Hold it Bin

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternWhich came first, the chicken or the egg?
The orange or the seed?

Or more importantly—The video or the pattern?

Believe it or not, this video for the Hold It Bin was actually the beginning of that pattern. I had so much fun making that first bin for the video, that the ideas kept stacking up.

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternLet’s add Lids!
More sizes.
Other handle options.
Gift boxes.

Make it BIGGER. (Just like everything in Texas. Ha!)

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternI wasn’t sure if a bin would work this big. It looks like it’s going to eat my machine. But it did work, beautifully! Love this size. It’s sitting in my living room right now.

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternAnd now, I finally have the video tutorial for you so we can sew along together!

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternIf you already purchased the pattern and made a bin (or 10!), you might notice there are some minor variations in the construction in the video. But good news— it works great both ways! There’s always more than one way to sew something, and you can pick the method that works best for you.

Okay let’s sew bins. Hit the play button below and enjoy!

For additional tips and info check out the Hold it Bin HEADQUARTERS PAGE.

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And when you’re ready to sew bins of all different sizes and for a bunch of other uses, grab the pattern here and you’ll be off and running.

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing patternSew alllll the bins. I promise they won’t go unused!

Sew a Fabric Storage Bin in any size | Video tutorial from MADE Everyday with Dana | Hold It Bin sewing pattern

  1. 1) 2paw

    Thank you for the wonderful video Dana. I am definitely going to make some and fill them with Easter baking treats for my friends!

    • 2) Dana

      Ahhh. That’s the perfect Easter Basket! Great idea!

  2. 3) Agnes

    Love, love, love your video. So easy to follow, so well explained, step by step.
    What an awesome project!
    Thank you Dana!


    Thankyou Dana for the pattern and for the video! I love it!

  4. 5) Julie

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for the great video. I purchased your pattern during the holiday sale you had but have been so busy that I haven’t sewed any bins yet. I am a visual person, so seeing this video and bin-making in action makes me want to open your pattern file and start! Thanks!

    • 6) Dana

      Awesome! And Yes, I’m the same way. It’s nice to have a visual to go along and get me motivated 🙂

  5. 7) Natasha

    Can you use something else insteadof interfacing I want to make a bin right now but I don’t have any interfacing and the closet joann is closed on Sunday and is 15 minutes away

    • 8) Dana

      The interfacing is really what gives the bin structure. You can definitely try it without, but it will be floppy.
      There’s more info about interfacing on the Hold It Bin HEADQUARTERS page here:

  6. 10) Penny

    I, too, bought the pattern when it first came out but haven’t made any yet – after seeing the video (thank you a million for doing that) I will start making them for everyone I know! Meanwhile, I hope Steven Spielberg doesn’t see the video or he will want you in his movies (because you’re so cool and did I mention multi-talented!) and then you won’t make fun sewing patterns for us anymore! Have a great day, Dana – and, thanks again.

  7. 11) Kristie Maynard

    What a great design! So easy to make, I’m planning to make some of these for gifts and of course some for myself. Thanks for a fabulous video.

  8. 12) Lara

    Hi, I have a silly beginner’s question: did you use a regular needle or a bigger one to cope with the interfacing, felt, etc?

    • 13) Dana

      Not a silly question at all! For most of the ones I’ve made, I used a regular all-purpose needle (size 80/12). But it depends on the fabric and on your machine! So use what works best for your project. ????

      • 14) Lara

        Thank you

  9. 15) Karen

    Thanks for all of your wonderful videos. I just finished my first toddler dress thanks to you ! I watched the bin video for a second time yesterday and headed out to pick up my materials. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. We have an RV which we call the K9 Kruiser and I want a bunch of bins to hold items and keep them from shifting and falling over when we travel. Thanks again !

  10. 16) Ashley

    This is a little off topic but I saw your fabric in Simply Sewing issue 41. I would send a picture but Im not to tec savy. They made a cute little cat bed with your blush fabric.

  11. 17) Darlene

    I just saw this and love the video Thank you very well made video

  12. 18) Belinda

    I love your videos and tutorials, Dana! It would be awesome if sometime you could figure out how to make costumes from the 1600-1800 time period and make a tutorial for it. ????

  13. 19) Eli

    Hi Dana ,
    First off, I love, love ,love your tutorials. They’re my fav to watch on YouTube . I also have a silly question. When making these bins is it possible to sew all layers together while the pattern is still flat ( in the “t” shape) and then sew corners together then turn right sides out ? Instead of making two separate bins that have to nest together at the end ? I guess I’m just always looking for a shortcut ????

    • 20) Dashaina

      I was wondering the same thing!

  14. 21) Elaine

    Hi there,
    Love the fabric and video. I have a silly question. Are these basket washable? Can’t wait to make a few!

    • 22) Dana

      Yes. They can be washed. They might lose their shape a little by doing that?….but they are completely made of fabric, felt, and interfacing.
      I would recommend pre-washing/drying your fabric first if you plan to wash the bin down the road.
      Have fun sewing!

  15. 23) susan Keller

    Just found these and I am so excited to make Halloween Boo Baskets for fellow co workers. I love your tutorials and site, especially as a FACS teacher for middle school (Home Ec). THANK YOU!

    • 24) Dana

      Oh that’s fun use for the pattern, I love it! ❤️

  16. 25) Felicie Ingalls

    Can you purchase your fabric on line?

  17. 27) Annie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing so many options and very specific instructions and measurements for different sizes! I made my first one of these today and am having one problem — the corners are super bulky. Any advice?

  18. 28) Terri

    I love these bins!!! I just started sewing and your bins are the first tutorial I semi followed along with! You got ahead of me a few times lol! I just made one for a table caddy and I love it! I will be making a lot more of them!!! Thank you!

    • 29) Dana

      Oh awesome! Yay!!

  19. 30) Izzie

    Hi Dana, I love these bins! Can I purchase your fabric at Joann’s?

  20. 31) salve richardson


    Im just a beginners and i love watching your videos how to make box but just wondering what is the measurements guide, how can i cut my fabric and what will be the measurement.
    Thank you I would appreciate if you can share the measurement for small medium large pls.

    Thank you

  21. 32) Rachel Schmidt

    Hi, I just bought the bin patterns and I am obsessed! Just wondering if you had tried a stiffer interfacing for the outer fabric and none on the inner fabric just to save a step? Thanks!

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