Japan donation update

While making our paper butterflies last week, the thought passed through my mind, “what I’d really love to give to the Japanese families sitting in shelters, are art supplies!” Obviously that sounds silly compared to food and water. But I think of how stir-crazy my own kids can get when we’re cooped up all day. And if we were sitting in a shelter for hours on end, with limited resources…I’d love a stack of construction paper and crayons! I know Japanese children would too.

But I’m not sure how to do that (to send crafty care packages overseas in the midst of disaster, rather than non-disaster situations like the Craft Hope site). But it sure sounds fun to think about. So, we’ll just stick with the original plan here. And start by saying,

Thank you friends.

Last Tuesday I pledged that during the week, I would donate and match any pattern sales from my shop to the Japan relief effort. And wow. You guys impressed me!
You bought 100 patterns!

So together, we donated $1200! to the LDS Humanitarian Aid Fund. You can read more about their global efforts here. And here’s the official transaction (so you don’t think I’m George Costanza with the human fund):
Thank you for your support and for giving to those in need! Your donations will be well used!

If you’re still looking for ways to give,
* You can donate to the American Red Cross HERE.
* Check out this How to Help List compiled by Apartment Therapy.
* The Help Japan Poster (pictured above by W+K Studios) can be purchased in three different donation amounts. Cool art and a great way to give.

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