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Hold It Bin sewing pattern from MADE Everyday with Dana

Welcome to the Hold It Bin headquarters!
If you don’t have the pattern, grab a copy of it here. Then come back and let’s sew!

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These bins use Pellon 809 Decor-Bond fusible interfacing for just the right amount of structure. You can buy it by-the-yard from your local fabric store, or here is an option for a 10-yard bolt.

The Upright Bins were designed to perfectly fit a 3″, 4″, or 5″ square glass vase….which can turn your bin into a planter box, pencil holder, or more!  Here’s the vase I used for the plant in the photos.

If you love the Flatware bin set as much as we do, I’m sure you have heart eyes for the rose gold forks and spoons too.  You can find an assortment set here.  Yay!

Q: Can I use a different interfacing?
A: This pattern was developed using Pellon 809 Decor-Bond (see photo and info above), and the pattern pieces and instructions assume this interfacing is being used. So, while a different product may work, you will probably have to tweak your lining seam allowances or other details in order to get a similar result.

Q: I can’t get Pellon Decor-Bond where I live. What can I substitute?
A: Decor-Bond is a heavy craft fusible, but it isn’t the super stiff cardboard-like kind. Use something heavy, but not stiff. You’ll get similar results, although you might need to tweak your seam allowances so that the lining nests perfectly inside the exterior.

Q: Is the Felt absolutely necessary? What type of felt do you recommend?
A: Yes. The felt is what gives the bin extra structure and shape (on top of the interfacing). So you definitely want it in there. Just purchase normal, inexpensive felt from the bolt, from your local fabric shop. White or cream color works great. Felt typically runs $4-$5/yard.

Q: How long does it take to make a bin?
A: In general, a bin takes about an hour to sew, although maybe a little bit longer for the first one as you’re getting familiar with the pattern. If you’re making a few at once, assembly-line style, you will gain efficiencies. For instance, it’s good to sew a bin and its lid at the same time so the whole thing will be faster.

Q: Do you allow the sale of bins made from your patterns? They are too adorable to keep to one’s self.
A: Yep! And we agree 🙂
• By purchasing this pattern, you are free to make bins from the pattern and sell them in your small-scale shop, such as an Etsy shop, or for a local fundraising event. No production license is needed.
• No mass production please.
• If you ever have someone manufacture bins for you, you will need to create your own pattern.

Q: Do you have a video for this pattern?
A: Yes! You can watch it HERE.
Or just hit the play button below and enjoy!

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