I was SPOTTED!….The party and the winners

I have an Orange (county) Crush. Last night was the official O.C. Blogger SPOTTED awards party, and…..I won!….the Readers Pick for Most Creative Blog. I’m very flattered. Thank you, thank you dear MADE friends for voting!
Blogging parties are an interesting breed. You have all these behind-the-monitor bloggers who rarely show their faces on-screen. So it’s fun to put a tangible face with a virtual personality!
We bloggers mingled and swapped info:
My fun sister Camille came along with me. She lives in the O.C. and dabbles in the same creative world so she was the perfect companion.
Colleen and Kelly, the party organizers and minds behind the Just Spotted blog.
Just Spotted is a great resource for anyone in the O.C. and L.A. area. They post info on local finds, things to do, great tips, Disneyland info, etc. I’m especially looking forward to the new kids museum coming to Irvine called Pretend City. Sounds awesome. Check it out on their blog here.

Me and Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff. She and I both won in our category….Reader’s pick and Editor’s pick. For a complete list of winners, see here.
For the rest of the evening, we continued to mingle and talk. Since I had blog searched and voted for all the categories (and found some new blog favorites as a result), it was really nice to meet these people in-person. However, there were a few awkward moments in the night for me. The awards were not actually announced that night. They were just tweeted about. And since my sister and I are old school and can’t check online from our phone we had no idea who the winners were the whole night…till another blogger said, “oh Dana! You won in your category!” Oh! Sweet! Thanks!

I then made the mistake of chatting with a fellow blogger and asking if she won in her category (all the blogs were melding together at this point) and she replied, “um…I was in your category”. Awkward. Sorry about that. Oh well, what I can do? I was uninformed!
And for the after-party fun, we walked out with a bunch of swag (daddy cakes pancake mix. can’t wait to try!):
and we hit up Chilis for their Triple Dipper plate. It doesn’t get more Orange County than that.
It was a fun O.C. night. As for the real late-night happenings….Camille and I also made a strange carseat swap in the gas-station parking lot, I was hit-on by some 19-year-old boys getting slurpees, I drank diet cokes at 11pm, manuevered through OC backstreets because the 5 freeway was shut-down and I was home by 12:30! So thank you Spotted for making me feel young again!

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