How to create fabric on Spoonflower and turn it into a baby playmat with GUEST: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Have you ever designed your own fabric before on Spoonflower? It’s a site where you can create fabric and have it printed in small amounts–as little as a yard! And just like etsy, you can also get lost on the site for hours, browsing the shop to see what others have made…and wanting to order every print in sight….in every fiber possible.

Just take a look at these….
They’re all for purchase on Spoonflower! You can have them! (for, gulp, $18/yard. But hey, if you need a cool print….you NEED it. Totally worth it). Sorry, no direct links to each fabric but I found them all on the main fabric page and the kids section. I totally picture all sorts of kids home decor projects with many of them.

When I heard of Spoonflower a few years ago I drooled at the idea. It sounded so cool to have your own original fabric! But for some reason I’ve never done it. And I couldn’t figure out why until today’s guest emailed me about her Celebrate the BOY project idea.

Stephanie from Modern Parents Messy Kids thought it would be fun share a tutorial on how to design fabric on the Spoonflower site and how to sew a baby playmat using that fabric. Yes! Please! I realized I’d been avoiding spoonflower because I just wasn’t sure how to do it.

But no worries. Stephanie is going to show us how. And if you’ve never been to MPMK before, it’s a fun roundup site where Steph shares all sorts of cool/modern ideas found in the creative blogging world. Here’s a sample of her posts:
Click over to her site for original sources and links.

And if you’re ready for fabric and baby cuteness, let’s hear from Steph!…

When I first found out I was going to be a contributor for Celebrate The Boy the thought that ran through my head was something like, “Shut The Front Door – I’m gonna be on MADE!”. Then I threw up in my mouth a little. Being featured on a sewing blog of MADE’s caliber is a daunting thing, especially for a girl who just got her first sewing machine last March. I half expected a second email from Dana to show up in my inbox, “So sorry for the mix up… I thought you were the other Stephanie”.

Then I did get an email from Dana, this one detailing the line-up of my fellow guest bloggers. These ladies aren’t messing around, they have some serious sewing chops. I’ll admit it, I had a brief moment of doubt about wether or not I could hang with this crowd. But then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that these fabulous bloggers aren’t about being perfect, they’re about gaining inspiration from others and learning as you go – which is exactly the guiding principal behind Modern Parents Messy Kids.

So with all that in mind, let me introduce myself. I’m Steph, mom to 2 year old C and 7 month old S and the founder of Modern Parents Messy Kids (MPMK for short). Before kids the word “crafty” wasn’t really a part of my vernacular. Now I spend my days racking my brain and scouring the internet for simple and fun activities that will stimulate my children and, on occasion, add a little style to my home. I gravitate towards projects and activities that are accessible to all parents (including the crafting-impaired), foster kids’ development, and have a modern edge.

Today, I offer up to you the Personalized Baby Boy Play Mat, an extremely basic sewing project with a lot of WOW factor. Seriously, parents are dazzled when you present them with a play mat that has all of baby’s stats (height, weight, birth date, etc.) printed right on it. And how exactly does this project celebrate the boy, you ask?

I designed a special baby boy print for the back (which worked out well for me as I had two good friends welcome boys into the world just last month). I sincerely hope you enjoy this project and get the chance to try it out for yourself. And thank you so much to Dana for having me!
Thank you, thank you Stephanie for sharing your skills with us!
Click HERE for the complete Spoonflower babymat tutorial on Modern Parents Messy Kids.
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