and english and I think I’m going to suggest your tutorials at all.

    keep with your fantastic work! 😉


  58. Pillows are one of the easiest projects to sew, but I always kept postponing it! just watching your tutorial made me jump in straight away and here’s how they came out. Thanks so much! I love your tutorials :-)

  59. 68) kari

    Hey Dana, I came to your site for a quick glance at the formula for dimensions, but I don’t really want to watch the video to find them. Maybe you’ve already started doing this, but could you include text instructions to go along with your videos? Just an idea. Thanks!

  60. 69) JAnina c.

    Silly question…. would one use the same direction if I wanted to make a cover for a couch cushion (not throw pillow?) Toddler+sharpie+couch=no Bueno! :). Thanks!

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