Hello Spring: tree blossoms

The beauty of living in a hot climate is that we get an early spring. And two weeks ago, the tree blossoms exploded.
Would you believe that within one week’s time the blossoms came, went, and now the trees are filled with leafy greens?! Pray that doesn’t mean we’re in for an extremely hot summer.

For that one week though we all enjoyed the popcorn (except my husband and his allergies)
I couldn’t help taking pictures of the pretty flowers at all times of the day.

Blossoms at dawn:
Blossoms at dusk:
Singing in the rain:
and–in case you forgot that we live in a small town–enjoying happy hour at Sonic:

If Spring hasn’t arrived where you are, please enjoy our virtual blossoms. And don’t be too sad. When it’s a lovely 85 degrees in your summer…it’ll be 101 over here, and humid. There are pros and cons to everything.
Happy Spring!

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