Little Sister loves Big Sister

Tonight I taught the teenage youth girls at our church how to Freezer Paper Stencil on onesies. One of the other leaders in our group is having a baby in April, so this was an impromtu “shower” for her, since we sent her home with the finished onesies. The girls had a great time. As an example, I came up with this:
The baby’s older sister is Chloe. I’m taking a risk, assuming she’ll love her, but I feel confident that will be the case. Maybe I should be more concerned with the reverse side. I’ll have to make Chloe a Tshirt, in hopes that she loves little sis too.

I tried hand-dying the onesies this time around. I followed this fabulous (and EASY) tutorial and dyed the onesies right in my kitchen in a bowl. The color came out perfect and dyed evenly:
The words are stenciled with black Tulip (soft Matte) paint. And the heart is two layers of white knit, sewn on with my machine. I’ll be making this combo again. I heart the result.

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