Knee Pads

With the Fall Season upon us (though it’s still 90 degrees here), I decided that Jumper needs more pants. He’s in the crawling stage. And if he’s anything like Goose was, all the knees will be worn out of his cute pants. Thus….knee pads!

(*Note: Shirt is made by H&M. They have fabulously cute and inexpensive children’s wear, only available in some store locations – Americana on Brand, in Glendale).
I made a simple pair of gathered-waist-band pants, using an old pair of pants as the pattern. If you’ve never made pants before, these are EASY. It’s takes some quick practice to understand how the pieces go together. But once you get it, it’s like riding a bike….you’ll never forget and will be a pro forever (with this simple kind, at least).
The pants are olive green Linen. And the pads are a double-layer of knit:
Simple gathered waist band with elastic inside :One day soon I’ll graduate to an actual flat-front pant, with a faux zipper-fly perhaps. Until then, he seems comfy and still has room to grow in them as the season continues:Crawl and crawl little one! Your knees are protected!

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