Hope: Japan Relief and Baby Kimono Pattern correction

So after posting about the baby kimonos we made with our church group, some of you purchased the Craft Hope book, planning to do the same. And then you got stuck because the pattern wasn’t working properly. We’re sorry for your frustrations! But we have good news….
The problem has been corrected. The publisher has made the pattern available in REAL SIZE pieces, so you can download and print them to standard paper from your home computer. The pattern for the fold-over hand cuffs is included as well. Hooray!

Click HERE for the updated pattern!
And on the topic of Hope, many of you have been posting about the small and simple ways we can give to the victims of the Japan quake and tsunami from last week. It’s beautiful to see you reaching out, from across the world. I’ll admit, it’s hard to watch those videos of the devastation while I take a look around myself….sitting on my cozy couch, drinking clean water, and enjoying a pleasant life. Surely there are ways I can give back too.

From now until Sunday, I’m going to donate AND MATCH any of the pattern sales from my shop to the quake relief. So if you buy a pattern for $6….I’ll donate $12!

I know it’s only a dent in the dent of the smallest dent of helping the cause. But I guess that every little bit counts (and I’m sorry for the lack of new patterns in the shop. It’s been a year since I made one! But I have a few in the works….)
So if you’ve been thinking about buying a pattern, now’s the best time! Check them all out here.
And where will I donate the funds?
Excellent question.

There are many great organizations who provide humanitarian relief.
I’ve chosen the LDS Humanitarian Aid Fund for a few reasons:
* 100% of the funds go directly to the relief effort (the church absorbs it’s own overhead costs).
* they are often one of the first to respond to world disasters.
* The Latter-Day Saint Humanitarian Services also sponsors ongoing global projects to help people become more self-reliant. You can read more about their services here.

– If you’d like to donate directly to the Japan Quake effort through the LDS Humanitarian Fund click the button below:
– If you’d like a list of other wonderful organizations (compiled by Apartment Therapy), click HERE.

– If you’d like to donate directly to the Red Cross, click HERE.

– You’ll also find other efforts happening on individual blogs and etsy shops.
Here are a few:

If you know of any other efforts, please mention them in the comments!
I’m thankful to live on stable ground right now.

And I really wish I could scoop up all these people, bring them home, and give them a warm meal. My heart truly goes out.

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