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Not a lot of blogging this week. We’ve been on spring break and I forgot what it was like to have all the kids at home. We made it out to the zoo, Ikea, the park, Target, and Old McDonalds for ice cream sundaes. And little Clara’s been toted along with us. The life of a third child….which funny enough, is where I fall in my family too. We’ve got a lot in common.

Casey snapped these photos of us in the mirror yesterday. Nothing spectacular but they reflect the perfect slice of life over here: busy morning, holding the baby, trying to get a conversation in with Casey while the other kids play and he shaves. Just juggling the noise and the chaos that has become the new norm.
It’s a good norm.
And makes me smile to think how busy life seemed was when this was the norm, 3 years ago:
It’s always busy when there are little kids in the house (or our very yellow bathroom in Pasadena).
So today we’re just hanging out, looking in the mirror, and learning the ropes.
We’ll chat more next week.

  1. Gorgeous pictures. She’s a beauty. And how I love her name!

  2. 4) Emily L.

    Clara is so cute! I just had to share that I flipped when I saw your birth announcement post. We had our third baby in October and named her Clara too! How funny is it that two 3rd child’s were born with the same name just 4 months apart. Enjoy your beautiful family 🙂

  3. Aww!! Glad to hear everything’s good over there. Enjoy the rest of your “break” week, if you can call it that…haha.


  4. Hope you’re having a good break! If you have a chance, hit up the new Play For All Abilities Park in Round Rock – I think it’s also called Rabb Park – went yesterday and it is seriously the coolest park I’ve been to in the whole Austin area. So much to play with that they don’t have anywhere else, and a whole downtown village play area with working streetlights and everything for the kiddos. We’re headed back soon!

  5. What sweet pictures! It’s Old McDonald’s at our house too 🙂

  6. You look beautiful Dana. I’m impressed that you’re dressed in the morning. My goal is to be better about that this time around. 🙂

    And with you and Clara right next to each other it’s easy to see where she gets her big, beautiful, round eyes. Love it. 🙂

  7. oh those sweet faces! all of them, enjoy your time.

  8. Oh, your baby girl looks just like You. It’s mini Dana. Enjoy, these new moments there is always tomorrow. We are all enjoying our spring break with the kiddos too.

  9. 12) Dakota

    I grew up in pasadena. The best time of my life was living in pasadena. I hope you get a chance to take them to the art armory on south raymond some time.. Theyre totally kid friendly. I went on little trips there with my school occasionally which is up the street. Gah I miss,pasadena to bits. VROMANS OMG VROMANS. PLEASE vromans for me. Please please.

  10. 13) Dakota

    oh wait… Pasadena, tx? 🙁 I got SUPER excited for the love of pasadena, ca

  11. She’s so cute and chubby–and you look great!

  12. These are some of these nice moments that make a day joyful and happy. Both are so cute.

  13. Wonderful moments, Dana! BTW you look so peaceful and beautiful… and baby Clara is simply adorable!

  14. 18) angelique29

    je vous suis depuis des mois, vous m’inspirez, tout vos créations me plaisent, c’est beautiful! la frimousse des bébés sont adorables! dommage que le site soit en anglais, et vous parlez vous français? bonne soirée

  15. In that second to last picture, you are making a face I’ve seen your kids make a million times in pictures on the blog. They are little mini-Danas!

  16. 20) celine

    love it! You are such a beautiful mom! and what a pretty little girl!!!!

  17. i love the name clara! congratulations on the new addition. i love your blog and your sewing tutorials and inspirations. you have a new follower 🙂


  18. gorgeous pics! sounds amazing! hectic but amazing 🙂

  19. ha! i had a very yellow bathroom in the house we lived in in pasadena a few years ago too. it’s such a shame we never met! 🙂

  20. 24) susan

    That caption on the last photo might be ….”hmmmm…..maybe I’ll just grow a beard when I grow up”. love the expression on his sweet little face.

  21. 25) Kellie Pringle

    So cute – we call it “Old McDonalds” too! It started when my oldest (of four!) just said it out of the blue. Love that!

  22. 26) Kristi Powell

    Dana, You’re either gonna have to stop posting pics of your precious kids or I’m gonna have to stop visiting your blog, one or the other…LOL (You TOTALLY make me wanna have another one!! Uuuuggghh) SO stinkin’ sweet! I love it! Kiss those babies!!

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