KID PANTS series: How to line pants

Earlier this week we talked about The Basic Pant–with an elastic waistband. Today we’ll build on that by showing you how to line pants! And I’ll answer a few of your Basic Pants questions at the end of the post.
Living in the hot state of Texas, you might wonder why I’d need to line pants. Well, it did actually get into the teens last week–which is rare–so the added lining was quite nice. But there are other reasons as well…..

Why should you line pants?
* It’s too cold outside! Little legs need added warmth and protection.
* The outer pants fabric is too scratchy (such as wool).
* The outer fabric is too thin and see-through.
* With some added tricks, you can make them reversible!
* Because it’s easy and you just feel like it!

For these pants, I chose a boyish gingham fabric. However, the fabric was a bit lightweight.
I worried that sitting outside our library on the rough curb would be too cold and uncomfortable.
So I decided to line the pants with a very soft knit. I simply used a men’s XL t-shirt for my lining fabric, sewed two separate pairs of pants, and joined them together at the waist and the leg hems.
Easy, right?
You bet!
Let’s get started….
You’ll find the complete tutorial–with info on various methods of lining and appropriate fabric choices– HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):
There’s that soft lining inside:
The perfect pants for a chilly day in our old downtown square, as Owen reads his favorite book from the library–There’s a Wocket in my Pocket…and turns his head when we get to the Bofa on the sofa. The mean looking Bofa is intimidating.
And here’s where he tells me he has to go potty and tries to hold it in.
Photo shoot is over.
Enjoy your warm pants!
Some answers to your Basic Pants Questions:
* The pants are kind of long….
The pattern is for a slim/tall 3 year old. There’s still a lot of give-room because the pattern uses an elastic waistband, but overall the pants are slimmer and longer than other similar patterns. If the pattern is too long for you, just chop some of it off!
* How can I adjust the pattern for cloth diapers?
The pattern is made to fit over a disposable diaper or underwear. If you need to add more room in the bum try this:
–extend the curve of the back crotch piece
–bring the waist up a bit on both the front and back pieces.
* How did you get the stripes in your pants to line up?
When cutting your pants pieces out, make sure your fabric is folded with the stripes identical on the top and bottom layers. Sew as precisely as you can with the same seam allowance everywhere and things should line up for you too!
* Do you iron seams to the side or down the center?
You can do either. With serged edges, you have to iron to the side. There’s no rule on this. Mostly you want well pressed seams so your clothing looks well made!
* Can these pants be made for a girl too?
OF COURSE! Most of the boy ideas we’re sharing are adaptable for girls as well. We’re just trying to give boys their much needed lime light.
* Where did you get Owen’s blue shirt and will there be a tutorial for it?
The shirt was a cool find in Singapore. Wish I had bought 3 more! And I wish I had time to do a tutorial. But I can’t commit to that now. Maybe one day…

I hope that answers everything!

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    Hey you do have great suff….looking for a cutting on a pilch…..something like men’s short inner garment.

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