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We’ve been looking through old photos on the computer and wow….it’s deja vu to look down at Clara and see that same little face staring up at me—the same one I saw with Lucy and Owen.

It’s fair to say: our kids definitely look alike.
I think Clara looks most like Owen, with Lucy’s eyes.
But I’ll let you be the judge.
Guess who?
(it’s probably easy to tell)
And we’re kicking ourselves for not taking a photo like this of Clara in the classic hospital blanket. I was so excited about the”normal” blankets I brought to the hospital for photos that I forgot to swaddle her up like Lucy (left) and Owen (right).
Oh well, you get the idea. It would have been the same picture but with more hair.
Here they are now.
Three little munchkins.
Clara and I were hanging out in Lucy’s room while Lucy and Owen played. And one at a time they left their toys to come over to play with us, which was so sweet. A bright-eyed newborn is more exciting than a dollhouse. And who can resist the soft yellow blanket? (compliments of Katy Dill. I’ll share more on that later).

I guess I’ll never have a red-headed baby or green-eyed brunette with ringlets.
But I’m happy with our carbon copy (and her non-CC personality).
Who will this little girl be?
Oh, and in case you need answers from Guess Who?…
It’s Clara, Owen, and Lucy (left to right)

  1. oh they are so sweet. i love love the darling pics of them in their hospital blankets, they looks so peaceful and sweet. šŸ™‚

  2. For some reason I really wanted my kids to be carbon copy babies but my boys were very different…so different that when my second was born I was shocked at how little he looked like his big brother.

    Carbon copy or not your kids are adorable!

  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing these. They are making me so excited to meet my 1st little one due in August. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hot July!

  4. I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over, but your kids are so beautiful! It’s like you guys just found the right look and stuck with it for all three šŸ™‚


  5. Clara and Owen do look a lot alike!! My first two we thought looked a lot a like, then came my third and looks way more alike my second!! You and your Hubby just have good genes that make adorable children!! :o)

  6. so beautiful! i only have two, both boys, and they may have looked a like when they were born but they look so different to me anyway. and their personalities are just opposite. first boy is high strung, sensitive, very smart, emotional. he is almost 4. second boy is all smiles and laid back, a real charmer and goofball. he’s smart too, but he doesn’t have many words yet. he’s 20 months. they grow too fast. your little baby doll is so cute. it looks like the older ones are enjoying her, too.

  7. Gorgeous! I did the same thing when my second was born. It’s so fun to see how their faces start changing as they get older!

  8. 9) ira

    the baby pictures are so tricky, they are all look so much alike! I love all the names you pick for them! šŸ™‚

  9. Such fun pictures of your kids! Thanks so much for sharing.

    When we adopted our son, he looked so unfamiliar to me because I had been so used to looking at my oldest’s (also adopted) face as “my baby.” Then when we were able to get pregnant and #3 was born, she also looked so unfamiliar to me because she looked completely different from either of “my babies.” We’re expecting #4 now, and I’m curious to see if he will look more familiar to me since he has a chance of looking like his sister. We’ll see.

  10. 11) Emma

    I still cannot get over all that hair! So darling. And you do have a picture of Clara in the classic hospital blanket. I just saw one in your first post after having her. She is not alone like your other kids but I think it still works. : )

  11. 12) Spark*Amy

    So adorable! Yep, I think she’ll just be a female Owen! I remember the Doctors asking who my second child looked like. I just looked at her and said “hmmm, her sister!”

  12. I have an identical twin sister and a younger brother who looks a lot like us. We used to tell people we were triplets and they totally believed us! (Especially once my brother caught up to us in height.) He never looked that much like us as a baby though! Your kids are all adorable…and Clara’s got those sweet little cheeks just made for kissing. šŸ™‚

  13. Wow! I definitely needed the answers. I thought I’d be able to figure it out since I feel like I know your kids looks by now, but those babies could have been triplets for all I could tell!

  14. 16) Melody

    Oh man what loves you have. All three of them are just fantastically beautiful. Just like their mom. I love hearing your descriptions of them and the pictures you share. I swear I feel almost like I know you even though you’re way over there and I’m way over here. : )~ Thanks for being so open and sharing your experiences with all of us. Me and my two daughters can definitely relate!

  15. 17) Karin

    Awwww…they are so cute! My boys are very similar too, but their eyes are completely different. Same color but different shape. And my younger son has killer dimples.

  16. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how much they look alike!!! It’s crazy! I agree, Clara looks the most like Owen with Lucy’s eyes. What a sweet trio!

  17. 20) Sara

    We’ve said Clara looks like Owen from day 1. But when I see the baby pictures lined up like that, I can see Lucy too. When we showed my family pictures of Clara they all thought she looked like a blonde haired version of Laney as a newborn. Maybe the hair line? No matter what, super cute kids!

  18. 21) Lacey

    WOW! That is amazing – I have never seen a family of newborns who look so alike. If it wasn’t for the pink in the side by sides, I would have thought they were all of the same baby in different poses. We are talking about a strong family resemblance here. It always amazes me to look back at my daughter’s newborn photos, as they don’t look like her sweet little self now at all. It makes me wonder what our new baby will look like, and whether he/she will resemble their sister as much. Thanks for sharing that.

  19. 22) Tiffany

    I’m always fascinated to see pictures of siblings who look so much alike. I have six children, and not one of them look alike. I’ve actually had strangers ask me if they are all from the same dad (tactful right?! and they are). All of my husbands siblings have children who are carbon copies of each other though, and there are lots of them. Genetics is amazing! You have beautiful children šŸ™‚

  20. My family loves to play who looks like who. It’s a favorite topic of conversation, and it’s fun for my children to see who they look like. Three of my kids look similar, fair skin and blue eyes. My younger son is very different, olive skin, dark eyes and a slim build. He looks a lot like my grandpa, which I cherish. It’s really fun to see what traits are passed on and where.

  21. Awww! Awesome! ā™„

    This post has made me smile a lot :). (And I know, the post wasn’t exactly about THAT, but thank you anyway… :D)

  22. That is so awesome! You just cloned them šŸ˜€

    I successfully cloned my husband, so I’m hoping this one is going to be my clone. Although I wouldn’t mind another good-looking aryan child :B

  23. I thought I recognized that beautiful blanket! šŸ™‚

    They do look so much like each other. I love it. My brother and I look like twins when he grows his hair out to his shoulders. It kind of creeps me out actually. šŸ™‚

    I loved seeing all of them together. šŸ™‚ You can tell Clara is really loved. What a lucky girl!

  24. 29) Jen

    So cute, I have 4 and they look SO alike but SO different at the same time. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. Having Matt is like holding my oldest Stanley as a baby all over again.

  25. aw, so cute!! that’s crazy that all three look so much alike! my SIL had the same boy baby three times in a row, but my two looked completely different when they were born – i didn’t expect it at all! either way, all three of your babies were adorable newborns! šŸ™‚

  26. 31) Yana

    Oh my boys like clones too in the same age meanwhile it’s 4 years different

  27. Wow! You have three beautiful kids! They are so gorgeous, you can see they live in a nice and quiet family! My compliments for them and for your work!

  28. Wow, they really look a lot like each other! Lovely pics&kids!

  29. 35) Julie

    She really is Owen’s clone…funny how that works with some families and some families without the sibling resemblance. My twin boy/girl look like siblings but my third daughter…not even. All in all — cute kids!!!

  30. 36) ira lee

    you bet they are look a likes!!! lol my kids too. they are so pretty and will prob always look so similar!!!!!

  31. I am so baby hungry right now! Your babies are such cuties!!!!!

  32. 38) Kristen Trappett

    Love the shots, so cute. We have a shot we HAVE to get for each baby in the hospital. Luckily we love one with our first so I already knew each baby would have to get THAT pose! So far we have 3 for 3 and the pics in my room to remind me of my babes is so perfect love it! You have great pics though, I need to get my camera out for more day to day pics. Oh and I saw that your picture advice for the hospital is already circulating Pinterest. I thought it was funny to see your baby with the garland and totally thought “hey that’s my friends pics” Love your blog šŸ™‚

  33. 39) Melissa H

    Woo Hoo, I totally guessed right šŸ™‚ My 3rd baby is almost 3 months old, and I posted a similar side by side guess who for my 3, about a month and a half ago…… some people got it right, but many didn’t, I have the carbon copy blue eyed blondies too, hehehe.

  34. Hello Dana,

    It is so lovely to see all of them together and they all look soooooooo cute! You are indeed a lucky mom šŸ™‚ Lovely.


  35. 41) jennie

    Your family is adorable, we have 3 children and one half way cooked. One girl is dark brown, one girl has dark blonde with lovely highlights and the baby girl s very fair. I wonder what we’ll get next.

  36. 42) victoria g

    We’re pregnant with our second and I can’t WAIT to see if this baby is identical to her big sister (and their dad- haha) or if i’ll get one that looks like MEEEE šŸ™‚
    Do your kiddos look way more like you or your hubs?
    Enjoy them! I know you do šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  37. 43) Suzi

    Wow! It’s insane how much they all look alike! I wouldn’t have been able to tell the side by side with Lucy and Owen apart! How fun. šŸ™‚ PS – love that tiered seer-sucker skirt (another post, haha). Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  38. 44) j

    You never know! My one and only was born w/ black hair (straight) and slate eyes. Now has dark brown eyes and curly red/blond hair. Red heads are strong willed! Hard to think of having a second one for us right now:)

  39. 45) Ivonne

    They could be triplets if they all were born in the same day!!

  40. 46) Amy

    How beautiful! Makes me think of my 3. They all look very much alike. We have Jonah (3), Elsie (1) and Adeline (3 months). It’s fun hey… but very busy and tiring!

  41. What a bunch of cuties! They really do look a LOT alike! šŸ™‚

  42. awwwww you make such cute babies! 3 out of my 4 all look like their daddy and each other, one looks like my side of the family and number 5 is growing in my tummy and I’m already taking bets he’s going to look like his daddy…………like all of them

    I love comparing baby photos of all of them though!

    enjoy your little newborn! I love new babies!


  43. 49) Naomi

    Wow they sure look like each other as babies. That’s amazing.

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