introducing my new Show! — MADE Everyday, with Dana

I’ve been keeping a big secret for a while now……
MADE Everyday with Dana sewing show | video tutorials

I have a new show!  Yes!
A sewing, DIY, step-by-step, video-with-episodes kind of show!

It’s called MADE Everyday.
And we’re gonna make cool things, using everyday items.

Here is our first episode!
video sewing tutorial | How to Sew a T-shirt | MADE Everyday with Dana
If you love our Basic Tee tutorial and free pattern, this is the perfect trifecta.
Just click the play button below and enjoy!…

Stay tuned for more MADE Everyday TV coming soon, which you can always watch here, or subscribe to our Youtube Channel for updates.  We’ve got many great episodes….some with your favorite tried-and-true MADE tutorials, and some with brand new projects.

Now go sew a t-shirt!…
or ten.

  1. Woo hoo! I’ve never made the jump to knits, but with video help I think I could make it. Good stuff!

  2. 2) Nina

    So exciting! Can’t wait to watch the video and try out the pattern!

  3. 3) Krista Hansen

    This is SO exciting!!! For all those times when I wish I had a friend who sewed and could just show me how to do something new. So excited for you!! Congrats!

  4. 4) Laura J.

    Very cool. I never thought to cut up a men’s shirt like that. Already learned something! Will definitely be looking for more videos. Congrats!

  5. So excited for you–giant congratulations on your big day!! 🙂

  6. This is so awesome!!! I love it. I’m so excited to watch more. 🙂

  7. Dana, I didn’t think I could love you more. But now I know I can! You are amazing.


    PS I whipped up one or two of the doll baskets the other day. They turned out so well!

  8. 10) Tara Thomas

    Oh wow!!! this is the best idea ever!!!! Videos!

  9. 12) Karen

    Love it!!

  10. Wow! Congrats. You should be so proud. That is an excellent show. Such great quality with the production and you explained everything so clearly. I can’t wait to see more!

  11. Dana, this is fantastic! You are a natural girl… very clear, fun, fresh and engaging. I loved it!


    P.S. I bought three copies of your book Fabrics A-Z a few months ago… one for me and the others for my two sewing friends. What a great resource!!! Keep up the good work!

  12. lovely Dana, seriously, you are amazing!

  13. 16) Leigh Anne

    Awesome news! I love your blog & projects so I know I will love your show ;). Congrats!

  14. The video is great! thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to more 🙂

  15. 19) Julie R.

    Wow! Congratulations on MADE TV! This is great! I’m so excited to subscribe to your YouTube channel and to watch. I love your blog and think that a TV show is a perfect idea. Thanks for doing this!

  16. Congrats! You are so adorable in those stills! So crazy, but I live in New Orleans, and this grandma was at the park with her granddaughter, and I was there with me girls. She was wearing this adorable skirt, and I asked her wear she bought it. She goes, “I made it, it’s called a market skirt.” and I go, “You mean from dana made it?” She goes, “Yes!” This grandma lives in Wisconsin. You are changing wardrobes all around the country!

  17. Dana, this is amazing! And so professional! I would love to hear the back story of how these videos came to be! I can’t wait for more. Love, love, loved it! I am so excited for you!

  18. 22) ira lee

    dana!!!!!!! this is so exciting! you look beautiful! you seem so relaxed and not nervous at all! i love this, i subscribed on youtube and im ready for the next one!

  19. 23) Janina

    I love how professional the video is! I have looked for so many Youtube channels to learn how to sew but they are all amateurs. Thank you for this but since I am a beginner I would love more close ups when you are pinning. Thanks again!!!!

  20. 24) Rebekah

    Yyyyyaaaaayyyyyy!! I’ve been following your blog for two years now: since I got my mother-in-law’s hand-me-down sewing machine from the 70s. That’s when I learned how to sew and I started with your simple projects like fitted sheets and pacifier holders (on a clip) and a circle skirt. Your instructions are so clear and helpful. You make it easy for everyone to enjoy sewing. These videos are going to be even more exciting and wonderful! Thank you!!

  21. 25) Jenny L

    This is so great! I could definitely use the visual instructions for sewing – seeing the process in action will be helpful! Congratulations!

  22. 26) Aubrey

    Holy moly! I didn’t know it was possible to improve upon your written tutorials, but you just did it!

  23. 27) Allyson

    That is soooo exciting!!!!!! Whoooooo Dana!!!!

  24. 29) Joanna j

    So amazing, this is going to help me so much!!!

  25. 30) YaseminTea

    That was pretty awesome!

  26. 31) Jenny Mom

    OH my gosh!! this is great!!!!

  27. 32) Jill

    A perfect venue for your talents! Congrats and thanks!!

  28. 33) Penny

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK….THE SEWING WORLD, THE HOME DEC WORLD, THE BLOGGING WORLD and every other world I can’t think of right now!
    WOW – WOW – WOW.
    I just watched your video for the tshirt – awesome! Loved the whole video – the pictures, the colors, the music – you, of course! You have so much style!
    Congratulations on another great endeavor! You and your family must be so proud and over the moon with excitement!
    I can’t wait to see you on the cover of People magazine for the most coolest creative person who loves to share her knowledge with others!!!
    You were/are always my most favorite blog to read – now, videos – too too cool!
    Have a great day and congratulations to you!

  29. 34) Susan Terrill

    What a wonderful idea and so really practical. I will try to keep up but I spend so many hours at work it is difficult. I have really been wanting a basic t-shirt pattern. and help with knits using a sewing machine and not a serger. Great!!!!

  30. 35) Danita Courtney

    I am so HAPPY for you! This is amazing and we are all cheering for you Dana! Yup…sign me up I can use all the help I can get! Plus, I love your tutorials!
    Best wishes and Positive thoughts all being sent your way! You deserve this!
    A sewing fan, and reader from Maine!

  31. 36) Annalena

    You are such a shocker ;-D
    I hope the audience can keep your pace….

  32. 37) Carolyn Thornley

    Dana, what a joy to be able to say I know you. I watched it and its fabulous! So proud of everything you’re accomplishing. Congratulations! Your kids are adorable and I loved the song you sang Sunday.

  33. Wow, this is really exciting! Loved the video!! You’ll have to tell us more about it– like whose idea was it? Who shot the video? Were you nervous? Where was the baby during the shoot?

  34. 39) Valerie

    Thank you! You are so generous with your tutorials, free patterns and now video!! Thank you so much!! It’s really great, well done, and as already written: so professional!
    A fan from Belgium

  35. 40) Erika

    Congrats! The show is great. I’ve been reading your words so long it’s fun to put a voice to it. Can’t wait to see more.

  36. 41) Meghann

    How awesome, amazing, fantabulous, exciting and every other awesome word I can’t think of right this minute. I can’t wait for more!!!!! Was just curious what kind of machine you have though, I have gradually began sewing more and more and think I might be ready to graduate to a more advanced machine. Not looking for a super fancy just a step up from my very basic and beginner Brother machine. Thanks again for all your inspiration. LOVE IT as always.

  37. 42) Rebecca

    Love this! What a great idea!!!

  38. 43) kitty

    Congratulations! Great show!! You are so inspiring!
    A Dutch Dana-fan

  39. 44) tukimu

    Congratulations! Wow dana wow, you are so cool, so talented woman! I am so happy for you…. must go on, your follower believe in you 🙂

  40. 45) Kelly O.

    you are a natural! I could learn from you all day! your vibrance is infectious! Congratulations on a terrific first show!

  41. 47) Roseline

    Thanks Dana! Love how easy you make it all look. Looking forward to more tutorial videos!

  42. 48) Mrs. P

    WOW thats so amazing! It’s awesome to be able to see it step by step, sometimes reading instructions it gets a bit confusing. WOW!

    On a side note, you don’t sound like i imagined. LOL

  43. 49) Jessica Consunji

    My 4yr old son was watching your video with me and he said “This lady is a genius!!” Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  44. 50) bridget

    i’m a bit more of an an advanced sewer but this video is awesome! punchy and clear instructions and everything just looks fabulous! so nice to get to know dana finally – in video!

  45. 51) Mandy

    That was awesome! Thank you so much! Another reason to love your blog!

  46. 52) Heidi

    Very cool! Good for you Dana! I can’t wait to see more episodes.

  47. 53) KimberlyL

    I have been following you since you started the blog. I have watched your children grow and your crafts and sewing and tutorial!! And yes, the video will help with visual. But I am deaf and this is my most fear…. All I asked (hope it not to much because you do have a lot going on 🙂 )Just have it caption so I can easily follow what you are saying. It just not only me but for other who are deaf that will like to see your “how to do”. But your first video is if you click CC on the right bottom (sometime the caption are not very accurate of what you or other people are saying so we had to guess but seeing it helps!) I think it GREAT that you are doing this because you have a lot of talent and so easy to understand!! You are doing a GREAT job!! thanks for doing all you do!

  48. 54) Lisa Clark

    Amazing!!! Great job! This is taking the online sewing blogs to a whole new level and I love it. The video itself is fantastic!

  49. So excited for you, and for us that get to watch and learn! Love youtube (and all the entrepreneurs on there) and have started to put myself out there, on youtube. I even made a creative channel to put projects on, but need to get something up on that channel yet, probably after Christmas. Although I don’t comment often, love your blog and projects! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  50. Are you kidding?! This is fabulous! Yours is the first YouTube channel I’ve ever even *considered* subscribing to 🙂 (Now I’ll think about it for awhile and see if I can even figure it out 😉 ) And how have I missed your Basic Tee tutorial? I make the Kid Pants all the time. Def trying out the shirt next 🙂

  51. P.S. 1) You sew over pins?!?! 😉 2) I am totally jealous that you can just pivot your chair and be at your ironing board. 3) You sew lightning fast!

  52. You are so stinking amazing and so great on camera!

  53. Woo!Hoo! So much amazinglyspectacularawesomess. You rock, Dana!!! Congratulations!

  54. Wow Dana, congratulations!!! What a great idea! Your video is fantastic and I’m looking forward to watching more!!

  55. 62) Karis

    just watched your video with kate and braedon! so cool. great job. we loved it! rockstar status!

  56. 63) Alana Hameluck

    Way to go Dana! I didn’t think I could love your blog anymore than I did! I check in to see your wonderful tutorials and your beautiful pictures. It’s really nice to see you in action! Congratulations on your new venture!

  57. 65) Torrie

    I love this. I am a visual learner and you do great tutorials, but this will be the best of both worlds. Yay!

    • 66) Valerie Nelson

      I agree!

  58. 67) Valerie Nelson

    WOW! This was SO cool! 🙂 Loved hearing your voice and watching you in action! How on earth do you have time to do it all?????????

  59. 68) Lynet Witty

    I am so impressed! Although I shouldn’t be because you are so good at this!

  60. 70) Valerie

    Thank you so much for doing this. The first video is SO amazing – I can’t wait to see more!

  61. 71) Carol Passeno

    LOVE, LOVE your t-shirt video. Your are a natural on camera, and this is so helpful for the beginner sewer. Can’t wait for more. Thank You!!

  62. Knew you were a superstar, how awesome that you now have your own show. 🙂

  63. Congratulations Dana. I have been reading your blog for ages and I am sure your videos will be great. I haven’t watched your first one yet but I am going to let all the people I know who want to learn how to do basic sewing to keep an eye on your blog. Thanks so much.

  64. 74) Claudia

    You’re a natural! Super fun to watch!
    (P.s. I love ironing..!)

  65. 75) windie d

    that was great! loved it and can’t wait for more.

  66. 76) Susan Conaty

    I thought this was really cute!! But…you went so fast at the neckline part I was lost. Can you slow down a little? Really awesome video, you rock!

  67. Awesome! Awesome brand extension! Your studio looks beautiful. Haven’t watched the video yet but I’m sure it’s fantastic. Congratulations on another successful venture.

  68. 78) Robyn

    So very cool! Already enjoyed watching how to make a basic T!

  69. 79) Elena

    Love it!!

  70. 80) lynn

    kudos! love your energy in the video. i can’t wait for more! way to go, dana!!!

  71. CONGRATULATIONS~ That is awesome.
    Good luck with it. You are amazing.

  72. 82) Sarah Schulz

    LOVED it! You are so fabulous to watch. I loved how there was enough detail that everything was outlined, but I didn’t have to watch the whole thing. Long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting! And when we get a little bit warmer weather, I will for sure use your 4T pattern to make my son some new tshirts! He will certainly need them and I have a big refashioning pile. Love your blog!!

  73. 85) kam

    dana dane! i love it.

  74. 86) jweed

    congratulations! that is so exciting. can’t wait to tune in. 🙂

  75. How cool and exciting; I will surely be tuning in from Belgium!

  76. 88) Hilla

    Wow! Its Awesome. I just LOVE it.

  77. 89) Ash

    You are adorable. Can’t wait to see more!

  78. 92) ferren


  79. Congratulations! It’s fun to hear your voice. Your kids are great too.

  80. 94) Marilyn

    This is fantastic. I will definitely be watching your tutorial videos as I am the type of person who to needs visual instructions. Thank you so much!

  81. 95) Kristen

    So fun! You do a really great job breaking the project down into simple, easy steps. I did get a little lost on how to pin/sew the neckline but I assume the instructions in the pattern are a little more clear and/or I can figure it out based on other t-shirts I own. I’ve looked at your basic t-shirt pattern so many times and always thought, “Eh. I’m not up for that today.” But it looks so easy I think I’ll try it this weekend. I can’t wait for more videos!

    Also. Ironing = no fun!

  82. 96) Jody

    Love the video! Will keep watching for more! You are adorable and so talented!

  83. AH!!! I knew it! I told DH while blog surfing at night as we do, when you were doing all that crazy NYC traveling and Tarjay, stuff that you had things in the works that were big. I just knew it. woohooo! congrats!

  84. 98) karla

    Someone call HGTV. You are perfect on camera. Wow. Its been so fun to watch you progress in your talents and love of creating. Now if you could just move a bit closer we could reunite and catch up! 🙂 Congrats on a great new project.

  85. 99) Becky

    Seriously?? This is amazing!

  86. 100) Magüi

    Hahhaha, I like to see Owen running…
    Thank you for the video

  87. 101) Amber

    WOOO HOO! Rock on Dana! Great job and Congratulations!!! Love the video!

  88. 102) Katy Roberson

    How fabulous! I will watch every episode!

  89. 103) neisha

    awesome, Congrats!!

  90. Oooooooooooooooooh! Congratulations, how exciting!!! Gonna watch it right. now.

  91. 105) Alie

    DANA!!!! I am so excited for you! Keep it up! You are so inspiring and I can’t wait to sit down and brush off the dust from my sewing machine!

  92. 106) Joanne

    Congratulations Dana! It looks great.

  93. 107) Sarah

    So exciting! I can’t wait to watch and learn! Congrats!

  94. 108) Jessica

    This is so cool and exciting! I can’t wait to see more videos. I have finally gotten comfortable with sewing kids clothes and knits. But I still have issues with the neckline and sewing the ribbing on. This was a great video and gave me the confidence booster I needed to finish up that dreaded neckline on some shirts I sewed. Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

  95. great news! I’ll be waiting for every single episode :))

  96. 110) Kathryn

    You make it look very clear and easy. Thanks for showing us 🙂

  97. Congratulations Dana – I love LOVE your new show! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Inspirational!

  98. Oh my gosh, what awesome news! I love seeing you in action! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see more! 🙂 Lisa

  99. 113) Kam

    Cannot wait to see more. Looking forward to your next show and thanks in advance.

  100. 114) KimL

    This is awesome!!! especially for the visual learner such as myself. Thanks and congratulations!

  101. 115) Becky Little

    OMG so awesome. I have read your blog for a while – but to watch a tutorial on a video is awesome. And you are LOVELY 🙂

  102. Congrats! How fun. Now I want to make loads of Ts for my clan. You make it look so easy.

  103. Very video Dana! Even though I’ve made the shirt pattern before I watched the whole video. Well done!

    Oh and I’m jealous your sewing machine can sewing over the pins.

  104. 118) Paige

    This is awesome! I am so excited to see more. 🙂

  105. 119) Alex

    Hey Dana,

    Awesome video! I love it. Bright, easy, to the point…. i realize I spend way too much time setting up. I need to just cut and go, your video shows how quick it can be done when you don’t sweat the little things! Awesome and well done. Are you on G+? Best of luck to your new endeavor.

  106. 120) margaret

    I am very excited to tune in!

  107. 121) Becky Thompson

    Great rollout of your new venture! Congrats! Subscribing.

  108. 122) shweta

    Dana ur creations are simply awesome n so easy to make.Love ur every seeing project.

  109. 123) Jan

    Hi Dana. I’ve watched your video on the simple skirt a few times & it’s just fab. So I found a few pairs of old jeans, cut them up & made a simple skirt for my granddaughter. I added an applique frog on the back & she loves fit, I’m so proud as it fits too. Thanks Dana, you’re just ACE….. I’ve subscribed now so I’ll be an avid watcher from now on….

  110. 124) Jamsheer Mundakaparambil

    So great

  111. 125) Jamsheer Mundakaparambil

    Sir ,I did not understand how cut the pattern, please help me

  112. 126) Aimée Sola

    I am a grandmother from Puerto Rico and a fan of your Excellent site. Made a beautiful double layer skirt for my 5 year old Granddaughter. Love that your instructions are so clear and easy to follow.

  113. 127) xomaira davila

    Hello I am doing an article for on diy fashion for a school project and I was wondering if you could tell me WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT DIY FASHION. By the way I love your youtube chanel and I always get inspired by you but i never have fabric so could you tell me where you buy your fabric. Thankyou.

    Sincerely: your #01 fan Xomaira Davila 7th grade
    Thanks again????

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