I’m recovering my chairs….I need your help!

Remember when I made these oilcloth covers for my Ikea stools?

Back when my kids were BABIES? I mean, wow. Is that really Lucy? I guess a girl can grow up in four years.

Yep, that’s how long ago I made these!  They’re as old as my laptop, and our first Celebrate the BOY with Rae.  Funny how life’s timeline is referenced by blog posts and projects.

Well over the years some of you have emailed asking how the covers are holding up.  And you know what, until a year ago they were fantastic!…but then they got a small rip….and baby Clara made it her favorite pastime to peel and pick at the fabric.  I guess it’s payback time for the years we kids scratched at my mom’s velvet-embossed wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom.   Sorry mom.

So the stools need new covers.  And since we’ve increased our island space in the new house, we now have six stools.  That’s a lot of sewing!  But I think I’m up for it.

I’ve been brainstorming other water-resistant options to use besides Oilcloth….like vinyl (too thick), laminated cotton (won’t hold up as well), tablecloths (might tear within a year)….and so I just keep coming back to Oilcloth!  I love love love that these covers are super kid friendly.  I never have to stress over them spilling food because I can just wipe it up.  And when you use the original Ikea slipcovers as  pattern pieces for new covers the process comes together pretty easy –read all about the details here.

So Oilcloth it is.  I scoured my favorite oilcloth sites here and here and ordered five different prints from Oilcloth by the Yard.  Their site is awesome.  Great fabric selection, speedy shipping, and the fabrics came rolled up in a tube!  I don’t know if that’s standard with all shipments but I was pretty happy about it.  Wrinkle free!

And here’s what we have:
Corn Flower YellowCorn Flower OrangeFat Stripe YellowSunflower Stripe Yellow

Now I need your help deciding which one to use!
Here’s what I’m thinking….

As much as I’ve loved these orange chairs, and as great as they look against the blue backsplash, I’m ready for change.  So I think the orange is out, for this particular room at least.

Now, stripes would be the expected thing to do.   You know my love affair with that.

And this would be the sensible thing to do.  The yellow coordinates well with the lights and it’s cohesive with everything in the room.

But you know what I really want to do??
THIS!  Am I crazy??

Seriously.  I feel like sunflowers are so not me.
But every time I pull that print out I just get happy!  And it makes me excited to sew.
It limits me a bit with the rest of the decor in the room….but on the flip side, it makes the room.  It’ll get people’s attention when they walk in the door.  I like that.

And you know what, it also reminds me of my grandma’s old house in Arizona, which had a floral print in the kitchen and sunflower wallpaper in the bedroom.
Oh Granner, you were so adorable.  You even made tomato soup look classy.

What should I do?
I’ve placed 6 yards of sunflower fabric in my cart and just can’t hit “purchase”.
Which print would you pick???

  1. 1) Nikie


  2. 2) Ruby

    You have 6 stools, why not mix and match! They all look great together pick your favorite 3 and do 2 of each!

    • I totally agree Ruby, mix and match a little bit of everything!

      • same as Ruby and Mandy!!! the mix could be great!!!

        • Yep, I’m with these ladies 😉 Put a different one on each – they all look so great together! Otherwise, I like the plaid 🙂

          • I was going to make the same suggestion! I’d say, 2 Sunflower, 2 Fat Stripe Yellow, & 2 Cornflower Orange. 🙂

          • 7) Danielle

            Sunflowers on the front if you really LUV them and stripes or checks on back panel.

          • 8) Carolina

            O think mix them by 2. 2 sunflowers, 2 yellow stripes, the wider and 2 orange or plaid orange.

          • 9) hoosiermeema

            I like Danielle’s idea….sunflowers on the front and the fat yellow stripe on the back.

    • 10) Amy

      Yup! Mix and match. I definitely like the yellow stripes and the yellow plaid and they go great with the others. If you are about the sunflowers, go for it! Your house reflects you!

      • That is a great suggestion, mix and match i mean, but keeping a common link among the patterns. my personal vote goes for the yellow stripes, wide or thin, and totally veto the sunflowers..seems to me you would get tired of them in a heartbeat.

  3. I say go for it! You’ve been making bold choices throughout your house (which I all LOVE!!) and they all have worked out great! Go with your gut! Also, mixing and matching would be fun but might cause some trouble if the kiddos fight over who gets to sit in what chair.

  4. 13) iralee

    make each one a different pattern!!! that would look fab!! my other idea, alternate big and little stripes, 3 of each!

  5. 15) Cheryl

    I like the sunflower mixed with the yellow stripes. Remember to go with what you can like for a long time

  6. 16) April Rieger

    I would so go with the stripes because I love them!!!!!! Something about those sunflowers reminds me of my very first kitchen towel/pot holder/rug set, you know back in the late 90’s when everyone had sunflowers in their kitchen lol!!! What if you were able to make a hybrid cover, meaning have the seat part and the back of the chair be 2 seperate fabric patterns? But it wouldn’t scream overwhelming sunflowers or overwhelming stripes?!? Lol I live the yellow though 🙂 make for a bright cheery room 🙂

  7. 17) iHeartQuilting

    I was also going to suggest picking three fabrics and doing two stools in each of them. I like the three yellow striped/plaid fabrics for that.

  8. 18) Kate

    The sunflower is cute but will be dated quickly and totally limits your decor options. I think the small stripes would be cute and allow you to be bolder in other decorating options that aren’t so permanent? Good luck!

    • 19) Amy

      I do think you may tire of the sunflowers, too. But the great thing about the covers is that they are changeable. if you mix and match, get enough of another color to re-do the sunflower ones, maybe? As far as kids arguing over which stools… kids’ opinions change. I have mix and match tableware. The kids both wanted the orange plate until they didn’t. We all lived.

  9. 20) Mary

    I didn’t like the floral until I saw the grammy pick. I like how it has a special memory meaning. Also love other’s comments of mixing, but as a mommy of 3 also, we have the problem of “I want the blue cloth napkin” which there never seems to be three clean at the same time. I can see this happening with the chairs – I want the yellow stripe one. Just food for thought.

    • 21) Ginette

      I changed my mind when I saw the picture too! Your kids will look back the same way and always remember those sunflowers. I think you should mix-three of each kind (I like the yellow cornflower, but the small stripes would work too), then there will always be enough for everyone’s picking, whatever mood they are in! And no fighting (I’m a mommy of 3 also!)

  10. I’d do the sunflowers and yellow stripes (the thinner ones) and do 3 chairs in each.
    In my opinion two patterns are chic, more than that would make it look like you’re in a furniture store 🙂

    • 23) Colleen

      I like this idea too!

      • 24) Tama

        I think Neema has the right idea!

  11. i think the first one is the best, small stripes well with th lights
    Good Luck

    • 26) zeynep

      I agree with ayten..

      • 27) Maggie

        I definitely like the thin yellow stripes best. Now I want to incorporate them into my kitchen!

  12. 28) Maria

    Cornflower yellow is my favorite…

  13. Go for the sunflowers! It will be easier than the plaids or strips and it go with the other stripes you already have.

  14. 31) Janet

    I think the yellow strips are bold and look fantastic, so I would go with that. The sunflowers seem like they would overtake that beautiful tile in the kitchen to me. Do you have some patio furniture you could use the sunflowers on? maybe a bench somewhere in or near the kitchen as an awesome accent rather than the whole show?

  15. 32) sarah

    yellow plaid 100%!!!!!!!!
    2nd choice yellow stripe

  16. 33) Windie D

    I like the yellow stripes – but not sure which – the thin or thick! Maybe you can do both! I would use the sunflower to make placemats – then you can still have that pattern in your kitchen – but not so overwhelming!

    • 34) Amy G

      Ooo, sunflower placemats! Yes!

      • Yeah – that’s a cool idea – if you’re not bold enough to use the sunflowers on the stools – use them as placemats 😀

    • 36) Sarah S

      Yes yes!! Sunflower placemats! And then make the chairs yellow. Fat stripes is my vote but mix and match would be cool too!

  17. 37) Amy G

    I like the meaning behind the sunflowers, but I feel like it doesn’t fit with the rest of the kitchen. I like the plaid, but I’m wondering if the scale of it might be too big? It kind of looks like you’d only get like 1 and a half pattern repeats on the width of that chair, but maybe it’s just the photo angle. I’m kinda leaning towards stripes. I like the idea someone had of alternating the wide and skinny stripes.

  18. 38) Emily

    I vote for a mix and match – two stools in the flowers, two stools in the wide stripe, and two stools in the orange cross-hatch.

  19. 39) kellylynn

    I like the idea of mixing it, but I would go with two choices. I like the mix of sunflowers with the big, bold stripes. They look so nice next to each other in your picture of all of the fabric.

  20. I’d do all the stools the same, but with one fabric choice on the back of the chair and another for the rest. I know that doesn’t help narrow, but maybe the sunflowers would be updated paired with fat yellow stripes.

  21. 41) Valerie

    I like Corn flower yellow!

  22. 42) jweed

    i like mixing it up, but my favorite is cornflower yellow!

  23. 43) Amber

    Sunflowers and yellow plaid, three of each!! Love love love the sunflowers!!!

  24. I realllllllly don’t like the sunflowers, personally. I think they take away from the beautiful new kitchen you’re creating! I would pick one of the stripes or do a mix of the two stripes. Maybe switch up the direction of the stripes? (some vertical, some horizontal)

    • 45) Larisa


    • 46) Ashli

      Agreed 100%. However, you have to do what YOU like, and if YOU like the sunflowers then go for it!

  25. 47) Nicola

    I like the yellow plaid one. It’s the most flexible and it’s clean looking to me.

  26. 48) maureen

    I love, love, love, the sunflowers. I know they can sometimes be cheesy, but I just love this print. That touch of grey makes the yellow pop without screaming I am a yellow chair. One or two yellow stripes might work, but I wouldn’t make them all different. If you get tired of sunflowers in a few years, you can always change it. It’s best to pick what you really love.

  27. 49) Adie

    Sure the sunflowers are cheery but from the photos you’ve posted it’s the least cohesive with the rest of your kitchen. Stripes are winning it for me or a combination of 2-thin stripes, 2-thick stripes and 2-plaid…eager to see what you go with!

  28. 50) Holly

    Flowers. It will make you happy every time you see it!

  29. 51) Rachel

    I vote chunky stripes! The sunflowers are happy but I think it will be too much. Maybe frame your sample as happy art work in the space?

  30. Not a huge fan of the sunflowers, but I think you could make it work for you. You are good at that. I like the yellow stripes and yellow corn flower. Mixing and matching might be fun. Good luck!

  31. 54) rosie

    Stripes. Not everything in the room can be the bold, starring choice, and in sunflowers the stools upstage the GORGEOUS backslash color.

  32. 55) bleu

    yellow stripes !

  33. 56) Paloma

    I also really like how the sunflowers look with the stripes. I’m all for mixing it up!

  34. 57) Ashley

    I love mixing patterns. I would have some stripes vehicle and the others horizontal. The sunflowers are cute, but you could get tired of them faster? Maybe you could make some sunny place mats with the sunflower fabric. Easier to make and easier to swap out.

  35. 58) Kellee Reilly

    Corn flower yellow or wide stripe

  36. go with the sunflowers!! your house would totally rock it. ANY of those prints would seriously be fun..your house is so killer, Dana! loved this post. 🙂

  37. 60) Laura J.

    I would’ve voted for yellow stripe. I’m not a fan of sunflower prints. BUT IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, DO IT!!! I am similarly moved by memories of my grandmothers and any opportunity to have a bit of their spirits with me is most welcome.

  38. 61) Ashla

    I vote cornflower yellow. Goes with everything, yet has a little something special. The sunflowers sound fun, but I’m wondering if the flowers aren’t too big to really fit on the chairs.

    I like the ideas above of a mix and match (maybe 3 cornflowers of each color? Or 3 yellow cornflower and 3 yellow stripes?). And if the sunflowers are not so big after all, definitely sunflowers placemats.

  39. 62) Jen

    Sunflowers – no doubt about it

  40. 63) Brianne Buskey

    I always think of late 80’s hair scrunchies when I think of sunflower patterns (http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/181367355554?lpid=82). It’s funny how we all associate different patterns with different things. I think you should pick what you like most. I get tired of busy patterns more quickly than patterns that are a bit more classic. You new home is beautiful, can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  41. 64) Lynne

    Sunflowers….more personality, less expected. Looking forward to seeing your final answer. 🙂

  42. 65) Amanda

    If you ended up hating the sunflowers after a few months out even a couple of years, would you be willing to spend the time and money to sew new covers? If yes, then go for the flowers! If no, I’d say go for something a bit more classic that’s likely typo stand the test of time. I personally hate the sunflowers. They remind me of the 90s, which weren’t a happy time for me, but how boring would it be if everyone decorated the same?

  43. 66) Brianne Buskey

    Oh and my vote would be the plaid or stripes (not a mixture of any of the fabrics!), but I could imagine the stripes looking super busy with 6 stools in that fabric… I’m no help, sorry!! 🙂

  44. Narrow yellow stripes are my pick. I can see why you like the sunflowers, but I think you’ll get sick of them very quickly. They just don’t go with your beautiful kitchen as well as a simple stripe. The sunflowers would make really cute placemats if you sewed a bias edge on them.

  45. 68) MichelleV

    Thin yellow stripes on outside and sunflowers on inside seat for the best of both worlds.

      • 70) Kristi Andres

        i agree with this one. “You’d see the sunflowers from standing in the kitchen that way and the stripes would coordinate better with the family room. So fun!

        • i agree!!! sunflowers on the inside of seat as and yellow stripes on the back for better coordination in the room.

        • i agree!!! sunflowers on the inside of seat as and yellow stripes on the back for better coordination in the room.

          or yellow stripes on the seats and make yourself a sunflower apron that’ll cheer you up when you cook.

  46. 73) liz

    Do three in the sunflowers and three in the smaller yellow stripe. If you do all six chairs in the sunflowers it might be a little overwhelming, which is why I think you are hesitating.

  47. 74) Miq

    Sunflower fronts with Striped backs!!

  48. 75) sorahart

    The stripes are timeless. I think the novelty of the sunflowers might wear off after a while. Sorry, you asked. =)

  49. I vote for thin yellow and white stripes for the chairs. BUT I also think you should frame swatches of ALL the prints and hang them in your kitchen (especially because the sunflowers hold a sentimental feeling for you, yes?) Maybe cut them from templates of a tea cup, a mixer…whatever seems “kitcheny” or has special meaning to you. Make coordinating placements and a utensil holder for the counter, too! Then you get to see all the prints all the time. What a fun adventure, Dana! Hope you’re loving it 🙂

  50. 77) Sara M.

    I love the thin yellow plaid the best, but I liked the idea of mixing prints. I think the sunflowers are too much.

  51. Do it! Pick the one that makes you smile! Life’s too short to live with something boring.

  52. 79) Roxanne Workoff

    I like the thin yellow stripes the most. I also like the idea of using the sunflower fabric for placemats.

  53. 80) Molly Peters

    Do one of each

  54. 81) Alison

    I vote for small yellow stripes on the backs and sunflowers on the seats.

  55. 82) Manuma

    The sunflowers are too big for your chairs. You would get only partial flowers or use too much of the fabric. My favorites are CornFlowe Yellow or Stripe Yellow.

  56. 83) Tesa

    Yellow Stripes all the way… save the sunflowers for placemats!

  57. 84) Shannon

    I was going to say do the sunflowers and then the yellow stripes or plaid and mix and match.

  58. 85) Nan

    I am a big fan of orange, so I have to go with the orange print. Please pretty please pick the orange. Hee, hee.

  59. Do the sunflowers!!! The yellow square is my second choice but the sunflowers really pop against the blue tiles!

  60. 87) Lissette Knight

    I would go with none of them. They are all great but I think they really distract from the dynamics of the space. I would go for a bold solid color, like a tangerine. Accessories can be utilized to provide detail and can be easily changed.

    • 88) Joanne Roth

      I agree w Lissette. The sunflowers would be fun if you made them and used them just seasonally but I don’t think they will morph well through the year and will limit your other choices in the space. Also with the white space on the sunflower print, the design could be a bit chopped up once they are made. sorry…. If you still aren’t sure, make one slip cover to try living with it for a month or so..

      • 89) Dkb

        None of them is a good idea! I really dislike the flowers and if I had to choose I’d go with the skinny stripe or the yellow plaid

  61. Oh the choices!!!! My eye naturally goes to the yellow and it would be so fitting with your AMAZING new home! But I also know the feeling of nostalgia and sometimes just doing little things to bring back happy memories makes all the difference! We trust your judgement Dana; you’ve always had an eye for fabric 🙂

  62. My first pick is the fat stripe yellow with blue piping to match your backsplash. That was my first thought when i saw the post. I do like the cornflower yellow too but with no piping. The only thing i have against the sunflowers is that it’s very bold and it would suck if you get tired of it really quick because like you said, that’s a lot of sewing. Maybe use it some other way in the kitchen

  63. 94) Rose E.

    At first I immediately picked the small yellow stripes but then I saw the sunflowers on the chairs in front of the tile and I was like, “YES!” It’s a rather nice sunflower print and it has some orange in it which looks so good with blue.

  64. Oh man, lots of ideas comments! I would totally be torn by what to do. Just go with your gut. If you like the sunflowers, go with it! If you’re nervous about it being too much, do a few in sunflower and a few in something else. I do love the wide yellow stripes a whole lot. And I’m not a huge yellow fan. 🙂

  65. My first though was SUNFLOWERS! even before I saw it on the chairs once on the chairs it just sold me 🙂

  66. I’d go with cornflower yellow, personally. I just really like the print. But if YOU love the sunflowers that much, use them! Or do three sunflowers and three of something else. I don’t think you can go wrong either way. =)

  67. 98) Christy Wallaker

    Cornflower yellow is my fave. The sunflowers look ok but kind of dated in a not yet cool way. But even as I type that, I’m thinking you could probably do sunflowers and they would totally work for you. I’m also having flashbacks of the sunflower hat Kristen Johnson wore in her senior pics. My safe but still bold choice is the cornflower yellow. Has a little more going on than the basic stripes but isn’t so busy that it detracts from the overall look of the room. Done rambling now. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  68. 99) crafty gramma

    Hi Dana! I love all sunflower prints, but … I am thinking ahead to winter holidays. Will you do holiday covers? Are they going to work for you year round? I also like the yellow plaid. Love the idea of framing all prints, or accenting with them. Whatever you do, it will be fabu for sure. Can’t wait to see! Ps you can send any scraps my way…

  69. 100) Lise

    I vote for the sunflowers. They would make the room very individual, which I think would be perfect. And in a few years, if you are tired of them, you can always change them. Always go with your gut instinct.

  70. oh gawd no! no sunflowers! lol. but you do what you gotta do, Dana. and i’m sure, because this is you, it will turn out fantastic!

  71. 102) Judy

    No sunflowers! They are totally not your style and you will regret it later when it doesn’t mesh with anything else to add to the room. Stick with the stripes or the large yellow squares design. 😉

  72. 103) amy

    cornflower yellow!!!!

  73. 104) Vianely

    Thin yellow stripes!!! If you like sunflowers so much you may do something else, like the placemats suggested above 😀 Good luck!!!

  74. 105) Krista O

    Love the yellow cornflower. I think the sunflower print is too big for your chairs and too distracting from the awesomeness of your kitchen. But you are the bomb and can make anything rock!

  75. 106) Vicky

    I like ministripes.

  76. I’m more of a poppies person, but if you feel happy whenever you see the sunflowers, than that’s the way to go 🙂

  77. 108) Sherri

    I would split 3 and 3, 3 sunflower and 3 yellow stripe. You can place them every other one or 3 and 3. What a fun look!

  78. 109) trish

    my vote is fat yellow stripes!

  79. 110) Tiffany

    I just can’t get on the sunflower band wagon. I understand it has meaning you though, so if it truely makes you happy, go for it. It is your home. I love the thicker stripe yellow and it has your name all over it , to me. It is heaps and gobs classier, just like you 😉

  80. 111) Jennie

    I like the fat yellow stripes. Use the sunflowers to make placemats! 🙂

  81. 112) Christen

    Yellow Cornflower. Definitely. Looks great!

  82. 113) Heidi

    Not the sunflowers! I would do either the cornflower yellow or mixture of wide and narrow yellow stripes.

  83. 114) Kristen Allen

    I think the sunflowers fight with and detract from that beautiful tile. I like the stripes. Also I like the idea of using the sunflower on an accent piece or placemats so you’d have your grandma factor, but not front and center.

  84. 115) Sheila

    I hate to say it, because I really like the sunflower print, but it looks really out of place with the design of your kitchen. Those blue subway tiles are pretty modern. In the right kitchen the sunflowers would look vintage, but I really don’t think it’s working in yours. Same with the plaid, although I think it would work better than the sunflowers.

    While it might be expected, the stripes look best to me.

  85. 116) Kelly O.

    I think you’ll get tired of the sunflowers quickly… the yellow stripes would be my pick. What does your hubby think?

  86. 117) pj

    I vote narrow yellow stripes or a combination . No to the sunflowers. I lived through the 60’s-70’s and had enough of that myself….
    BTW, I love your flooring. Too bad can’t talk hubby into it.

  87. 118) Julie

    Do it!!!! BE BOLD!!!

  88. 119) marcela

    Corn Flower Yellow! It brings in a little retro, like the sunflowers, but wont be center stage. The tile back splash is the focal point.

  89. 120) Stephanie S

    I say go for the floral!! I think it would look great and would be a little unexpected in an otherwise more modern room. Plus, if it makes you happy just thinking about it, that’s a sign you wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with the other choices.

  90. 121) Deborah

    I really love the Sunflowers, and the stripes. Not a big orange person. I am still in the process of re-doing our kitchen in a red and yellow colors. I will have some sunflowers and some red roosters in there. I just think yellow is such a sunny color. It’s like a bit of sunshine in the kitchen.

    The decision is really up to you, though. Remember, you have to live with it for a while, we don’t.

  91. 122) Melody

    I like the sunflowers. There is enough white in the print to soften the other colors. To me stripes seem more dated in a kitchen and the yellow stripes might be too matchy with the lights. The sunflowers are fresh, unexpected and coordinate well with bhe blue and yellow.

  92. Cornflower yellow. The stools are theoretically a long term item in your kitchen. If you love the sunflower, can you make a pouf from it for the kids to flop on and have snacks? I feel like the sunflowers take away a bit from your awesome backsplash, whereas the cornflower yellow is super cheerful and takes on a bit of the same grid-like pattern but in a different way, if that makes any sense. Good luck!

  93. 124) Ana Rosa


  94. I would go with the yellow striped one. Match your seiling lamps and is not to fussy.

  95. 126) RaeLyn

    The narrow Yellow Stripe is my vote. It really ties in your lights and your door, adds a compliment to the backsplash without being overbearing.

  96. 127) Amanda

    I’m a fan of cornflower yellow 🙂

  97. 128) Whitney

    Mix and match!!!! Do a few of each, or all 6

  98. 129) Mrs. P.

    My vote would be a combination of big and little stripes. DO the backs in one, (i’m thinking the large stripes for impact) and do the skinny stripes on the seat and front of the chair-back. Then it changes a bit whether you’re standing in the kitchen or out of the kitchen. The sunflowers seem a bit over the top for the space.
    I also like the idea of doing a runner style placemat/narrow tablecloth for that edge in the sunflowers. It will help protect the surface from stains when the kids are being creative or cooking. Or make some aprons for everyone from the sunflowers.

  99. 131) Elise

    Thick yellow stripes. (But honestly I loved the orange print against the tiles in your kitchen) 🙂

  100. 132) Lisha

    Wide yellow stripe—all the way.

  101. 133) Jenw

    Sunflower and some stripes. You said you had 6 stools right? Do 2 sunflower, mixed with stripes and then if you tire of the sunflower it’s not so much to re-sew:)

  102. 134) maya

    Even before reading further after glancing at the choices my immediate first pick was the sunflowers so go for it! Or make one put it on and live with it for a week. Mix and match might look great too. By the way I’m not a sunflower kind a girl either so there’s something to it 🙂

  103. 135) maya

    It just hit me why the sunflowers. Your Kitchen is very angular and static with all the rectangular planes so the sunflowers would add just that little bit of playfulness and dynamic energy 🙂

  104. 136) Sílvia

    Sunflowers without any doubt, it picks de color of the tiles and the lamp in the mantel

  105. 137) susan

    My favorite is the yellow plaid. My least favorite is the sunflowers (sorry, but it’s true).
    I think picking 2 or three and doing a variety would be great!

  106. 138) Elizabeth D.

    Go for the sunflowers!! If they make you happy – they will always make you smile when you see them.

  107. 139) Elizabeth

    I say stick with the sunflowers! I love them and I agree, it’s such a happy print!

  108. 140) Tiffany

    I like sunflowers, but I don’t like that print. I don’t think it will look right on the chairs. The scale of the flowers is too large and overblown. I would go with a yellow stripe. Stripes seem more like your style anyway…based on what I have seen on your blog over the years. I think you may be getting sentimental about the sunflowers because of your grandma’s kitchen…

  109. 141) Marian

    I loved reading all the responses! Great idea for website to solicit input on one’s ideas!! I can think of opinions I would like on a number of things!! Some ideas here were creative. Liked using piping to match kitchen tiles. Also idea of chair backs the same….fun to explore possibilities!

  110. 142) Jessica blood

    Normally i hate sunflower, bad feelings from the 90’s. But………..for some odd reason i think these would be the bomb. I mean anybody can do stripe but not everybody can do sunflower. Go bold

  111. I like the clean lines of the yellow stripe. I have that sunflower oilcloth as a tablecloth in the summer and, honestly, I can get 3/4 of the way through the week before I’m ready to rip it off and pick another, less busy print. YMMV, tho…

  112. 144) Julie

    Corn flower yellow gets my vote !! They will look great with what ever pattern you pick.

  113. I like the cornflower yellow. A little bit more pattern than the stripes but not something that you’d get sick of quickly.

  114. 146) Laranda

    I like the stripes, but I agree it would be fun to mix it up. I also think just doing the sunflowers would be too much! I still love the orange the best! :0) change is good though!

  115. 147) liz


  116. 148) Laura


  117. 149) Kelly-Ann F.

    One more opinion for you (because that is what you need!). Do two chairs in the sunflower and the other four in the yellow stripe (or whatever steals your heart!). Put the sunflower ones on the ends. You will get the joy of that and if it doesn’t take, you only have two chairs to recover! Your house is beautiful so do what you love. If you don’t like it, you have the skills to change it! Whatever is left over all goes together so I know you will find something fabulous to do with the rest of the oilcloth!

  118. 150) Hayley

    I like them all! So I say, your home is there to serve you, not the other way around. So rather than fretting over what seems to ‘look just right’, go with “what makes you happy!” I understand wanting to be practical about something that’s going to be around for another 3 years, at least. But if you walk into your kitchen on a cold winter day, and those Sunflowers put a smile on your face, then who cares what the rest of the world thinks…they are doing their job!!! ….plus I love intentional choices. The nod to your Grandma is priceless. Just sayin’. 🙂

  119. 151) Jenn

    I’m going with a big, fat, NO!! on the sunflowers. Sometimes a little something unexpected just makes a room….I’m in the camp that votes the sunflowers are not it for this space. I thought I’d like the stripes best, but I think the cornflower yellow cornflower looks so fresh!

  120. They are all lovely and i am sure whatever you chose will look fab. My vote is for the cornflower yellow! So sweet, simple, yet interesting.

  121. 154) Liesel

    Sunflowers! Who cares if it will look dated eventually. You’ll probably need new ones again by then anyway. Lol! Can’t wait to see them finished!

  122. 155) Letitia

    I like mix and match with all the yellow tones. Your house has such clean lines I think the sunflower would overpower the overall feel. You always pick great looks tho!

  123. 156) Jo

    I love the idea of stripes on the back of the chairs and sunflowers on the front !!!
    Go for it …

  124. 157) Missnibbles

    Sunflowers hands down.

    I think that you should believe that if it makes you smile now it will still make you smile in a year.

  125. 158) Natalie

    Yellow stripes!!! I recovered our kitchen stools with a funky floral oilcloth and wish I had gone for something a little more subdued. Use that sunflower fabric somewhere that can be changed out more easily if/when you get tired of it! Love your new home and style!

  126. 159) Michelle E.

    I love the large yellow stripe. I think the sunflower is too big in scale and you will really be “married” to such a bold motif. Use it for placemats or a “splash pad” on the floor if you really want it in the room. The large “plaid” stripe is too big of a repeat and you won’t see much of it on the cushions/chair backs.

    Just my “humble opinion” … if you haven’t pushed the checkout button yet! 🙂

  127. Yellow stripes! Thanks for the source, I’ve been looking for zebra print oilcloth for our dining room chairs!

  128. 161) Meghan McNealy


  129. 162) Michaela

    Okay, call me crazy but before you said you wanted sunflower, I was seeing the small yellow stripe on all but two of them. Sunflower on two. It just seems happy!

  130. 163) Angie

    Just do what makes you feel good and forget about everything else!!!!! oh and I think Sunflowers makes EVERYONE Smile : )

  131. 164) Debra

    In two parts of my house I went with a really bold statement that I loved (a duvet cover and an accent wall), and in both cases, even though I loved the pattern and color on its own, I ended up regretting it because it ended up controlling the whole room. Everything else has to work around it. So I vote for one of the striped options, which gives you more versatility, and then for using the sunflower to make accents for your space. Maybe framing some of it, or using it to line the backs of shelves or cabinets?

  132. I agree with others who said mix sunflowers with yellow wide stripes. I love sunflowers, they are such a cheerful flower. But most definitely do what you like and can live with for a few years.

  133. 167) gr81gkar


  134. 168) Donna Borges

    Yellow stripes!

  135. my first instinct, before reading any of the other comments, was why choose one print when you could have 2 or 3? I would definitely do some sunflowers, and one or both yellow stripes.

  136. 170) Tracy Hubert

    I think the colours in the fabrics you have clash with the door. Have you considered going with a base colour like oatmeal or cream with black or grey accents with just a pop of yellow because it will tie all colours of the room together and won’t be competing for your eye. Just a thought!

  137. 171) mrs r

    I’m on the 3 sunflowers, 3 stripes train. I love the idea of a nod to family members and if you do 3 and they get tiresome, you can change them. I also like the idea of using the sunflowers as an accent, like placemats or a focal art piece. This would be more work and potentially a problem, wear-wise, but could you “quilt” the back inside part of the chair, so the sunflowers were in a center square and you had something else – maybe even just white oilcloth – around it, then use stripes on the seat and the back of the chair? That would allow you to see the happy spot of sunflower while you’re working in the kitchen without it being overpowering to everyone else in the kitchen. Like a special, Carol Burnett-style wiggle of the ear to your grandmother.

    I’m so curious what you decide to do – I loved reading through the comments. Everyone has great ideas!

  138. 172) calosso

    me gusta el amarrillo a rayas finitas queda muy bien.

  139. 173) Shelly

    Sunflowers feel way too dated to me (and not in a good, vintagey-type way). Out of all the options, I’d pick the orange option. But if you want yellow, the wide stripes are great too.

  140. 175) Amy

    Either do a mix of multiple fabrics, or do the small yellow stripe. I looove that one!

  141. 176) Béatrice

    Thin and fat yellow strips…
    Horizontal … and vertical
    Mix thin and fat
    it makes six combinations!

  142. 177) Lisa

    Sunflowers all the way!!! They totally make the room, plus the sentimental value. I wouldn’t mix the patterns, too busy (sounds weird because the sunflowers are so bold, but really). Definitely go with your gut – you have excellent taste!

  143. 178) Rebecca

    I have to admit I was not feeling the sunflowers…until I saw it on the chairs with the blue tile in the background. Definitely the winner for me, but all of them equally adorable choices!!

  144. I’d have to go with thick yellow. I’d be concerned that the sunflower print is too large for the covers.

  145. 180) Jeni

    I’m surprised so many people like the cornflower. To me it fits your aesthetic worse than the sunflowers! So yes, I think I vote for stripes or sunflowers. I think there is enough negative space in the sunflowers for them to work, but they will definitely pigeon-hole the rest of the space. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  146. 181) lyn

    after reading most of comments– two patterns would be enough and Sunflowers and either checks or stripes! 3 patterns too busy!

  147. 182) Brenda

    I would chose the yellow plaid.. It think you will tire of the flowers, Brenda

  148. 183) Marilyn


  149. 184) robin

    Definitely Sunflowers! Great memories, great pop of color, and actually gives you a lot of other colors to work with, but evenso, it WILL go with so many things.

  150. 185) Amy

    I like the idea of mix and matching fabric on the same chair, each panel different. Maybe add piping. Do they make Oilcloth piping? You could make your own. What ever you decide will look great because these are all great choices. Also you can always redo them if you really don’t like it. 😉

  151. 186) Sally P

    Use the sunflower for an outdoor pouf or something. I like the idea of a more solid color like solid yellow seat with a back panel of turquoise print. Or solid color with different “skirt” color. It’s still a little unexpected.

  152. 187) KERRY

    yellow stripe!
    small or fat, i like stripes

  153. 188) Ivana

    yellow stripes!! They are the best 🙂

  154. 190) Carla

    Go sunflower!! (And do not mix with anything else)

  155. 191) Nicola


  156. 192) Janome Gnome

    You need to get your gut instincts back. They’ve been flooded, like when you test too many perfumes at one time and get overwhelmed. I’d put everything out of sight for ages and ages (I don’t know, three days?) and have someone put the sunflowers over the chairs and you just walk into the room with fresh eyes. You’ll totally know in an instant.

  157. 193) Jenny Murkes

    I would do 4 in yellow stripes and 2 in sunflowers for a pop of color. I love your color palette!

  158. 194) Katie

    Fat yellow stripes all the way!

  159. Oh, I thought I was being so original … and then I read all the other comments. My first thought was use all of the choices. And that’s my last thought too. What a fun, fun, fun project. Can’t wait to see what eventuates. x

  160. I just love the yellow stripes.

    My honest opinion? I am not over the 90s yet … I won’t be ready for sunflowers again for at least another decade!

  161. 197) Lauralee

    SUNFLOWERS! I love how the leaves pick up the blue in the backsplash and those yellow lights are to die for. What fun! And the joy of being your own decorator – well, you can change it if you hate it!!! 🙂 LOVE your new house and your bright colors. It is inspiring me to do a little updates l- if only I could get rid of the hideous BLACK backsplash that the previous owners installed in our kitchen….

  162. 198) Leigh

    I have never regretted choosing the colour or pattern I loved over something more mild.

  163. 199) Susan C


  164. 200) Anne M.


  165. 201) Angie Backman

    I vote sunflowers, but I am a true sucker for anything that makes me nostalgic!

  166. 202) Rita Montgomery

    Fat yellow stripes. Sunflowers are too busy for me. Use the other fabrics pieces for placemats or coasters for accent. Good luck.

  167. Go for the sunflowers! They are happy…and we all spend way to much time in our kitchens…might as well enjoy it:)

  168. 204) Annalena

    Disagree. For once I think you should go back and re-think your choices.
    Why? The sunflowers have something in their orange-yellow that does not match the tiles, nor the lamps.
    The others have been there in various themes: yellow and white striped pillows, dresses etc.
    How about a petrol that is a little darker than the tiles?
    Or a fresh lime-green that would go with tiles and lamps.
    Or, taupe, but that might not be colourful enough for you 😀

  169. 205) Becky Thompson

    The large yellow stripe squares. They coordinate nice with the yellow lights without overwhelming the incredible blue wall. IMO, the sunflowers clash horribly with the blue. Had the backsplash been in orange, I’d say go for it. But they just over-power the blue and take away from it’s gorgeousness. The large yellow squares just pull the whole thing together.

  170. 207) julis

    I’d say yellow stripes..more classy 🙂

  171. OK, I’m going to be an odd ball. I hate the Sunflowers….because…the leaves! The color just clashes with the green tiles in the background. Mix and match is good. But the sunflowers would be better if they had no leaves!

    Stripes are more classic. You probably won’t get tired with them. You may wake up one morning and regret the sunflowers!! (LOL)

    • I really dislike the sunflowers too – you are not alone.

    • 210) Becky Thompson

      One thing I didn’t say in my response was that they make the gorgeous blue tiles look green but I wondered if that was just my screen.

      • 211) Becky Thompson

        And now I see that with sunflowers, the green hue of the tiles clashes horribly with the apple green of the door.

  172. I really like the yellow corn flower, but the classic yellow stripes (not the fat yellow) are so totally you, I think you’ll like them for a long time to come.

  173. 213) Alice

    Everyone has similar ideas. Why not sunflowers on the seats and small stripes on the backs? That way they are hidden, yet make you smile when you pull them out. I prefer the small stripes, the large stripes and the sunflowers. The big squares are just seem too big to me. If you are smiling you know you have picked the right combo.

  174. 214) Kimberly

    Cornflower yellow. All. The. Way.

  175. 215) Cherie Phillips

    Thick yellow stripes. Keep it simple.

  176. 216) Lori

    There have been many times I have had an idea to do a sewing project with fun color and I talk myself out of doing it because, “what will people think?” Or, “do I think this is great, but really it’s ugly?” And my creativity is snuffed. I go the safe route and I usually feel like, “eh, it works.” But, deep down I wish I would have went with the bold choice.
    I’ll be honest, when I first looked, I was kinda shocked you had the flowers as an option, but as I revisited after reading the comments, I can see it now.
    My vote is the flowers for these reasons:
    1) I love that the flowers are large and that you (when it’s finished) will catch random glimpses here and there of the pattern.
    2) I think the color of the seeds and the center of the flowers really pull in the color of your floors. I love contrast, but I also like a common denominator, too; something to pull it all together.
    3) You said it makes you excited to sew when you see it. That’s it. That’s why we create. No one else will have those sunflower oil cloth stools covered from IKEA, but you. Well, and everyone else who falls in love with them after they’re finished;).

  177. 218) Amanda

    The sunflowers are fun and unexpected! I think Lori’s right. If we worry if other people will like it we sometimes won’t choose what we really want. Go with your gut! If you end not loving it after a while, it’s only stools!

  178. 219) Cindy

    I like the plaid yellow best. One of the problems I see with the sunflowers is that the green in them dulls the turquoise color in the tile whereas the yellow plaid actually compliments and brightens the tile. The sunflowers are darling and perhaps you could use that fabric in an area that doesn’t line up with turquoise. I also don’t think the green in the oilcloth is very complimentary to the lime door. However, it all might look quite different in natural light compared to what we see in a photo. And in the end, I think you will know what you like best and it really doesn’t matter what any of us think!

  179. 220) Jade

    I like the small yellow stripes. I think it matches best with everything else in the room.

  180. 221) Abigail

    Large yellow stripe for sure!

  181. 222) Angie

    What a fabulous idea to cover them in oilcloth, Dana! I’m probably with the camp who thinks that the sunflowers don’t really ‘go’ with the style of everything else in the kitchen, but I have also learned from your blog that you can really make anything work and I’d probably love the end result. 🙂 I do like the idea of choosing multiple fabrics, but I would definitely only choose 2 so it still looks cohesive, and I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing to do 4 chairs in one and 2 in the other (instead of 3 and 3 as mentioned in several other comments). I think you could pull off the sunflower if you did it for the two statement chairs and grounded it with a less busy choice for the other 4 (plus, if you got sick of it, you’d only have to redo 2). Just my thoughts, but again, I’d trust your opinion more than my own, so ultimately, I’d go with your gut! 🙂

  182. 223) Kirstin

    I recovered the seat of a little vintage step stool in that same sunflower oil cloth and I love it! I use it to cut all my family member’s hair – so easy to clean-up!

    All are lovely, though, and look very cheerful.

  183. 6 chairs is a LOT of sunflowers … Personally, I’d go with the yellow check, I think. When I saw the pic with all the options, the one I thought was most you was the bold yellow stripe, but I don’t know if it’s too overwhelming and you’d probably have to get some extra yardage to match up the stripes … (the same problem you’d have with the checks, as well …) When reading the comments, I don’t know if this is helpful to you, there are so many great suggestions here! 🙂

  184. 225) Christine Danneels

    The small yellow and white stripes -))

  185. 226) dannyscotland

    You should go with the sunflowers. Anything that makes you that happy is worth doing.

  186. I think you should do what your gut tells you, and if it’s sunflowers, then go for it! (Though to me sunflower oilcloth looks an awful lot like a tablecloth and I myself love the thinner stripes.) Have fun sewing! 🙂 Lisa

  187. What does Casey think? I say if he’s good with the sunflowers, go for it. And when they no longer make you smile, recover them again ~ it really doesn’t take THAT much money or time 🙂

  188. 229) Natalie

    I think sunflowers for sure!

  189. 230) Kimberly

    Definitely the stripes! I really like the larger print because its simple but bold. The color is similar to other fixtures without being too ‘matchy’. I also like the idea of a mix and match lot, since your chairs are all the same shape. Good luck! Beautiful blog!


  190. 231) Colleen

    flowers! Anything you love cannot be a bad choice. If you fill your house with things you love you will not regret it & it all comes together somehow!

  191. 232) Corrine

    Cornflower yellow. Just my opinion. I’m a little too sensible sometimes though. I love the boldness of your house.

  192. 233) Jo

    I say go with the cornflower yellow.

  193. 234) Lacey

    I love the feeling when a fabric makes you excited to sew. Can’t beat it!

    But with that said … I personally liked the sunflowers the least of all your options. I agree with some of the comments regarding it feeling dated and “nineties” etc. I don’t feel it meshes with the classic but still modern feel of your kitchen.

    I think any of the other fabrics are a better choice, and I like the mix/match suggestion.

    But, your home should make YOU happy, so take all that with a grain of salt 🙂

  194. They all look amazing, as does your house…I am green with envy from all the way over here in Oz! You obviously have a connection with the sunflowers…so go for it. Sometimes it’s best to follow your heart. You will walk past them everyday so best it is something that conjures good memories & warm feelings 🙂

  195. 236) Nicole P.

    I say go with the sunflowers. If it makes you the happiest, it’s usually the best choice! Your grandmother (and her house) look amazing! Everything coordinates so well, it looks like an ad from that era!

  196. there’s a reason why stripes are a classic. They are timeless and go with just about anything. I think the Fat Yellow Stripe print is the best choice. Yes, a bit predictable, but I think you’ll be happier with it in the long run.

  197. 238) Amy

    I would go with the sunflowers! It will be small pops of pattern!

  198. 239) Laurel

    If you are loving the sunflowers, I would go with that! You will smile every time you see them.

  199. 240) Erin J

    I think the yellow stripe looks the best in the space, but you need to do what you love, so the idea of doing the “front” of the stools in the sunflower sounds good! Otherwise use the sunflower for a runner or placemats.

  200. I like the wide stripes the best. Go for what YOU LIKE BEST tho –sunflowers!!

  201. Now when I saw the first couple of pics, I thought you would use them all. I think they should all be different. This room will be so bright and sunny!!

  202. 243) amy

    i would mix the two kinds of stripes! the sunflowers just look a little too country for that modern house, in my opinion.

  203. 244) Casey

    Personally, I love orange, so I would probably go there, but I get feeling tired of it. I would normally never choose sunflowers either, but maybe what you like are the circles playing against all the straight lines of your kitchen. Go with your gut – the circles are a nice change, and it would be an eye catcher!

  204. 245) Jess

    The stripes get my vote, but I think a yellow houndstooth could be fun too.

    • 246) Jen

      Oh houndstooth or herringbone would be fantastic!!

  205. 247) Cami

    You’ve got such a great eye for design that whatever you do will look awesome. If it were my kitchen I’d go with the thin stripes, but it’s YOUR kitchen and you will make it fabulous no matter what you choose!

  206. 248) Mad

    I feel like the yellow stripes are more you. The sunflowers could get old after a while. There’s something that doesn’t ‘go’ with the rest of your house about them.

  207. 249) Karla

    To be honest, I don’t like the Sunflowers. Stripes all the way.

  208. 250) cassidy

    Personally, I don’t think the sunflowers fit with the rest of your home or style and would detract from the great design of the house. I also think they will play too big a part in deciding what else goes in the kitchen. I love the small and big stripes and how they coordinate with the rest of the space (in pictures, anyway) and your style. But you know your style best and ultimately should do what you want and what your gut says. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  209. 251) erica

    do the cornflower yellow and and stay on the safe side! I think you would get sick of those sunflowers sooner than later and i personally don’t think they fit with your style of house. can’t wait to see what you decide.

  210. 252) Jenny

    I’m not a fan of the sunflowers…sorry! It just doesn’t look right with your new modern kitchen. I’m loving the stripes! Probably the thin stripes? I liked someone’s idea above of making sunflower placemats!

  211. Oh come on, you KNOW that Cornflower Yellow is AMAZING in the kitchen. Just look at how beautifully it works with your backsplash. The subway tile and the plaid from this choice both have horizontal and vertical stripes. The small flecks of flower within the plaid break up the monotony of the lines, and the large amount of white in the fabric keeps it light and airy, not too yellow. You already answered your own question: This is the sensible choice!

    And while I totally understand your emotional connection with the sunflower fabric, I just don’t think it works at all. The green leaves really clash with the backsplash. I may be the only one saying this, but I can’t let you go through with it! You could totally use that fabric for so many other projects. The obvious one that comes to mind would be snack pouches or lunch bags. I have a free tutorial on my blog for super simple snack bags. Besides, you’re an uber-creative gal, anyways. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  212. Dear Dana,
    I will totally do the yellow thin stripes!! I will go perfect with your kitchen, IT will look classy, fun,bright and nice.

  213. You feel happy when you get out the sunflowers, the choice is already done! Just do it, somebody else would say 😉 but any choice is going to be pretty, and your house will look wonderful. Enjoy!

  214. 258) Karen

    The sunflowers are a lot of look. I think you will get sick of staring at 6 of those over the years. I would do four in the cornflower yellow and two in the sunflowers. That way you can sprinkle the sunflower chairs or put them on the ends, and not be overwhelmed.

  215. 259) Nicole L.

    I personally don’t love the sunflowers but my motto is if you’re not sure about something, the answer is “no”. If you can’t stop thinking about it then the answer is “yes”.

  216. 260) Felicia

    Are the covers attached to the stools? Or removeable? Maybe make a sunflower set, and the striped set? I know it’s a lot of sewing but… Then you can have the best of both worlds!

  217. 261) Mary

    I’m personally in love with the stripes, and I think it would be hard to get tired of them. How about making a runner or place mats for the bar out of the sunflowers.

  218. Sunflowers for sure. While all would look great, the sunflowers are what you have any emotional connection to. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  219. 263) Jen

    Oh please, oh please, oh please, for the love of donuts, DO NOT DO THE SUNFLOWERS!!!! Maybe it’s just me, but the sunflower decor thing is so early nineties, and just so very tacky country kitchen, in the very worst way possible. I would go with something that is a little bit less of a statement, so you don’t get sick of it and hate it in a year’s time. I’d personally go with the wide stripes. Or, how about this yellow gingham oilcloth: http://www.etsy.com/listing/58531079/oilcloth-yellow-gingham-now-sold-in?ref=shop_home_active_4 Obviously, it’s ultimately up to you, go with what makes you happy. Your new home is absolutely stunning, by the way!

  220. 264) Mara

    The stripes are the best. The other, here in Argentina, is really ordinary. Love the stripes! Looks like summer, makes me remind the yellow sweaters pic!

  221. 265) amber


  222. I like the idea of sunflower on the seat…since you are really liking it the most. And the narrow stripe for the back.

  223. 267) Erin

    I like the Corn Flower Yellow, Fat Stripe Yellow & Stripe Yellow the best. I think the chairs would look great with using a mixture of the Sunflowers & Corn Flower Orange.

  224. 268) Brandi

    Big fat yellow stripes!

  225. 269) Ellen

    Sunflowers! Or stripes, but I’m not sure about thin stripes versus wide stripes…

  226. I love the yellow plaid, but the sunflowers are also interesting to me and I am usually not a flower person.

  227. 272) Melissa

    I just covered my chairs with a different fabric on each chair. I say use them all.

  228. 273) Kimberly R

    Not the SUNFLOWERS!!! I like the Cornflower yellow the best. Then the fat stripes.

  229. 274) Lis

    I like the idea of mix and match, but have to admit I was drawn to the sunflowers initially. I like how bold they are, but also how the yellow ties in, but also how the red ties in with the lamp over by the fireplace. I’m sure it will be stellar no matter what you choose!

  230. 275) daisy4given

    Don’t do it! You will regret the sunflowers in the long run. Cover a little ottoman with it. Something quirky that you can tuck away 🙂 I think the yellow cornflower is cute and a little unexpected, so that’s my vote. But the skinny yellow stripe looks the best, in my opinion. On a side note, I JUST finished recovering our dining room chairs with laminated cotton (solid mint color) and I LOVE it (got the idea from you!) but now I’m nervous they won’t hold up well since reading this post! :/

  231. 276) Simona

    I would go for the thinner stripes, if it´s not more difficult to cut the way you want to be. And maybe I would match with the thcker ones. I think, as someone mentioned before that the sunflowers might limit you with other decorations.

  232. 277) Mary

    Listen to your heart and go with the sunflowers! They add a nice warmth that stripes just don’t have. And hey they are slip covers so if you don’t love them forever, you can make more and swap them out.

  233. 278) Sangs

    I luv your blog but these choices according to me don’t tie in with the backsplash. I would recommend getting something different with a little green and maybe a little hint of red. That would be bold but you’ll end up luving it. These choices are great but not the best. Just my 2 cents. I would luv to see what you’ll finally do…Good Luck!

  234. 279) Amber

    Dana, you are so much fun! 🙂 I wasn’t on board with the sunflowers (looks like a cheap vinyl tablecloth to me) until I heard why you were! Now I totally am! I love the memories they invoke for you. You could cover them in something else and make slipcovers with the print?? Or just go for it! You are a trendsetter, after all. And I … I have last weeks dinner ‘glued’ to my chairs! Ugh! LOL. Whatever you do, if you love it, it will be just the thing. 🙂

    • 280) Amber

      P.S. Maybe you are also responding to the warmer yellows in the sunflower material? The other yellows look a bit “cold” to me as opposed to a warmer yellow. If you are still feeling undecided, maybe it should be ‘back to the drawing board’? There has got to be The One that will make you smile without any anxiety attached in this big, wide world! 😉

      • 281) Amber

        Scratch that last comment! Obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about! LOL. I remembered the others as looking ‘cold’, but just scrolled back and saw that they are not a cold yellow after all! LOL! Oiy!

  235. 282) Sonal

    The sunflowers for sure. You push your limits and its an homage to your grandmother, its a win-win!

    • 283) Sonal

      The will work because the rest of the kitchen is modern and clean. Like you said they will be attention grabbing, and may hide food stains better than the stripes. They will not look like a 70s throwback in your kitchen. If they make you happy go for it. Which fabric do your kids like?

  236. I would pick the mixture of the two widths of yellow stripes. But that is my taste. What makes you happy, makes YOU happy!

  237. 285) Lorelei

    the more i look at the sunflower the more i like it. i like the mix and match idea too.

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  239. 287) Katrina Simon

    Dana, i usually respect your taste, but those sunflowers are AWFUL. Anything but the sunflowers would be great. Those sunflowers take away from your modern style. PLEASE don’t use them.

  240. 288) jacque

    I prefer the smaller yellow stripe. But I think whatever you choose will look great. You have incredible style. Your house is gorgeous and I’ve loved all your tile/flooring/paint choices.

  241. 289) daniele

    Love the bold yellow stripes. I am not a fan of the sunflowers (you might tire of them soon over time) nor the cross patch yellow or orange – these don’t punch as well as the yellow stripes. The narrow yellow stripes would be second favorite.

  242. 290) Julie H.

    I really like the thin stripes. Maybe it’s because I am not so brave to do something like the sunflowers. However, it’s your home so pick what will make you happy.

    I am kinda bummed you said the laminated cotton wouldn’t wear as well. I have never used it and I JUST ordered some Heather Bailey Fresh Cut (groovy in olive) for my kitchen chairs. We have badly stained fabric seats from my wonderful children that can’t eat a meal without spilling something, and have just had it so I thought that would work out. I have my fingers crossed really tightly that it will!

  243. 291) Sophie C.

    I really like the fat yellow stripes… I think it goes well with the style of the kitchen

  244. 292) Stacey

    I really love the yellow plaid.

  245. 293) Nicole


  246. 294) Amy

    Something to consider: Stripe and plaid patterns need to match…….on each seam…..and on each chair! You know how it is with clothing! Be sure and order plenty of extra! The Floral might be okay if they don’t match on each stool….but the stripes and plaids must! Good Luck! I have 4 barstool I recovered 3 years ago and will probably redo mine in the next year or two. (mine were originally in a split-hide leather so I was able to redo them in a washable, hardy vinyl.)
    I will check out the oilcloth websites too!

  247. I commented last week and suggested a mix of two (including the sunflowers), but the more I look at them, the more I love the sunflowers. I also really like how the green leaves of the sunflowers look with the tile backdrop. I say go for it!

  248. 296) Amber

    I like the yellow it ties the yellow from the lights. I like the wide yellow stripes or the thin yellow plaid with small flowers.

  249. 297) Sandy

    I like the white/yellow stripes! It works with those yellow lights you have. I read suggestions for mix and match, although a good idea, but I think it would make a..hmm..messy looking combo. If you’re going to mix and match, I would go with one pattern, but in different colours! Good luck!!

  250. 298) Sara

    Definitely all the same – stripes (either fat or thin). Your house is so simple and clean, I think too many patterns would look out of place.

    Have you found laminated cotton? Much easier to sew with (also much more expensive) and SO many great patterns, but just as easy to clean.

    Have fun!

  251. 299) Susan R.

    I like the fabric’s you’ve selected. The sunflowers pick up the blue backsplash in your kitchen which is quite nice. I like the idea of combining the sunflower and the fat yellow stripes but if you do not like the combo idea then I would choose the fat yellow stripe and do a placemat as someone suggested or a runner in the sunflower print. Brilliant! It’s an easy way to add color and use those cute fabrics in the room. I think you can also do more with the stripes as the seasons change unless you are planning on changing these throughout the year? Decisions….Decisions…

  252. 300) Nicole P

    Sunflowers take me back to middle school when I got sunflower perfume for the first time! Ha 🙂 I vote plaid!

  253. 301) Ryne


  254. I have to say, I wasn’t totally sold on the sunflowers until you did the whole scale picture with them, and now I love it too! I don’t think it limits you either… if anything, it gives you MORE options because there are more colors! and you have to trust me because my name is Dana too. 🙂 <3 your blog!

  255. 303) Sarah

    I guess u should make them the same color as ur wall, it looks soooo nice, and it will look amazing on ur chairs with the lights.

  256. 304) lizzyonions

    i would choose which pattern makes you smile x

  257. 305) deeanna

    There are certain patterns and colors (and peanut butter cookies!) that remind me of my grandma and they completely make my heart happy when I see them. If I could get a little bit of them in my kitchen I would go for it, even if some people would lift their eyebrows at me!
    I have a question for you, too. I’m recovering my benches in my kitchen and I found the perfect laminated cotton…but after reading your post now I’m doubting that choice. But I can’t find an oilcloth that I really, really like. How bad of an idea is it to use laminated cotton?

    • 306) Dana

      I think laminated cotton will work, I just wonder how well it will hold up over a long period of time. The oilcloth was great on my chairs for about 3-4 years, which I think is pretty good. And oilcloth seems about twice as thick as laminated cotton. Again, I’ve never tried it on a chair so I can get give a true review! but it just feels thin to me, like it would wear out faster.
      If you try it out, let me know how it goes!
      And have fun 🙂
      – Dana

  258. 307) erin

    i’d go with the fat yellow and white stripes. although i’m sure you’ve picked by now!! can’t wait to see what you ended up going with!

    on another note, have you thought about doing a whole house video? i’d love to see a walkthrough of the house to see how it all flows together!

  259. 308) tanya

    I would not do all the stools in the sunflower, but I would mix it in if you really like it. I think six stools would be too much. I think that you have a good mix of yellows why not find a way to use a few of them together and mix in a solid to tone things down a bit. Maybe do the backs in a print and then the seats all the same in a solid.

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