Living in Texas: Wildflowers for days

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wildflower season and sewing projects on MADE Everyday

When we moved to Texas 6 years ago, I knew it would feel a bit “country” compared to our Los Angeles neighborhood. I expected it; I welcomed it!  But what I wasn’t prepared for….was Texas wildflower season!   Oh my, oh my.

Among the boots, BBQ joints, and food truck explosion, no one had told me about springtime in Texas!  There are red poppies, blue bonnets, indian paint brush, weeds that belong in a vase.  It’s like a small-town fairy tale, where you get to eat brisket at the end and wear dresses with floppy sleeves.  

Flutter Sleeves on MADE Everyday
Blue Bonnets in Texas by Dana Willard


I know I’ve posted about poppies and blue bonnets before (like the time the sheriff pulled me over for picking them?  Or maybe that was just for being a crazy person….)

But if you ever have a chance to visit Texas in the spring, you must.
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And looking through these wildflower pictures has made me realize a few things:

1.  The color of poppies + blue bonnets are the same as the Lone Star State flag!  Simple and patriotic.  Perfect. 

Poppies in Texas on MADE Everyday

2. I never shared these cute outfits I made for STYLO a couple years ago!  And I can’t believe how much older the girls look already!

Simple top and skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
How to add a Sash to your Skirt on MADE Everyday

The skirts are both versions of the Skirt with a Sash tutorial.  And I love how cool this fabric looks in a maxi length.  

Maxi Skirt with a Sash on MADE Everyday


This little top is a version of the Bateau Top, with flutter sleeves that I sort of threw together.  You can see the shape of my pattern piece below. I love how it turned out and how soft the fabric is.

DIY Spring Time outfit on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
How to make Flutter Sleeves on MADE Everyday

So when it came time for taking photos of the skirts, I did it like a true Texan—in a field of flowers.   Cause that’s what you do during wildflower season—gather your whole family, sit in a field, and snap pics, even if you’re on the side of the highway, or in a stranger’s yard.  People take pictures ANYWHERE the flowers are popping up.

Texas Wildflowers

So we found a gorgeous field. 

Fields of Poppies on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard
Tromped around,
Fields of Blue Bonnets on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Shimmied and shaked

How to make a Maxi Skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Directed traffic?

Blue Bonnets in Texas on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

and just enjoyed the scenery.

Which leads me to point #3….

3.  There is actually a downside to the gorgeous views.

Yep.  Austin may not have earthquakes or hurricanes, but we have giant critters and plenty of allergens….which….I guess happens in different parts of the world.  But I never really understood seasonal allergies till I lived here long enough to experience them myself.  Because that’s what everyone says—even if you’ve never had allergies before, they’ll creep up on you.

Add a Sash to your skirt on MADE Everyday with Dana
Blue Bonnets and Texas on MADE Everyday

Casey got tested for allergies (he’s allergic to every plant, grass, and tree in Texas).
I got tested  (I’m allergic to Oak and Pecan).
And even poor Lucy has problems with Oak.  

I was about to delete this photo from my post till I noticed that IN this very picture, she’s having an allergy attack.  Poor girl.  

Seasonal Allergies in Texas


The itchy eyes and nose.  You want to reach down and scratch your nasal passage with a pumice stone. Ugh.

So. Here’s the upside.

This is what I recommend to any friend who asks “what to do I do about my allergies??” And I should note, you don’t have to be allergy tested to use this.  It’s over-the-counter.

And it’s the same thing my doctor always recommends to me….and the reason I was excited when Flonase contacted me to partner with them on this post.  Because I was already using their product.

So. The answer my friends is Flonase. Yep!

Once a day, every day when you are experiencing allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy, watery eyes. Use as directed. And use it consistently.

Flonase for allergy relief


In fact, consistency is the key. The nasal spray provides relief from allergy symptoms (and has a really pleasant scent btw). I used to forget to use it for days at a time, till my doctor gave me the good idea to keep it near my car keys or something that I have to reach for every day.  And now I never forget.

It’s kind of funny when Lucy (8 years old) who uses Children’s Flonase Allergy Relief and I with my Flonase for adults, do our sprays together. But hey, a family that sprays together? 

How to get allergy relief with Flonase

…can enjoy the flowers together!

Wildflower season in TEXAS on MADE Everyday site

And spend a little more time doing this.

Texas Wildflowers and sewing on MADE Everday with Dana Willard

Here’s to a sneeze-free season my friends!

What are you allergic from? Tell me in the comments below and you will be entered in a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. 1) HokieKate

    Flonase is great! I’m allergic to Mississippi. Claritin worked for a while, then stopped. Zyrtec worked for a while, then stopped. Nearly two years ago I finally got up the courage to try Flonase (originally I was nervous about using a spray), and it is FANTASTIC!!! It’s been great for me. I’m on the generic prescription version now because it is cheaper, but I whole-heartedly recommend Flonase.

  2. 2) Tonya

    I’m allergic to cats and some sort of pollen. I have used Flonase in the spring and fall for a few years now.

  3. 3) Alissa

    Wonderful post! I feel like every year I have more and more allergies – the beautiful 40 foot oak tree in my yard, the wild daylillies, grass, basically the whole of “outside”. I complained to my doctor for years about my allergies and she’s always tried to prescribe maintenance pills that make me groggy all day and have horrible side effects. My doctor told me about flonase 3 months ago and it’s helped a lot. I didn’t realize how hard a time I was having breathing and I sleep so much better now.

  4. 4) SARAH

    Some seasonal allergies here in virginia too! We have used flonase in our house too! thanks for the give away!

  5. 5) Michelly

    I’ve never heard of Flonase before, but it sounds interesting. I am very allergic to animals with lots of fur, except dogs if I don’t rub my eyes after I pet them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 6) Paula Laird

    I’ve never been tested before, so I don’t know specifically what I’m allergic to, but my whole family uses flonase to deal with Houston in bloom!

  7. 7) Jennifer

    I don’t know what I’m currently allergic to–besides Dallas–but when I was a kid in Missouri I was tested, and among lots of other stuff, I was allergic to timothy grass, which we all thought was absolutely hilarious because my brother’s name is Timothy. 🙂

  8. 8) Nikki

    Who knows what I’m allergic to? Life, I guess. But my babe is allergic to the neighbor’s pine trees; and about this time every year, it’s red, puffy eyes and a runny nose for DAYS…
    P.S. I used Flonase when it first came out as a prescription product!

  9. 9) Diane

    I am lucky enough to not have seasonal allergies, but most jewelry makes me break out.

  10. 10) Michaela

    My allergist direct quote was “Well honey, God made the earth green and you allergic to all of it.” Spring in Texas sucks!

  11. 11) Lisa Brown

    I am allergic to dairy and rice.

  12. 12) Lisa Brown


  13. 13) Amy

    Allergic to the spring time blooms… and super fresh pineapple.

  14. 14) Melissa

    I’m allergic to cats and tree pollen.

  15. 15) BusyWorkingMama

    We experience allergies to spring time pollen. It is always a rough transition to warm weather!

  16. 16) Maria

    Hi Dana, love your posts. I checked everyday expecting new post ????.
    What is the fabric type used in this for long skirt?

  17. 17) Will G

    I am allergic to pollen.

  18. 19) Mami2jcn

    I’m allergic to pollen and pet dander.

  19. 20) Mami2jcn


  20. 21) Natalie

    I am very allergic to cats! Every time I pet a cat and then touch my eyes, they turn very red and itch like crazy!

  21. 23) Tabitha

    Allergic to cats

  22. 24) Amy

    I’m allergic to DUST! There is no “season” just constant allergies! Yipee!

  23. 25) Julie Wood

    We are allergic to dust mites, weeds, pollen and pet dander. We have to keep our house really clean and use a air purifier. And when the symptoms get really bad we use Flonase. It the only over the counter medication that works.

  24. 26) Julie Wood


  25. 27) heather

    I am allergic to dust and it has become a real problem for me. I am still trying to find just the right thing to help me when my allergies really kick in.

  26. 28) Rosa Osorio

    My children had suffered from allergy season every year, besides avoiding the outdoors, I needed to give them over the counter allergy medication. Flonase has helped at lot.

  27. 29) Elena

    I am not allergic to anything

  28. 31) bdaiss

    Beer. No, I’m not kidding. I have no idea WHAT in beer I’m allergic to but I had multiple vary heinous experiences based on drinking less than a shot glass worth. Not worth my trouble. Thanks for the chance!

  29. 32) Steve Weber

    I’ve been blessed– I have ZERO allergies!

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  30. 34) Kelly D

    I am allergic to dust, birch and oak trees according to the tests I had years ago.

  31. 36) Jessica To

    I’m not allergic t anything but I do have seasonal allergies.

  32. 37) Erin Gustafson

    Cats, dogs, dust mites, random outside things 🙁

  33. 38) Masha

    Eggplant 🙁

  34. 39) Rebecca

    I am allergic to molds and have some seasonal allergies. Having medication when allergies are flared up is a life saver!

  35. 41) christina

    Cut grass gets me but it’s really my husband and daughter who suffer most from allergies — everything from dust mites and mold to tree pollen, grass and weeds. My kid gets about 1 month of relief before it starts all over again. She uses Flonase with another spray and likes the rose scent.

  36. 42) Rachel

    I’m allergic to cats and coconut.

  37. 44) Joy

    While I don’t suffer from allergies (sensitive to grass while I now, though. Allergy?? I’d be glad to try and recommend Flonase. Who can resist a cute bee-themed commercial?

  38. 45) Linda

    I’m allergic to pollen

  39. 46) Kristie

    Cats and cotton, and who knows what. I am actually allergic to latex, which is a super fun thing to be allergic to.
    I need to get some of this stuff to try on my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  40. 47) Michelle

    Ha! I have two pages of allergies. Environmental, chemical, AND food.
    I always use flonase for my environmental, which means I take it every day, every season, of every year!
    Seriously. I have no idea what I would do without it.

  41. 48) Claire heyen

    I’ve had terrible allergies all of my life!! I’m allergic to pretty much all pollen, dust, and cats. I started using Flonase a few years ago, and I love it!! I’ve been using it everyday for the last few years.

  42. 49) Ashlie

    I’m not allergic to anything that I know of. My husband however claims to be “allergic to nature”, he’s more of a computer nerd, what can I say!

  43. 50) rachel

    tomatoes of all things so flonase won’t help, but flonase is what my son’s allergist recommended for him…grass, cedar(which as you know is huge for your area…I am in College Station), ragweed,cats, and most of all dust mites. The Flonase really does seem to make a difference.

    • 51) rachel

      I meant to add that spring in Texas is an embodiment of the idea that joy and sorrow go hand in hand.

  44. 52) carol clark

    o my heavens im allergic to everything smells of perfume the pollen you name it i sneeze eyes a little puffy sinus pressue its awfuuuuuullllll

  45. 53) Jennifer

    I lived my first 21 yrs in the Chicago area and never suffered allergies (except penicillin). I did my student teaching in Texas and got a job there immediately after graduation. It’d been over 10 yrs now and with each season and year comes new and profoundly worse allergies! We’re talking cedar, pollen the list goes on and on and on! At this point my life is FLONASE ????

  46. 54) Jessica

    Living in Kansas, I suffered through ragweed season in the fall for decades. I finally went through allergy testing and shots and it has made a world of difference! I went from 3 medications and an inhaler to two. I am allergic to ragweed and spring pollen. My kids are starting to show allergy symptoms and Flonase has helped them this season.

  47. 55) Melissa Berry

    I’m allergic to cats (Kind of a problem because I rescued a little kitten and couldn’t find it a home, so I decided to adopt it.) Love those skirts…the tie is so fun!

  48. 56) Jenny B

    I don’t know what I’m allergic to, but I take claritin and flonase daily just so I don’t have the crazy symptoms in the spring and fall. thanks for the giveaway.

  49. 57) Samantha

    Rabbits – we used to have them while I was growing up and when I got in my 20’s I suddenly became allergic to their dander – ugh – the itchy eyes and runny nose!

  50. 58) Karen Christensen

    I’m allergic to nearly everything. Dogs, cats, dust, trees, etc, etc. I am using an expensive nasal spray right now so may have to try Flonase again. (I’m pretty sure I may have tried it at one time). I also take Singulair which helps me a lot.

  51. 60) tammy shelton

    I’m very lucky. I have no allergies.

  52. 61) Jane

    I am allergic to Orlando, FL. Unfortunately for that, I moved here 7 years ago. Fortunately for me, the ocean clears me up and we are only 45 minutes away 🙂 I take Singulair which helps me alot, as well as an old style sinus medication.

  53. 62) Jennie

    Never tried Flonase, but I’ll keep that in mind for future attacks. I’m highly allergic to mountain cedar, which is mainly found in TX/OK (I grew up near Dallas). Now that I live in TN, my allergies are pretty much smooth sailing! However, I do still have minor reactions to other grass, trees, etc.

  54. 63) Susan

    I’m highly allergic to dust mites, pollen and birch trees. I never had a problem till I moved to my current state, now I get terrible ear infections if I don’t take Claritin and Flonase daily year round. Allergies are killer!

  55. 64) Loretta J

    I don’t know why, but I’ve never had allergy testing done, even though I was on prescription allergy meds for awhile. By experience, though, I’d say I’m definitely allergic to dust and ragweed, and whatever started blooming today! Good timing for your post!

  56. 65) Julie

    Flonase works!!! Thanks Dana can anyone tell me if blue bonnets are like their English cousin delphiniums? I want these in my garden –

  57. 66) Lizzie

    What am I not allergic to is the question as I get older, haha! I even developed allergies to my allergy medicine, but then I found Flonase and have been saved. My most constant source of allergies is my very sweet rescue cat – he’s worth the sneezes and itchiness though… most of the time 😉

  58. 67) majella

    Great! So cool, very pretty.
    Greetings from Belgium

  59. 68) Diana

    I’m allergic to cats and dogs and something that blooms here, though I don’t know what it is… Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  60. 69) Patti

    Dogs, dust mites, mold and some kind of weed. Flonase is great!Love the sweet clothes and beautiful flowers!

  61. 70) Emily

    Beautiful! I’m not sure but something seasonal.

  62. 71) Ellen Barth

    I am allergic to dust, pollen and grass!

  63. 72) Connie

    Oh my…….I sympathize with you! I suffer from seasonal allergies, too. I had the scratch tests done and I’m very allergic to cypress and pine trees…..and I live in California…very close to Montery which has ….wait for it…..tons of cypress trees!! Flonase makes my life SO much easier.

  64. 73) Kathleen

    I live in Louisiana. Pretty much the same weather and allergies as Texas! LOL! I do frequent Texas quite a bit, since my daughter lives there now and I enjoy visiting as much as possible. Nothing like a hot Texas summer, unless it’s a hot Louisiana summer! Allergies come and go for me. Nothing too terrible. Except for the oak trees! Oak tree allergies will sneak up on me! One evening in the yard, and the next two weeks my throat is swollen. I’ve never tried Flonase, which is really crazy, because Flonase has saved me a lot of $$$. My daughter used it because her tonsils were swollen for years after one case of tonsillitis. As a last resort, before surgery, she tried Flonase and it shrank those tonsils back to normal. Yay for Flonase!

  65. 74) Emilia

    I am lucky to not have allergies! It sounds like a horrible condition, that so many people deal with! I’m glad Flonase helps you. Have you ever tried stinging nettles extract? It’s what my friend uses. Squirt! Under the tongue. Ciao!

  66. 75) Linda


  67. 76) Linda

    Would like to try Flonase….sounds like it will work.

  68. 77) Susan

    Allergies are no fun wherever you are. I too use Flonase but I also use Claritin. My allergies are dust. Three types of dust actually ( who knew there were three types anyway)? Household dust, dust mites and outside kicked up dust. I’m also allergic to sage and a certain type of grass. The sage bums me out because I live in So. Cal and I love the smell of sage where I live especially after a nice rainstorm.

  69. 78) Jeffrey

    My oldest son has an allergy to pollen and it wreaks havoc during baseball season if he isn’t medicated. Every once in awhile I will see him rubbing his eyes and blinking uncontrollably when he’s playing the field. I feel so bad for him and will definitely try Flonase for those not so pleasant moments!

  70. 80) Jackie

    I rarely suffer from allergies. Every once in a while something will affect me for a short time period. My husband on the other hand, well, he has suffers from allergies in the spring and fall. Every single year. It’s probably pollen, but he refuses to get tested. I’ll have to mention Flonase to him and maybe he can get some relief.

  71. 81) Cate

    Drink apple cider vinegar daily and never suffer hayfever/allergies again. 🙂

  72. 82) Heather

    Blech! I’d lived in Texas 4 years before allergy season ever bothered me. Then I got pregnant and about died from allergies (yay for more weird pregnancy symptoms!). Now I get them every spring and I hate it! Thanks for the tip. I haven’t tried flonase yet.

  73. 83) Jessie C.

    I am allergic to pollen.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  74. 84) Jessie C.


  75. 85) Miriam

    We are allergic to dust, pollen, dogs, cypress and olive trees, and various foods. But we are happy!

  76. 86) Margaret Smith

    My sons and I are allergic to Pollen. This year has been especially bad. Seems like I’ve been saying this for the past few years.
    Thanks so much.

  77. 88) Katie

    I’m allergic to spring!! Tried Flonase for the first time this year and it worked very well!!

  78. 89) Cindy

    I am allergic to olive, walnuts, and cat and dog hair.

  79. 91) Maija

    Oh my gosh. I am literally allergic to life. haha. According to the allergist, I am allergic to “cold,” “hot,” “dust,” “pet dander,” and several foods. Literally anything that has preservatives in it. So when I really just want some Doritos, I take a benadryl and eat an entire bag. Sigh. (We have two dogs, chickens, ducks, etc. I live.)

  80. 92) kjasus

    i’m not really allergic to anything. chocolate give me a headache, so maybe that.

  81. 94) catherine

    allergies!! ugh! im allergic to cats, dogs, feathers, dusts, molds, and some grasses. i spend a lot of time outdoors and i use Doterra essential oils for allergies and everything else. i used to use flonase in my 20s. it did work.

  82. 95) Madeline

    I’m allergic to some kind of pollen and so is my daughter.

  83. 97) rachel

    I was tested and apparently I’m allergic to some unknown chemicals. Super helpful! haha

  84. 98) JG

    Allergic to cats, dogs, and mild seasonal allergies.

  85. 99) Heidi V

    I’m fortunate to not be allergic to anything but my poor 10 year old son is horribly allergic to the outdoors. Yes the whole outdoors it seems. And of course he’s my outdoorsy kid. We are definitely going to have to give Flonase a try!

  86. 100) Judith V

    Cats are my biggest problem. I just stay away from them.

  87. 102) Elle

    I have general spring/summer time allergies – itchy throat, sneezing, etc..

  88. 104) Erika

    I’m not, thank goodness, but unfortunately, my daughter seems to have seasonal allergies.

  89. 105) rachel

    My outdoor allergies are oak, grass and ragweed.

  90. 106) maria cantu

    I don’t have allergies.

  91. 108) ANGEL JACKLYN

    Peanuts, dandelions, certain laundry soap and so on…

  92. 109) CR WIlliams

    I am allergic to dust mostly!

  93. 110) OFG

    I’m allergic to dust and dog hair. That’s about it.

  94. 111) Amy Tong

    I am not too sure what I’m allergic to…but mostly happen in Spring. Maybe it’s pollen!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  95. 113) andrea

    Cedar and ragweed are particularly bad allergens for me!

  96. 114) Stefanie Gladden

    I’m lucky enough to have no allergies! my sister is allergic to grass!

  97. 116) Lindsey

    The only thing I know of is dust. My husband however, is allergic to everything that grows around us including grass, trees, animals, flowers, weeds, and pollen. He uses flonase everyday to survive.

  98. 117) Kristen

    I’m not allergic to anything (that I’m aware of), but many members of my family have various pollen allergies, and it’s really tough for them in spring and summer.

  99. 119) Sandy

    I have a slight reaction to walnuts.

  100. 120) Barbara M

    I am allergic to cottonwood trees maybe some other outdoor things.
    I’ve never been tested.
    These are definitely seasonal allergies.
    thank you

  101. 122) Susan Smith

    I’m not allergic to anything.

  102. 124) natasha Lamoreux

    I do not struggles with allergy irritation but my daughter does. Flonase is a lifesaver.

  103. 126) Jennai

    The only thing I am allergic to is pollen, so I have an awful time in the spring. I take allergy meds
    JenniferAnne74 @

  104. 128) Linda

    Tree pollen, I hate it.

  105. 130) Tina M

    I’m allergic to pollen

  106. 132) Rebecca Graham

    I have pollen allergies in the spring.

  107. 133) marie

    i’m allergic to pollen

  108. 135) michael

    i’m allergic to pollen and mold

  109. 136) Kerry

    Animals, pollen, mold, dust…a lot of stuff! We use an air purifier in the house.

  110. 138) shelly peterson

    I am not allergic to anything thankfully. My son is allergic to cats.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  111. 139) Cheryl B

    I suffer from seasonal pollen allergies.

  112. 141) latanya

    I do not have any allergies

  113. 143) Denise l

    The only thing I’ve been officially diagnosed with is Hay Fever, but I live in one of the worst places in the country for allergies. I’m pretty snotty most of the time. I generally just live with it, but sometimes Zyrtec does the trick.

  114. 144) Thomas Murphy

    I don’t think I am allergic to anything.

  115. 146) Erica Best

    I have summer allergies

  116. 148) Stephanie Phelps

    I suffer with allergies to rag weed and molds and pollens!

  117. 149) eliza elliott

    I am not allergic to anything – I don’t think!

  118. 151) Betty C

    For many years I had no allergies. Then I spent 4 months working in a location with open windows and literally tons of flowers outside. In fact, every few days the tubs of flowers would be replaced with fresh ones so there was an over abundance of pollen. I developed allergies that persist to this day – 30 years later!
    The reactions are not as strong as they were but they are persistent. Most of the time I do nothing and just sneeze away.

  119. 153) Tina W

    I am allergic to cats (I have six), dogs, mold, pollen, dust and raspberries. I think I have taken allergy medicine of some sort every day for the past twenty years.

  120. 155) Tabathia B

    I’m allergic to the pollen in the air

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  121. 157) Bert Ruiz

    I am not allergic to anything praise GOD #SweepstakesEntry

  122. 159) Ellie Wright

    I don’t have allergies myself, but I’m the only one in my family that does not suffer with them.

  123. 161) Shawn Gallagher

    Cat hair and pollen!

  124. 163) Cynthia C

    I don’t suffer from respiratory allergies, but I get contact dermatitis from nickel and poison ivy.

  125. 165) angie

    I have several allergies but the one that makes me the most nuts is spring pollen. I am not sure which pollen it is, as I have not been tested, but my eyes get so itchy and dry that I about go insane! hahaha

  126. 167) DEBBIE B

    I have seasonal allergies from time to time – Flonase is an excellent product

  127. 169) Kathryn C

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I am allergic to pollen & ragwood (who isn’t?) but also I have food allergies to black, red & cayenne pepper

  128. 170) Ashley

    I have not been officially tested, but I seem to have more symptoms when mold and grass are high.

  129. 171) Sara

    Bahia grass! I get terrible hives.

  130. 172) Tori

    Pretty sure I’m allergic to olive trees, and there are a lot around here. But my allergies seem to be more mild now than when I was a kid. Still could use something for those times of year when there’s lots of pollen flying around, though!

  131. 173) Veronica

    Cute skirt! I’m allergic to cats, mostly. And dust. Some seasonal allergies but not a lot.

  132. 174) Whitney Bellows

    I used to have terrible allergies but I took shots for years and don’t have them anymore.

  133. 176) Teressa

    I had more allergies as a kid. When I was tested the one that showed up the most was olive trees. Although whenever I wear lipstick my throat feels likes it closes up, so maybe I’m allergic to something in lipstick. Thank goodness it’s not nuts. I love nuts! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  134. 177) Jerry Marquardt

    Being from Illinois, I suffer from Ragweed allergies mostly. I usually take a little Flonase to help curb the effects.

  135. 178) Sarah L

    I’m always very thankful that I don’t have allergies.
    Thanks for the contest.

  136. 180) Anastasia Falling

    I am not sure -exactly- what I’m allergic to, but when Spring comes around, I start sneezing! 🙂

  137. 181) Terry Stevens


  138. 182) Terry Stevens

    I have cat, dust, mold and tree pollen allergies.

  139. 183) Susan Christy

    My allergies come and go every few years and it’s always Flonase to the rescue. Spring blooms seem to set them off.

  140. 184) Jac

    Thank you for all of these tips. My father has always suffered from summer allergies. The first thing we found that helped was actually a nasal spray. It was like you said, it cleared him right up. Thank you for the insights.

  141. 185) Donna Marchlewski

    Cat Dander

  142. 186) April

    I’ve never been tested for allergies so I’m not sure.

  143. 187) Lisa Brown

    mine are food my husband is pollen

  144. 189) Staci

    I LOVE the skirt with a sash in maxi-length!! My daughter is begging me for a maxi skirt, but I’m intimidated! Do you have any tips? Do you use the same dimensions from the regular tutorial, just waist to floor length instead of waist to knee? Thanks Dana!! You are the best!

  145. 190) Debbie b

    i have seasonal allergies and Flonase is a great product – i have used it for a long time – back before it was available over the counter

  146. 191) LAMusing

    Since my allergies are worst in spring and fall I assume it’s mostly pollen and plant related.

  147. 193) Kerry

    Pretty much everything! But especially pollen and dust.

  148. 194) Linda

    I’m allergic to tree pollen and it’s terrible!!

  149. 196) Adrienne Stravitsch

    Did you live the blue maxi skirt?

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