I do this every summer…

It’s either denial or escapism.
But at some point in the midst of scorching heat, I have a hankering for one of these:Who says it’s been 105 degrees for 50 days straight in Texas? I’ll just pull out a can of pumpkin and milk, thank you.
Really all I need to do is open the bottle of Cloves and take a whiff. That smell alone has me dreaming of crisp air, crunchy leaves, a crackling fireplace, and anything to do with Fall.

But yesterday, an autumn pumpkin pie sounded really good.
So I made one.
And the kids were happy about it too. For the next hour our house smelled like cinnamon sticks.
I was really excited to try out my new crust cover (or whatever you call them). For years I’ve been carefully wrapping foil around the crust to keep it from getting to brown. No longer! For 2 bucks, it was a must buy.
(And also for 2 bucks, I went with a frozen Pillsbury pie crust. It was pretty good).
Two hours later (after baking and chilling in the fridge–I like it cold), pie was served.
I enjoyed every last bite of it.
And maybe another piece.
If you’re having a mid-summer-life crisis too, check out these pumpkin recipes I shared last fall. You might enjoy some cloves and nutmeg lingering around your kitchen!

One day it will be 60 degrees again.

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