I sewed 25 pillows

and it was actually kind of fun. While I sewed, both kids worked on art projects in the room with me for 2 hours. And it gave me a taste of future “creative hangouts” with them, as they become more immersed in their own artwork and ideas. I loved it!

But why the 25 pillows?
They’re for the Design Camp class on Saturday.

Here’s a preview of the projects we’ll be making…
– Simple tote bags
– Stencil painted pillows.

I kept the projects simple since we only have 2 hours for the class, and the sewing-skill levels may be all over the map. I’m sure we’ll have fun with it.

So the past few days were spent prepping/gathering 10 yards of fabric….
….25 pillow shams, 40 yards of twill tape, 30 bottles of paint, 15 spools of thread, and lots of other odds and ends…
And miraculously it all fit in my suitcase, plus other fabrics, books, and goodies.
I haven’t opened the suitcase yet to see if any paints exploded. Fingers crossed on that.
But I did land in SLC last night, along with hundreds of Sundance Film Festival goers. Felt like I was back in LA (and I’ve never seen so many black puffy jackets and boots. What is it about Sundance and black coats? I brought my bright orange one).

Okay, I’m off to the conference.
Have a great Weekend!


Here are a few pics from the conference. Sewing in-action.

  1. 4) Toni

    If you need anything while in SLC, drop me a line….I know you already have helpers in SLC, but just in case šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh how fun to get a sneak peek before tomorrow! So excited!!!

  3. Oh that’s funny about the coats. Gotta love those! Have fun, and I really hope your paint didn’t explode too. What a scary thing to think about! šŸ™‚

  4. Please do a tutorial on how you transfer the printed sunglasses on the paper to painted on the pillow! I would love to learn how that works!

  5. That looks awesome! Wish I was going to be in your class!

  6. Good luck for the class Dana!
    Looking forward to more pics of the pillows!
    Take Care

  7. Go Dana! Good luck! Wish I could be there!!! So dying to go to Alt Summit. Have a safe trip home too. xoxox

  8. Wow wish I could come! you are amazing doing so much and having two kids and being pregnat!!! AMAZING!

  9. 12) iHeartQuilting

    I bet they are all wearing North Face coats, lol. My son has been to Sundance several times, he and his friends are independent film makers, and they love it there. And they always take their North Face gear, and their snowboards.

    Question – and no rush to answer since you are busy there – did you make those pillow shams or were you able to find them in a craft store? They look like canvas, and I’d love to be able to get a few. Thanks and enjoy your trip!

  10. 13) iHeartQuilting

    Oh, duh – sorry, I just re-read the title of your post, haha. You obviously sewed them yourself.

  11. I wanna go to the Design Camp Class. What fun projects!!

  12. 15) Christine Higgins

    Loved your class Dana! it was wonderful that you were able to call on so many friends to help, we got all the attention that we needed. You chose great fabrics for the totes and we loved all of them. I can’t wait to discover more on your beautiful blog:)

  13. Wish I could come to the camp since I live there. Would’ve loved to meet you. I love your blog!

  14. 17) annonymous

    I really liked the look of your old website better. The other thing about this new one that is hard is that whenever I search for something it doesn’t come up šŸ™ I prob won’t be visiting your website as much.

  15. You are so creative. I always love the designs you come up with. I see a “fabric line” in your future. (you know because you don’t have anything else on your plate these days. šŸ™‚ ) But when it happens, I’ll be the first in line at JoAnn’s to buy some.

  16. 19) Shelley

    I noticed your Fiskars pinking shears. Do you like them? I invested in some Gingher ones and only used them a short time before they got dull. Have your lasted very long?

    And I searched for something on your new website just the other day and it came right up.

  17. 20) Casey

    I love the pillow with the glasses!

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