hello baby Leah

This past Friday our niece Leah was born. We were lucky to see the cutie, only 23 hours old the next day.
And as a Welcome to Life gift I brought the simplest thing ever: a knit-fabric receiving blanket. This is the perfect go-to gift.
Cut a large 40×40 square of soft knit, serge around the edges (or not. Knits won’t fray but a serged edge looks a little nicer and finished), tie it up with a bow, and you’re done! I love using light-weight knits because the stretch gives you a good swaddle on the baby. The only problem is finding cute knits. I rarely see them in stores.
Here’s Leah’s gorgeous mom, Laura. If we all looked so lovely just hours after delivery. She’s a natural.
And my brother Eric, Leah’s dad.
Welcome to the world little one. We love you already!

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