I was last month’s center fold…

A few months ago the UK based magazine SEW Magazine contacted me to see if they could do a blog feature about MADE. Um? OF COURSE. Please!
The first week we arrived in Texas it came in the mail and I was super excited to check it out. I flipped through the first half of the mag and when I came to the center-fold, there it was!
A short little interview:
with a few pictures:
My favorite part about it being a UK magazine is the slight changes in vocabulary. They didn’t change any of the article content. But some “z“s were changed to an “s“. While became whilst. And store-bought in the UK is pronounced shop-bought. How cute does that sound?! (with a lovely british accent of course)

Did you see who was spotlighted in the column next to me? Craft Hope! I’m honored:
I had Casey take some pics of me and the kids since I don’t have any real pictures of “me” (other than stuff I’ve taken myself…you know, the dumb close-ups with part of my arm in the shot). It was kind of an impromptu photo shoot from the Sunshine Shortie pics. Unfortunately, most of the photos of me are too silly or out out of focus:
So I settled on this one of me and Owen:
How I love these little people:Thank you SEW magazine. You totally made my week, month, who knows how long? I’m still excited about it!

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