I’m dreaming of an orange Christmas

Nothing says the Holidays like a Christmas tree of presents sitting on my front porch.
And much of this pile comes from my favorite orange home improvement store.  Yep.
Home Depot!
Now I know what you’re thinking….it’s a pile of powertools and towel racks for the new home, right?
Totally wrong.  In fact the contents might surprise you because they sort of surprised me.

Home Depot contacted me a month ago, asking if I’d like to try out some of their products and share my shopping experience with you.   Ummm….you want to give me free stuff from my home-away-from-home?  That place that smells of delicious fresh-cut cedar? with pretty paint samples, lovely bath fixtures, and plenty of bags of sand for our sandbox?
Yes please!

And I’m happy to report:
They sent me a gift-card and asked that I use it to buy a gift for someone else.   So naturally I headed off to purchase Casey a few new gadgets (gadgets that I might benefit from as well)
I walked my favorite aisles, making my way to the tool section and being greeted by multiple orange aprons along the way.  Seriously, I love the staff at Home Depot!  They are always helpful and friendly.  We’ve been going to this location for 4 years now, ever since we moved to Texas, and have only had great experiences.  And this time around I stumbled on something kind of different: a funny display of bracelets.  What?

Jeff who works there, and was totally cool to pose for photos, explained that they’re paracord survival wristbands and that many climbers and outdoorsy people like to wear them.  Then if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation outdoors, you can unwind and use the paracord.  It’s always on you.  Brilliant!
I thought Casey would like that.  He loves a good outdoor adventure and goes on annual trips with my brothers….canoeing, hiking in the snow, biking, launching a camera into outer space? (theoretically, that one is happening soon).

So after chatting about bracelets, Jeff mentioned to me that Home Depot carries an entire line of Outdoor products on their website.  I thought he meant things like outdoor bbqing or a firepit.  But NO, there’s an entire sub-section for Camping and Hiking!   I was not expecting that at all!  So I jumped online to shop around.  And boy oh boy, there were too many things that I wanted! (I mean, that Casey wanted).   They even have metal detectors  (Yes, I’ve always kind of wanted one of those)  So here are the treats I landed on:
1. Multi purpose AM/FM weather radio (santa hat not included)
2. Coleman warm weather sleeping bag.
3. Tent light with batteries (the kids are gonna love this)
4. LED Magnetic hands-free work light (these are so cool!)
5. Paracord wristbands and carabiners.
6. Coleman cooler quad chair  (the chair has a zippered cooler on the side for holding small drinks and treats!  cool!)

I’d say Casey (and any of the guys in our extended family) are going to have a nice Home Depot-y Christmas this year:
The only thing left was to wrap it all up—with paracord for ribbon of course!…and a wrapping paper tag to go along.
Then I used the shipping paper that came in the box to wrap a big bow around the entire chair of loot.  It’s a bit gaudy.  But hey, reduce, reuse, recycle!
Thank you Home Depot for the fun shopping experience!   We’ll see you soon, I’m certain.

  1. Wowza! Lots of awesome Christmas gifts for you…errr….I mean Casey. ;o) I love the title of your blog. I never would have guessed Home Depot until I clicked through the email to see the post. I too love Home Depot, way more than Lowes. The employees are friendlier and the prices are more reasonable. By the way, I love how you wrapped everything, including the big chair. Very manly and cool!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas Dana!

  2. Thats so great to know! We love camping. That’ll be great for your new backyard!

    I use paracord as piping cord. Joanns have it at a great price plus a coupon! You just have to be careful not to sew through the cord unless your needle is heavy duty.

  3. I wonder if Home Depot will move to Australia 🙂

  4. 4) Katy

    That is just cool that the boxes were just the right shape to make that wonderful tree. I am not sure I would be able to decide what to get there, way too many things I want.

  5. My friend and I just went to Home Depot last week to make “contraption kits” for our tween girls. Santa will bring them to them. They’re filled with basic tools, plus lengths of PVC pipe and elbow joints and even a little plastic PVC faucet. Oh, and funnels and a couple of pulleys and some rope. And of course a giant orange bucket to hold it all. Should be fun times.

  6. 6) Beth K

    Just an FYI that Home Depot will gift wrap for free in really cute orange paper w/ silver wrenches all over it! <3

  7. Love the post! One question, where did you get the wood grain wrapping paper? Adorable!

  8. 8) Miq

    We have the weather radio and it’s pretty great. We use it when we go fishing. Great loot!

  9. This so so great! I love the way you displayed everything.
    I’m sure he will love it all. Merry Christmas!

  10. 10) Jen

    That looked like fun! I never knew that about the Braclets, my husband climbs Cell Towers even though I know he is always properly “rigged” It would be fun to pick up 1 or 2 for him just for fun, heck you never know he might need it for something.

  11. 11) margaret

    I love everything about home improvement stores!

  12. ok. funny little tidbit. you know how you never see something and then …boom you see it and then you see it everywhere. i was watching survivorman yesterday and he had a survival bracelet. then i see then on your site. too funny. take it apart and there was foil, fishing line, hook and lore inside. going to have to head to home depot and find me some for the boys now.

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