jammie jammie bo bammie

At Christmas time I decided the kids needed more pajamas. And sticking with my “pjs is the best time to use cheesy fabric the kids will love” mantra I went for gingerbread, frogs, and snowmen.
Then I used the PJ pants for Kids and Babies tutorial to make a snowman pair for Lucy and three pairs of pjs for Owen.
I paired them with simple long-sleeve Tees and we had complete jammie sets.
Ya see, my lines aren’t always perfect….
But the kids were happy.
And this one’s already out-grown his pants. How does that happen so quickly??
Time to make more!

  1. I just made my brother some BYU pants for Christmas. Aaaaaaaaaaaand, I cut the back of the pants upside down! The boys in my sewing class said that made them cooler. And lucky for me, my brother got accepted to BYU soon after Christmas. Can you imagine how awkward that would be if he didn’t?

    Super cute sets you made! And your kids are just darling.

  2. 2) colleen

    I love the fabric. Really cute cozy pjs. Where do you find your matching long sleeve t’s?

    • 3) Dana

      Walmart! $3
      they pretty much always have them in long sleeves for winter and short sleeves for summer.

  3. Those are super cute, and yes jammies can (and sometimes should be) cheesy! šŸ™‚

  4. I LOVE seing your not so straight line. šŸ™‚ Thanks for making me feel a little better about mine…

  5. I made pjs for the girls a month ago. Love how easy/simple they are. I did some at Christmas too. I did not know walmart had such cheap tops. I bought some for the girls at H&M – $4.95 for an organic long sleeve top. They are sooo soft!

  6. 8) Andrea

    I made jammies at christmas too! Matchy-matchy ones for my kids and all of the nieces and nephews, 9 kids total…and they loved them! The boys had camo and the girls had pink polka dots, and they all wore them together on Christmas Eve šŸ™‚ …I got all of the shirts at JoAnns, sometimes they go on sale for 4 for $10….I’ve also seen the ones at Wal-Mart go on sale for $1 at the end of each season šŸ™‚

  7. 9) Emily K

    sweet šŸ™‚ I love making the jammies too. But Joann’s fabric is just a waste to me. So I got discouraged and stopped making them. But can’t wait to start making some more skirts for the summertime for my 2 girls šŸ™‚

  8. My three had the same snowman jammies for Christmas, but with white shirts. I will have to look at WalMart next time because I love that charcoal gray with the snowmen!

  9. 11) Jen

    I have just finished making my son 3 opairs and a pair out of fleece. He has grown so much that all of his other pairs are “floods”! So fun!

  10. I love your website! I have already made my 3 year old a lot of skirts… I am looking forward to making her some shorts but I am a little intimidated! Thanks for all of your tutorials!

  11. 14) Amy

    How old were your kids when you started making those pants for them? My son is 1 1/2 and we’re just starting to put him in 2-piece jammies and he doesn’t wake up with them tangled around his armpits, etc. Do you use drawstrings? or just elastic?

  12. I got that same frog fabric last two Christmases ago and made my two boys and husband matching pj’s!

  13. 16) Lindy

    I just bought some cute cotton fabric to make some summer capri jammies for my girl and some summer short jammies for my boy. I also thought I would use your shirt dress tutorial to make a nightgown (sans the gathered waistband). Your tutorials are great…love your website!

  14. 17) kristin

    so cute! I made my son a pair with dogs on them and he just loves his dog pants! I will be making many more pairs for next winter (in all the flannels I have – I have those froggies too!). might need to go get some cottons to make spring ones.

    save all the pairs that Owen outgrew and Clara can wear them in a few years – none of your prints are gender specific.

    love your website! I was hooked from the first time I saw the circle skirt pattern and have made 3 of them already for my daughter!

  15. I used your kids pants pattern to make Vincent some pj pants ^_^ I love how wide the legs are, he look so cute in them.

  16. so cute! šŸ™‚ C
    ps – I love that you taped the outfits for the photos!!!

  17. winter-time pj’s are my favorite- I make a pair for my kids every year around Christmas-time. Perhaps I should make 3 like you! šŸ˜‰ Nice work momma.
    (and LOVE that you show your lines aren’t always perfect, no one is!)

  18. 22) Mel Vo

    I totally agree that wacky fabrics are perfect for jimjams. In fact I bought the same froggie flannel and made jimjam bottoms for the hubby for Christmas!

  19. 23) Yifat

    Hey Dana,
    I don’t mean to be rude but-
    really waiting to see THE BLANKET with your real and beautiful baby…

    Thank for trying to show that you are not perfect, you probebly did it on purpose just to make sewing amateurs like me feel good.

    have a good day!!

  20. Those look really cute. The fabrics are adorable.
    And I think I didn’t yet congratulate to your wonderful little daughter. She ist really lovely. Can’t wait to see you sewing tons of infant clothing for her.

  21. I adore your styling. And you kidding as so sweet. Great job on the pj pants. I might make some for my little guy this summer. Any recommendations on where to buy fun prints in jersey.

  22. Love the pj pants! So adorable. I love your site; I’ve been coming here for the past several years, ever since I started sewing. You have such creative ideas and really easy to follow tutorials. Keep ’em comin’!

  23. I also made pjs for my kidos at christmas time and my son has already outgrown his too! I just made him some “comfy pants” as he calls them. They are just pants, or shorts now since we are already having June like temps here in the South, made from soft t-shirts bought on clearance at target. He loves them and they turn out so cute since they are not “baby-ish” fabrics. It really only takes me about 30 mins to whip up a few pairs using my new serger šŸ™‚ I love that thing. Anyways, love your website and congrats on the new addition to the fam. SO PRECIOUS! We have a new one of our own, she is 7 weeks now. Its our third, and I am pooped right now but loving every moment šŸ™‚

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