Leather Cuff with GUEST: Notes from a Very Red Kitchen

Please welcome our second guest today! I recently found Katie’s blog and loved it’s colorful fun from the get-go. Notes from a Very Red Kitchen is filled with tutorials, interesting ideas, and the life happenings of motherhood.
There’s something for everyone (and from every thing). I mean…a baby crib turned into a kids chalkboard?? Fantastic!
Katie’s always making something….
And she sells goods her shop too! I’m loving these sweet handmade buttons. The colors just make me smile.
And though Katie is mom to a little girl, she’s got a slew of boy ideas up her sleeve (just browse her tutorials section). Today she’s also sharing a boy accessory with us. It’s totally cool, works for any age, and hey, I think I want one!
So let’s hear from Katie!….
Thanks so much for having me Dana!

While I don’t have any little boys of my own to play with yet, I do have a husband and brothers and brothers-in-law to make things for. And–truth be told–I think the boys in our lives that are over the age of twelve are the ones who are really the hardest to take care of when it comes to all things handmade. Such was the case for me a few months ago.

My husband and I decided early on (July-ish?) that we were going to give handmade gifts to everyone on our Christmas list this past Christmas. We spent the following months planning a variety of fun gifts for our family members. One by one each gift was completed and ready to give.
Except one. Bryan’s younger brother had us stumped. What on earth do you make for a 16 year old boy? We of course wanted to give him something that he’d like and use, but we still wanted it to be handmade by us.

We tossed around a few ideas, but finally settled on a leather cuff. It was simple, we already had all the materials on hand, and–most importantly–we were pretty sure he’d actually like it. (And he did!)
So come on over today I’ll walk you through how to make a leather cuff (or twenty) of your own. See you there!
Katie, I’m in love with this idea. I’m already picturing this in all sorts of leather colors! (for, ahem, me?). Thank you for sharing with us!!
You’ll find the complete Leather Cuff Tutorial HERE on Notes from a very red kitchen.

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