Lucy’s baby blanket

A couple weeks ago we got stuff down from the attic, looking for Halloween supplies. And deep in one of the boxes was Lucy’s baby blanket.
It made me smile.
It still fit around her little girl body.
And reminded me of simpler times.

I made this blanket almost 5 years ago, before the thought of blogging even crossed my mind and my photos were from a small point-and-shoot Canon. My sewing time (and project list) were minimal then.
And I loved making these blankets.
For a while, they were my go-to baby shower gift.
I’m sure many of you have made similar faux-chenille blankets (similar to the square rag quilts).

Basically, there is one core fabric on the bottom (this blanket is my favorite of others I’ve made because the core fabric is super soft corduroy paisley…Michael Miller I think? It’s just cute). The other side is made of 4 layers of cotton fabrics. You sew evenly spaced diagonal lines across the entire blanket and then cut the top cotton fabrics between each line. The goal is to create small seams of fabric that will fray and become super soft like chenille.
Work carefully so you don’t poke holes in the core fabric as you cut (done that; on this blanket in fact). When you’re done cutting, throw it in the wash and all those cotton lines will start to fray up real nice. The blanket gets better with every wash.
I finished it off with a border of soft faux fur (which makes me love the blanket even more).
And when Lucy was just a babe, it was the perfect thing to spread on the floor, while she rolled around and played with toys.
You’ll find the detailed tutorial for the blanket HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):

I’m not sure how this:
and this:
turned into this:
But I guess that happens. I sure feel blessed to know Lucy the almost-5-year-old just as I knew her tiny baby self. Sometimes when she looks at me with those big blue eyes I picture her baby face all over again.

  1. Thanks so much for these tutorials! I am making on of these now. It is my third sewing project on my own since I got a sewing machine at Christmas! I am making a blanket for my soon to be born nephew. I’d love to make it with the “Fur” around the edge, but without a tutorial, I am completely clueless as to how to do that! Can you give me any tips?

  2. 2) Daiana

    I was wondering how to make the corners on this quilt. The tutorial shows rounded corners and this one has right angle corners. I really love this quilt with the straight corners. Please help!

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