Lunar Eclipse from our Texas deck

Holy cow!
The Harvest Moon + Super Moon + Lunar Eclipse combo last night was outstanding!

And we caught it just at the right moment, on a bit of a whim.
Like the first time we saw the Austin bats….just hanging out on a deck and looked up to see a stream of black, painting the sky.

We thought the eclipse was going to be later around 11pm/midnight.  But around
9:30pm Central time, Casey walked out on the back deck and he immediately knocked on the window for me to come out.
And there she was, all gorgeous in her red gown….like she was going to Homecoming or something.

So I grabbed my camera and tripod and snapped as best as I could.
It was hard to grab focus because the moon itself was so dark.  But here you go.  From our Austin, TX backyard.
Canon 60D, 300mm zoom lens, f 5.6, ISO 800
I especially love the little scatter of stars.

How vast is our universe.  How small is our own little world.
Another great reminder of the larger picture.

And just like that around 11pm, it was back to white.

And I hate to sound so silly by simplifying the obvious….but Space is truly amazing and fascinating!  Just like the internet.  And the human heart.  And cotton candy.

Were you able to see the moon last night??
I loved the shots from the west coast, with a pink moon floating in a pale sky of blue.  So cool!

  1. Some ours later we were able to see how the earth slid between the sun and the moon and there she/he was: the bloodmoon!
    We live in Belgium, Europe and at 4:00 am we were sitting on the terrace, watching the spectacle with a blanket and a hot chocolate (it was rather cold outside).

  2. 2) Agnese Čakša

    We had this sight at 5 in the morning here in Latvia!

  3. 3) Ivana

    Thank you for sharing. Such a fabulous pictures!
    We had eclipse at 3am local time (Czech republic, central Europe) – so I was sleeping 🙂

  4. 5) Gina S

    I’m so jealous!! It was cloudy in Tennessee and we couldn’t see it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 7) bdais

    We are total space nerds over here. We were SO absolutely bummed out! Just as the moon was coming up over the horizon, a big storm moved in and stayed socked in until…well it actually hasn’t left yet! We were all extremely disappointed to have missed it…with a side of relief that it didn’t distract us from the Bronco’s game, and a jump for joy that the weather finally feels like fall rather than summer. 😉

    • 8) Dana

      Aw MAN! So sorry!!! Well, hopefully in 2033 you’ll have clear skies 🙂

  6. 9) Lauren

    Such great pictures! Unfortunately our sky in Georgia was all cloudy, so we weren’t able to see a thing. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  7. That photo is so cool! I watched the moon for a bit while it was dissapearing (about 9:10 EST). But I had to get to bed early last night, plus it was pretty cloudy and it was hard to see anything really. I wish I would have had a good camera to get a shot of what I did see. But I only had my Note 4 and my Canon Point and Shoot. So thanks for sharing your photo so I can see what I missed. :o)

  8. 12) Jody

    Awesome photos! We had clouds so saw no blood moon.

  9. 13) JessK

    Great shot! Up here in Dallas it was party cloudy. We got to see it, but it didn’t look nearly as red.

  10. 14) Gwen

    Thanks for sharing your great pics! We got shut out by clouds up here in Brampton, Ontario. We were so exited to see the event, then nothing but clouds. So we thought we’d watch the big NASA Mars news today and the satellite went down. So disappointing for us space freaks! LOL!

  11. 15) Wendy

    The moon does NOT rotate in an hour.

  12. 16) Dawn Jones

    I live in Indiana and was unable to see it because of cloud cover. So thank you so much for posting a pic, it is beautiful.

  13. We watched it on the East Coast at 10 pm but only have our phones for cameras. So no pictures. It was really cool! Love your shots – thanks for sharing!

  14. 18) gail

    I so wanted to see the 4th. Blood Moon but here in the southeast it’s been raining for days but your shots are absolutely beautiful. Thank You for sharing them with those of us who didn’t get the chance to see it in person.

  15. Great pix!! It was cloudy here in NJ so I couldn’t see it, but the clouds were a reddish color and I met a deer in my front yard.

    • 20) Dana

      haha. Well it sounds like a night well spent!

  16. These are the best pictures I have seen yet! I can’t believe you got them with just your camera and tripod!

    We had fun watching it with the kids and neighbors. Perfect.

  17. 22) Lynne Tilley

    Wow, fabulous picture! We are in Dallas but it was so cloudy we couldn’t get a clear shot. Thanks for sharing yours!! Space is awesome!!

  18. Aww, jealous! We tried to watch it but it was SUPER hazy and cloudy in South Austin 🙁 Not even worth it, really.

  19. It was raining here in Florida, so I couldn’t see it! I was so disappointed 🙁 But those are some awesome pics!

  20. 25) Juanita in OH

    WOW, your photos are fabulous! I appreciate you sharing them because we missed/forgot it. I LOVE the bat décor, it really looks nice. Also, thank you for the other links, you are so thoughtful. TFS

  21. You got such GREAT pictures of it! Those are the best I’ve seen on the interwebs. Hubs and I stepped outside before bed to see (we’re just 45 minutes south of you in LaVernia) and we caught it just as it started and thought it was cloudy (neither one of us can get by without distance glasses). It’s 5:00am right now and hubs just lumbered by and I showed him your pics. He said, “Huh, I guess it wasn’t cloudy like we thought.” 🙂

    And the stars at night ARE big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!

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