Hearts around the house and a something in the mail

On Sunday I finally put up the rest of the Valentine’s decor. Garlands are easy to make but they’re even easier to buy for $2.50 at Hobby Lobby! The garland is super sparkly and held together with metal links. Lucy gave me the perfect reaction “oooooo. I love it Mom”. Me too. Simple. Sparkly.
Some of you asked about the hearts on our wall. Nothin fancy, just big red hearts cut out of printer paper and stuck on the wall with tape, similar to Color me Katie. I really love easy decor that goes a long way. This alone totally brightens up our house.
Still need a Valentine’s gift idea? I made these last year. Quilted heart notecards. Make a stack of 4 and give them to your favorite friend! I also made a ruffly version here.
Last year my hands were also busy making loads of felt hairclips. They make me smile.
And so do cookies.
We’re still eating these oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip variety that Katherine made us. Seriously, I need that recipe. Soft, dense, and delicious.
And finally, in the mail yesterday I got a special treat from Katie at Notes From a Very Red Kitchen. I was so excited! It doesn’t matter how much sewing I do, I always, always love a handmade item from someone else. It’s so fun to have a piece of another person’s style and creativity. So, in the mail was….a perky little pouch,
handmade bias tape, and a cute headband!
Katie used my bias tape tutorial, made her own, and must have caught wind of my words, “I’d love to receive something like this“, cause that’s what she did! Haha. Sorry, I wasn’t dropping any hints. But of course I love it! Thank you Katie! Such lovely treasures indeed.
And for a girl who wears a headband almost every day, yellow lace is right up my alley.
I asked Lucy to take a photo of my face and the headband and she had the camera pointing off to the side. I asked her what she was taking a photo of.
I’m just putting you on the side Mom.
Seriously, this girl is going to make a great photographer one day (or now). She impresses me.

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