itty bitty clothes, part 2

A couple months ago (per Lucy’s request) I sewed some doll clothes for her Bitty Baby. And though they weren’t as hard to do as I’d imagined (and I actually ended up having fun in the process), I can’t say I was excited about a future request for more.
Thankfully, enter: Grandma.

When we were in Calif last month Casey’s mom pulled me aside and said, “I have to show you what I’m giving the girls for Christmas…”
I could tell she was really excited about it all.

Now you must know something about my mother-in-law, Linda. She loves antiques, girly stuff, and detailed, handmade quilts. Her kitchen is always filled with fresh hydrangeas and flowers from her garden. And her house is beautifully decorated in cottage style with cool antique finds everywhere. You may think I’m going somewhere Thrifty with this, but what I mean to say is that she enjoys the beauty of the little details in her craft. But with all that girly charm…..she gave birth to 4 boys. She never had the chance to buy a doll or a girl’s dress or patent leather mary janes. And while she loves her boys dearly, when the grandkids started coming and the first three were girls, you can imagine how excited she was! It was her Bitty Baby hey-day at last!

So for Christmas, she and her friend spent an entire week sewing piles of these darling, handmade doll clothes! 3 matching piles for 3 girls and their dolls. I was so impressed!
It was more like an entire wardrobe, with interchangeable outfits and the cutest little shoes.
I wasn’t sure who would be more excited about opening the gift on Christmas morning….Lucy or me.
To sew the wardrobe, Linda used a couple different doll clothes patterns, bought at Joanns. She sewed simple elastic waistband pants (easy to get on and off a doll) and made soft knit shirts to go along.
The shirts have velcro closures in the back. Easy for little hands to close.
There were two sets of flower pjs.
a purple outfit with an adorable jacket (one of my favorite pieces).
The jacket has fleece fringe and sweet polka dot bias tape around the edges. Love it!
There’s a little blue jogging suit,
a bubblegum pink bathrobe,
with little tiny bunny slippers (from Joanns). Aw. Cute.
And my other favorite part of the set….mini Uggs. This pair is also from Joanns because sadly, Linda did make some adorable boots but the sizing was wrong for bitty babies. Bummer! And after a week of sewing, who wants to start over on that project? Good move Linda. Good move.
Just a doll and her wardrobe.
Just a girl and her dolls, playing on Christmas morn.
Thank you, thank you, Grandma for the adorable clothes! It’s been too much fun. And thank you Gram (my mom) for the Jessie and Woody dolls too. They’ve been driving around everywhere with us!

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