lamb pillows

When I saw these on the purl bee last week I immediately bookmarked the page. Little Lamb Pillows. Simple and darling. And to me, kind of Easter-y.
And they also reminded me of this post on ChikAustin a few months ago when Jade talked about finding balance in her new 3-child routine.
With multiple kids in our laps, we wonder….are we giving enough attention to one? Is another feeling neglected? Do they all feel loved? Jade’s friend gave such simple advice, “love the lamb you are with.” And for that moment, they will feel like the most important thing to you.

Just what I needed to hear that day, and every day since.
So I made my little lambs by following Molly’s simple tutorial, making a few changes for my needs:
* She recommends higher-end materials/fabrics (which I would have loved to use; the stuff in her shop is gorgeous and her lambs look better than mine). But working within my parameters, I used:
1/4 yard microfleece for each lamb body
Very small amount of normal felt for the legs, nose, and ears.
* I sewed the ears on with my machine before sewing the bodies together (instead of hand-stitching them at the end).

This was the perfect Saturday afternoon project. Lucy was eager to see how they would turn out. “I can’t wait to see your sheep Mom!”
But mostly, she and I were both excited about the baby lamb (redundant?)
and their ruffled backsides:
These would make the perfect baby gift accessory. You could even throw a bell in there to give it a jingle.

And it only seemed appropriate to make a whole Sheep family. So we have Papa, Mama, and the littlest lamb:
When it came time for my lambs to go to bed….they each grabbed a sheep, ran down the hall and jumped into bed, ready for a story . I didn’t even prod them to pick one up. I guess they’re a hit! Soft, squeezey, and today they made the perfect “hopscotch” game as Lucy lined them up and jumped from one to the next.

So just love the lamb you’re with (and hopefully you don’t have “love the one you’re with” stuck in your head all day.)

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