I hated it all

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Project Runway post but last night’s episode was all about KIDS! And it was awful. Let’s talk.

If you haven’t watched yet….SPOILER ALERT…..go watch and then come back. The designers had to create a look for a toddler (an 18 month old). And when I saw the previews I thought, finally! Project Runway Kids. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of. But they totally botched it up. The winning look was the only one I liked (actually I loved that little sweat suit) but I hated the rest.Now, just a disclaimer before I go around offending people on my personal style opinions. I assume some of you stop by here because you appreciate my style and design. It’s something you relate to and like or you’d like to incorporate similar ideas into your own fashion. You know I love making kids’ clothes. And simple/minimal is my favorite. If you’re a more “gussy it up” kind of gal I really don’t mean to hurt any feelings…just want to talk about kids clothes from my perspective.So…the designers had to create a look for Heidi Klum’s new kids line for Babies ‘R Us called Truly Scrumptious…..which is, eh. Not my style at all. Too messy, too many do-dads and embellishments, too many character faces, too, too, too. I’m just a simple girl! Give me solids, stripes, dots, and we’re good.

Now I know not everyone is like that. But the advice Heidi gave the designers made me cringe! They were making some cute/decent things in the work room. But then Heidi turned up her nose at them saying things like, a mom wants to feel like she’s getting her money’s worth out of a design, so amp it up. What? Good design doesn’t mean splatter it with fabric flowers….or embellish a sequins monster face on the back just so someone feels like they’re getting a good trade. Again, all my opinion. But I could tell the designers weren’t going with their gut instincts because Heidi lead them to think that all moms want gooey stuff. Ugh. No gracias.As the judges critqued, I felt like the one person in the room who couldn’t see the emperor’s clothes.
Chris’s flowery dress looked very Ross or TJ Maxx (not that that’s bad. I shop there! The dress just looked cheap and way overdone for my taste). Elena’s jacket was actually cute but she ruined it with a bunch of embroidery flowers on the back. Dimitri’s kid looked like Super Mario. Melissa’s vest was cute till she monsterized it (and I’m not anti monsters. They can be done in a cute way). Fabio’s look was so-so. And Sanjia’s suit was the clear winner (though these runway photos don’t show it off very well).
But the icing on the episode was Heidi’s idea to give all the designers fake babies….those dolls that cry every so often till you give them a fake bottle, or hold them, etc. You know, like real babies. Haah. It was SO obnoxious. As a mom who lives that life, I couldn’t stand the constant crying in the work room. This was my evening to escape from kids!I also have no idea how it was helping the designers to understand children’s clothing. They weren’t designing for infants. It was a pure nuisance. Though the best line of the night came from Christopher, “Now I know why Judy went off the deep end with Liza.
Life is better somewhere over the rainbow, indeed.
But back to clothes….

Man, I sound so crtical. I guess I am.
I just love kids clothes and they made some really lame stuff.

And when I look at the stuff you guys make and the stuff in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge flickr group, I’m wowed and inspired! (more on KCWC here).And when I look at what the ladies are doing online at Project Run and Play (a weekly competition) I’m impressed again!
From the current season and past, they’re churning out amazing stuff like this….

(above photos by ISLY, A Little Gray, Lindsay Etc, and Skirt as Top)

I’m pretty much in love with anything Danielle from My Sparkle makes. I’ll take one of each please.The same goes for darling stuff from Delia Creates (current season):And cool boy looks from Running with Scissors, Elegance and Elephants, and The Train to CrazyNow compare those to the real Project Runway photos above?
These blogging ladies are stealing the show.

I’m done ranting.
What did you think?
  1. I actually didn’t cringe…I laughed – the whole time they had those babies! It was so ridiculous.

  2. 2) Emily W.

    Agree with you!!! πŸ™‚
    Simple, comfy = adorable. It’s the baby/child you want to admire, not the outfit.

  3. I am in 100% agreement with you! Though, I kinda liked the baby part, only because that’s what I deal with most of the time when I am sewing. Going fabric shopping and sewing with a baby in tow is definitely 3x more difficult. Throughout the whole episode, I was thinking, “Man, myself and all the fabulous blogger moms could create SO much more stylish, wearable, and unique clothing!” You were one who came to mind first!

  4. 4) Kara

    Sososo agree!

  5. You’re so right. I didn’t even watch the show- but those outfits in the photos are ghastly. Yup, I love simple, let the fabric speak for itself- let the design of the outfit do the talking! Stop embelishing with crazy things and let the work speak. I’m pretty sick of stores selling all sorts of wild- eye popping things that are made so poorly that they won’t even last a season. I love making my kids high quality clothing that is classic enough to make it through several seasons (and several children!) Thanks for the links to all the good stuff. Might have to check everyone out. This post was worth it just for that. πŸ™‚

  6. I couldn’t…agree..with…you…more! My blood was boiling the entire time those babies were on screen {and my sewing room is IN my kids playroom, so I am used to combining mothering and sewing}. The outfits were uninspiring, uninspired and boring. And I am simply in love with every single item you put in this post that isn’t from Project Runway. I am just learning to sew children’s clothing recently, and I all of these projects have really go me excited to move on and learn more, experiment more, and to keep sewing {no thanks to Project Runway, hehe}.

  7. 7) ira lee

    i dont watch this show but i like your posts about it. i dont like anything they designed!!! yuck!!! it makes me think i, as a intermediate sewer, could do so much better than these guys!!! and i agree- PRaP has TONS better things than this!

  8. I totally agree with everything you said on your post! I have an etsy shop for children’s clothing, and this episode was annoying in many ways! First of all I really do not like Heidi’s kids clothing line at Babies R Us, and I agree with what you said. The fact that they had to use all of the ugly fabrics from her line, made me not even want to watch. There is only so much you can do with what they were given.
    Chris’ little dress was the only thing that didn’t make me cringe, even though it too is not my style. I love color for children, but why is it in the US, do people favor such LOUD colors for their children?

    Oh, and yes, the Project Run and Play ladies rule in comparison!

    • I don’t know why my link goes to a “warning” possible phishing site. I promise I’m not that. I just have a blog and an etsy shop. I put my etsy link on this reply. I hope you don’t mind.

  9. TOTALLY agree. What was up with Heidi’s color choices? Nothing special at all…

  10. I totally agree with you, and I don’t even watch the show! I don’t understand why people think more is more when it comes to children’s clothes. Or why so many designers make clothes that look like mini versions of adult clothing. Let kids be kids! Less is more, in my opinion, which is why I’m in the process of learning how to sew clothing for my little girl. You are an inspiration!

  11. 12) Alisa Foy

    I totally agree with you Dana. I didn’t watch the show, but the pictures were enough. They lacked creativity. But, the samples you chose as comparisons are amazing; so clever and whimsical.

  12. Some of those outfits are hideous. I hate to say… but I’ve stopped watching project runway. That being said, I’m really loving the outfits on project run and play this season! So glad to see a feature!

  13. 14) Nena

    I TOTALLY agree with you! I actually like the sweat suit, though the onsie under looks girly to me. I may go get it for my son. But yes, Heidi’s line in general reminds me of walmart….

  14. I’m afraid you need to have an infant to take care yourself before you really understand how comfy and practical childrens’ clothes need to be. To change clothes for a tiny newborn or restless toddler. Maybe you need that experience to be able to really appreciate simple and stylis kids’ fashion as well? I remember how ridicule opinions I had about most comfortable pieces of clothing…

  15. 16) Ariana

    Totally agree…the only thing I liked that anybody made was the dark jacket with the ruffle (Elena?). It looked like she tried. I thought the color combo was cute…the green and pink and blue. You could clearly tell the judges never have anything to do with the 5 and under crowd (besides Heidi, but let’s face it, being a parent with a multimillion dollar budget is very different than being an average-income mom). I thought the fake crying baby thing was totally stupid. I would have rather seen the designers get a chance to work undistracted. But yeah, they all basically sucked.

  16. I was actually just wondering what you thought πŸ™‚ They clearly had no kid experience. I love making my kids clothes, particularly because finding cute clothes is so challenging. The outfits are retailing for $29.99, which is pretty reasonable for the entire outfit. My little man will be sporting Sanji’s sweat suit, because it does look comfy and cute, and I love project runway. I did chuckle at the babies at mood, since my two boys have spent hours in fabric stores, in very similar baby carriers πŸ™‚ The crying was annoying but it was funny when Tim Gunn hauled them off in a wagon.

    • 18) Dana

      That wagon part was pretty hilarious. I was wondering when they were all going to agree to just shove all the dolls in the closet and ignore them.

  17. 19) Lyndah

    Can someone point me to a link for the amazing sundress – sheer white over layers of blue and white w/ blue pom-poms peeking out??

  18. Agreed! And I am totally with you on the solids, stripes, polka dots thing. I’d much rather add interest through texture in fabric than with a million extra little things. Amen and amen! I love your style. And all those fun creations from the blogging world. πŸ™‚

  19. I have 4 words for you :
    That Heidi : what is she thinking?

  20. Oh my gosh! Thank you for saying he looked like Mario. No one on the show said it and it was all I could see. I thought I was taking crazy pills!

    I actually did not like the winning look. I thought the tank was gross. I could just see a pool of drool all over that exposed chest. That tank was too low!! And the outfit was sloppy in my opinion.

    Fabio should have won hands down. And blOnd girl should have gone home. Ridiculous.

    This episode did make me feel good about myself and my designs though. πŸ™‚

  21. 27) Jenny

    I did like the exchange when Michael K thought that looking like a superhero costume was a bad thing, or something strange.

    P.S. That kid in the last montage with the suit on. You have got to be kidding me. That is the cutest picture I have ever seen in my life.

  22. You are right on with your observations on the show last night. I wasn’t impressed at all with the looks (mommy bloggers would have done SO much better) and really don’t care for Heidi’s line either. As you said too cutesy and all the monsters are a bit much for me! Every time the babies cried my husband thought our son had woke up! They did seem pretty unnecessary for the challenge. I though, that the best line of the evening was when Dimitri said “I don’t know how old they are but they’re tiny, it will be like dressing a cat! Hysterical! πŸ™‚

  23. I don’t watch this show because we don’t have cable, but all those designs were yucky. I agree. I love the project run and play and the other ones you showed. They have it down pat. Those other designers need to ask bloggers for some advice next time! πŸ™‚

    • 31) Sara

      We don’t have cable either, but they post all the episodes within 24 hours on the Lifetime website, along with tons of bonus videos (extended judging sequences, interviews, what the “safe” designers are saying back stage, etc.). http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/video

  24. 32) Erin S.

    I never comment, and I just had to chime in here. I totally agree with you about kids clothes! That Heidi Klum line is just horrid in my opinion . . . . so not how I like to dress my kiddos. πŸ™‚

  25. I thought this was one of the funniest episodes ever! Dmitri was hilarious. But I didn’t really like any of the clothes except for Sanjia’s suit made of sweats. I was excited to hear about Heidi’s line, but when I looked it up I was super disappointed.

  26. 34) Jamie

    I could not agree with you more!!! When I saw Heidi’s line at BRU, all I could think was, how lame! I just want my daughter to wear clothes that look like miniature versions of what I would wear, why is that so hard??? I felt bad for the designers, they always talk about how they are supposed to stick to their aesthetic….pretty sure none of their aesthetics include monster faces. OK, rant over. Thank you for posting cute, fashion forward options for the kiddos!!!

  27. 35) Melissa Whittle

    You are so right!!! How awful, they obviously don’t get kids. Thinking too adult. You should send all the amazing designs to the show’s director and have them do an episode just for them!!! They really are beautiful designs.:)

  28. 36) Amy H

    THANK YOU! I said the EXACT Super Mario comment to my hubby last night and the judges were all “It’s so modern”. Really? The KKK cartoon hood is modern? And cool? No.

    It did make me feel a little better about my little home sewing projects, though.

    And thanks for letting us know that there are other people out there that like clean simple clothes for our littles!

  29. 37) Brenda

    Oh I’m so glad you don’t like Heidi’s line – I cringe every time I see the Toys R Us commercials where she is showing it off…puke. I’m glad I’m not going crazy and that others share my opinion!

  30. didn’t watch last night (I usually watch it online since we don’t have a dvr or cable anymore) but I can’t stand this season for some reason. It’s too similar to all the other seasons and there really doesn’t seem to be a standout designer or whatever. Totally agree that PR&P is way more awesome and the bloggers you linked to are amazing! way more amazing than the PR designers at this gig. πŸ™‚

  31. 39) themissymom

    I don’t watch the show but totally agree with all that you posted here!
    I am very practical. People designing children’s clothing really need to think about what those children DO in their clothes. How many times parents have to change, launder, repair etc…those things.
    I also tend to really like classic clothing on children, not trendy things. Updated fabrics, and closures and that sort of thing are great, but…..the classics. Yep, that’s me.

  32. 40) Kelly

    I don’t watch project runway but I can see from the pictures the clothes were way too fussy. So I agree with you. My kids would be pulling at every sequin, bow, ruffle or patchy thing until it came off and left a nice hole.

  33. That. Is hilarious! And wow-that roundup of bloggers’ kids outfits is astounding. What crazy designing talent!

  34. If they ever make a Project Runway for kids clothes, PROMISE you’ll apply!!

  35. I completely agree! I was so excited when I saw the previews last week that they were finally doing baby clothes – then I watched the episode. Dmitri’s was the worst! Really?? I agreed with the judges when he said it looked like a crayon! There were elements of some outfits I liked, but mostly I found them all pretty disappointing. Why did the judges go on and on about how great of a runway it was?

  36. 44) JeNae

    I think all the sewing bloggers do a much better job than project runway!

  37. I don’t watch, but I just got a BRU flyer with all of the new Heidi stuff in it, and my first reaction was “gag me with a spoon!” I love the simple stuff too. My cute boys faces are all the embellishments I need. I also do not want them to be walking advertisements for movies or brands. I rarely get compliments on outfits I have purchased from a store, it’s always the handmade stuff that stands out.

  38. 46) Stacey

    I agree– most of the outfits were simply terrible. But those poor designers, none of them parents and stymied by those fabrics from Heidi’s line. And why was it that those fake babies cried the entire time they were in the workroom *except* for when Heidi was there for critiques? Hmm.

    Favorite part (besides Tim and his little red wagon, of course) was the shadow of that adorable pigtailed girl toddling off the runway. πŸ™‚

  39. 47) Cheryl

    The kids cloths from the bloggers are amazing – much better than the “designers”. Go Moms!!!

  40. I have to agree with you. The looks were not as fabulous as they could have been. I didn’t mind them terribly, they just weren’t something I would think was “special” or “designer” if I saw it in a store. I don’t really like Heidi’s line either though and they were basically designing it for her. The two outfits that won were the ones I’d have chosen out of the lot, but not something I’d buy.

    I am a big fan of letting my kids express themselves through their clothing, which is why, even though I like simple solids and fun shapes and creative use of volume in kids wear, my kids mainly wear their favorite printed sparkly tee shirts and plain leggings or, in my boy’s case, a Tshirt with the name of his school or Spongebob on the front and cargo shorts. And, in the case of my wild youngest daughter, a leotard and shorts with furry boots (hangs head in shame)

    I’m not the most stylish mom out there, but I definitely think most moms that have sewing and designing skills could outdo what was offered on the show last night.

    As for the babies, well, I thought it was a very see through attempt to manufacture drama by the producers but I loved some of the lines that came out of it. I liked when Heidi told them there was a “surprise” and Elena translated that sentiment into what it really was. I also liked when Fabio kept talking to his doll. I do that, I don’t know why, but I can’t ignore anything with a face if it’s looking at me, plastic or not.

    I enjoyed the episode but I just didn’t think it was up to par with the inspiration out there on blogs already.

  41. I thought almost everyone of those things you wrote!!! And TOTALLY agree about chris’s dress! It def. looks like something from the maxx (which I love, but not usually for kids clothes actually). And Heidi’s line is blahhhhh charters-y and she gave terrible feedback! Anyway, dno’t need to repeat everything you wrote, but I was thinking those same things the whole time.

  42. I was thinking the same thing by the end of the show! Was that it? Was that the best these designers could come up with for kids?!! I kind of liked the Super Mario outfit, simply because it was very Dmetri. He was the only one who did something that stuck within his style. Everyone else put out these lame outfits. It was depressing.

    But I liked the baby dolls…mainly because I was like, this is my life. Live it. Lol – but to put them in daycare? Wimps.

    But I agree with you 100% Dana – the things I see on PR&P & KCWC so blow everything we saw in last nights challenge out of the water.

    Rock on bloggers, rock on.

  43. 51) Shean

    I agree with you. I loved Sangie’s outfit which you could mix and match so much with, but as far as her line not so impressed. I love the dolls though which my hubby pointed out where probably on a remote control because once Hedi, Tim or the Moms came into the work room they where quiet. Though my child is a grown man I have a one year old great nephew who they love to dress in simple tees and jeans (something along the lines of a Ramones T-shirt.) Christopher’s dress in white is black if you check out the Babies R Us page either way to frilly for my taste.

  44. Yes! The online sewing community is amazing (you included!) Real moms, real kids, creativity galore! (So inspiring) I’ve learned so much over the years just from being a little “fly on the wall”.

  45. Such a fun post. I love it. I could tell as soon as I saw Heidi’s tacky line and fabrics they had to choose from, that they were pretty much doomed. I wish we could have seen what they would have made for kids if they had free reign at mood instead of having to stick to her style. Blech. I actually really liked Fabio’s outfit- when I imagined it without the walmart-y monster fabric. I thought it fit really well and had a really stylish vintage feel. I like the idea of Sonjia’s, it just looked a little sloppy or something… not quite right. But yeah, I definitely didn’t like any of the girl looks.

    (and those pictures of RWS Jess’ little man kill me every time. What a ham!)

  46. 54) Paige W

    The runway designers are obviously uneducated to the world of children’s fashion. It’s like they live in a childless environment. Maybe they’ll have their eyes open in the future. πŸ™‚

    Love the awesome designs you shared! So creative and simple, elegant, awesome.

  47. Aw Dana, thanks so much for featuring my sweet tartan dress along with so many wonderful designs! It’s true, sewing bloggers have the PR designers BEAT when it comes to kid’s clothes. It was such a disappointing episode; I would’ve loved to see the designers stick to their aesthetics more, rather than design for Heidi. Those fabrics they had to choose from were a bummer. Anyway, didn’t you all notice too how everything was fraying by the time the runway happened? The flowers on Chris’ dress were falling apart, and even the pockets on Sonjia’s were fraying. Maybe they just had to zoom in more because they were babies, but the lack of craftsmanship surprised me. I definitely liked Sonjia’s the best, even though she needs to buy Rae’s flashback skinny tee pattern to make a better fitting tank top. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha. Yeah rae could teach her a thing or two! So true. That look was my favorite too.

  48. 57) katie vos

    i think that hedi klum does not understand that we moms want something that is cute but simple for us to put in our kids when we are in a hurry and want stuff that is not to over the top. because we dont dress like that way our kids. kids want to feel comfortable as we do so why dress them in cute and comfy clothing. all the blog ladies should send all what they make and see who will like them. i love the ideas that are on this blog it makes me feel good that i can make something cute for my kids that other moms will say i like that too.

  49. 58) christina

    I pretty much hated it all too.

  50. 59) Jen B.

    100% agreed! And I thought the same thing about the Judy/Liza line. It was hilarious! Right after he said it, I called my sister to check if she was watching and heard it, too. That was the funniest! πŸ™‚

  51. 60) Abbie

    I completely agree with you!

  52. Dana, I feel so honored that you would mention me! Thank you so much!

    This episode was entertaining and frustrating all at the same time. I agree…I really do not like Heidi’s line. Why does everything have to super embellished and cutesy??? Do they shop at Old Navy (which is still sometimes too cutesy for me at times)?

    What is wrong with a child wearing a sheath dress? To a certain degree I like it when children are wearing what could be considered adult clothes. I agree the ruching was unnecessary and the fabric was wrong. The zipper under the arm pit too was a bad choice (I’ve used an exposed zipper which limits the contact with the child’s skin but I can see what they were saying about that), but otherwise I liked that dress. It had potential. I loved the jersey suit too. It reminds me of the knit blazers they sell at H&M. I am SO glad she won. If she didn’t I would start to question whether I should bother watching the show anymore. Seriously.

    Thanks for posting this! You were too nice to include me.

  53. 62) Lis

    It’s so sad that you had to post something like this, but I agree – all true. When I first saw the BRU commercial I thought – but WHERE is the cute baby stuff?? All I saw was Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, and at the end, some standard furniture in the background. I had no idea what her design style was from that commercial at all. Based on what I saw on the toddler episode, that woman is so far out of touch. We want to look at an outfit and say, “Awww – sooo cute!” But we want it to be practical too. I think that’s pretty much common ground for all mothers, no?

    Those links/pics you posted were inspiring. And, you can tell right off when a design is spot on. Like most others, I loved the dress with the white overlay, and the inside of that boy’s jacket was stellar! I’ve pined over the pieced together black and white skirt, and the skills required to line everything up just right. The tartan dress was the epitome of simplicity and class. Heidi ought to give her designers a two-week project, and while they are away, bring in the amazing talents from these blogs to show off their brilliant talents during an episode! [end rant] : )

    • 63) Lis

      My apologies for the redundancy in the last sentence…

  54. 64) kelli larsen

    yes! thank you! i totally agree. there really are some great kids’ clothing out there and the crap they made last night was so ugly!

    don’t be afraid to rant. i agree.

  55. I apologize for sounding rude btw. You are so right. it’s all a person’s opinion,which I know personally, changes all the time anyway! Thanks for posting this. I think you are a great trend setter when it comes to children’s clothes (and in any kind of design and fashion for that matter). I hope commercial designers start taking notice. Wouldn’t it be so fun to have your own line? You would totally rock it.

  56. Ha! Couldn’t agree with you more and that is exactly what my hubby said about Dimitri’s outfit, “looks like Super Mario” (yes, I make the poor guy watch it with me).

  57. 67) katina

    Clearly the bloggers have it!!

  58. 68) josephine pozzato

    just checked it out – yes you’re right – night so scrumptious!

  59. Totally agree with what you said! I watched the episode last night and couldn’t help but think of the Project Run and Play projects and how much better they were in comparison. Obviously the designers on Project Runway are not children’s designers because they do a lot better at everything else. Those clothes from My Sparkle are ADORABLE!
    (Question: What font do you use for your blog?)

  60. I hated all the looks as well. The crying dolls just for the reality TV aspect would deter most viewers I think. I am used to crying kids and was totally bugged! It seemed like all the judges were a little out of touch with what “designer kids clothing” should be. Bedazzled shoes and clothes remind me more of dress ups rather than everyday wear but it seems you can’t escape all the cheesy bling in kid’s retail lately!

    Thanks for sharing the suit and green bomber jacket! I really appreciate it and they are some of my favorite things I’ve ever sewn!

  61. AGREE!!!!! Ugh, everything you said was so spot on!! I hated that episode. it was so annoying, and I was like seriously? I’ve only been sewing for a little over a year and could’ve made better stuff. Then what you showed from people in this post?! Goodness, I totally agree with you.

  62. Oh goodness. Honestly I’m blushing! Thanks for the love! I have been thinking a lot about that episode and agree with you and all the comments so far. The thing is, I know they are under crazy pressure a d time constraints etc. but I don’t know– what makes the clothes not great isn’t just the (in some cases) poor construction, it’s the details like weird proportions and color combos. I mean obviously they weren’t used to sewing for kids but there were just so many missed opportunities. I dont think kids clothes need to be boring, but you dont just throw all kinds of crap at it and call it whimsical kids clothes obviously should be fun but simple and well thought detail is just as important as for adults. And proportions! It would have fun to see what they had done without the constraits of heidis ugly line. Anyway, thanks for including me in this great bunch;).

  63. Shannon at Googie Momma trashed it too. I don’t watch it,but those outfits sucked! I want my little ones to look like kids, not miniature adults. They’re only small for a short time. Stop rushing things people.

  64. Ms. Klum probably has a nanny who does her laundry anyway so she doesn’t have to wash dried mashed banana out of ruffles or flowers. She can afford to just toss it and buy new. I’m totally on board with you. I quit watching that show bc I normally hate everything they come up with anyway. Very rarely was there something for the “real world”. I’ve been looking for a new sewing machine and when I see the PR in front of a machine name while I shop? I steer clear. I imagine the machines they recommend are probably as lousy as the clothes they churn out.

  65. 75) Knitaholictoo

    They are not children’s wear designer! These are sportswear designer who live and breathe that genre. Designing for children is a totally different mindset. Not an easy shift and display on this episode. It was a stupid challenge, sorry.

  66. Totally agree with you all… just have to start be saying that wow, being included in the group of designers mentioned above kind of blew my mind a little bit- thanks, Dana!

    Anyways, I stopped watching project runway after the 4th season- i think it was the prom dress episode that got me, and these two episodes are similar in their obnoxious, got’cha method of throwing a pretty incredible group of designers for a loop. Like, seriously? They do the same thing on top chef, and while it’s fun to watch a fine dining chef botch top ramen, I don’t think it’s helping determine the competition much. Love that you posted this and that we can all have a little children’s style discussion! πŸ™‚

  67. 77) AmberLou

    Trying to sew toddler clothes while taking care of a fussy baby? Welcome to my life. I laughed the entire time, but in the end, I agree that all their looks were crap! Thank you for posting all these great kids’ clothes ideas. They are great!

  68. Didn’t watch it, but COME ON! Embellishments on everything?! It’s so hard to find stuff without junk all over it. The looks were crap. Everything you picked was not. Time to replace Heidi with Dana.

  69. We have watched it yet. Saved it for tonight. I also hate babies cry, since I am a mom too. It is very disturbing! Those who don’t have kids, don’t understand that, or what clothes baby/kids need and like!

  70. 80) LeeAnne

    Hahaha… That Project Runway was actually the first episode of that show I’ve watched… Ever. I’ve been following Project Run and Play and that’s what got me interested in PR, just because they were going to do toddler clothes in that one episode. And I had the same thoughts- Um, yuck! The bloggers at PRAP’s clothes are a million times better! Absolutely darling!

    First thing that came to my mind when I saw the red outfit was “the poor child looks like a red crayon!” When one of the judges said that too, and then the other judges assured him that it can actually be a good thing I laughed out loud πŸ™‚

  71. 81) Vicky

    Agree with you.
    I hated it all too.

  72. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t watch the show, but there are so many mommy bloggers out there doing so much more with so much less. I do not care for Heidi Klum’s line at all. I feel like it’s overpriced and overdone. Then again I’m a thrift store and yard sale shopper all the way.

  73. 83) amira

    totally agree with everything you said!

  74. 84) Ruth D

    I totally agree with you! I watched that show thinking this is dumb. The only people who should design for kids are people who’ve had to take care of them themselves. That’s why I always made all my kids clothing and decor. I want functional, comfortable, and cute. It’s not too much to ask; as you said, just take a look at what people make for their own kids. Oh, and those crying babies! Ugh! How did that help them? All it did was make me mute the TV. LOL!

  75. 85) Allison

    I totally agree with everything that’s been said…holy cow what a waste of DVR space lol. I could not believe how difficult it was for them to figure out how to design for babies….it’s not all that complicated, but like everyone said, if you havnt had children you really don’t understand what they need. And if they ever do have a Project Runway Kids you should totally do it because you would win.

  76. Wow, look at the huge response here!! Amazing. I totally agree with your rant and style choices. Why add a _____ on it? I told Chris about it, and he brought up something that’s interesting. Most of these designers have not likely ever seen babies this age, so their sample size for seeing how people dress small children was limited almost exclusively to Kids R Us. Seriously, that does not bode well for any designer. It’s like telling someone to try and make a beautiful pair of shoes when they’ve only seen what’s available at Payless.

    I’m not saying that Payless and Kids R Us are bad, the design there caters to a specific audience that may not always think outside the box for style.

    If they did an offshoot for children’s fashion, I would bet money on My Sparkel and Delia Creates.

    • Gah. I meant “My Sparkle”. Spell fail.

  77. 88) Erin

    I’ve never watched that show, but based on what you blogged about today, I’d rather hop on the computer and look at the blogs any day.

  78. 89) lynn

    i hear you loud and clear and agree with you 100%!

  79. 90) Jenn

    Well, as has been said previously, none of the designers really knocked this one out of the park, though I did love Sonjia’s look (partly because her model was such a charmer!). I will give them all credit however– they completed a children’s outfit while being tortured by health-class baby mannequins, threw in a companion piece for the mom, and attempted to do so while maintaining some semblance of their own aesthetic while using the fabrics from Heidi’s line. Also, none of these designers specialize in children’s clothing. The fact that they got clothes down the runway that didn’t explode or make kids cry is probably a big accomplishment. And seriously, the line they were designing for is kind of awful. So I guess I agree that the showing was bad, but I think I am trying to cut them a bit of slack given what they had to work with.

  80. 91) laura uk

    I think kids clothes have to be made with love as in Dolly’s ‘Coat of many Colours’ and they will ooze charm and charisma. From the photos, that is what was possibly lacking – just trying to hard to ‘design’ instead of opting for piping, baby cord, ruffles and cute little buttons.

  81. I guess it takes a kid to know how to dress one!

  82. 93) Ryan Rosenstein

    Yes! That episode was RIDICULOUS! The designers clearly had no idea what to do with kids clothing, so why make them? And the babies? C’mon… The whole idea was just dumb. Heide clearly wants to capitolize on the PR logo… Oh, but the new PR Allstars is coming!! Yipee!!

  83. Totally with you on this Dana. I thought it was amateur hour. I thought about Christopher’s dress with the snap on flowers. Are you kidding me? What mom is going to dress her toddler in something that can be pulled off and stuffed into a mouth! The rest was just tacky. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to see a beautiful( white) linen dress with a yoke top and a full skirt, embellished with decorative stitches and colorful threads. Maybe some pin tucks. Simple, practical, elegant. Or what about a new take on classic children’s clothing – maybe out of knits. These designers didn’t have a clue.

  84. 95) Mhairi

    I just went to the ToysRUs site to look at the winning designs. I like the little girls outfit that is available but everything else that I looked at I was not impressed by.
    I would rather get my children clothes from Next (UK) or anywhere. Although the clothes that you found that have been made by blogger mums I would camp out overnight, in front of the store to be the first to get my hands on.
    I love creating clothes for my children and think that real mums design the best clothes for children. Have been loving following the Project Run and Play this year. The designs are amazing and truly inspired.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really enjoyed reading them and seeing the images that you found.

  85. 96) Kay

    I so agree, simple is best & if embellishments are wanted, classic stitching or maybe simple fabric manipulation would have been better; maybe they needed Ven.

  86. I am so with you! Every time Hiedi said something about how kids clothes need that extra something special and moms want fluff and cutesy, I was like “NO! No, we don’t” The fact that they are miniature clothes is plenty cute! I want to rip my hair out every time I go to buy clothes for my son and everything is covered in cheesy sayings and animals.

  87. 98) Carrie

    I totally agree! I’ve seen WAY better stuff on Project Run and Play. I love Sanji though, loved the suit, glad she won it for the boys, but couldn’t believe that the ugly white dress, that the little girl’s mom did not like, won.

    Cool moms like their kids dressed in mini versions of adult clothes!!

  88. I thought the red jumpsuit looked like a gnome. I can’t believe Michael kors, or anybody else, didn’t say that. And your right. The other photos you showed looked way better. More fashion.

  89. 100) Delaina

    I totally agree with you, but I think a large part of the problem was that they were restricted to the fabrics that were matched with Heidi’s collection. Additionally, if they hadn’t been prepped by looking at Heidi’s collection and forced to create something that could supplement it I think they would have been more creative with their designs.

  90. 101) Joy

    Well, I hate to sound like an “old fogey” here but like everything else, it’s just TOO MUCH. I didn’t watch the show but kids clothes seem just so over embellished these days. I’m 53 so it has been a while since I had my little ones but I know it was much easier to keep it simple. I sewed quite a bit for my kids when they were small and simple was easiest. Again, it’s like everything else….just too much. These days it’s all about keeping kids busy and entertained every second of every day, tv, video games etc. constant stimulation and flashing screens. Now even the clothing has to be “busy”! Boy I sound old! Someone just please take us back to Mr. Roger’s neighborhood! Anyone out there know what I’m talking about?? And by the way, even tho I’m all of 53 my kids still think I’m kind of cool!

  91. Totally agree…and with kids, they needed a whole different aesthetic that those designers clearly hadn’t developed yet. Moms. They’re awesome.

  92. Probably one of the worse challenges ever on Project Runway!! And I love your reviews of the show!!
    Love the children’s clothes you showed from Pinterist! Makes the ones on Project runway look like they were made by amateurs!

  93. Here here! You go girl! I agree with everything you said. It was one of the worst episodes of all time and so uninspiring. Thnx for the great post!

  94. 105) Caru

    Totally agree with you. Go bloggers mom.
    I ask my self about her kids. How she dress them?

  95. Yeah! In total agreement! Blogger mums make their children’s clothes with love and I suspect that that is the difference. Way better than the designed stuff and I agree about the play play babies. Totally unnecessary!

  96. AGREE, Heidi’s line is not my taste at all. It was kind of exciting and fun to see them do baby stuff, turns out I would much rather have watched all those bloggers you just mentioned have a competition for kids clothes.

  97. 108) Dawn

    I normally dont provide comments but also agree with you too! I pray that Heidi’s line of clothes does not make it to the places I shop! I absolutely hate embellishments. If done wrong, it looks like it is covering up a mistake. Thanks for providing links to people who know what they are doing.

  98. 109) Jill

    That is so funny because I was thinking the same thing about the episode! Love Project Runway and when I found out they were creating an outfit for a child I was thrilled, but it was horrible. I also did not understand why they had to “take care” of fake babies? Why couldn’t they hang out with the real babies and get an idea of what fabric and designs work for them? It was bad. I did like Sonji’s outfit and Christopher’s jacket was so cute but there is no way that could be something a baby could wear everyday. Anyway love your blog…read it all the time. Definitely do more posts on Project Runway!

  99. 110) jamie

    Heidi is clearly out of touch with what moms like to dress their kids in. I thought they were all awful and I disliked that suit too.

  100. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t have cable for the first chunk of this season and I thought the designs were uninspired and bizarre. I have an 18 month old girl – so I felt disappointed seeing those designs down the runway.

    The pictures and links you posted of other bloggers designs are SO inspired and realistic. I appreciate you posting these designs and your opinion!

  101. 112) Stephanie

    After that post I had to go and see it. They were bad, very bad. I couldn’t agree more with your post!

  102. Totally agree. When I saw the preview I could not wait to see the episode. I would have loved it if they had not had the fake babies and spent more time educating the designers on the unique places you can go with baby clothes.

  103. 114) brooke

    YES! I came to your blog and had to stop myself from reading it until I could watch first. I didn’t want to be influenced! I LOVE PR. As I watched, I kept thinking “Well these people just don’t have any experience sewing kids clothes, I should give them a break”. But Demitri’s made me so sad. Do I remember someone calling it a crayon? Sanjia’s was really cute – and she is my favorite designer anyway, so I’m glad she won. I thought Fabio’s was cute too – but it was too busy. I never like any of Heidi’s stuff – it always looks cheap. But how cute were all those babies?

  104. 115) Larisa

    Hallelujah! LOVE PR, HATED this episode. (I thought Chris’s dress/coat was ok.) But let’s get real. Heidi does not design that baby line. She gets paid to stick her name on it and do commercials. I really doubt she would ever actually put her own kids in those clothes. Love ya’ Heidi, but get real!

  105. 116) Kristen K

    I had to stop reading your post, finally watch the episode, and then come back to this post! I totally agree, and laughed my tush off, reading your post! It was awful!

  106. 117) April

    I finally watched the episode you were talking about and agree that the clothing was lame. I didn’t like Sanje’s or Christoper’s outfits. I just think that the clothing was lackluster because these designers do not have children and do not care. The designers should have been given each a 2 year old toddler to watch and sew at the same time. You would hear things like, ” do not touch those scissors” or something like ” do not put that in your mouth” or ” get back here now!” The show was a big disappointment (in my opinon).

  107. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was so disappointed, and the whole fake baby thing was just ridiculous and slightly insulting to actual moms. The only good part about the fake babies was Tim pulling them out of the room in the wagon. And Heidi’s line is nothing I would ever put my kids in, I’m with you stripes, solids, dots and maybe the occasional embellishment.

  108. 119) Chelsea

    I have DVR so we sped through the baby crying stuff just to get to the clothes. I have to agree my mom, my sister and I thought the toddlers were cuter than the clothes they were wearing…except for sanjia’s look. That little guy looked so cute in his. Oh and if you heard him like I did Christopher said those flowers were being held on by the snaps in the middle of them. Who in their right mind puts flowers on a toddler dress that is solely held on by snaps. So bad. He only won for the girls outifits because Elena and that other girl really messed up. The outfits from project run and play are much better I really like the bottom one on the right with the two color dress.

  109. 120) Lis

    Haha, I was re-reading this post and had to share. I thought of the poor sap who might have been checking out the show for the first time during this episode, and the phrase “Project Run-away” came to mind.

  110. I didn’t see the show but those outfits are hideous!! Cropped tight sweats? Yeah, no thanks. And thanks for linking to my boy outfit. I still smile because that’s my little girl wearing it! The little guy was just a bit too small to be cooperative for photos! Don’t worry, I’ve tested many a baby dress on him! =)

  111. I loved your rant! All the Kids Clothes sewers out there should feel GREAT about their sewing after reading it! KCWC is a much better use of our time if we want to see some GREAT kids clothes ideas. Thanks for this excellent post!

  112. 123) katie chaffee

    I never really understood why I kept going back to your blog (and showing my uninterested husband bits), besides the recipes, but I do. This entry explained it to me. While I don’t watch project runway, the way you described what looks better, the simplicity, that is what I am looking for. Though I don’t get much chance to make my kids clothes (I know, I know, I just don’t know how you do it), I do when I can and I get inspired by yours. I am really sick of trying so hard to find clothes without sparkles and characters and something screaming at you (my kids are not tvs, you know). Also, wanted to tell you I’m making a shirt based off your sprinkle shirt for my pink-loving boy. It is so hard to find pink for him to wear, but I’m pretty excited about his pink cement truck shirt!

  113. 124) Krystina

    Omg THANK YOU!!!! I don’t understand how people with good taste for adult clothes can be so off the mark for kid clothes. And Heidi’s line…. I’m just gonna say it… It was tacky as hell and I wouldn’t put any of it on my kids.

  114. 125) Joelle

    So agree with you, Dana! Give me simple, but stylish clothes for kids. Otherwise the kids get “lost” in the overdone designs.

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