Zipper Pouches

Remember when I showed you how to sew a zipper, two ways?
Well now you get to put those skills to use!


We’re gonna sew zipper pouches!
Lots of them.
And give them to every person we know.  Because they’re just the cutest, fastest, most usefulest project.

So grab your favorite zipper color (I bought most of these here and here), grab your favorite fabric, and I’ll show you how to sew a little pouch with a lining.  Yep, a lining!  That might sound complicated, but it’s super easy.

Plus I’m using metallic linen fabric, with gold hearts inside.
Isn’t that beautiful??  I wish I’d bought 3 yards.

Just hit the play button below and enjoy!

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  1. Dana, your tutorials are so wonderful, useful and easy to follow – thank-you!

  2. 2) Penny

    Happiness is seeing a new video by MADE/DANA online!
    Love the project – love those zippers!!!
    I must get out of my boring zipper comfort zone!!
    Great video – thanks, Dana.
    Have a great day!

  3. Love it! I just made a ton of zipper pouches last month (with the bulk order of zippers I bought after your zipper video inspired me to try out zippers!)

  4. 4) Terri Miller

    LOVE this tutorial. You are so easy to follow. I have never sewn with zippers…so this will be a great start. Thank you for your videos. I am the type that if I am shown how to do it, I can. So, these videos help me. You are so fun to watch, my favorite! Thanks Dana!

  5. Dearest Dana,

    Your videos really make my days! They make me wanna sew!

    With love from Malaysia

  6. 6) Angie

    Dana, your tutorials are the best. I use a lot of tutorials and it seems that there is almost always at least one unclear step that I have to fumble through to figure out. I don’t know if there has EVER been an unclear step in one of yours. You do a great job. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
    I’m dying to know- where did you get the metallic fabric and the gold heart fabric??
    Thank you again!

    • 7) Angie

      Oh, and where do you get those clips? Those look fabulous! I always feel like pins shift the fabric slightly.

  7. 8) Joy

    i love your video tutorials! Just one question: did you use your zipper foot for the entire process?

  8. Great! You answered the question I was struggling with about the zipper pouches, which was which direction to fold the zipper towards when it’s time to sew around the perimeter of the pouch. I will have to try sewing this particular style of zipper pouches again.

    As far as the cool zippers you get online, can you please recommend some sites that sell those kinds of zippers? thanks!!

  9. 10) Katie

    AHhh, I sure miss your sweet smiling face. sniff, sniff. I need some pool time with Dana right now. 🙂

    On a side note: Those zipper pouches are adorable and I actually think I could successfully sew in a zipper now with your explanation.

  10. 11) valerie nelson

    This was really good! Clear and concise! Thanks! 🙂

  11. 12) Mikea

    Where did you find the linen with hearts? I would be tempted to make me a blouse with it!

  12. Oooh! I am working on tutorials for different types of zippered pouches with a PUL lining to make wet bags, and it’s kind of reassuring to get confirmation that I am indeed sewing these correctly! Love your videos, Dana! Besides being super clear, they’re also just so pretty to look at, to boot! 🙂 Lisa

    • 14) Dana

      Thank you Lisa! PUL sounds like a fun idea! cool!

  13. 15) Lana

    Dana, I just wanted to tell you that I adore your tutorials. They are so clear, concise, and helpful. And you just seem like such a fun, cool person, and I enjoy your mannerisms. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  14. I’m working on leather clutches for a Bridal Shower in May (as prizes) and this will come in handy!

    Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to share my clutches.

  15. 17) Melissa

    I also love your tutorials/youtube channel. You rock. And thanks.

  16. 18) Morrisa

    Dana! your tutorials are always so beautiful and clear! always a joy to watch and use:)

  17. 19) shubha

    Thank u for wonderful tutorial as usual..:-))…u really explain very simple and straight everybody can understand…i have tried many of ur tutorial

    how do we sew 2 or 3 zipper pouch together…i mean same size but attached together..hope u r getting what i am trying to say…

  18. 20) Jennifer

    Thx for the great tutorial!! Making these bags as end-of-year gifts for the kids’ teachers!

  19. 21) Amanda

    That video makes me feel like I could actually do it! I have a cross stitch which I would like to turn into a bag. Any advise as to how to deal with aida as the outer material so that it doesn’t fray, or will the stitching hold it in place do you think? Off to buy a sewing machine… 🙂

  20. 22) Caro

    Love this tutorial, it’s my first time seeing your page and I’m excited to explore!
    Where did you get this fabulous metallic linen fabric?

  21. 23) Dana

    I got it in the LA fabric district. Sorry that doesn’t really help you! But you could do an online search!

  22. 25) Sue

    How big are you making the seams? Looks like 1/4″ ?

    • 26) Dana

      I typically sew with a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch seam allowance. I think I state the SA width in the video…

  23. 27) Thais Marcondes

    Dear Dana
    I love it! Thank you so much.
    I’m from Brazil.

  24. 28) Chick

    /Are printable instructions available?

    • 29) Dana

      No sorry about that.

  25. 30) Betty

    Thank you for the video on making a zipper pouch, I was about to give until I watched your video and how to sew a zipper. Iam a new sewer so the frustration level was high but now I am confident I can follow your video instructions. So helpful!!!!

    Cheers to you!!!!

  26. 31) Melinda Geise

    I absolutely love this tutorial! Very easy to follow. Is there a printable version. I wanna share with my sister. But she doesn’t have internet.

  27. 32) Anthony

    Loved this tutorial! You do a great job with your videos

  28. 33) Jenny Ficks

    Dana, your zipper pouch video is fantastic!!!!! You give the clearest directions out there. Ive made maybe 25 or 30. I got addicted. I would love to try a double zipper pouch. I wish you would make a double zipper pouch video!!! Any chance? Jen

  29. 34) Ru

    Hi Dana!
    Thanks for the wonderful tutorials!
    I wanted to make two zipper pouches, and attach them, for a double pencil case.
    How would you do that?

  30. 35) suz

    Dana! I don’t remember how I initially found you, but I refer to your zipper pouch tutorial EVERY TIME I make one. Thanks for a great time!

  31. 36) suz

    Dana! I don’t remember how I initially found you, but I refer to your zipper pouch tutorial EVERY TIME I make one. Thanks for a great and perfect instruction;

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